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Education of the Senses according to the Montessori Method

Karin Gnaore, Happy to teach you !

Education of the Senses according to the Montessori Method

Karin Gnaore, Happy to teach you !

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46 Lessons (7h 53m)
    • 1. 1 Intro Sensorial Area

    • 2. 2 Sensory Integration

    • 3. 3 The Right Age for sensorial exercises

    • 4. 4 The very first Material to use

    • 5. 5 The knobbed cylinders

    • 6. 6 Colored Knobless Cylinders

    • 7. 7 The Colored Knobless Cylinders

    • 8. The Pink Tower

    • 9. The Pink Tower 2

    • 10. The Brown Stairs

    • 11. The Red Rods

    • 12. How to make Red Rods

    • 13. Red Rods Possibilities for Extensions

    • 14. Brown Stairs and Pink Tower, Possibilities for Extensions

    • 15. Colored Cylinders, many Possibilities for Extensions

    • 16. NEW! Sound Cylinders

    • 17. NEW! How to make your own sound cylinders

    • 18. NEW! How to work with the selfmade sound cylinders

    • 19. Color Box 1

    • 20. Color Box 2

    • 21. Color Shades Box

    • 22. Color Shades Cirlces

    • 23. Color Box 3 Introduction

    • 24. Color Box 3 Sun

    • 25. Color Box 3 spiral

    • 26. Color Box 3 Building

    • 27. DIY Making Color Boxes 1 3

    • 28. MM Colors in nature

    • 29. MM Sorting pink pompons

    • 30. N: Tweezers üdpl sensorial didactic sequence

    • 31. N: Beading Beads according to Patterns

    • 32. NEW! Touch Boards

    • 33. Sensory Bags

    • 34. Mystery Bag Different Objects

    • 35. Mystery Bag Geometric Solids

    • 36. Mystery Bag Spheres

    • 37. Mystery Bag Animals Cosmic

    • 38. Overview: The Geometric Cabinet & Cards

    • 39. The Geometric Cabinet

    • 40. The Geometric Cabinet: Different Quatrelaterals

    • 41. The Geometric Cabinet: Interesting Shapes

    • 42. The geometric cabinet: How to work with it

    • 43. NEW! How to make Sandshapes from Acrylic Paint

    • 44. NEW! Sandtray Shapes

    • 45. THe Blue Geometric Solids

    • 46. Extensions for the Blue Geméometric Solids

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About This Class

In this class you will learn why it is important to educated the senes of children right from birth and how to do it. This Lesson folowws the Montessori method and is based on scientific findings. 

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Karin Gnaore

Happy to teach you !


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1. 1 Intro Sensorial Area: Now I want to tell you a little bit about what you can expect from this class about the censorious area. I will let you use you to a lot of materials which were developed by Maria Montessori toe Help Children develop their abilities. And this is what we have to understand. The education of the senses serves to educating the abilities off the chart Onda Uh, helping to develop the abilities of the child also means helping to develop the brain off the child. So where I will tell you and show you and explain to me a lot of the materials in action. You will see a lot of materials. I will always explain to you why those materials are so very, very important for some materials as many as possible. I will also show you and explain to you how you can make those materials yourself. So by the end of this class off the watching all the videos, you will be able to make your own sensory materials. You will be able to use sensor and materials on you will know what is very, very simple. Materials would require only very simple instruction and very little instruction from our side is teachers. Why they are so very, very important. So stay tuned and go through the whole class. 2. 2 Sensory Integration: So I want to explain to you what sensory integration means. Sense of integration means that what is being, um her seed would any off the senses that we have, It's being worked out in the brain. And only when it has been a process in the brain it can be used. What does it mean? And child? My feed perspiring Arinc and you concede the sweat on his face. But still the child wouldn't take off his coat. This is a clear sign for child having a sensory integration. This order, the body feeds the heat. This is why he's perspiring. But the brain doesn't process this information, and this is why the child doesn't take off the coat. And when you ask the child, are you feeling? Call our heart? The child will said no, this could happen. Also called You already see the fingers are all red from the cold, but you as a child, I could. We have cold hands and the child Wilson name. The body perceives the cold, but the brain doesn't process, is it? This is why proper action is not being taken and cannot be taken Now. Those are extreme examples for Children really have sensor integration issues. But more and more Children have sensory integration issues, not because I have a genetic problem, but because they were not confronted with enough stimulation at the young age. And so there rain cannot develop. What do you mean? That brain cannot develop? Will board with about the same number off neurons, those brain cells and those brain cells can't be used unless there are sign obsessed connections between the brain cells, Then they're being used. Which leads us a very easy calculation. The more sign up sis, the more intelligence intelligence being the ability to learn intelligence being the ability to find solutions to problems. The less sign ups is the less ability to find solutions to problems by oneself and the less ability to learn, which means learning is a heart work is hard work. Okay, so we understand that Sinuses are really important. Those are being built up as those important ones that we need to be able to learn and process information which comes in through the senses. Those sign ups is are being built up from as from the wound starting from the wound until the Charles, about four years old. One reason why natural time birth should be always preferred to Caesarian to a Caesarean section because it's a Caesarean section deprives the baby of a lot of steam. A lot, which the baby could be using in order to build up sign ups is so Caesarean section is, um, first at its help for survival. It's not a regular solution for childbirth again. From Beth We. It's in our hands as appearances educators how much stimulation our child will be meeting, giving the opportunity the child to go walk bare food to play with water, play with sand, play with beans. Um, feel animals can animal for stroke. A cab climate three. Move, move, move, move, move, Turn around, tumble, Climbed Used this way Use this light. So whole body movement, which would change the position of the whole body as well as a simulation for the sense off touch, is the main as stimuli that are needed in order to build up those synapses. But every, um, sensory perception must be trained if you want the senses. Toby refined every baby if their ears are in order, are born with the ability to hear. But some people are very sensitive to noise on others are not even disturbed by loud noise . Some people here very fine the Francis and pitch, and that is Don't know, even if the piano is entirely out of tune. That is because the ones that can hear very well have been trained to hear very well. Otherwise they cannot hear very well have not been trained toe hear very well. And this is a very, very serious issue, because how will somebody can hear depends on what he has been trained to. Here, um, we can see that with languages the sounds that we had praying toe here and differentiate we will hear. But if we have got the new language and when you learn a new language and were mispronouncing words, we don't even hear that we mispronounce them on, it becomes more serious, gets more serious when it comes to told languages with a melody of the word changes that, um, significance of the word we who didn't grow up with them don't language just find it so hard to hear the tones to hear them a tall on a much harder to pronounce them to say them to use them to make them to produce them. Uh, but anybody who grew up with a town land which can learn in that its own language much easier than we who didn't grow up with one. So what we have learned when was small gives us abilities which stay with us until we are old teaching a child or why he should go and they will not depart from me. And I know he's grown up his old So this is something very in part. And this is why we need that. Um, sensory integration means the same. The stimuli The Children have been confronted well in the playful in a natural in the plant and in a safe way will help the brain to build up sign up. Sister Sinuses will make the child intelligent. The sign nexus will help the child to organize information. And now we're here for the connection between Montessori education and sensory integration therapy. Maria Montez Sorry is using the materials off the sensory area in order to help Children organize the information which is being perceived with their eyes, their ears, the sense of touch descends off paste and of smell. She's helping from the beginning, organizing those informations, which is important. Four. A. The mathematical minds oven When you do an exercise about smell, the Children are organizing their, um, off the different others. It's helping the mathematical minds everything you order, everything you organize. It's helping them that they might become mind. Organized information leads to organize thoughts and organise thoughts can be, um, easily memorized, like remembered. Uh, this is why censor integration some part of it now. Sensory integration must happen before the child is four years old. When the child is four years old and didn't have enough stimuli, he or she will have deficits for all the rest of their lives. They can be, like, improved a little bit, but they can cannot be removed anymore. This is why it so crucial, really focus on refinement off the census stimulation of the senses a lot when you have a little baby. The easiest ways for sensor integration, like training, would be carrying the child around, uh, rocking the cheer, rocking the child, which could be anyway, we were rocking the child's rocking the child, caring the child breast, feeding the child, putting your child on the floor and likened Grove around as soon as he can crawl around, putting him under on the grass on the grassy place. Then growing up, uh, letting the chart climb trees let in the Charles Koch Natural Materials play in the man, play with water, play with stones. All those natural motorists are helping a lot so he could do a lot in action way for the same. 3. 3 The Right Age for sensorial exercises: What is the right age for the refined, my refining off the senses as early as possible after the main exercises from the practical life area have bean mastered. So you start off with a practical life area. Teach the child grace incurred to see teach the child carrying a tray, caring in March, rolling on, rolling a math and rolling Imad putting back things. The charge of those will be for many of the rules what to do and where to do it. And then you start with the sense are really area. If you neglects the practical knife area, the US and sorry area will be kind of hard because the practical life materials and exercises that kind of preliminary to most of this and sorry materials. So the Children are learning a lot of skills would which they need in order to master no materials in the sense ari area. The easiest materials from the sensory area could be done with a few months old. Actually, as soon as a child can sit by himself, the child could be starting those, um and they should. Those materials should be there as long as the Children are interested in Don't burn and the Children don't have a nay gin mind where they should be doing that, Because if you are teaching in a classroom, you don't know how was life off the Children before? If they come with a lot of experiences from home, maybe the grand parents have a farm. Maybe the parents of a guard. Maybe they went out a lot of the forest with the Children. The Children might not have a very, very big interest in this and so much tourists anymore because they have a quiet the skills needed in the competences need. In that distance. Sensory integrationists perfectly developed so they will not have a live in, just even though this scene Toby in the perfect age. For those materials, on the other hand, you might have Children with sensory integration difficulties, because it just because I didn't have enough stimulation and they might differ too old for the materials of the sensory area. But they wouldn't sell interested to do them to work with them because it happened then it didn't. Having acquired the skills they're not as effective of the Children are too old, they don't have the same effect in a non don't have this. Uh, it really did did effect, but they're still helping them and that of factories. Many of the materials air really interesting on the Children might want toe play with them , even at the leg. The age when they should have bean out rolled that area, but they might want to deal with the matter is because they are really interesting. Um, you should always allowed. And so please don't say that's not your age. This is why we don't do it. Montessori education is so contrary to regular education. Um, Maria Montez, servant, told us the way on which the weak ones learn is the same one in which the strong ones perfect themselves. So she wants to tell us all tune are on the same path on the same way. Some are ahead, some are behind, and that that that does not depend on their age. It's an older child might want to go back to censor Materia since or in materials and a brave son skills to perfection. Some child might want to go back to the sensory area just because they enjoyed it so much and because of me. But It was a beautiful and they are beautiful patch, and it's nice throughout the handle them. But some Children might desperately need those materials, so we don't use them. According Toa age groups will use them according to needs on the they might be needed and the therapy off Children who have deficits They might be needed in rehabilitation for even all the people who meat requires skills. Maybe after a stroke. Um, those materials don't have an age a pack on them. You may use them whenever you need them, so you need to observe what any child needs anyway at a certain age group like from two years old. Most off the materials should be present and should be presented and actually should be motivated to use them because that's the age when they shouldn't need to develop those senses. When you're working with Children up that age group, you should make sure that you have most of the materials within your classroom so that the Children can use them in orderto Percy toe to strengthen their senses to refine their senses and acquired all the skills and competences which they can acquire. Using those materials 4. 4 The very first Material to use: So what you can see here is one off the very, very easy on the very first materials from the sensory area from the sensory area that you can present with the Children. It has quite a big number, quite a big enough to hold not small, like Florida cylinder blocks, two cylinder blocks of smaller notes. So Children whose fine motor skills are not developed, they might take it like this. Okay. Oh, now it's in. They're developing their eye hand coordination with this, the Arkham peering Be too small. Smile bigger, the bigger so they're learning language. Um, this is like opening and closing pots in the kitchen, which stay should not do because it's a kitchen. It's not the play area, so we're giving them a material at the same time here. It's very clear that this is the biggest. This is smaller. This is the smallest. With this material. They are introduced to the concept off. Um, I hand coordination take putting it, taking out, putting in caring them off course. They need to finish that first caring the material from the shelf. So the area where they want to work with it finishing up work putting in back. They're introduced to science this and they're also introduced to determine tree on mathematics as they already compere. What is important about this material? Um, the circles are blue and lay The one will goto the geometric cabinet, the dramatic shakes and that you make silence. There also blew those blue Is the color off German tree Very simple, very easy. A few months old child who could just set up not even walk a tall kind of red Troy doing this. If you have, um, rehabilitation off a person after a stroke on persons, Lehman needs to learn how to use their motor again. This might be used for rehabilitation of elderly people if you have a special needs education. Fortunately with mental handicaps with physical handicaps, with motor handicaps, with perception and caps, this might be a sensory integration therapy. This will be used. So if you have all the Children, uh, who are doing a therapy, the material, which is like a toy educational toy for very small Children, maybe 7 to 8 months old, is a method for therapy for all the Children or even older people. This is why when we give ages for my months are materialists. We say, as from on, we never have to give a material to child, which is too easy for the child or too hard on whether something is too easy or too hard. Continue from the age of the child. We have to know from the abilities of the job. This material, um, so course dramatic. So cause past lease to the, um, cylinder blocks the same principles. Stingiest. This times we have pants and Linder's. They're three dimensional. These are two done in German. If ever you want to make my disorder mature, you're so this is quite hard to make. You need special tools, which this carpet have Some people love crafts might also have them, so it's not impossible because there's a made back happened. That's normally. But if you don't have to special tools, drill out this holes quite hard to make. Whereas this maturity is very easy to make. You want me cool. Um, drill this the we need to boards. You need to wooden boards. The first board your drill holes in three different Um, you 33 circles circles insert different sizes. Therefore, regular Dre machines, the hard Waas store are selling those things you put on and to drill holes to, so you drill three different holes in one board. What you have drake out. The circus will be done so close. No, that you need, um, born of equal size. And they used wood glue to glue them on top of each other. So that's the castle, but the parts don't fall through. And then those nuts, which I use for capping necks knots, which you normally used for cabinets you combine them in the heart was called a store you screwed into the circle. Hey, a Polish It all sand it very well, so so that it will be very smooth and thanks the circles in blue That's tastic. And that's easy to make its a very low cost material. If you have small Children or special needs Children, this is a very useful we quality the circle past 5. 5 The knobbed cylinders: I am, um, have here one off the cylinder blocks from the set off cylinder blocks. Uh, this is just one block, because when I first present this to a child, I want to start with only one. What is it? How does it look like? How is it made off? What it is made off? As you can see, this is quite a long wooden block prism shape. Almost. There is a line where you can hope that we help the Children to carry them. It's like holding it easily. Course the child would do it with two hands. And there are tens lenders which have not ops which make it easy for the child to take the cylinders out and take them back in again. What you can also see is that this lenders have different sizes. This is long and sick, this ISS sinner that the amateur is smaller, but the height is the same. Is this even more singer and sinner and sinner and sinner? Sinner. You can see the gradation there. Each lender has the same height exactly, but the diameter is becoming smaller and smaller. And now you can see the limitation off the mat. Generally, we will want the Children to work on the floor, especially if they're small. But if the Met is not fitted or the down part of the cylinder is not well done, this is Linda Constant. And that shouldn't be because the child should be able to see that these lenders can be graded from fake two. Very sane, but always the same height that set off cylinder blocks is a quite expensive material. It's a wonderful material to teach the Children their final two skills. Gradation. If they're always 10 selling cylinder, so it is introducing the decimal system. Indirectly. Volume is being introduced, so this is a preliminary exercise, which is helping to develop the mathematical mind. Please. If you want this material to be effective, do not go for cheap copies, like having only five cylinders or having a smaller block or a different type of wood. Thesis speech would because beechwood is one of the most expensive woods types, heavy wood types, which are not so expensive, so Beachwood is quite inexpensive, but at the same time heavy. It has a light color, which makes it attractive and beautiful for Children on it can be a polished very beautifully. It's it becomes completely smooth. This is why Beechwood is being used. We want the Children to cure a disciplined a block from the show to the matter where they are working, and then to take the cylinders out, one by one, like what I've done and then place them back in. And, as you can see, I'm using my three fingers. Pensa Chris been so aggressive. Put them back in on. Of course, for me, as an adult teacher, this is easy. But for the child, the need quite a lot off hand. I coordination to complete this exercise. The holes have different size. This the cylinders have the same height, but a different with. And this is what is making it interesting for the Children, um, sitting on the floor, taking cylinders in and out. It's something very small Children can do already like 18 months old. Children could represented with this cylinder block or with any of the other cylinder blocks, one at a time, so you could start with one black when the child is only 18 months old. If ever you happen to work with Children with special needs, any age where they're able toe do this movement with a fine motor where you can help them to do it. Even if they did something like this because they have a problem with the fine motor, this is not the way to do. But if that's the way they do it, let them do what they can do. So for special education, special needs education. This is a wonderful material, uh, for the curriculum for special needs. Children are having problems with person perception, like sense of remote sensory integration issues. There are a lot of Children of issues with sensor integration. This is a wonderful material to have in class. Without telling them and talking about their deficits, they can work with it freely and improve on where their feeble points are. So we have a regular development like from 18 months, maybe, for some Children even earlier couldn't start with it. But there is no age limit as above as this is also introducing value, the measurement of volume and as this is very exact in its making, this can be brought back to the classroom when Children are in school, school age and they're learning about volume If you look from about these two blocks look the same. Can you see that they are looking the same from looking from outside from why from big diameter to small diameter. But look at how they really are. Oh, that's what we have seen before. They are the same, but this one is shorter, shorter, shorter and sinner. Shorter and sinner, shorter at cinnamon, shorter and sinner, shorter and center, even more sort and the shortest ends the thinnest. So here we have a perfect gradation from tall and sick, with a big diameter too short and sin. What a small diameter. No, I'm going to tell you not a secret. Each material that is about mentioned in the sensory area is connected to another material or to two other or 23 at a materials with innocents, a sensory area and the sensory materials are connected to materials in the language area and in the mathematics area as thes materials, air introducing the decimal system and, uh, the mathematical mind there about volume shape, geometry, they're still sensory. They're not mathematic materials. They are connected to materials in the mathematics area. This is why having the exact dimensions and material and not going for smaller copies will not be useful. Let off. So this material from where two dimensions are changing the wits and the height. These correspondence to the pink power, which you will see in a different video. But also this can be done at a very early age. And personally, I find this material much easier to do much easier to see much easier toe gray than this one. We're only the wits where only the weather is changing. Put it back in. Using the pencil grasp is the right way. But if you have special needs Children, our Children with sensory integration issues, they pick it up like this. They do it like this. Their eye hand coordination is working fine. They're fine. Motor is not working. Fine. Allow it through doing it. They will develop it. Also, if you have a Children off issues with their hand coordination, hand movements just allowed him to do the way they can do it. So this is a wonderful material for special needs Children, and it's a wonder you see what this happening through humidity in the room where I was keeping it. The wood is always changing now this is hard to put in. I need strength to do that. That shouldn't be so. What is the solution? I would take sent paper Very fine sandpaper as this can still be pushed in. There's not a big issue. I mean, taking a small piece of sandpaper. Understand this part out? Blow the US out of it and then I can easily push it in without any effort. No, the difference. Lenders make different sounds. Beechwood, because of its high density, can also be used for the production of musical instruments and is being used for the production of musical instruments. That's one of the cheaper woods form a making music instruments. It has a beautiful sound. And as the size, the volume, the way off those differences in this is different. The sound is also different. So the sound also makes this material very interesting. This is the third block, which looks like the 1st 2 They are all looking the same. I hope you can see that they are from wide diameter. Too small. They are Me too. But not now. Look how this block is interesting. The sickest cylinder is the lowest one And now you see always. Why precise languages? Some part. Is this a lender small? Our assistant under small. If you put them obsolete I need to push these so you can see Concede better. Yeah. Though the Celinda with small assay amateur is the longest and the one with the wildest I amateur is the lowest now with the shortest. But none of the two is small. Exit the high one. Um, you need less wounds to make it. Why you all all is smaller than this volume. So the words big and small are not really well fitted To look at this material to describe this mature So in If you talk to return, If you communicate with the Children when they do this material, as I said, they can be still very young when they do that, that the sooner they get the high they get. This is I logic this material always a core response to another material. The sensor sensory area. And that is one off the color, not less. Cylinders are you see, my mats, The one I've been using. It's not good. I tried to fold it in the middle and that doesn't that makes it too soft. This is where my cell in just can't stand easily. But you can see the wireless is the lowest. The same list is the highest. So use those adjectives very precisely from outside the child, neither the child nor me. We can't know what which of the three blocks that I've been introducing to you until now is which, because when the the letters have been put in, they look exactly the same. Each one looks precisely the same. They look equal from outside. You have to open it up now. The cylinder blocks there because off looking the same from outside but being different inside. This corresponds to the child's need of exploration, the journey to taking out, put it back and take it up. Put it back in and each of you has a child or Children are who has ever been observing small Children at home. The biggest pleasure of Children is to take parts out and in toe open and close, open and close. That's what Children naturally do now. Me being a mother and housewife to I find it very annoying when Children play with pots and open and close and open and close and in and out because it's giving me a lot of extra work cleaning work because when happened playing with those parts on the floor, I have to wash them again. And, um, it's not teaching them something good because it's teaching them. I can play in the kitchen and Mommy will clean it up on its teaching them not respect word and not the respect work areas of other people. Because if I allow the Children to play in my kitchen, where I cooking and preparing food and storing food should be Hi Jenny. And it's not good to allow the Children to play with the things which have been used for making food. They are. If I allowed him to do that, I'm teaching them toe be disrespectful ports, my workspace As a mother, I'm also being disrespectful towards the preparation of food and the value off the sames and also the order off the things because I don't put any off my pots on the kitchen floor . So why should I allow any of my Children to put parts on the kitchen floor? Do not allow Children to to do things which you wouldn't do with those things. Teaching Children to use materials or allowing them to use materials in a way with for which they're not being made is allowing them to develop psychological teas. Orders, because misusing things using things in a way for which they're not being made is, um, sign for certain psychological disorders. And we certainly don't want our Children to start developing psychological disorders. Pieces. Why, um, this material has been developed toe. Allow Children to fulfill the need toe out and in and out and get sorting, arranging, closing and opening, putting in taking out. But don't allow them to do that with anything, because if we do it, we're allowing misbehaviour when actually we're educating our Children to misbehave and to not just be respectful. One word for that. Also, if we allow our small Children toe this, arrange our kitchens, they will not be able to understand and accept if when there Although we asked him to clean up the kitchen because we're telling them when they're older to do the contrary off what we taught them or allow them to do when they were small. So this is material that's allowing exploration, opening closing. Um, it is what? They're naturally doing this at a very, very young age to give it to them when they really it's a very safe material, even if you have a child who cannot walk yet. But, um, kinds of want to play with small things, you might even try to introduce it to that child already has it. I have explained to you previously, general, developing a different paces, different things at a time. So this is a great material for that. I want to show you the last of the four blocks of this. It's a set of four, and now this is the only block that looks really, really the friend. All the lenders look the same. They all have exactly the same with There's no different in words. They all look the same, but when you take them out, this is short, taller, taller Tom Under taller, no taller Halder toddler Tom under the tallest. So by teaching the Children gradation, you are also teaching them you teach them gradation, but you also teach them comparison. You teach them super laxatives, which is quite complicated grammatical concept in our language. But it is in built in this material. So all the sensory materials also have language. Um uh, in it. And when the Children do it by themselves, just by themselves, no language will happen. But when you do it with them on the small of Children, the greater the chance that you will be working with them, Or that you will be playing with them, that you will be showing it to them before they do it by themselves. Uh, then you need to communicate, which is another human tendency with kids. And while you communicate, don't toe funny baby language to really precise mathematical, grammatically correct language. So we put it back in. By the way, this material corresponds to that red rocks. The red runs rods differ in length. That's the, uh They differ unless, but their wits is always the same. Um, I'm sorry was not the one who invented this material. It was it. Waas segment in Francois developed it. She read about it in the books off, signal it, which he translated. She had this materials made on, started to use them and started to teach the Children in the insane asylum with those materials. And this is how those kids in the incident an insane asylum improved very fast. Which means these materials were first used for bigger Children and for special needs Children Now special needs Children cope with Children who have, um, mental issues, physical issues, sensor integration issues, but special needs Children. Quito's a big Children who are coming from families off from backgrounds where they're not be properly educated, properly stimulated where they don't have opportunity to move. They don't have opportunities to explore. And this is how healthy Children who don't have genetic deficits come with deficits to your school. Do your kindergarden to you nursery wherever. No. When Children work with them, you will want with all the four U months, then toe have a square. You will build a square with those blocks. I know you can see it all, but you concede more or less. I know. You see, they're all the same, but they're not making a square. You're making off course. Huh? Rex sampled that this evil can make a square. No, you will always be a rectum. Good. But I would do the other one, which makes that you can see that if they're working with all the four. They should be working on the math and what you can see. Most tables wouldn't be big enough for the Children would have toe like Lille on the table when the work. With this, we don't want to be because we don't want Children to lie on the table, but it's okay to lie on the floor. That's okay on the crawl around. That's also okay. This is what working on the floor is always the best you can do. Know what the child is doing, and that is that, like the the hardest one they do. Take all the, um, Solyndra's out. Put them in the medi that is the advance exercise, and now you can see one under half year old. A two year old will have a hard time doing that because they are 46 lenders. Remember, that's the decimal system we're introducing with this much, too. And what you can see, you have a lot off cylinders, but what you can also see is how important is color and the Jews off color? No, you can see I'm having I've chosen a blue mat. What's the light brown cylinder blocks? I'm having a homologous color combination, but at the same time, they're contrasting. So when looking at the surrenders in the middle off my Rex tumble, I can see them easily. That's their important on their appealing to me makes a nice shape. Julia might even want to Swart while they are doing that. They might sorted according Toa height, for example, and there are many Solyndra's that have No, this is shorter, but this is the same, you see. So by organizing them by themselves in the middle, which they might want to do, they will come up would see. No, they're not the same. They're also not the same they might want to compare. Comparing is the main purpose of sensory materials sensory mater's. So now, of course, the main purpose. The main goal is put them back in control, off error. This is too small. It must be. Even control of their original can detect by themselves. Now they're often will happen that the child would use the wrong one like if used one. The diameter diameter can you see fits perfectly, but it's too short for this whole, and the Children get used from a very young age toe controlling themselves and correcting every time every time they have done it wrong. Where is my cylinder? They are getting used to, um, paying attention. Okay, I can't find it. Now. Let me do the others. And they're developing the patients off, controlling really what they're doing and being responsible for what they to you can see. My image is correct. But they're too low, maybe. Oh, good. When the one who are getting used to this principle from a very young age and it's OK, they try and try, they get used to this principle from a very young age. They will practice this principle until their old because of teacher child. When his um and he will not depart from that way when he is old. I Oh, it was so long. I didn't think it so long. So it's about teaching print supposed to Children when they are young, which they can maintain until they are older. No, it is also doesn't fit that, missy. And you see that it takes quite some trial and error on this. Try and error is so important for the development to just come up with his attitude. Oh, let me try again. We are in a in a fast Oh, well, this so fast. We have fast food. We have instant, uh, deliveries We have Everything must be fast. So Children are not learning patients anywhere anymore. Looks like 15 minutes. No, no. Um so see, if left on this so many times to still require some attention from my side. Um well, that's OK. It will keep them busy for some time. But as they're just playing to find the right hole for the rights and lender, they learned a lot about volume. These which student who don't play with those materials never have within themselves by the math. ICS is actually about understanding how things are being built up. How real as how they looked like. How is their size and so on. But when we teach them of the Matics only from a book, they have no way to understand how things are being made. How things that being built up? No, I think it made in Paris somewhere. Something is not right because this one is too long. There must be a room once somewhere. No, this is for sure. This is too long. So I have to look until I find the right one. And now, if I'm the child who is doing that, um, I want to do some trial and error trial and error until I have figured it out. So when coming to the last ones and they don't fit, that means there is a mystic somewhere and I have to go overtaken. And this is what we as adults have to do when we do anywhere. If you find something is not working out, we have to go over it again. Maybe we have to do it again from the beginning. And this is one of the main qualities of good workers. Readyto go over it again, ready to start from the beginning. And this is what we need to teach the kids right from the beginning. 6. 6 Colored Knobless Cylinders : I've been paid for you. The color you see the colors, not less cylinders. This is a material which can accompany the Children for quite a while because it's beautiful. Child, me is colorful, and it allows a lot of exploration and experimentation. And this is why it's a great material. Even if you have it in the school room, the Children will love to play with it. They will enjoy it. Then they will come up with a lot of different designs with a lot of different patterns, which they can make. And this is what is special about this material because it's free. There are some lenders in a boss. The use inside there that have of the box has the color of the cylinder. Inside. You can take the mountain, build whatever designs you want to build with it. No way, uh, four colors. Three primary gunners. Those are the three primary colors. Read you and the three primary colors. Um, colored cylinder snob, less cylinders. They correspond to the three first main or most famous Montessori materials. The Red Cross, the peak tower and the brown steers. The way they changed their dimension is the way That's the brands. There's the pink tower, and the red lots changed their dimension. Where s the green cylinders? They are a mixture Bitar changing that I mentioned in a double way, but and the Contreras sense and some thesis, very complicated as greens off mixed color, mixed up off yellow and blue. This is a mixed up the mention of change. Yeah, not less colors. Lenders belong toe the material for dimension, as do the brand stairs, peak power and the red rocks. Now it's opening boxes and see about this thing there. Let's go buy one. As you can see, the boxes are made from beech wood, which makes him quite heavy. They're smoke light in color, therefore attractive, and the cover has the color off cylinders, which are inside when you present the material, or when you see the Children work with the mitral. Let the most nice the box on top off them a member allow farmers to lay around any how this makes any table workspace. Matt Floor evidential working to look so messy. So let them get usedto, always putting that, um, have her off the box under the books. And now let's see what this in there as they are news. They are like, not order inside. It's not. There's no why have been ordered. Children will take them out just like this. And they're points captured because they were just taking them out and puts the box to the site. No, what you can see is that this is an encouragement for you. You could make the blue not blessed. Lend us by yourself very easy. You all need to buy to do is buy a round wooden stick straight what in the hardware store and cuts them into pieces. And then you can make this now so easy to make you paint them off course. This is the easiest to make, and it can be made very easily. Okay, now the first exercise we do with those scattered cylinders, let's arrange them and make a sequence with them. Let's try to arrange them from law too short. That makes you can see that for you do it the other way around so that you concede eat more easy, starting with the longest next and the next. This is five centimeters, and the difference between two cylinders is always five millimeters five Santa majors is them longest. Andi five millimeters. Always a difference. And now we're getting a row. And this is something so important for the development of Children. They should be making Rose and organizing things. This is gradation from short to tall that the mention is always the same as they looked like building blocks. The Children might want to build something with it. They're allowed to do it because by building with those month to sort of material, this allows them toe Explorer. So human pennants of exploration is being used. Unless you can see it looks like just one steak. Why am beautiful stick? And I'm making a high tower and works out perfectly what you've seen. Now I've just taken one box once at the Solyndra's one color, which is a great way to start with, uh, bring only one. Let them deal with one that they may explore one before you give them a 2nd 1/3 and the fourth box. Now what we have to do is before looking at the next one, we have toe pull it back. So as you can see, the lit is under the box this inside close. It's not ready for my friends. Um, the way the lose not blessed lenders change Their dimension is like the red rocks. The red rubs are all the same. What's but the change in Lex? Next, look at the read books. Let's take the red box can take up the lip, portal it under the box and let's see once there now, looking in for the box immediate that the Children will realize that these lenders consume much more of the bottom of the box. All boxes are equal volume, but this box is almost full to the brain. The other thing that can be seen it has been scattered too much because when for me they're all the same height they have changing with and they're all the same height. So let me see. Let me take it out off course. The way this changes is like the way the brown stairs were changed, your think and the changing dimension from six sin. No, no, that's not correct to be like this. And you see it the sickest neck a little bit centered on next illness. I am gray. Then the height is always the same at the branch. There is, the height is always the same, but the weather is changing on the rare not listen in. This corresponds to the brown stairs me, and now I have a great lying this mature as a such even schoolchildren. My are interested to using it very often, but normally you can introduce, quite really, because it's early life, that we have the sense of a period for order and that the Children want to organize and the rays things and organize them in lines. So this is great them from sick toe thing. But of course, this could always also be used to build something and the candles. I'm assuming you have given only this red box with kids. I can also build a tower with it. Then you really love to build our powers naturally, and that's it can see this power is like a regular powers. It's sick out, and it's becoming sinner and sinner as we go Words. It has a big foundation, and it's becoming the run narrow. Um, in spite of it looking like this, this does not correspond to tow the pink power because the pink tower change also in height , these dozen all over the same length. So let's put it back into the box. But you can see this needs to be arranged, because if I just drop the mean they cannot. I can't close the leg, so I need to raise him first. And this is the friend from the blue bus, because the new bus anyhow placed excellence in the world all seat because they are small in done. In west, they don't consume a lot of crying, but these ones have a big wicks, so they consume a lot of space concerning volume, meth and stand up uniquely arranged. Otherwise, they can and should be like this, and there is no other way to arrange. Now let's look at the your primary colors. The yellow box to It's not as full as that as the red box, but not so empty like the blue box. So the boxes have some learning goals up, sort of learning with absorbent mine building like this yellow box. Those look what they have a big value. Some are big, some are small. You can see summer big and summer small, and these, uh, lender cylinders they really look so correct from each other. compared to the blue cylinders compared to the red cylinders, they are different in heights and what's and they changed. The height changes from tall too short and the width changes from long to short from a big words to a small with and so these are the ones that can be arranged most easy. No, you know how slumped over behave very small chin always like to get yellow First, even though readies things that to be an attractive color. Small Children, they always strike toe, get whatever is yellow. So it will be a good idea to start with the yellow box and the yellow box corresponds to death. Uh, peace tower and out build the tower for you So you concede from cylinder to cylinder. Not only is it becoming narrow, but also each cylinder is less high. This is why this hour is not high, like the Rex power because for the red sourdough height, office uninterested and change back for yellow A cylinders they really changed. Their really changed and this is just like the pink power would be changing. But those of this material, what's we can break it in the road and this is the first on the regular while if you would show to the kids. But as I said, exploration using so much is for exploration. Ists is fine. Using my kitchen tools for explorations. Not fine. That's a lot of danger. Can you see? So this line from small to big? Of course I've done it in the wrong way for you to see, um is the easiest to see. So Children was starting with those lenders, not less electricity. The best is killed them together once first, the red ones are hard to arrange. Um that once are not are hard to put on top of each other but the yellow ones are easy to see Easy to perceive So started with Iwas I remember just correspond to the ping How in a month Sorry, Matha Every material is next with no but there but stand they are connected. Get those that didn't used to controlling the error spines after getting used to how those materials work And as much as I connected with each other although gets the easier it becomes just can't hard to what we would like more. Now we have a green box. This is a mixed color secondary color. It's not powerful on the Solyndra's look rather different from each other. Let's take them out and see if we can greats them. So they're all standing here now and again. This is toe. Teach us to use precise language. Because which one is big, this one or this one? No, none of them is big. We can't do such global words to describe something. Let's see if we can grade them at all. So let me make a line. Why I think I should make it. No. Can you say what's happening? How to turn it the other side so you can all see it. The tallest. It's the finest. Let me turn it like bus. Maybe with that makes it easier for you to see. Yes, this is easier to say for yet that Lois, the short list cylinder is the why he just the sinister lender is the highest. I have. Great, it's them, but I'm not writing them. Acquiring Tito. Big, big toe, smart Wregget. Them too Hi to know or why it's too narrow. So Dan, different aspect, how I've been grating them, still have been grading them, and it's quite unlock GIC, but that's complicating one that will not. No, As I said, the yellow the yellow box corresponds with a pink power. The red box corresponds to that brown stairs. The blue box corresponds to die red rocks. This one doesn't correspond to any of the main materials, but each of those four boxes perfectly corresponds toe the cylinder blocks. So the Solyndra's the have nots on which are all brown like wood have exactly the same time mentioned as do these colored cylinders. And I can use the color to learn this and put dimensional surrender blocks. Let's see if it works. If it doesn't, the material has not been well produced by the company, and I want to say one word here of concerning companies. How much is the material? Does not say whether it's good or its original. I do know a number of producers people produce months. Irma terrorists are not teachers. People produce month, sir, Material producers there, they're carpenters or something like this. You have seen the materials have seen that since that it is a big business and they're making it. But I have no idea how to busy, and we have been conversing with a number of them. They have no idea. They're just making them and then making them, according Toa, a model that they have seen before. So on the other one, people believe that if the much has been made in China, it's low value, know it can be made in Germany or in Austria or in Switzerland, and be no. One to it depends on the individual company. How are they producing their material? I personally have no idea about every company which is working in Europe, who is really Butte producing Montessori materials in Europe. European companies are giving the production toe Chinese companies, and they're producing and putting the logo off the European company on. So don't be afraid of fine directly from China. If the size and I'm a terrorist, it's It's all okay. I know because I know either and I have been there that all my materials have been made in China and I've been choosing them according the quality and not according Toa brand. That's more important. But when you buy from when you have a perfectly good material body by from two different companies, because there are a lot then there might be some in images which don't fit. So let's see and best fits. So this is the cylinder block which corresponds to the green, not lessen lifters. Let's take these out. As you can see, you could still this to make the Children computer. You're comparing the size and then the general said, But this has something on top, and yes, they have no. So you can easily put them, take them out and put them back in. But size wise, they are the same. And they might want to measure it out like this and seeing that there to say and what I'm doing here with the best cylinder blocks and the greens and endless, you can do it with each flock and their corresponding sand enders so that Comey compared now let's see if they can fit in. I want to put the green ones in, Huh? Do you see? This is just a few millimeters too narrow and a bad fit in, but it should be fitting in now for every exercise. The same. What's I was saying for business? Can you see? They looked like 15 yet, but the dough when you compare them. They look the same but doesn't fit. I will destroy them if I force now. What they do is if you find out that they don't, this one fits. Let me say this one fits. This one fits this one too. This one too. One minute. This life, it's perfect key. This one fits perfectly, but these three don't. So what I have to do? A. We're in month. Sorry, Don't give anything to kids, which doesn't work the way it's supposed to work. You three do not fit in. So what do you have to do? But all means? Take a small piece of sandpaper. And since this inside part all round, it's about around. It's a folded. Use your fingers and to send this until this will smooth the go in. Because this is wonder and go thes lenders article they fit to each other. This is have to make sure that the material is really working because it comes from a company does not mean that it's working. So you are as a teacher, the one responsible for the material being perfect order for the kids toe work. And I think this looks great. So this is something interesting for kids to do What will happen as they don't have knobs have to. I wore him out. You see, this one doesn't, but yes. Verities. Yeah. Um, I will show you a trick that happened to me before. I had a colossal in the stuck in. And as you can see, um, from the production of the cylinder blocks, there are holes. And when I couldn't get the colored cylinders out again because I don't have not, I just used a stick which have punched in here. And that pushed this a lender out. And this is how you can help yourself avenue run into trouble. Um, but you shouldn't. You have to prepare this block for all the wood is positive, would color cylinders and the color surrenders to perfectly go in. Because thes two material, these two sets of material really wanted other, and they should be used together with each other 7. 7 The Colored Knobless Cylinders: what I have now done. I've taken all cylinders up. Our Children were ableto ranch the cylinders by color, which is a file sort again to because red goes into the box with a red yellow into the box with the yellow lit. Um but then they are allowed to take up all four boxes. So the first rule is the Children first are allowed to use only one box after that, only to taxes. And then, if you're sure that they ableto ranged neatly all those a generous again after their man working, they're allowed to take all four boxes just with the Selena basic cylinder blocks. Jim, I also allowed to take out all the cylinders, all the boxes. And now they can compare him, for example, according to what's oh, this then looking for once that have the say with No, this is also smaller. There are also the same. And they will find out that for most woods, they can't find a new partner because all blue partners of the same so the make like powers with according to what they will find out that only for what, um what's the will find you waas blue again is here and exemption. That should be everyone. This one you see on this looks really beautiful, and I can't even arrange the pillars. According to Woods on, it's interesting to see the height how the height is also deferring. The yellow ones are becoming lower and lower, and the red ones are saying the same. So if you ever wanted to teach your child, the best one would be start with Brett. Yeah, and great from high to low, this one. The beginning, of course, is to say, because that genic and sit in the front said De Colo is lower than this net. Well, it's my fitting partner. Yes, they are the same, and all the red is the same, but the yellows going down. So again, this is a great game for comparing. Comparing is a sign that this is in story and exercise. Um, but it's complicated. So this is a really, really great advanced exercise, quite complicated for Children who are already advanced in their skills. Um, let's what What? Just finished is up. And so, uh, as you can see, pillars are appeared. So I, uh, have you guys here to let you build whatever they want to build with. Something might use this to make these four pillars off city. The watchtowers of the city cannot have equal watchtowers off a city. Dear are different insides. The German might want to make offends or a wall around the city using the other cylinders they might want to bring out anymore. From there are the play areas to put with defense. That's okay if only they put them back after that. So now we have offense and this fence doesn't compete. Quality even a fall because there's an inverse of the front of mentioned. This is also like a computer game. Something else I could do with this build pictures because I'm having different colors so I could have yellow in the middle. I want yellow in the middle and the one nice flower flower put all the in the magi, and I want to make a flower around. Yeah, see, that is working, and my flower I want it has to be right. It started. Have right factions room as you can see again older. There's no to equal months, so whatever Children trying to build it will be something, especially because I'm not equal. Okay, let this on. No, I need I'm overruling the other ones, but possible now. I want I was the flower rose on the floor in its leaves. He wants to be so this would be believe the flower Natalie for the flower. No, What you might want to do is you could make designs shapes, and then make a photo off those and let the Children build what you have on the photo. So you built a number of designs, shakes Pathans. Anything in your life you could make, Rose, you could make walls. You could make the signs and you can photo them from on foot or from the side and let the Children well, what is under foot. Print the photos out, laminate the focus, and that the Children do what is in that photo. Now, this is a very a difficult exercise. And this is something maybe preschoolers could do school Children can do. It's very hard for small Children. And this is again something to show you. You start this mature s soon as you've see, feel and perceive. Yo. So the Children already started one box first, but the material stays on and can be used in different ways again and again because whatever it shouldn't do with that, they are always comparing the sizes somebody, you and the characteristics of those cylinders. So a very fragmentary is something you could figure out you could make. Um, those photo carts. Uh, it's not the flower it could be. Any design why you just place the cylinder sent? The Children have to follow it when you have small Children and want to learn to follow a pattern. Having one idea for you you may and design with what's off the senators you place isn't enders in any path and night. Take the photo from above, printed out the same size, and then the Children can put cylinder on the on the dots That's they are seeing. This would be a way to have smaller Children or the follow apartment and lay a pattern, even though they're not ableto compare from the picture and follow what is there 8. The Pink Tower: the peak tower. What you're seeing here on a table is something that more money will be never presented on a table because it's a trial ties table. As this is a Evel sized table, the tower becomes too high. Toby built up and to be over viewed where the child have really full control of it. Missus y the pink. I was one of the material that invites by itself to be built on the floor so that the child can sit by the side and have a complete view off the tower. Now, you might be saying, What is so special about the pink power? Why is it pink anyway? And, um, Julia building towers anyway. So what is special about the pink power? No Merima disorder observed that all too unnaturally like to stack saves on top of each other toe build towers. If they have the chance of toys, they will use building blacks to build powers. If they don't have toys, they would hear sounds. Oh, Sam, for snow built powers to run naturally builds powers. That's a natural activity of Children. The difference is now that Marina Deserve is observe the kids building towers naturally by themselves and see improved this activity on him a lot. Mathematical knowledge in this tower. Now first of law, these tower is a perfect model off the decimal system. This power is make up off 10 cubes. 10 all I want to serve materials, especially this insider materials are based on number pen to make the Children get used to the decimal system upon which all the mathematical on calculations are being built. Then she made it play. When you go to a toy store, you can buy towers building blacks whatever cups for stacking. And they're coming. Multiple coats, multiple colors disturb the concentration of the child. And this is why it takes, um, quite a number of years to be able to build a tower. A tower which consists off 10 blocks as much as Maria decided. Nah, believe in hurrying the learning process of Children because whatever is learned in the Hariri is not learned, will. She always believed in making things easy for Children so that they can go over ward s so that they can make developmental steps earlier because stumbling blocks for not making those steps were being put aside in this case, Morello Disorder decided to make the power in just one color. Now Pique doesn't have a special meaning. It's just any colors she came up with. But what I can tell you is peeing is a beautiful cutem and Children, even boys at the age where normally this time would be to use and being built love pink. It's one of the questions my students always asking if my boys in kindergarten class love pink, so I need to be worried. Maybe they will end up homosexuals are they will not develop well, no young boys love pink and the prefer pink to blue because they can see it better because Pink is a more is a more appealing colored and blue. And that's the reason Maryland to start, observed kids. And she observed that electing she had pink color around, so she made the tower to peak. What one reason is there? It's because of peak power. Is there often combined? What's the brown stairs? And the brown stairs are in dark brown and back. Brown with pink is a contrasting and still her more news combination of colors. She want determined terms to be always, um, beautiful. she wanted them to be appealing, and this is why she made them in colors that would match so materials he would be combining our Children would be combining and using together materials that Children would be comparing. She put them. She made him in contrasting colors of the Children, could see the contrast easily, but still harmoniously fitting so that the eyes on the development of terrorists will not be disturbed. Um, because this is a uniform color. The Children can focus easily under dimension had each black being painting in a different color, or maybe in two or three different colors. The Children will not be able to focus on size, but a P tower is part off the dimension material, so material just made to perceive size or to learn to perceive size about receiving size. You might not consider this important, but if it whatever you trained in a small child, the child will be able to develop further when he's old and use in the play. When the Charles old and people have been trained to perceive size, you will be able to appreciate size very well later in life, so because it's a dimension material. It needs to be in just one color. So the difference off the assize is off. The keeps can be perceived easy. Okay, let's go back to death decimal system. The smallest kid IHS once sent to meet your inside length Exactly one centimeter. If you can see that, it's just This is so tiny. So while Centimeter one site. So this is what cubic centimeter. So you can It's a cubic system. Now this site length is a one centimeter. The side length off the biggest keep is 10 centimeters. You have 10 nine and 76 54321 And the cubic system is so interesting. Um, you change the side length only for one centimeter. So actually the Children, later when they're able to build a tower very well that might not be doing in this center that might do it by side and find out. And this one way toe do era control it. The kids the time miss keep can fit here. It can fit in perfectly. It fits perfectly for the next step. Also, if you put it to the side and not the center, this cube fits perfectly. Even if its year for 50. Yeah, by just reducing the side length by one centimeter as the cube is the same length, the same wits the same height just reduced one time to meet you. Produce it in all sides. So that's something also interesting. You would use one centimeter, but it fits here. It fits here that also because that's the cubic system at the same time. So the largest kid, let me just remove this for you. The smallest keep fits 1000 times into the biggest cute. And later, when the Children will be learning more about mathematics and numbers and they will learn up to 1000 they will get cued, which is exactly this size, and they could open it up. Actually find 1000 tiny time time keeps inside, which make up this cube by sticking up 10 cubes just 10 keeps. Actually, this time cute fits 1000 times into this, and the mathematical says the mathematical material, which is teaching the Children about the cubic system. Yes, looks exactly like the peak power and the Children can count. Actually, how many of the small kids get into this one or this one in the sense rural area. We don't talk about it. We know it as teachers, but we don't talk about it. We know it's so important for the Children. Lecture toe. Understand the cubic system very well, but the Indus censoring era with don't come. We don't have anything Mark ations to show them. We want them to appreciate the size and how the sizes are becoming smaller, smaller, smaller, smaller. But if we're not talking about what actually, they're lording, um, later in life. Now if the Children happen toe, go to Monte. Sorry system all through the teachers in primary school in secondary school. My take out the pinks Tom elector again and tell them what you did when you were small and then say Yes, we remember on Ben It's easy for the teacher to explain, and after telling them, remember, he can take us a rare mathematical material. And that was it. Edward was so easy for them now off. If they go throughout, wonderful. If they don't no problem. They have had it in their hands. If, like that get on only directed explanation, there will still grasped the concept. The mathematical concept much easier than the child was never patched. It never played with it. Now about the presentation, you will. If you check out Internet, you will find people tell you the Children have to take one key and walk all through the room. Get one tube walk back gets the second keep. If you force the Children to do that, it becomes so boring because off course it's nice if the work with a key because this keeps are made from Beachwood and Beach work is quite happy. So this is heavy to carry. But this is not headed to parent who asked Jim to go back with what back and forth with just one keep. But what is so many journeys they have to make do? It was so boring they will lose interest in them Pink tower. Better let them build it wherever you choose to build it. As I don't hear that ship building is over floor. Make sure to have a max to spread, so they know cases my workspace and averaging them because I know this is the workspace of this job. This is working. She's working. Generally, the Children will figure out about himself. What to do But in case they don't you, um, ask them which one is the biggest cube, which is the biggest and the world? Maybe at the site of the first time? Not know Right there. What's this one? That we may be guesses. OK, let's try Who doesn't let them make a line? Which one is bigger deaths or businesses? Baker call it started with the biggest, the second biggest, and then let them build the tower. Um, it's not practical toe. Have the tower being built up as you have seen me do it in the beginning on the show because it's so high. If Children passed by order, run by or day stumble, the power will fall down all the time. That's a practical so that too wise to do it better. You can help the tower lying on the show. That's what I have been doing a lot. No, for me, that's the wrong aside for you. That's the right sect, because it should be from left to right. Yeah, no, I'm having a tower, which is lying down, so it's kind of a steer, but it's not a stare. It's a power. And the Children? No, it's a power. I'm want to see this. There will be naturally motivated toe care. The blocks this one was probably thinking can re only one. But the smaller ones that can carry several at a time and build a tower by themselves in this way will save the environment. Is the teacher on the materials that teaching representation of the materials? The teacher? No. Put the blocks into a box early, this scatter to scatter box or not motivation to use another way. Uh, this was not developed by Merima. Decide was after people developed it. They developed a stand and who seek this has edges. So the Jessica just where the power stand. And this is like the shelf for the peace tower. And with this shelf for the peaks, colleges actually stand. Um, the peak power can stand all the floor. Everything has to be arranged. So this is the arrangement. Work toe. Put away the pinks tower. This is not a part of it. This the shelf and the building. And when it's standing on the floor, that's fine. It's not so easily tumble down, then. Well, it is, um, standing high at that on the show. that's still it might happen. And the smallest far, which is so timely that most probably kind of and see it can still easily fall down. So appreciate your kids and what is best for them. Remember, make life easy for them and lets them. I don't if you have a feeling the arriving to match our they're moving in the lead with uncontrolled way out of the borders or that you have too many kids or the space is not enough to have this in a separate area, then it's much better toe to toe. Have one shelf just dedicated for the pink power. Generally, General Star actual to use this from the from 2.5. But the any age is fine, I remember. It always depends on what experiences they have made. It really is. So if the Children have perfectly hat Adam, possibility to move took care of things if they know how to care things that they have built, things that have been climbing their their hands are Stollmann offender had hats and experiences, but you have they will kill it up 10 bucks to wherever they want to work, even in front of the shelf built the tower, put it back again and then forget about it might happen. Not very likely, but might happen. Uh, most of the time, if that had all these experiences, they will be able to build a town with you without you needing to explain to them ever if you like, you were trying to sit still, tell me. But they are confronted with media heart. Maybe you get them at six years, and they have never cared heavy objects. Even at six years, this might be challenged toe to carry and to build six years old. Children their hands of still smaller than my hands and tow curious big blocks might stubborn challenge for them if they didn't have the opportunity to do so. As this is, um, you look so beautiful. It's like a nice decoration, too, as this is also introducing the decimal system messages souls about the cubic system. You might want to have it in your classroom and see what Children are doing of it, how able they are to handle it. If nobody is interested in it, take it out. It's not important anymore for your students. Okay, that yes, one more thing. I want to tell you what you can do with a pink tower. You can use it for language. You have a shark in the shark. It is never doing anything by himself. The check, it doesn't take an initiative, so you will need to present the less of dream. Even do it. So clear what to do with a tower, That shy kid. You need to present the lesson. So your first lesson compared to just let the child build the tower, which they must probably will enjoy doing. Sometimes Children also need attention, so it's good to give attention if they have a control. Marty misbehave. It's good to give attention in a positive way, and given the lesson could always be a means of giving attention to kids. So the language say, Look, this is the smallest. Keep you see us like this. It's the smallest kip. It's a small you can hide a completely new hand. Can you put the smiles keep on the table? And then you might ask the kid, which is the biggest kip, and then you find out that it's this one. You could dismantle them. Cover, mix the blocks up. Really mix them up very well. I love the blacks. No, I'm doing this for you because the cameras in front of me Otherwise I wouldn't be able to film if you want with kids, don't have the kid in front of you. That's like a confrontation. Have a kid always by your side So it's not a confrontation. You are working together as a team. No, As we work from left to night, the teachers left the child's rights just watching you. So the child will be here because that's my right side. And I'm left childless, right? It doesn't matter whether you are left and the right time for Charles left and the right time. If you want. I choose where the child was sitting according toe the chopping, left or right, and you might have toe change. What? The sitting position for every child number one and then, yeah, during the years, that's the child's developing the hand in it. So that doesn't make sense. The rules left forward. Okay. On that as mixed them out My hospital, which is the biggest kid. What? Just the next biggest Keep Chapman here. This? Yes, that is it and that as a child is comparing that we showed this to you. The way would be looking saying, you can control this using the time one. If it fits here just one time, then next smallest keep. This is a big girl. This is smaller. Can you show me the smallest? You might also have seen pink towers and not the sorry stores, which have only five cubes. No, this are not regular pink powers, and you don't need to buy them at all. Uh, make sure if ever you buy a pink to make sure that this is 10 by 10 by 10 my dead and this is one and it's regular. Make sure it's made from Beachwood because only one, it's Beachwood. It is heavy enough origin to feel the white, the friends for each and every cube they are taking into their hands. If you use like a Pinewood or any other lightweight wood, that what's difference is not big enough for the Children to know that those of the way is changing from the bigger to the smaller cube. This is much lighter than this one. This is much heavier. You know, the size difference is not so much if you use any firm would, which is lightweight. Children can't feet, so that's about the pink tower. Just have fun. Let the Children build have given you a lot of background information. Just forget that information again until you needed for kids. It's just a fun thing to do, building that power. 9. The Pink Tower 2: and the yellow, not less. Cylinders are changing their size in the same way I can show you something on the which is a very part of months or principle. When you look at these two materials big a material as a rule s for younger Children who are not yet so advanced in their educational journey. Smaller materials are for bigger Children or Children who are already very advanced in their education journey. That's a general rule. So if you want to work with very small Children, have big material. If you want to work with big Children, half smaller material, um that to this yellow Nablus cylinders on the pink tower they both change in three dimensions. Even though put this to the side. Evan there, let me put it it. So each other's kids on each que has one centimeter less inside leg. Exactly one centimeter a total. Told you this is about the metric system and this is about keeping existence. And that about a decimal system. It arranging it in order is developing the mathematical mind very well and just reducing it by one centimeter makes one cute today A next cube. Uh, is he each Each side, one centimeter. Its side. One centimeter. Now, you might want to say, um, this is a cylinder. It doesn't have three dimension while it has. It has let me use one of the bigger ones to show best to you. And that way we would generally consider this to be the diameter. You could also say that the legs and the wits and the height just in the as in the keep. Now, uh, you know, appreciate very well what is happening. What is happening in going on with the yellow cylinders, the Children must have developed their sense off that I mentioned the perception of the mentioned. He was changes always one centimeter. But here it changes always five millimeters, half a centimeter. So does this. The advanced material and the sister like beginners, material and the Merima service always doing that. You have seen me using that cylinder blocks the knocked cylinders and then that no less cylinder. So that not miscellaneous ardor advanced exercise off the knobbed cylinders off the city in the blocks. But they're also advanced. Exercise all that in this case, big tower, but also the red rods and so on So this is an advanced exercise which fits with a Knop Cylinders with the cylinders blocks easier heart and in this case, them pink power. You see this hard but change in all three die mentions and all are dimensional. Metiers This must this can be done by Children who have advanced in there. Uh, perception off size work dimension. Yeah, that's what I wanted to talk. Today. I will show you met a video about how to combine some of the materials very well. 10. The Brown Stairs: you can see the pink power here. What about I? What happened on the table and the smaller keeps. That's and you see in practice why this doesn't work even though there were no Children here. Okay, but we want to talk about the brown stairs. Now you concede East years go down and stairs go up. And that's the control of Harry. Generally, we could say that the brown stairs are somewhat easier than the pink tower because they are naturally laying them. What did you do is you build up on the shelf just like this. The Children will see just like this, and they won't be caring that Rex Prisons. Actually, that's the right word. Uh, to the place where we want to work to build the stairs just as their own. There are some fun. Exercise is to do with this as a control of error. You have seen me with my hands, so But you could also use a marble Whoops. And why the marble or the beads are rolling down? It's done correctly. You go to san, um, hurt that the sound is changing. This is high. This is steep. No Kloza high. Some So when they didn't do that, there was a training musical ear. Something else you could do is you could use. What do you use for, um, playing exile? A phone? Beat it and listen to the sounds So the hands I'm a horrible or a stick for playing on exile. A phone will help Children to develop their musical here. Now just build it. That's it. Off course. If Children did something like this to make something else with it, no problem. They're still experiencing the size. This is the part of the dimension of material made toe. Teach them in tow. Perceive their mention as you can see also with this material. It's so easy to receive the different dimensions, and it's not so easy to get the different parts lost. What is exciting? Each Que of the peaks tower fits to one prison off the ground stairs, and this looks beautiful together. Can you see this looks beautiful together. It makes a perfect harmony, and now we're just building stairs, which are wider, which are longer. No, here comes what is so interesting. This is changing in three dimensions. This is changing. In one day, I mentioned or into in two because this is a square and we change. This is 10 by 10 and this is 20. So we changed the square, the side of the square. 10 9 The last one is just one, and this is why it's changing into dimensions because this is a square. But we always live this the same so that the last one has the same length last the first morning. But it becomes sinner. You're changing the side of the square now. If we have the peak power. The biggest cute fits on the biggest steer. Exactly two times. It's exactly two times, but the next woman doesn't fits two times anymore. There's something. There's some left over one two, and then there are two centimeters left over. There's a lot of my accident in it. Let's check this 11 to, and there are three centimeters left over. So 40 23 and so on, and it took the last it will nine centimeters left over, so there's a lot of mathematics hidden inside, but a man point is as this to correspond their heavy. They're big, but they look beautiful together so that the Children use them together. Let them discover how they fit and build things as they like. Teoh build things, the main one being just like with the practical life matures after they're done with their activity, They have to put everything they have taken out of the shelf back to its space. The brass stairs, just like the Peter I was introduced the decimal system as we have 10 by 10 9 by nine. Oops, Wrong. Wait 10 by 10 9 by 98 by a seven by seven square that 10 steers. Yes. So they also introduced the decimal system. But this time in a friend way. So repetition is the mast of learning. And this is how we, um have not deserve that you were just slightly the friend but a similar concept, not 100% Selim. Similar. We're going one step, one step. One step? No. When we look at the color, not blessed Linda stay are so much smaller. All of the 10 or less the lenders fit into the small box. But he's not blessing lenders. The red one, the red books, they perfectly fit. What's that? Brown stares. I want to show you how. Let me just sickly puts the pink tower aside. And while I'm doing this, let the Children invent ways to compile Ayn to combine this sleep is too beautiful matters . Let me show you this album all right. I left them are the same high but steady for sickness. They have the fresh in their sickness in the in their diameter. Can you see that? Always the same height. But the sickness is changing there also. 10. If I lied him down on a vita Thisun Crecion will be stronger. Of course. So that's the same principle. Go and uh, difference in diameter. This is wrong and basis is a square. The whole thing is a prison. Um, a smaller material always needs to be given toe bigger Children, bigger material to smaller Children. Uh, we call that or this part of the refinement of the senses of child care is this big, big keep child will feel this is happy beach what is heavy And as the charts cares, the small one. He might care two or even three at a time off the small amounts, and they're still light weight. Now, after this experience, when they start to deal with the read now bless the lenders. This is also like white, and this is also heavier. But the Children can perceive this early after they have made, uh, big the Francis. I'm been able to perceive big differences before they are able to perceive slights the France's. So we go from back too small from take the Francis toe slides the Francis, and this is how we have refined the senses one step at a time. So there is a connection between all the materials, as you can see where brats there's we have red cylinders and we have the pink. 11. The Red Rods: Now what you can see here are red rocks. The red dots are also a dimensional material. It doesn't fit on a table 99% of the times. Um, general led this material because they are so big. All of these, the bran stirs are much heavier than generally blocks we would give to Children. But it would give having bet things to Children. They feel that we trust them and they will hang with Kier knowing that they are being trusted by us now the red rods articles on dimensional material. As you see it now, it looks like stairs to use Dad, we said the pink towers introducing the decimal system and the cubic system, whereas the red rocks are introducing also that this symbol system but that metric system And this is why it is so important. You don't make those rocks smaller or shorter because you think your Children might not be able to handle This is one meteo So the introducing the metric system by giving them a bar which is one me too long. One meter consists off 10 deaths emitters. So the smallest piece is exactly one test emitter long my smallest pieces the control of Arop for my red rocks well, and that always one basic picture. It's missing toe the next 11 This emitters cost now desist since or materials about the mention in size. I'm telling you, the mathematics hidden behind you don't tell the child mathematics just Ahlam how they can control it. They laid it out perfectly if the lady that nicely, and if it doesn't fit other than didn't put it exactly here again. The human tendencies of exactness and perfection are coming in exactly exactly, exactly, exactly one. It's always messing and leading to the next plus one plus one makes the next. Does a lot of mathematics hit an insect? Now you don't tell it again. You will ask child, which is the shortest, which is the longest. And they, if they can, if their arms allowed unfolded like this to appreciate the length but teach them toe care. It's like this, and then you're not going to come to any problem. Don't those long numbers you need to carry them like this, and this is also something they will do carefully because they are so happy that you trust them with something so long, my family longer today themselves. So generally just like for the brand stirs great from big to small pig tower Great from big to small red rocks Great from long to short. No, If your Children want to use their red rods toe build something maybe their animals with graze in the middle or the want to make a design what everyone toe build with this, they just enjoy building with them. It is perfectly fine because through building they will be able to perceive that the Frances again. Here, the temptation is to build states to make this from for wood, which is like within the chip it works. It's okay, this is lighter than this one. But you happen toe be able to find them beetroot. And in original, they are made from Beachwood much better because the difference in weight the shortest is the light test. The longest is the heaviest will be so easily perceived. Now, as you can see is my tumble down because something wasn't done correctly. So if the Children tried to build a star and I've seen many managers built stars from that looks gorgeous and makes him appreciate that there are no two equal months. Each are different from the other ones. It's perfectly allowed. What they're not allowed is to use them as weapons. And that's just about the Montessori method. Yeah, whatever you give them, you give them real things, but you have rules for using those real things. It's must be this much better give me sticks or bars of Children and allow them to deal with them and teach them how to deal with them perfectly, not to give it to them. And as soon as they can get hold off some sticks off bars that will use them as weapons. So but they give it and teach them out to dio with them in a useful way. And then the danger for the misusing any sticks or bars that will find letter. It's much less I want to show you. The right rots big, perfectly fit. That's the blue, not less. The lenders, the blue Nablus cylinders. They all have the same sickness, but their links as different. And in this um, way of changing, how did the mentions are that blue now? Bless The lenders are changing in the same way the science is changing in the same way the gradation ist same like with that, uh, Greg nuts. You see, it's not so easy because the red Watts from one to the next is 10 centimeters on one day estimate. Er, this can be seen easily, but four down blue Nablus lenders. The difference from one to the next is only five millimeters for half a centimeter, so that the friends in length from the from best to death is 20 times more than for a Nablus blue cylinders. So Children have to have that. My trained I'm perceiving this difference in lengths before they're able to appreciate this difference inland. So that's a lot of learning in between length, size can appreciate it perceived only one in this being trained anything that the Children should learn to different shit must be trained. If you don't train your Children to perceive the difference between one and two best emitters, they will not be able to difference yet. But the length between five millimeters and one centimeter until now, or not able to do that later in life. Dealing with mathematics wherever one millimeter will make a difference over chest so hard for them close to impossible. So the red rocks, the pink tower and the brown stares at all material for Grady Grady sizes. 03 dimensional or two dimension. 12. How to make Red Rods: can you see the red rots? Those are very easy to make by yourself all the ladies to find bars and the hardware store My half a diameter off to ties to sentimentalists. Can you see this? If you find bigger ones, that is sick. Cowen's to under half by 2.5 centimeters and would be even better because when they are sicker, the Children will feel the more when carrying them. Compared to the center once less than two by two it shouldn't be because it will be black sticks on Don't wouldn't be stable. Why table? And this is why Sick respect. Er this is why If it didn't find, if you don't find two by two, you could take three by three. They should be able to stand like this. So just like them, uh, the blue cylinders, we should be able to put them to stand them upright. So if they're too sane, it's very hard for child lets them read Rod, stand up, right. But it's an important exercise which will teach them balance and carefulness because even the tallest one must be able to stand upright. This is what to but to us the smallest you should choose. Perfect. 2.5 times. 2.5? Um, the best would you can. Teii So you're just by marks boats that have a square shape and then you cuts them. 10 sent to meet us 20 13 for 50 and so on. So if you want to cut them by so because you were far more stories not cutting them for you . What do you need to be careful? Is that you cut this part really straight. If you cut it in a bent way, it wouldn't be ableto send. I love Julie countries so mature, many hot restores if you buy the wood from them No kind of for you and that professional tools to do that And just selling piece pay attention for this part. Um, so you have now the bars 10 2030 40 50 60 70 80 9100 centimeters in length. Now what? This next depending. How rough? Why was the woods that you bought? You need toe? Um send them for this purpose. It it's a ref Food you bought third with a rougher sandpaper and Sansom on all sides. And please also sense the edges because if you do not send these edges, it will be very pointed. And that doesn't give a nice touch after sun. Don't Texas a lot, but that's the sands them a little bit. So the edges become little bit roundish a little bit, not much, and last standing should be very the finest sandpaper that you could find if the would you . But what's already smooth? Just a little bit off standing Wilbur enough, especially for the edges and a little bit, so to make it even. That's it. And then the last one you do is you paint them. Many of my students have tried to paint them with a brush or with the row depending under experience and carefulness. It works, but it takes more patients and more kind, then painting it with spray pains. My a painted with spray paint. How do I know? I've been using them and they, uh, the color and the pain started to come off. And so what they did, is I, But sending them and I sprayed them again. So after seven years, I had toe re pay those those bars, those rocks for me, spray paint is very easy, whether it is of course, protecting the ground, putting them descend from each other like this on a protected grant, a tennis. Pray over it from this side, wait for it to drive. Then it turned all of them over, sprayed again from this side from on top from this side again, That's 1/3 side. Spread them from here from here from here from here And then again, it always said them dry in between. Then, after the first layer, you will see how many last Eunick Maybe you will need to. Maybe you will need three. That depends on your on the pain on the quality of your pain and those on the caused, if you would, how much you would. It's soaking in. But making them it's really easy and far for cheaper than to buy them. My are self made. I've never bought them. They are self made 13. Red Rods Possibilities for Extensions: I want to explain a little bit how to use those months. Sorry, since Errol Materials which are so famous more and longer that is help extend the way from the methods to use a month, sir. Material. And there are a number of ways, depending on the age and the abilities of the Children, which you can use on that. I want to do this thes methods to you one by one. The first method would be that you prepared cards like this once, which I have prepared. And, uh, the Children can pick one card and then used, in this case, the red rocks to follow the design on the cart. This leads them toe abstract second, because a car is small. As you can see, this is less than an A for work size, less also than the U. S. Letter size. But the red runs the largest one of the longest one is one meter long, so they have to look at a picture and builds the design on the cart. When the Children do this first, give them just one cart on the train close to the red ruts where he stored a red ruts let them take the car and follow the design. If they help less, you can assist them. If they're able to do their design very well, you can include more difference designs easier ones hard once, as there are no two rods off the same length. Whatever designed the Children are doing there will always experience that. Each rub has a different length from each other. Roads there are notes to equal rots. Some of the signs look quite similar, but the Anglo on the direction from which the picture has been taken. It's different, so it becomes a near challenge. Every time they get, they take a new Kurt and try to follow the design. There are many, many possibilities, and each possibility shares them that each rod is the friend and them experience on the Lexx. Different lengths is off the rocks. Suddenly, science that you could propose or that you could prepare for the Children might look very similar, like least once. I hope you can see that. Will they look so similar? But they are not equal. They're different. So this is already a very hard reading exercise which strains of Children's ability to precisely observed which corresponds to the human tendency of precision, to be exact, precisely exact. Also, this one looks a little bit similar, but not as similar as the ones that you have seen before. Um, some might be fun today, Like this one that looks like a Christmas tree. This needs balance because the all the rods are being positioned on the longest rut. You could also let the rods stay upright. That's also a possibility. This is why I told you were explained to you how to make red roads by yourself. Regulars can stay upright, Lee and, um, this you can use for your designs. No, that's the first possibility. You pre Pierre designs Design cards. Pattern carts would correspond with the ability off your Children. Um, and they followed those carts. If you are working with all the Children, not a possibility. My peon could be even a project that the Children make a design. They come up with a design that imagine a patter on. Then the Children take the picture off the design. They do another design to take the picture of the design. Very often, I've been asked, What if the Children never got work with Montessori materials before in their lives. And they left those experience important experiences, which they should have made when they were young. Well, if you are inventive enough to come up with projects which Children can could do even at school age, working with very simple materials like the Red Ron's, the Pink Tower or the Bronx stirs could be very, very exciting. Um, if they're not yet so big that you would want them to take their own pictures for whatever reasons, you might tell them today to design something and that you will take the picture on. This is also like showing appreciation for what the kids are doing for the ideas with which they're coming up. They do the design, they call you, you appreciate, make a photo. And if there are 23 designs, you print out the photos to laminate them. Like what I've done with these ones, and you allow them to do it again, another than you tell them that that was your design. Can you make the same thing again? So this is like a combination. You working together, the Children are being the design. You take the pictures you print the money laminating This is how you appreciate their imagination. But next thing they should be able to repeat, there will be a challenge to repeat what they have done earlier. Um, if you wanted for cards, if you want the design for carts, um, don't just take the picture off the off the pattern. But if you want to use it for the powerful portfolio off the file of the kids off course, take the kids photo together with, um with the design pattern. But that would not be what will help them to follow a design and really make this how to make his cards for the Children. It's very easy. You you come up with a design, lay it out on the floor. In essence, it is is a white background. If I would be doing this today and just place them on the white, a plastic tablecloth because red on white is easily seen laid out, take a picture. That's it. I believe that's the easiest way to do it. And then if you have bigger Children, all the Children, I would make the cart smaller. What have that today? Those accords I would be using for Children in kindergarten age. Fine. If I've sculpture and I would make the cuts much, much smaller, like a postcard, size would be enough, and they should be following it. Um, you might you use them in the 1st 1st 2nd and third gray aunt. Have small cards, have the red dots there on the Children can experience meant with it. They would see that they are doing like relaxation, and it's a break for them from learning. But they're just strengthening their abilities to see the order off things in space up, down, left right on top off under seeing it following a design, constructing something which is important for architecture, for art, but also for mathematics. So it's helping them strengthen ings things, which they should have acquired earlier. But to make it in the way presented in a way that is good for school could be helping school Children, especially if they have never worked with Montessori materials. You want to, uh, then to, ah, be talked according to the months or method you bring in those materials but have more interesting things to do with them, so the Children will continue to be challenged. Let me show you that the cards one by one So some they are so samina and some very different and just toe figure out what this up and what this down for Children is already a very big challenge. Those are the ones that have disliked like the Francis, they're already very challenging to follow, complicated to build. That's a fun one to dio as the rods air so big you could ever build it and let the Children walk inside that snail. The size is big enough for a child toe walk inside. This is challenging to build for the balance tohave the ballots. It looks like it's now that's not the snail. You always take the longest. The second longest. That's that's the short test and the second shortest. So you always compare for this, um, design. You compere the longest, the next shortest, the next shortest and an extra you always compared to buy two on That's makes up this design. This follows the same principle, but to place them position those l shape corners so that it will really looked like on the card. That's quite a challenge. This is the knees and won a very famous design with a rag rots, which has done all of the world, which also compares always the two closest um, length, like you have the shortest one, the second shortest like that. And again, always the difference from here to here, this one one, this emitter. It's the shortest one that always is in between, and he also the shortest one can fit in between. We have also control of era, like in the laying it and the regular way. 2 May. That's beautiful. I like it, really, although that's quite some put to make, but it just looks good. That was what we have seen off course. Let me show you. This is how you would always lay the red rocks for the beginning, from the longest to the shortest. But this is just taken from another angle, the same design, but taken from another angle. Jonah might be confused by that, and that's what Majerten used to like building a type off pyramid from it. This can lay down on the floor from the longest to the shortest in always place in the center, but you can also let it stand up, so it will be like a wall and really like a standing pyramid on that. You love to do that because it becomes quite a big thing. So maybe using the red rods and making pattern carts is an extension that we keep the same material interesting for a long time. 14. Brown Stairs and Pink Tower, Possibilities for Extensions: the pig tower and the brown stairs can be combined in many, many ways as the dark brown of the brown stairs and the pink off the pink. Power fits together so well on that has prepared for you cards that show how these can be combined. There are so many ways, so again, like the pattern off only the red roads alone. You couldn't make pattern courts combined either with the brown stairs alone or piqued our alot. But you can combine these two materials again. You can prepare the cards for the keys that can take out the card and follow the pattern. Are you challenged them to make the Pachter on you? Take the pictures for, um, bring them out and eliminate them. Or, if they're bigger, you let them make a project. How many designs can you make from only using the pain tower and the bronze? There's and nothing else. How many different designs can you really come up with? Try to make it like a challenge, and they themselves take the pictures off each path in which they have may at the end of my want to bring them out and come. How many they have found. And if they're really the friend and how different they are, maybe even appreciating, which is the most beautiful one. So let me show you ask the Peter and the brown stairs really fit in size. It's so nice to combine always the fitting prism and the Fitting Cube. That's the prism of keep that have the same diameter to just be combined. And in this case, the prism of the brand. Stairs was positioned upright, not lying there but in an upright position, which is a wonderful way to have it. Yeah, that it's been taken the picture from our from again, the fitting prison on the fitting cute have bean put by the side of each other, and it's like a just four. But so the chest, for because there were prisons and Kim's combined, this is like the design we have seen from the Red Rudd's. The prison, the biggest prison at the second biggest prison, always compliant, added on. It looks like this you can match them on. There is not nothing between, but this is looks like one wreck sambal, and I think it looks great. And it makes clear how how feeding they are that they're really like a unity. The brown of the pink becomes immunity because cubes and prisons are closely related geometric solids. Here you have like a wall with a declarative design. And of course, this pictures from up. So the prism are lying on the cubes air standing between the prison. So this is what we have seen already. We have seen the shape. There is something else here. This looks also very interesting. This is what ISS than most often to show that the friends between the brown stairs, the brown stairs appreciated from above look from an a bird's eye view. They looked like a wrecked ember, whereas the pink towel and no matter from which Anglo you take the picture. It always remains a tower. Whether you let it lie down or stand up, it remains always a tower. Those are standing by its side, so you can see there are many, many ways to combine the pink. The pink tower on the brown steps not even can combine big power and brown stairs in one like what material Let them have their extensions of Children. Children either come up with the designs or follow. I design a path and that you have given them in the same way. If the master pink, tar and brown stairs together, they could combine the three, the the regulates, the brown um stairs on the pinks tower on. Then it becomes more challenging. And again the same method applies. If you can prepare designs, which they have to follow, or you let them come up with designs, which your document by taking pictures. Um, it is not a must that pictures must be there always, whether they come up with designs for the rank roads alone or become a with designs for the pink tower alone. Order the comma with buildings where the brands there's a little which is also possible. Um, in any case, they are dealing what the material and dealing would treat a mention material, which at the same time is heavy. It has a nice patch because it's made from wood, it's carefully sanded. It's carefully varnished this, giving them the feeling, feeling the heaviness, feeling the edges. Um, it's making them to learn what's supposed to liver compere that mentions even if they think they are building something, they're still dealing with the possibilities and impossibilities off these that mentioned material. So if the start dealing with it her face, the only thing you must be careful at the end. If they have used only one like red rods brown stares, a pink power already have used to. They could use pink tower and red ones together or any combination they have chosen. They have to rearrange the red rods or the pink tower. The bronze there's in the area in the arrangement that you have given them in the shelf. Most of the time, the branch stirs will lie on the shelf. The shops are selling stands for the red roads. I personally have not used them. I've always puts the rig rocks also lying down on the shelf. I believe it's a very safe way of storing the red roads. They can't stumble the come fall, and they're like treated equally with the other materials. Also on the show and the pink tower I personally love. It's to lie down on one shelf because, like that, the Children have easy toe. Rearrange it after they have finished what their activities with it, and even when Children a running or you're doing an activity which involves a lot of movement. Our child's excited. The Pinker will never fall on. The small parts wouldn't get lost easily. Make sure have a a night on the very small parts of those sensory materials, like the smaller keeps of the pink tower does before you have you have lunch. Just have a nice instinct. There is a complete, if not let the Children look for it. Let them get used to putting everything back. And sometimes Children would be arranging the pink power nicely in the show, but without thinking they might put those small chips in the packet and they forget about it. But if you ask them, please look for it. The two smaller keeps are the smallest group is missing. They will start looking for it and finding wherever they have put it, they might not want. They will not steal purposely, but model thinking they're putting in the pocket. Children have fascinated with small up Texas is where they put small objects in the packet not being aware of it, so make sure that you teach them responsibility for those materials, and if you have a if you include those projects, you can use the simple, simple materials for a long time and your classroom 15. Colored Cylinders, many Possibilities for Extensions: I want to tell you how I little bit about how many possibilities there are to extend the work with the colored novelist cylinders on. You can start doing the extensions for the color, not Mr Lenders. Um, right from kindergarten age when you kill when you to an arm, have just finished working with it. Or maybe they're starting to work with. You feel that they need an extra motivation to work with the color, not miss cylinders. So there is a number of ways to extend the work with it. All those extensions serve at the same time as pre reading exercises, because the Children need to look really, exactly, really precisely at the materials as that's the yeah, at the materials and at what they're doing. They need to appreciate size and shape and position, and that is what needs to be appreciated when reading. You need to appreciate size. That's the size off the letter. Some are longer and some are shorter, summer wider, and some are more Nero, the position like P and the look exactly the same. But the position as the fret. The direction is the friend, and this is what the Children are practicing with those extensions off this insurgent material, or that it's part of what they're practicing. Rather. So let me show you, show you first of all, the easiest extension office in sorrel. Off those are not less cylinders those up cards on. They are big because they're exactly the size off the lenders. When you prepare this cards, be careful when printing out so that you would create exactly the size off the cylinders. Not smaller, not bigger. What the Children are doing with these cards is very easy. This is why we can do it from a very early age as soon as they're ready to work with one box and one card. And you could them prepared in such a way you place the cards, which belonged toe one box. I trade 23 or four cards. I only prepared some samples. There are many, many more possibilities, so the one box let's say this is the green box in the box with the green cover. The bucks with the green cover is on the same tree with those cards that Children take the tray with one box and with a cart that puts that cards on the table and better position the not lessen lenders. Exactly. Are that right? And fitting dots now for the green. Ah, so letters there are not two equal ones with the same diameter is it's easy to position. But as we've seen before, the cylinder is only five million meters sick, whereas this one is 5 70 meters. Stay. Think you have a sample from the blues lenders on? Uh, it's interesting because losing interstate are all equal in diameter. But as the Children are positioning that the cylinders, they can position any cylinder anywhere because those this is just telling us that they act so if they have the lowest, are the highest here. So they have a choice here. So this is very easy to do. And then we have here Yes, and this would talk the front diameters. But that sickest is at the same time the highest and not a design with degrees and dinners the greedy lenders again, I find this quite interesting and quite them exactly two Dio This looks really beautiful. I like it elected learning a lot. Also, this looks like a flower. Those on the red lenders I believe all general like to do this beautiful design. As I have said, this is just an example. This is just a few examples you could so many, many more designs. The way you do it, position you cylinders on a four paper. That's the easiest way to do it. You let yourself lenders be on a four paper and take a photo from a bus the other way. You might want to do it. You could take this. A lender's put it arm and a four paper circled with a pencil. Call a pencil in the color of her cylinders on, then paint them. Was it possible? Or you could, um, drop the call? You could, um so called the cylinders used, like yellow paper. Make all the yellow cylinders and cuts them and pass them on white paper. That's also possible. Yeah, either way works if you are very good with computer so that you can make the exact diameter size and circle off them after Solyndra, so measure it out. This is also possible. That's also a way very legend. The Judi McQuay Um, anything today my students have been he's always by either tracing them on the color colored paper. The paper they wanted to make sure shakes with happy about and paste it. That's very precise or positioning unless lenders on the A four paper and then printing it out on a for that also works very well. And it's very easy to get. The next one I've prepared for you is very different, and it becomes now much harder but also much more interesting. I will have. I have a large number of cards. This is not everything you could do for your Children or your Children could do. It's a small selection. The's lenders is not lessen lenders. They are so wonderful because when you use them toe build what have in your building with them and always comes out beautiful. And if you let your Children do the designs, you will see how the fantasy has no end. So you have here the cards. These are just a Solenne Driss, um, in gradation as they are, and it's interesting. How did look like from tall too small equals equals equals, but still the thickness that amateurs being seat from tall, too small, degrading, also in diameter, and from tall, too low and increasing in diameter. That's when you have only one by one. And if you are giving the Children these cards, they should there will just be grating it. Now it becomes more interesting as you combine two colors again. If you prepare the patterns for your Children, you might want to put the two packs is that they should use on one train together with the cars that half a design which they can make using these two boxes after the Children have been a number of designs, you contain instead to come up with their only sign off. 12 are straight axes. So we have here putting them on top off it started. This is really putting the yellow on top off the rent are putting the red on top off the yellow or some yellow down some red down some red, up some yellow up. Now we have red and green putting the green on top off the red. And like this, the Children will find out which cylinders have an equal dynamic too. So this exchange teaching them are concerning diameter and appreciating the size off things which will help them a great later in life here, uh, contrast in diameters are being used toe as a put on top of each other. So we have the smallest, the sill nist, actually the sickness green cylinder on top of the wildest, sickest read cylinder. So now we have opposites. You have a combination of blue and grim, and when it looks like an equal design, it can never look equal because of the amateurs are not the same. We have them in front, off each other, on top and in front of each other. Can you see on top on in front of each other? This is quite a complicated one, untucked in front. Off here we have in front off unanswered suddenly changes. The yellow are in front and the blue are at the back on top, off in front, off yellow arm in front and you are in front. And that's really something very hard for small Children to do. Untucked up combination off green and yellow in front, off combination of green and yellow on top, off contrasting opposites. Opposite cylinders on top. Off he will have blue and red on top us, but also contrasting this one. These are fitting. These are contrasting. Yeah, This is also contrasting that very low and very long in front off. This is only in front off, and the Children need to experiment to find out that this is not on top off but in front, off in front, off behind sun blue cylinders are in front. Some floozy lenders are at the back, so there are a lot of possibilities. And Children this even though there are only two colors combined. This is really challenging for Children. Now we have designed and again it's only a small selection of what could be done. I've been doing so many different different things in my life. I'm giving you a small selection, so we have three colors combined, like a wall. I nothing. This looks nice, another wall, but this time the wall is completely even in size. But this is just a collection off pillars, and this is the hardest designed to do. Actually, now it because more challenging, because whatever it shouldn't have been practicing with the others. Cards to only two backs is combined or all the three boxes combined. They need thes skills, not in order to make the patterns that I've prepared here because in thes cards we have in front, off on top off under contrasting combined that's really challenging in front, off on top, off combined. And this is a combination off on top, off fitting, on contrast, ing in front and behind and on top, off in front, behind on top, off contrasting and almost nothing fitting, a little bit fitting. So you see that there are so many possibilities to use these colors, not less cylinders, those four boxes of real miracle boxes. And even though they are a typical what we call Children's house material, that means that a material design for Children 3 to 6 years old, there's no harm a tall to using them in a school, especially if you let the Children experiment with them. If you let the Children document what they're doing in pictures, and if you let them try to follow their pictures afterwards, you could also use it for language like in front, off on top, off on under, on under, behind in front of so learning positions, expressing positions, giving instructions for positions but really, really, really that's a side top. Big positioning being able to position, being able to follow a design, being able to come up with a design, beholding them freely and trying again toe build What fits what doesn't fit. How can you stand? How come to this then and just enjoying the colors and the building process is what will teach them. Ah, lot of mathematics without you teaching any mathematics authorities just preparing the mind and what has been in the hands, we'll stay in brain forever. 16. NEW! Sound Cylinders: What you can see here are the South lenders. They are another censoring material to teach the Children to distinguish and match the front types off sounds we have again red and blue, which is a signal for the kids that they have toe match matching is the purpose off what they're going to do. And it's opening the boxes that will, really once they have to match, I open. It puts the cover neatly under a box on the Children. See that this box is filled with Silin. This which have read tops, opened this box, put the cover neatly and beneath the box. So I don't have, um covers which a lying around. And also this has, um, a blue cover. They are Goodell cylinders. I wouldn't say lenders. And each Celinda makes a sound. The sounds are not loud. Some are very soft and they are different. So let's take them out. No, this is different this month. It's not exactly the same. This is very different. It's nice of the cello and hold the cylinders to the ear. No, this is different, you know. Oh, Dale of sand. I'm having one peer now the next. That's different? No, just saying so. I'm having to piers, which I put down. Okay. No, this is different. This could be dissing. You have to sing. I'm having now three piers, which I line up like this notice. Um, therefore, piers now they are the same. I matched them. Now you might ask if there are only two pieces left. It's clear that they are the ones that belong to each other, but this serves as a control of arrow. The Kills, huh? Will listen to this and listen to this. If it doesn't sound sane, they know that some were in what they have done. There is a mistake. But if they hear that this last ones are equal, they know that they have done all of them correctly. So it's important to do it until the last. Because I might always be an error. And now I'll put the cylinders back into their maxus and close the box. Close the box so it will be ready for my friends like this. It will go back to the shelf. And as it is blue and red, that's a sign for the kids that this is a matching exercise. Now you can make these boxes yourself, you can reduce the piers and just use three pairs to start with three place, which are very different, which looked at which not looks different, which sound very different, so they are very easy for the kids to distinguish. You could make more peers so that it becomes more difficult to find the matching one, and they will need more time and more concentration to find the matching pairs off course. You can make those cylinders yourself. I will have a separate video to show you how to make the cylinders yourself. And I very much like self mental in this because when I'm doing that myself, I can I have the full control, how hard, or how easy I wanted to be. Make sure that in the beginning, the first set of cylinders he will give to the kids is a set which is very easy to distinguish. So the judge would just learn the game, the rules, how to do it. And then I include more different, difficult peers, which means the sound off the piers becomes harder to distinguish. This is an important exercise. You might not have heard that It has a lot to do with music and with language. But both music and language have a lot to do with being able to distinguish sounds. When it comes to language, sounds are syllables or sounds off letters. How to sound sounds are also tone. Some languages have tones, and, uh, sounds are also accents. Different accents. House things are pronounced. This is when it comes to language. But coming to music. Children who can't practice very easy exercises like this, distinguishing different sounds. How do we expect them to distinguish different musical instruments who which make different sounds or distinguish different melodies? And that's also a different sound, especially instrument or levels off. How high is the pitch or how low is the pitch? Children who have a good musical ear are always Children will have been trained to have a good ear, so hearing depends as the hearing abilities off a child depend 100% on the training. This is a very simple exercise, but you cannot underestimate it. Um, how much can be distinguished? How well can be distinguished depends on the training, and this is why we have a lot of people they don't hear that they pull, not mispronounce things because it just don't hear the difference in sounds. UH, they don't. They're not able to distinguish the music instruments because they have not been trained to do it. So being able to hear is training 100%. And if you want our Children to be able to hear very well, we have to training. If we estimate the gift off hearing the ability off hearing, then we have to invest time and effort to train the hearing off the Children. Because what is the gift of here if it's not being developed in a way that it can be developed, so the highest off its abilities on this is our responsibility as educators. 17. NEW! How to make your own sound cylinders: how to make your own sound cylinders. Now the original sounds a Linda's are wooden cylinders, and it's a video. Today. I want to show you to make wooden sound cylinders, but as a principle you could use any other containers or any other shape of containers. Um, as long as they are big enough to be filled with, um, beers, sand Moody's or anything. Which makes sound, for example, these multi. But by Temin, Joerres would make perfect sound cylinders only that it's very hard to find at least 10. He called once. But, um, if ever you know families or people who are taking multivitamins and you can get enough of the jars, you could use them. Um, white jars are also sold in pharmacies because pharmacists are making their own medical creams, and you could buy those ones, too. These are also multivitamin jars. There would be also big enough to be filled with notables or buildings or nails, but the same one you need to have at least 10 equal ones. If you find 10 equal ones, you could use them. Glass would also be perfect, but again, 10 equal doors. But this one could also make sounds, cylinders or this type. I wanted our Sansa Linda's to be perfect cylinders, um, long and that man to shift. They are long. The child can hold them. They can hold up like this one in each hand. So if the fine motor skills are not get very perfect, these can be held perfectly. So how to make it? These are, But I mean, um, how do you call it Cylinders and thes ones. You can collect the more easily, and if you can't collect them, you can buy it. And because they are really low cost, you can buy them for a few cents. And for this exercise, Actually, I I bought them because they're 69 cents for peace. What's the white come in? Pills inside? And I've just edited them out to use them. But that means if you get one jar for 69 cents, that means for the 10 that I need. It would be six year old 90 which is very low cost compared to the original price of buying the sound Solyndra's. You could collect them, um, different ones. Just ask among your friends and neighbors who are taking those things very often elderly people are elderly persons are taking calcium appeals and as this Zealanders contained only 20 every three weeks they get one. If you ask for several people, you will be able to collect the only thing unity Pakalitha get equal size like don't get the short ones and long ones. You could use those short ones. They're really nice, but you need 10 equal ones. If you get different brands like those of different brands but their equal in size, you can use them. I wanted to make it very easy for you. And this is why I decided to really make the easiest possible way. I bought a set off 10 five orange five blue and I chose them according to the color off the cover, the same brand. And those were, um, even on sale. So it was less than the 69 cents. So if I'm having like this orange and ah blue could be red and blue, two different colors, but I just thought or in him blue would be perfect. I don't need to paint the cover if you happen to have Joerres off equal by human, equal length, but different colors you can paint the covers, which is also perfectly possible. Don't just stick something on because the different colors around will distract the Children, paints them. I've done it many times before, painting those covers and it turns out perfect to. It's just a little more work, but for the video wanted it fast and easy for you, so two types and five off each type. I took the things out to have the empty empty and now the first step is I don't want the Children to see this. I don't want the Children to get the feeling that I'm giving them rubbish. I'm giving them waste, even amusing waste actually for the material. I don't want him toe have this feeling, so I will cover the cylinders. Those empty Joerres went, um, apace itself a pacey foil, and this foil is very cheap. You can buy it in most of them. $1 stores cheap source. They come in rolls and has This is originally made toe cover furniture with these roles come in different colors, looking as if they were wood and different types of wood. Um, I personally like light color would, and I thought it was a match better with my other Montessori materials who which are all made from Beachwood. So I chose this light wouldn't color to cover my cylinders. So I have the full role. And this rules are very nice because at the back they have, um, lines. And you can use those lines toe easily cut out straight shapes shapes in the size that you need perfectly cover your cylinders. I've been that already So here are all my, uh, pieces and I'm not I'm not going to cover my chores as a city is itself a taste of so very easy to use as I've already cut it. I just removed the back and then I fix it to order apart. And now the only thing you have to be careful so that you really put it straight. Um, you don't want any bubbles or something? Um, during a time when Maria Montessori waas on this planet, it was cheap toe hard toe. Ask carpenters to make something for you. You see, one is already done. Let's do the next one. No, I wouldn't explain. This is a middle while I have to look toe work removed back here it. Iss treating it out. Put it away now I have not done it in a very good way this time. But you see, I can take it out and start from the beginning again. Even the second time, I didn't do it. Well, it doesn't matter this time off material allows you to correct and it's done, and I've not cut this one very straight. So I will adjust using my peer off scissors. I wanted toe end. Word of cylinder ends 246 I've been six. This is number seven and 2467 I have to do three more. No, I'm having 246 10 cylinders. All the secularists looked like Would they look uniforms and equal? I'm having five blue covers on five orange covers, and now I want to fill them. The big big advantage of making your all sound cylinders is that you can decide how hard or how easy the sound should be distinguishable or how many cylinders you want. I decided to make this a beginner set, so I wanted quite easy. I wanted to be 10 so it's like the decimal system. But a plan to make another set, which is harder and for the Children who mastered a second set. I can then mix the two sets together for this purpose. I meet sets which look completely alike so that I'm able toe mix the sets. That's what I want. So I will take two cylinders. I pushed this a little bit. Have seen that already. Now I wanted to see how I do the feeling I take two cylinders and the first thing I would put in our two thinks okay to I would close them and see How is the sound if I like it? The sound is quite weak. Maybe I want to add more to fix. Therefore inside, maybe I will end three toe each side. I'm counting the sound Is that becoming much stronger? But I want to have one pair with toothpicks because the sound is so particularly want. As I said, he said to be easily distinguishes when having my first peer, now the second pier, I will fill with the rice. Now, if you want to fill your Sansa Linda's with rice and you want two sounds them exactly the same. You need to measure the rest and I will do it with a spoon. One three, for there are four sports off rice and I will try this one to what? Three for our clothes and see how the somebody's. I think it's a nice sound. And if I compare the two things and the rice easy to know the difference. So this is my second pier. You see how fast this is going? No, I want to do my cert here on for my third Pierre. I just let me put to Lodi's into each cylinder. Let me see how this sounds. I think my pepper Let me see if I like that sound. No. Is it different from the Addis? Yes, it's easy to distinguish. So this is my third Pierre. And to start with, when you have younger Children or Children who do this for the first time, it's good to do it in such a way that the Children can distinguish easily. Now I'm having my fourth Pierre, and I'm going to use screens for this one. I have to count them in order to make the sound equal. No, let me see. Is it different from the others that beat the beans and the northern sound a little better like that will be hard for the kids. So what I will do is I will just increase the number of beans. Let me see that will change something and I get I'm counting and put him to into each side . 123456 Increasing. Now who? Uh, thanks and stuff. Let's check it. Let's see. Compare with the north. The south is different, but I wanted more different, so I will increase and a little bit more. Three Great one fell out of will increase three on and three. Let's seek. That's compared with the notice. This is heart. It's compared with the others. That's easy was easy. Let's again listen to the noodles, but it's distinguishable, so I will leave it like this. Now I can change the sound by putting in different materials. Each of these four pairs have different materials. If let's say I didn't have more different materials, I could also change the sound by mixing materials or by increasing the number. Both would be possible. Let's try that out. But before we do that, what I'm a theorist, which you can put in nails pains um, you could cut up straw that makes a very soft sound. You could use stones sand sold, but if a flower makes a very soft sound, um, you could use their friend. Types of new wordless shells make again a difference out. Um, everything that can be shaken and that will not be destroyed start to be stinky or something when it's in. Let's try to make now a different sound but not using different materials. Maybe we can do a mixed sound. Let's put in 200 lists to a bands, one spoon of rice. You're ones full of rice and let's try toe ad to to fix that and let's see that it's now an experiment. Um, it's important that Children don't have to guess what is inside that just have to distinguish and match the sun. That's a really nice long. Children will enjoy that. Let's see if it's different enough from other sons. Yes, yes, let's listen again. Maybe I can add something inside. Maybe let's use a little bit more. Beans actually can be distinguished. I don't want it to be clearer for more bills when Martin Rohde, Let's see, can be distinguished. Yes, it can be hurt. Perfect. That's very perfect. No, as you can see that. Mix them up now, but we'll bring them to center. I'm having, um, five years of sound cylinders. They're mixed up. No, Um, you will ask, What if the child opens those cylinders? There is a very easy solution to that. We do not want our cylinders to open because our the goal the learning go is not for the Children to know what is inside, but to match the the same sounds equals to match a course sounds and to distinguish different sounds. So in order to prevent it from openings, we will glue them. And that's easy. We just need to glue ID, depending on the type off cover you have either on this side or in this side, uh, wreck any regular liquid do hopes. You can see what I'm doing and then I'm closing it. And off course right now. Right now, I could open it up again. It would be possible toe open it. But after this is try, it will not open again. Let's through the other way round with an orange one. I said the other way around. So I could use the glue, put it on the cover all around, and which method is more practical depends on the type off cover that you are dealing with . Parton's only Make It to Be Enough. Make it all around and to see amusing the very cheap regular glue. Close it again as if there was nothing. And now you see why, for this type of cover at the method was better because this has holes and now my hands are all dirty. So really, which one you do depends on your pipe. Off cover. I need to wash my hands. He was up the group. We are pretending that we have looted all off our peers together with all glued them together. Enough. I will show you how toe work with our self made cylinders in the next video. 18. NEW! How to work with the selfmade sound cylinders: This is the set off myself. Made cylinders. They are ready. Toby matched into the box where they belong. Let's see how this is working. I was always take one Blue already. Doesn't matter. I concert with anyone and shake it. Take one of the other colors. They are the same, I found appear at the first time I take again. One blew us. It's not the same. They're not the same. And you go one by one. Uh, yes. The id of saying I found my second pier. Oh, my third Pierre, They're not the same. They are just saying And now for the last Pierre, I have to do it again to make sure if they the last pair of matches I have done all of them correctly. Yes, they are right, and I fee. But this easy set makes it easy for the Children to start with this exercise on I can always make it harder as it's a very low cost and easy to make material. So have fun with yourself. Make sounds. Lenders 19. Color Box 1: this is color box number one. Most of my students do not like that. This color box a tall because it looks so boring. Tow us. It has the three primary colors, two of each kind. Red matches with red, yellow. What yellow and blue? What blue? Most of my students asked me, Why do we need a McCall? And then I asked them how many off their students and the can The garden really know the colors. And finally they admits that many of Mr Their Children in kindergarten do not know many off the colors. Why is that? So what I what? I do not know what I have not learned. That's so easy. I haven't learned engineering, so I don't know about engineering. That's easy and the same for our kids. For colors, that's a more delicate because the chromatic sense, the sense for seeing perceiving, appreciating colors is being developed starting at birth. So this is another very, very easiest and sorry material because they're just three colors. Three colors, three words three piers to match so very fast, very easy for small kids who are maybe not patient to work together with me and I can use it for them to teach them, Um, the names blue, red and yellow, and I can use it for them. Toe. Understand how matching games work to just match you would blue red with red, yellow. What you so working together with them? They may also take it out. Discover what is in that box. Open up the box. That's all those Children and try to do and then matching. So if I work with kids, that's very fast. Those young young Children from two years and that they didn't have a lot of patients and do something that is fast, but it prepares them for all the other color matching games, activities, materials. Um, now you might ask, Why do they have this frames for holding? That is because when Merima to sorry develop this materials, it was like him on accident. Discovery See, actually saw silk thread spools in a store, um, threat that was used for suing. And those schools had a lot of different different shades and colors, so that would perfectly match the class they were being used for. And the the women could buy exactly the color shade they needed, and Maria Montez. I was impressed by the period of the colors and thought you could use it for the kids. And so she butts those schools and Houston directly foraging. So she had not a wooden plate or tablets painted and other that the shape remained. Um, this shape is just the history of the material, how it was developed. So this the shape has no importance that colors are important parts. If you want to make those by yourself, you want to use um, square wooden plates. Perfect. You went to use, um, plain memory cards, which can be bought in some craft stores ordered online. Perfect Those off £5 5 squares. If you want to make seven times seven big squares, which is quite big, it will make a material that will always be used on the floor. And it looks so beautiful because of the color's perfect. So that's just this gift material. Okay, now there's one more thing I could use that these tablets for. I use a three period Listen, I'm asked how work together with a kid. 1,000,000,000 yellow. This is yellow first period. Can you soon yellow? Second period. The charges needs to point the child can't speak or is too shy to speak. And did it? I can do is a game at a distance game. In the second period, I could tell the child, Can you please place this yellow on the shelf where the pink power is on? The child would take the yellow and carry to that other place. Now, as I'm having two of each kind after, I've been introducing the three colors with the first and the second period. And maybe I'm doing that with the child is not very confident speaking. Having to blue to yellow to red, I can ask the child, Can you show me red? And then the child might pick the tooth, our pick and other and have the two are peak, both of them. Now the third period is what is this? And the child needs to answer at least one word, right? Of course I do it yellow 1st 2nd and third painted blue 1st 2nd answer period read 1st 2nd and third period, and then that Children should be able to, um, name all of the three colors, and that's it. Also working by himself, the Charles just matching yellow to yellow, blue to blue, Redstone to read. Working with me, I teach him how to match. You look exactly yes or doing the three period lesson for naming colors unless it there's not more to it. It's not less to it, but that's a start you ever have. The feeling in child cannot do it. That is for all the column materials. But starting with the easiest one, the child might be color blind. When I was young, I thought that was something that existed maybe one in a 1,000,000. I wasn't awarded drill existed in everyday people. We live around me, and it's very important to detect it because of a child is color blind and we're not detecting. That's the feet deficit we will keep on frustrating the child. Cal, A blind child, cannot learn how to see colors. No way, just as a child was born deaf cannot be taught to detect sound No way. So we need to be aware of the abilities of the child or the child's not being frustrated. Now when the turn, the very young and we are able to find out about those deficits, the battered earlier we find out the better because we can help the Children, um, to develop into self confident Children who are aware about what they can and what they can . So they will not be frustrated later like that. My difference. And I can't see colors and color blind on something special, which is a good one to do. And this is not a one why we need those my Children, who are not trained to see colors that will never see them very well. They will see more or less, but not really exactly so. Start early to teach Children about colors. 20. Color Box 2: this the color box, too, or the mix color box. But the color books to is a more precise word because not all colors are mixed. Like blue is a primary color, red and yellow. A primary cover cells inside. So they're not all mixed colors there, so color box do is just the second and the arrival of teaching colors to Children. It works exactly like color box one match to equal colors like purple two Purple Ping to be , I think, to think what was important when preparing a color box like this by yourselves. Make sure that, uh, the color said he used all have precise names like This is orange read green. You know white. Yeah, brown, gray and black. The Children can just match them, so match bite himself equal to equal. They have learned it in the color box one, so they will do it automatically for the color books, too. If they haven't learned it from color books one. Teach it to them now matching game match equal with equal. The second thing you can do with them if teaching them the colors names off the colors using the three period lesson that we have learned earlier all the colors which appear in the color books to can be used for the shades off colors in the color box three in Calabar Street, there's no more matching. There is grading, and all these colors should appear in the color books. Three. That's very easy. One more and last word. If ever you want to make this into a memory game, you can make the color this bucks Kyla books, too, by yourself, printed out on squares like in every memory gay. But only one side will have the color. The other side would be playing so the Children get open and compare. And remember, Werder colors have bean, so this can be used if you make it by yourself also for a memory game, which is fun to play because the Children will be remembering the colors and there will be trying toe focus on colors. So very easy. Very fast, very simple, but beautiful because of that beauty of these colors, 21. Color Shades Box: This is a mother bucks, which is teaching us shades of curse on what the Children have to do is take this little people and put them on the right spot. We're that state that there see that the sea is being represented. This corresponds a little bit of what? The color So close. But I should that I've shown you we match shakes off colors. The difference is that here we don't have him to struggle with using pigs on the match. Pets will be able to manipulate but picks. That makes this a little bit easier. It's three dimensional. It's like a gay that makes it attractive. This wooden people are equipped. Ah, nice to handle. I think I have been a mistake here. Yes, that's the right one. So you see when that's fine one and it doesn't find space. I have to check again and find out which one to use. Not it doesn't look right. Some changing them still doesn't look right. You see? Step by step. I will find the rights met. No, that's my life. Free my doctor, please. Here. I don't have yet. Um, all colors don't have precise names like the whole orange. They don't have all precise names by himself for themselves. You have four shades off each cannon which is being represented here. Yeah, and that's it. This is also okay. The why it is here. It can be easily done by yourself. Because this very people can be bought from plane. Would there not very expensive? You couldn't use boards. Wooden boards for that. Just cut out. Can you see me? I was one yet come up. But this could also be made from cardboard. And the wooden people would you buy? Place them on top of it, What comes with it? But I do not like it so much. Um, when I park it in the wooden box with which I bought it were these wooden bars and the people should be put place in the Boris. I don't like to use it like that, and I will not show it to kids like that because placing the people of the bars makes it so far from the color. And I can show this to you. What? I mean by what I said, let's use green as an example when a place that this very people and to the green. Um, that's how they they were imagining it. But it makes the green so far from the green, and it's not easy to really match them and compare them when they're so far. So I would leave that out. But if you like the idea off the whole what we have done before we were cutting out, would it bars like this and then we through the holes like verse in tow it to the bars and then painted it like that paints. It's the little people like that, and then they could fit in perfectly on then. That's perfect game because, like this, they are so stable inside. It's very good for small Children is it to make, unless it can see, this has so many beautiful colors and the cars make it so attractive. It's not hard like them, like the shades shapes tablets. It's teaching the Children to gray, and that is one step before the color box number three and actually because of the wood and and it's so nice to touch it. So nice to look at. I really like this material are 22. Color Shades Cirlces: these are color shades circles. Some of you might know them already. They are a combination off color books three, which has seven shades for each color. The's because the one I'm holding in my hand has, as it can come from the model from which I may be a shades. So this hat this circle has more shades than the color box three. But it's not about grading. It's about matching because the packs have the same color shape. Sender. Um, segments of the so called So It is I made decided to make eight Cygnus, one more than in the color box three. But to make that match them, which is actually a work with just stand in the color box, too. So they are like a combination work. You can make it with any color that you like to do it, and I can assure you Children love to do this work, and it really develop there from their sense of seeing colors very, very well, chromatic sense, this is called This is developing the dramatic sense very well chilled student long picks. So let me just very fast show you have done one in the French shades off Irish Together we are seeing different shades of blue. You have seen that already. And that was a prepared a purple one. The white to do it is very easy. Um, prepared. So the circle with the shades of colors printed out twice The 1st 1 if you use a very thin paper like I've used kiss a six paper for the back. So it will the band when Children hold it like this, Children bend. Um so I'm placing a sick paper at the back off the simple stick them together, cut them out the second so called cut out small pieces that fit on the pets. Laminate all of it, uh, and stick the little pieces on the packs with double sided. Sell a tyke. Events it. It's very fast, very easy. And a work that Children love to do. Why I'm having for colors because the Children enjoy it. So much So weep. Were preparing four so calls for and they just love to do that 23. Color Box 3 Introduction: What you can see here on the table is the so called color box three. That's 1/3 color box. It consists off nine different colors on each color comes in seven the friend shades. Now, actually, there is no real reason why it should be nine colors. It could also be 10 11 or 12 different colors if you happen to be able to make at least seven different shades off each color. What is important that if you arrange those shades back into the box, but if they are always in order, as you can see my bucks ISS you have the lightest toe, the darkest shape for each of those colors you will see right away. This is the box, but from a month to service store. But I'm using this for teaching purposes to show how they normally look when they come from the store. I will never use them for kids unless I do my own painting of them. You will see in a minute, but the shades of colors are not really correct the way they should be on. I can best illustrate this when using color rent, push a little so that you can see color rain the way it comes in this color box. This is from the like, this toe, the darkest but being trading, packing and mixing of colors myself. I know that these colors, they do not fit to each other because when you use a red star red like best purple are this are any other ribs. As soon as you want to make the red lighter, you mix white in, and as soon as you start mixing white into a red, color it because pink it does not become shiny orange as this one. This, um, color tablets. It's not a shape off this one. They are two different colors. They do not belong to the same family. Making colors lighter is by putting by adding white to the pain. So you use an original paint and you add color white always a little bit a little bit a little bit on like this, you make the shades lighter. So this wreck, if I want to work with Children, I've never used because these three here three families, they're not one family, the blue. On the other hand, if you conducted it like this, the blue is perfect. You have the dark blue, which is original blue with black inside to make it dark like this, a little bit lighter. I assume that this is the original blue on by adding more and more white paint into the blue, you get the shades. Yeah, I've done a lot of experiments with colors on. Actually, you could get much lighter when this baby blue. But these flu shakes they are perfect. They could be used. What silly grin. Don't use this one. They are completely wrong, even though they're from the shop. Now, if you don't get the color gray, I they are for right, because when you have black and you add more and more wife, get what in the end. But the getting from black to grey I would actually end with a light gray. That's what I would do. But this can be easily sorted. As you concede. My hand can be easily sorted, and it's also correct. Always more white has been added, so this also works perfectly for Children. This doesn't that's if you want to start with sortie on Friday from the lightest from the darkest color Doesn't matter. Your concert from either side. I decided to start from the lightest, so the darkest. But either why would be correct? Let's put the Rex to the side. It's not something you confuse with Children. It's full of errors. So what I'm teaching you here is basically the color box. Three. It's wonderful. I love it and all to 11 am in school to love it, although it's a material which belongs to the trade to six years here area, which is the Children's house, not the school. But that's a scorcher love that because so many people they could do a lot with it. But when you want to buy a material, you must be really careful to find the correct one. Now, if we look pink, this is a totally, um, color combination we couldn't see from here. That's correct. Page like like tonight, and I turned it very light. But actually this would be starting from this right. This rent clearly belongs to this family, so being also is not correct. You could maybe makes the pink with the wreck, and then it will come out perfectly as it should be. I could use it like verse. No, my wife sitting in this box the way they have bought it aside, the way I've bought it's not correct that purple is correct. If you conduct that from my hand, Papa again is beautiful and right. Yeah. These are really the shades of purple. A model carried them anymore Very well. So let me put we said we with white insides white to cut our right. You will end up with Pete and more white acts. The light of the peak will be the end Life Bread will never be become orange. It's not that doesn't work like this. Okay, inside and have a look. You concede purple that me and I laid down for you so that you can appreciate it. You see that? It looks really beautiful. What else do we have? We have color brown, you concede from here If you have a beautiful dark brown like this one and you add more and more whites toe end up with a very light beige. So this is also very much correct the way it will really be when you want to make sick myself. No, I'm talking about correct and incorrect of colors. This is a great activity. for school kids off any age on the white was the any age it depends on. If the Children have, um, that it before are not. Normally. This is something you could do with primary school Children. That's 6 to 10 years old, so we could do it with those Children easily. But if if they have never done that mixing colors, um, even secondary school kids or Children in the Academy High School put into 16 according to 80 it will still be interesting to see how the colors are being mixed together have Actually, then there's a lot of time with my months or students let him toe the color tablets. But hating them, uh, themselves, which becomes the perfect and the best power tablets, is always the self made ones painted by himself. Let me show you great. This green shades of green are also perfect. Dark green is always like all if green, as we call it very often, and then it becomes like a minute green. Very light one. When you add a lot of white into the paint, the orange is not very beautiful, but it's more or less correct that orange is actually brown and it could even a darker brown, then that on like oranges. Actually, beach, this is a little bit to yellowish. As you can see, it's too yellowish considering that it should come from this. You know, arm, sir. From this light orange, if you add more, why into it it becomes very like speech. This speech is a little bit to yellows, but it could be used. I can understand from where it comes. What I do not know why this me on orange, where it comes from, ever this one. Why all of a sudden it becomes small, shiny. It should stay the same quality off pink, if ever you wanted to paint their own color tablets on this, the basic colors white on and black. That's all you need. So if you want to do nine colors, you need nine basic colors. White on black. Um, actually, you could do all the curlers by using just red, yellow, blue, white and likely could you all the color shapes If you really learn how to mix colors very well, this would turn out absolutely perfected the last one in reality when you wanted to the color tablets by yourself. This is the hardest one to do. Yellow. They have again cheated and mix different qualities of yellow in order to make what they think are shades. But those are different types of of yellow. They're not shades. Um, if I was a kid on Guy had been trained to see colors by my parents. I will not be able to do that. I will just start discussing with my teacher that those are different types off yellow. They are not shades that we should be very careful and always consider. Also, the highly gifted Children and the Children have gotten a lot of education and training from home. So basis how my shakes off colors, my pal. A Box three, as it's called in English looks like but from the store, but not perfect at all. And as I said, I cannot emphasize it enough like this. I will never use thumb for working with Children off any age. What a three year old or 10 year old? I will not use it because it's just full of mistakes and give them the material surface full of mistakes. There's no way that you can have any control of error for the Children 24. Color Box 3 Sun: now, from the color bucks through three, you could make a lot of beautiful designs, and I want to show you first of all, have to make son. Now, if you want it to appear that sun rays, it's important that is third from the dark colors. So the media, the center will be the door. The darkest change and outside will be the light to shade, and that it looks and it is appears as a sun rays. And the sequence in which I'm amusing the colors as work to use black or whether to use pink doesn't matter. I can do it a parting toe, my personal taste, or according to the taste of the Children. I should make sure that in the Middle East, something like a circle. If you want to talk to Children at first, it's I've never done it before. You can maybe place the picture of the sun and the center, so I'm doing great here. Concede very well. Oh, like this. So who all colors all over until the nine shades of colors are building a simple with, uh, nine sun rays, you will. You will observe the human tendency off exactness as your Children are doing that, they won't want the colors to be positioned precisely. They will, once the schools with the color shades tope represented, be position in precise lines. And you should always allow and encourage Children to work because I sleep as they feel they should work. You can hear this material is also made from beach. What no himself. Having yellow left over. I need to make space for yellow again. The Children will work exactly trying to make it look, even drank. Make it look perfect. And this is a typical material, which is for the 3 to 6 year old classroom or a stand. That's what it's designed for. But if General has never been working with it, or if they have the chance to work with younger Children today, the old working with never I really this this yellow doesn't fit. It's not Turks to light. It's actually different types of yellow. But hmm, this is how the sun might look like. Well, this is about making a son were the color box number three 25. Color Box 3 spiral: now I won't try to make one of the most famous his eyes which are being made with a colored box three. And this is like a snail shape. Let me tick. How big a snail shape I can fit on my table. Used to be This is made on a mad or on the floor. Actually, you need quite a big Mac if you want it to be done on the floor. See, I've already this needs a lot of just seeing over and over again to really make this snail shape come out Beautiful Look beautiful. I've had students do this nail shape and tested and look neat And that's the same The same strew for kids. They need to adjust entry. Find out how to do this nicely. This is something to a three Children and work together very well. They will help each other. They will give each other's hits. You couldn't see? I keep suggesting if you have all the Children yuk unjust tensor drive to build a snail shape or trying to build a spiral on, then see if they can. Great. Now, Monsieur Card to continue with, I didn't know what I should be what I find. It does not look nice if you're not following the shades. So if you mix up the colors as you do them this spiral shape and you don't follow which colors as in the sequence of the shades, I personally find that it does not look nice. I had a steel is who I asked to do the snail shape, and they kept discussing and trying to make it fit perfectly. But the perfect if one color after the other. There is no other way to do it because each follow start together, back to light as you can see this already. And you know what, and I keep adjusting again. You see, that's not something that you've been the inside and it will be perfect. You keep adjusting, you keep protesting, actually, until you are done with it. And, of course, the money never you place. The smaller Yusup was actually the heart ID's, the smaller so called the harder it is to adjust them and to make the this name designated or spiral shape fit on, As you can see for this shape, I've decided to do night guard and for each color I'm using legs dark. So I always I end up having one very light color and Winberg dark cover shape to be by the side of each other. I want my spiral to get bigger. I wanted to be nicely around. That's not so easy, even for me. I keep adjusting as you can see, and I try to see that it looks nice. Well, think of the purple Blue is a good fit, and you could start with black in the middle. I just decided to start with Yella because it's a nice and shiny color, but decided to start with black being the first going dark to light. I mean, look, send a friend. As I said before, I have stats. Students tried to have the dark colors in the middle. It and then, um, life colors outside, in this case would mix all the colors. No yellow. It's really dark to be in the middle, so there's like a little bit of hand kept there. Access Captain Me, Zia. The more you get outside the inside of Mejlis the harvest to get, I see to get the great station fine again. This one's they look almost because they're not equal. When I really look at them closely but quite equal, they look after black Thing is green. Personally, I like the combination of green and black. You see my spiral. Want to go once to go inside? It's not a perfect circle GTO going outside more outside for this. In this case, my last color is so I'm fitting the base to the dark green, which I think is a nice fit if you even if Houston clothing furniture would be nice. Oh, made a mistake here. I've seen now that that made more oval shape. I don't really a super cool, but still, it's a spiral if you can look at it. This is my spiral made from the Color Bucks three, which are the shades off color. 26. Color Box 3 Building: Many Children like to use the color tablets to feel something when you can hear structure of three tablets, one on top of each other. But then as not being made to really being billed, those structures easily fall down like here, where AH house has been built and it fell down. But what many Children like to do is they like to build fences out of the color tab. Let's for a zoo. You can see the lion in his cage. Some things. They also like to do it for the farm animals or forced to animals. If ever the Children used the color tablets instead of building a snail building, a circle, a circus or a zoo or a farm just allowed him. Whatever they do, they can see the characteristic of the different colors as they're not to equal colors in this color. Box three 27. DIY Making Color Boxes 1 3: different ways off making your own color boxes 123 as mentioned before Maria Montez. Sorry, um, found a silk thread spools in a shop and they came in beautiful colors, different colors. And she bought those spools. What's the silk? A threat on and used them for her first color material. And ever since, the shape has remained the same looking like spools off threat. But that's the history of the material. It was like an accident. Discovery Off Merima, Missouri You might decides to do your color boxes without the those friends because you're not making it from some thread spools. You're making it from paper or from wood. What isn't parking this? Whatever you decide had to do it. Make sure that you can wash them. So when the Children put their fingers on and there the oil of their fingers is on, you can watch them and clean them on. They will remain beautiful. No, but I like to do with my adult students because I want him to understand the material very well. We used to paint it. No painting color box one is easy, Andi, also, what I'm doing when a painted I make it into squares, not in tow rectangles, because that's easier to divide the cardboard, which I used to paint on. It's easier to divided one, making it into squares. I pray for biggest squares because the colors come about nicer and the matter becomes more attractive. I'm using Think cardboard, maybe 200 grand a cardboard. And then this is easy. You need two pent to red to yellow to blue. Make sure that you're finding a very plain blue and the very plain yellow and red you need to of each color. Cut it up laminated. That's it. For color box three, you need a two least 11 piers I don't like, really the number 11 allow, if it was really 10 peers are. If you like more colors, you could also make it into 20 peers off different colors. Um, what is interesting? It's them. It's called the secondary colors, but it contains also the primary colors, so primary colors are blue, yellow and red, and secondary colors are the colors, which made out off these three colors. But the actual um, colored box to has more than secondary colors or some other name is not so right. This is what color box to is maybe a better name. But let me tell you the secondary covers. If you use blue and yellow, you get green. If you get if you mix yellow and ran, you get orange. If you mix blue and rent, you get purple. That's the secondary cause they are, that's it. But actually, from these colors you can mix Ah, lot of other colors, actually, all the colors. If you include white and black, you can paint from these three. You can mix all the colors so there were no I often called is the mixed color tablets of the mixed color bucks, and what we need is as in a second color box color box to you. You match the colors you need to off each color, and you have the primary colors and you have mixed colors. Black, gray, white, brown. Perform pink, orange and green, but you could include any other colors that you like. It important is the names that include for color box to they should have clear names in the language in which you're working. So callus, which don't have really names, shouldn't be included at all because when the Children are doing the color bucks, too, and you're working with them, you might need to name the colors as they work with the kids. And if you're choosing to use colors which don't have names or clear names, which are distinct for just only this color, then it's hard to work with them. And Children are getting confused. That is the front for the color books free in the color books. Three. You have shades of colors on the colors, have names, but they're not so distinct because the brands names, like companies with who produce paying for homes might name them something. But companies which produce color pencils or cry ins that might name it differently. We have back green, but this to a birth green with olive green. But there could be a lighter olive bring to then. Yeah, all of this is gray, uh, so that's dark gray light gray. But this What is that medium grey. It's not too easy to name those colors here. It's about the grating, and it's important that you congratulate all of them now. What I have to do is, and that is really for students for kindergarten kids so Children below six. It's close to impossible to have the patience but endurance to stay with the work until it's really completed. But for school church, and that's a great work to do. Well, Im doing this. I'm painting this on with adult students and paint. I'm dividing a for cardboard, but if you do this with kids, it might be easier toe throw the squares, not reckon Wrecked embers. I like the road with squares, but you could also choose rectum was, as we like, squares just easy to work with on the paper. And not so maybe have not too many on the paper, maybe one color on one paper and then divided so that can go over. The edge is a little bit, but not disturb the colors in between themselves. So you might want tohave maybe, um, eight or nine squares on one a four so that at the end they find out which was the best and which do you really want to use? Then, when you make it with the kids, always great, you have the color you start from. That's the color you want tohave like here. This is black and black is really the easiest color to start with. People don't like black so much. Especially Children don't like black, but it's the easiest to start. So you play, you pay one square a rectum burr. As I said, I like to work with squares. Thank you in block page two or three times over it. So it's completely even then, the black that have been using. Put a little bit off white paint inside and mix it wealth and take your time to mix it well so that you will get a like a gray. It took is still dark, but it should be great. Pay over the grave two or three times. Always wait until the first layer is. Try to get a completely, even great the gray that you have used when this tablet is finished and the last layer looks perfect and only then you mix again a little bit off white and toe into that. Into this gray, you mix a little bit off white inside mix mix mix mix mix for quite some time to get this shade are a similar shape. The light of the color gets, the more latest you might need to make the color really beautiful. And even so, you pay most, probably three times and in between always lets the paint dry. No, the color must cover up the paper. The layers of paint must cover up themselves beautifully. The color has to look even and cover beautiful. So which paints two years. The regular paint, which student using in, um in school, the water colors. They are not fit for it because it's close to impossible to really get a beautiful result with them. When I like to use is acrylic paint that gives a perfectly, even shiny, beautiful result. I'm sure oil paint would be working, but I have never used it. When painting with kid kids, I find it takes far too long toe dry. It's also not. You can't find it in every store you can. It's harder to find and it more expensive to find a finger. Pain is not good because it's too thick. It's like a dough or batter, and that's not fit for getting an even result. And it really doesn't work. I've tried that. What would be working, but you need to work with large quantities is, um, the paint the colors that you mix in tow white paint. When painting your walls from the craft store from the hardware store, those would be working perfectly. They make up the mix with white perfectly, but that's one limitation, and you need to find out whether they are safe for Children you want to work with. That's one and the 2nd 1 You need to start with a very, very tiny quantity because a small bottle makes a big part off white in tow. A colorful thing. So you you need to be very, very sensitive with acrylic part of color. I'll paint that's so much easier. So actually, that's what I have been using for many years, and our continue to use whenever I want to paint them myself. Um, so this takes Patients in might take hours and hours because you need to wait for for it to dry. If you do it with school kids, you could have in a project over several days, where they do only one color a day. Uh, remember, each told me to start their own small recipient for the paint, and that's this Takes long on. The Children need to do something else in between. It's good to use a small glass. Uh, what you can cover. What now, dude, with adults, I'm using plates paper Plato Place, which would throw away after. But for the kids, the pent will drive before the finish up. This so a small glass that you can close. It's much, much easier, but for school kids any age, this is a perfect work to do. Let me show you some more. Do you have here the blue I love to do blue must blue acrylic paint blues Don't buy a light blue by a really intensive blue, and then you can grade it very well as you mix more and more and more and more white in it . Blue also covers beautifully, so that's so easy to do, and they're often were found that just one layer was enough to cover that perfectly. As kids might not be so well in how toe pay, maybe two or three might also be needed. Make sure always let it dry perfectly for force. Also one color I found that matches that I can paint perfectly. I'm just using a very intensive, beautiful purple and then add more and more and more and more white into it until it's almost white. Very, very, very soft. Um, a purple color round works also out perfectly what I found with the brands off acrylic paint that I have been using. I meet more white from its shape to another, then I need for the purple or for the blue. But that depends on the brain and not even the brunt. Only if you buy one this week and another one next week. If it's a different mate, it might again be the friends who don't be discouraged from that. My students have generally asking if they could use the paid um, models, which they confined in hardware stores. Hardware stores have bands like this. Would you comtech with you? Take them home toe talkto the other family members, which paints to buy for a new paint of the living room, the Children's remote or whatever. Many times I've seen them. They're beautiful colors there, shining they are on cardboard that makes the perfect, but most of the time you have Onley Harbor after only four shades, which are really shades as you need at least seven, that's a limitation. Sometimes the those rectangles, they are too small. That's another indication, Um, another limitation could be that they don't have so many different colors because nobody's painting their home in black suited none of shades of black. That's another limitation. So they have the colors, which are in fashion that year, which there no clients will buy. But I don't have add the ones I wasin the hard pressed with the other day. And they have really beautiful big rectangles like this. Lots of colors, lots of shaped, but not enough. Unfortunately, I couldn't find seven shades per color, so I left it there. If ever your hardware store has enough shadows, enough fitting colors, big enough rectangles or squares, you afraid to use them that there's no law that says you can't use them? Just make sure you're big enough. Just make sure that they're really shades of each other, and you can go for it so you can make the color boxes by yourself for your Children to use . You can make the color boxes with your Children that is for school aged Children, and then you can keep them in the classroom for them to use for design for packed earnings for playing for enjoying. So either you make it for the kids. That is, if they're smaller or you make it with your kids. That's if they are already school age. Um, I remember being in high school, we had a lot of art classes because of the type of school I was in, and that would have been a perfect work for us to do 15 years and up about them. That was because of the type of school we were in. If you are, want to do it on the computer, just making the shades of the colors, like what I've done with them circus. That's also perfect. But make sure that they are really shades off each other bills of different shades off purple, but they're not great that they're just different. Where a. C. You need grades off the same color. But if you can do that on the computer, coming up with a perfect fitting grade shades, you're afraid to do it all you need to do then carried out. Make sure you have a hard enough carport to stick it on. Um, card it laminated. Cut it again. Um, if you want to do it perfectly like the original ones print out each page two times. So that's the front and the back have the same color. That will make it much, much more attractive, much more beautiful. And the Children we love to work with it much better. So if you print it out and they already making that effort, print out each page two times with the front and the back would be the same, that's it. There's no need to buy those mock terrorists. You can make them by yourself, and there will be so much better than the both ones. 28. MM Colors in nature: 29. MM Sorting pink pompons: 30. N: Tweezers üdpl sensorial didactic sequence : easy practical life. Or is it since sorry in this question, some things not so easy to answer for all my students all over the world. This is why I want to give an explanation as a reminder for you to easily distinguish what is practical life and what is since Arial. And I want you to also have some more ideas on which exercises you might want to prepare for the Children to just have fun and train your skills without even noticing. So we have the first exercise, which I have prepared for you. This is a tweezers exercise. I have, um, like green. Pray if ever any off the pumpkins falls on the tray, which would be an error, it can be easily seen. Picked up with a hand and put Iran the container. Or on this plate for template. Um, I need a container in the beginning. All the pumpkins, all of them, are rights. The same red are in the container. I'm hobby. Um, pleasers. Those freezers are from the dollar store. We have a teddy here in Austria. You can buy a set of five different types of tweezers for one year, and it's one of those I've been using. They're quite big. That quite handy, easy to use and what the child is doing. Using the tweezers, picking the pompons one by one and putting them in tow. The holes on these play well, I found this interesting, played with a lot of holes on one of the flea markets and are always visit flea markets to visit to find this type of interesting materials to use for my month. Sorry. Exercises. I really liked it. I couldn't keep it there. If you don't upset, don't such a plate. I have no idea what to buy. Maybe it's from, um maybe a bakery are making sweets. I don't know from where it is, but you might want to use, uh, sweet containers off switch sweets, make them hard and make them more beautiful and use them for the pump. It's This is a practical life exercise because the Children are learning to use tweezers. So the learning goal, the tired dedication go for the kids is learn how toe manipulate tweezers and transfer pumpkins from a glass onto a tray and placed and exactly in the holes where they should be practical life because we're learning to use this to This is a great exercise for the Children toe practice there. A pincer grasp. What? The tweezers. I make sure if you prepared tweezers on a trade, the Children have to use the tweezers. That's the rule. They can't use their fingers. If the trees is are there, they have to use the tweezers. You might choose not to have a tweezers. Maybe because you have in very small Children and then the tweezers they might not be able to manipulate. And yet so you prepare the same exercise, don't have the tweezers, just the less and the pump walls and the plague. And then they will do the same exercise with their hands. In this case, the tweezers are not there. If the tweezers are there, they have to use them. That's the rule. And we should teach our Children to abide by the roots. We always We always want to meet their needs. We want to meet their sensitive periods. But we have rules, and the rules must be respected. So this one is a practical life exercise. I will show you. This looks exactly like the previous excesses. Little get turned it. It's always left to right on the photos for me. Talk to show. But if you look at this and you look this this is the same trade, the same plague, the same class and the same Pierre off tweezers. What's the difference? This is a sensory Alexe er size event, so I just changed what needs to be transferred from the glass onto the plate. This is essence or exercise, because the Children have toe sort colors and the sorting colors. And as you can see em having 1234 shades off pink. There is purple, so the one family, two shades of green. So they have really to look very tightly because they're sorting colors worth the tweezers . This is a sensory exercise again, Um, you might what? Choose not to get the Children tweezers in these guys. They can use their hands, but if pleases are on the trade, they have to use the tweezers. By the way, this exercise is easier with tweezers and with the fingers, because the buttons are so small and that a hint. This is a really hard exercise because the buttons are so many and it takes a very, very long time to sort them into those holes. And this really requires a lot off patients. And then don't forget you can pour them back. You have to put them back using the tweezers into them less. And this takes the same amount of time or almost the same amount of time. So this exercise really trains the patients. But also the vision distinction off palace and the focus are not the usage off tweezers. Using the trees is with buttons is also quite hard. So that's challenging exercise, teaching the Children to use tools, but from the censorious area. Because we are sorting colors now, I said, even though it's exactly the same materials used with like with this as basic much is like in this exercise, this is really hard. Now I want to show you what can you do? Um, he's yet in this harder than this. It would look like this. This it's a different pipe off tweezer. Can you say that easier toe manipulate The samples can be easily grasped with this type off tweezers. I have only three containers. I have mixed shades off peak, but, uh, you concede in the container in the glasses. It's not so easy to see. Um, they are really different. Shades were very dark pink, very light being almost white and paint, and that I'm having three containers. This is a plastic tray. This container is a china where container, porcelain and these are, unfortunately plastic. I couldn't find fitting ones from glass, which would be standing in a permanent way. So I found a way around because I don't like to use plastic. This plastic is not stable on a train. So what I used is I used double sided sell it eight to stick the three containers onto the trade to make them stable there. And so I I just went around my own rule toe only using China where and glass Better to use class or make your own container. But this is like a way around. They are glued onto the train with double sided Celtics, so that's also a possibility. Now, if you want to detect IQ sequence, we have one practical life. Tweet, trance, very. With tweezers, we have to censor area transferring with tweezers, spot sorting colors on. We have member three sorting colors with tweezers, but many colors many items. So when did ethics sequence can go from practical life to sensory away or from or over any other categories mixing the categories within the D tactic sequence? That's possible, and that's perfectly fine. Um, that categories are there to help us understand the learning gold here. It's the sortie sorting colors, sorting colors. So since Aryan seeing the different shades off the colors, and here it's using the prisoners doing the access. That's why it's practical life. So I hope these was making some things clear for you. And I hope you have fun preparing this type of exercises and many, many more. Make sure they look attractive. Make sure they look beautiful, make sure they're shiny, and the Children enjoy doing them, no matter diet. 31. N: Beading Beads according to Patterns: Hello. I have a very easy since our it exercise for you. Low cost, easy to prepare and very good for small Children. That is kindergarten Children. They trained their pin sick a breast. They trained the fine motor skill that rougher moto oryx. And they trained the visual abilities comparing, um designs, patterns, uh, colors And following a pathan, would you prepare previously? I have two samples for you. But of course, many more things are possible that two samples I have prepared they are for really small Children because, as you can see, they are big wooden beads, which I've been using for this one. And also for this exercise. The beads are quite a bit. That means the Children can, uh, take them easily, holds uneasily with their fingertips. And we really want them to hold them either like this with three fingers or with two fingers. As these are really big, they will do eat as they're supposed to do now. What's the difference between the Do the two designs I've prepared on this tray? All the bigs are yellow, the same shade of yellow. They vary in shape, as you can see on the prepared pattern. The same yellow variation is the shape this is for Children quite hard to follow because the shapes are not very different from each other. So they really have to look very exactly, um, which beat a day should use. Yeah, that's sample here. The beads very in color, the same shape, all our cues, all the meats at cubes, and they vary in color. Now this is much easier for Children to dio, because color is a dominant characteristics of this is much easier in each. Off the trade I've prepared for today, he's only one thing virus. So in this one different colors, so that's the easier one from the tactics. Yeah, you use one fluffy wire on a tray. You make a design where the beads on the fluffy wire take a photo printed out in laminated and the beads used for distance. I'll are in this container, not more, not less. Not other beats. No, the Children will follow the design that will make the design from thes beads, and that after they have done it, they come compere. If the if what they have done is really the design, what you have prepared, it's really important for the first time. When you start this type off exercise, give only one. When the Children have mastered it, you might want to give two pictures with two D signs. The beads for two designs are in one container, and you have to fluffy wires. That is much harder than doing only one, because they have to sort which beats are needed for which design. Personally, If I want to add a second designed to this tray, I will also use the same, uh, sit, but vary the color and just make a different design, maybe with other colors or with the same colors. Um, yes, Children left to do this. The fluffy wires are just great for BT because the beats hold on the wire. You don't meet. You don't need to make any not or anything. What you need to do is try it out first, because not every beat fits fits with every fluffy wires tried out. If they're fitting the fluffy wire, you when you're holding the beads. Student full down the second exercise, which I've prepared Yes, um, same color. Their friends shape the same yellow here. The picture is much bigger to help the Children because to differentiate the shapes off all yellow beads is really hard for small Children, especially because the variation in the shape sometimes it's not so high as you have here, um, the over on the cylinder. But they're both longer ones, and the cylinders was a little bit roundish, so it's not very easy to differentiate for a small chop. All these exercises, where they need to follow a pattern where you need to compare shapes, prepare the Children for reading and writing. They prepare for reading and writing the pizza grasp with two fingers or three fingers. Also pre piers for holding pence. It's, um, even other tools to butt one thing as two fingers or three fingers prepare them toe holding , holding and manipulating a pansy. By the way, all Children love beating, so these exercises will be a big sexist. Now, if you want to have a second pattern or design on this tray, there are two possibilities to do it. Have a second design, all yellow bees. Just variation in ships that will make it hard, or you can have a second design all blue beads or red beats. A contrast in color but also varying in shape so the Children will pick the yellow beads to make this decide. Enter, let's say, red beets to make the other design. So prepare to pictures, too. Fluffy wires and enough beets for the two designs. I have two designs in two colors. That's easier or two designs in just one color in this case, yellow um, which will make it harder. As I mentioned, it's low cost, easy to prepare very fast, and so you will see the control off ever. But you see, the photo is little bit more orangey, but the Children would see it's a picture, and that's the real one in the In this case, the photo has exact size off the bees on. This makes it really easy, even for very small Children to compare the shapes and lift Afghani correctly, so the control off error is in the pattern. Also, if they see the last bead, let's say is it's here a sphere. Maybe they are. They have a cube left on. They will see. Oh, that's when this is not this one. They're not safe. So they have to check out word and made the mistakes by looking at the pattern. So the pattern is the instruction on how they have to beat. And at the same time it's the control off ever. The more pictures with different packages you have on one tray, the harder it gets. Um, if you have Children who start Primary One and they're really young and they really this the left to play, uh, this might be a great exercise for them. They get the feeling off accomplishment and success at the same thing. The strength and the skills they need for learning to read and write for manipulating tools like pencils. So even great one. This could be a very useful exercise. Of course, you may. You prepare more challenging trays. Um, and the Children don't have this feeling. I have to study a have weren't have to study. I have to. One. What is not the right feeling the Children have should have in this age, so have fun prepared, easy, harder or very hard trains, depending on the skills and the age of your Children on, put it in the sensory area. Be aware of the fact that this is preparing the Children to learn to read and write 32. NEW! Touch Boards: but touch boards. This is the first lesson you will give concerning the perception off textures and developing the sense off touch. The sense of touch is especially important for the sensory integration that is building up off sign ups is in the brain and Children need exercises which help them to develop their sense of touch by all means. So I'm having this, um, purchased one. It's a wooden box. I will open it and neatly puts the lid under the box. There are three touch boards inside, and I can do all of them at once, depending on the interests of the child. I love this type of touch boards because aboard is a light wouldn't color and the sandpaper is yellow, so it's not making a big visual difference. Uh, this allows a child really focused on the texture on the feeling. So I've turned this round for your sake. This is rough. This is small ref. Smooth. Can you show me? Would just rough. This is what you will see in most Montessori presentations. Can you show me which is rough? Which means the child will look But I don't want the child to look. I want the child to feel it. So I will ask the charb, Please pet the ref. Please touch the smooth breath and it's a child who is touching it now. I think we'll see this. Sports with my big adult hand is quite big. I can do like this or like this. So if there is no fine motor skill with a kid yet, no matter how does it, you will always be in the smooth at the rough. Sorry and the smooth. That's made on purpose because even feeling textures is developing not only the sense of touch but also the fine motor skills. So Children who touch a lot of different surfaces and textures if it helps them to develop the fine motor skills even though they're not being required here when the child knows the difference between rough and smooth, I wouldn't use the second board. This is the second board. The Ralf lines are made from exactly the same sandpaper, um, net Waas used for the rough and smooth port for the first board. But now we have small lines, so for my finger, two fingers might be able to do it. One is even better and the for a child's finger. Two fingers would be fine. Why? I was teaching the Children there often to use two fingers because it's easier toe isolates two fingers and use them. Then toe isolate just what finger like this and he's it. So with this patch board, I was exactly what I've done with the 1st 1 But this time the fine motor skills are being required, and the chalk needs to use his fingers in order to patch to smooth or the rough. I will tell the child, Please touch the Raph. Please follow all the roofs lines. In this case, if I'm telling the chop all the rough lines, the child really has to do all the five. But if I'm telling the child, um, please patch the rough. If the chart thus this it's enough and the smooth you can hear that given the sound off, the rough and the smooth, that's different. And this makes this exercise even more exciting and interesting for a child. Now many of my students asked me what eyes it important? X Too easy. It's not the game. There is no fun there. Well, this is for very small kids and patching different surfaces with different textures is interesting and exciting for them. They don't have the experience, they've never died, and this makes it interesting and exciting. For them. The human tellings of exploration is the one that we use toe get the interest for these very easy and simple exercises but important ones. Now let's take the third touch board. Sometimes the touch boards are also called rough and smooth boards. We have again yellow sandpaper on the wooden board. But this time, um, we have very rests. Sandpaper a little bit less a rough again, less rough. And the last one is almost smooth are actually smooth. So we can now tell the child something about grading. I won't would tell the child this is the roughest. Can you touch the roughest? Can you touch the smoothest? Can you touch a rough line? Anyone is fine. Can you touch the one which is medium rough, medium rough? Um, here we have five lines from smooth toe, very rough. It's important that we assign the roughest toe, the one which is really the roughest and hope you considered. It's really rough. Very rough. Yes, meth buffer. Evan more rough and the roughest we assign one word, and this is smooth. So this is that patch board for Grady Pecs tress. This is quite challenging because we as work with a child, we would give this names the roughest, um, rough, but for even more off of the roughest. So we would also use superlative and comparative, which are complicated grammatical structures. When we work with the kids with those sports, now it's ever have Children. Um, discover the box with the touch borns on the shelf and just take them out and do this. The child would feel, even though is not doing it with the finger, as he should will feel the different textures. And even doing this will develop this fine motor skills because Braille connections, synapses are being developed by just doing this. And you will have Children who do this. You love chicken breast strong, even though those are really rough. And when you see Children do that a lot, you know that these Children have to have more about textures, more materials, which a really rough for them to touch. It may be they can have a bowl filled with lentils, toe touch and to feel because they lack synapses and is the grave for the development of sign ups is when you see the Children do that very often for a long time, provide more materials that half a really strong, um, impression off roughness on there but on their skins, giving them something like the fabric. Boxwood just soft will not help them. They need more roughness. Even the bark off trees tried to find more material like this. No, As you see, these are very easy. That just wouldn't boards and sandpaper stick to the boards so you can see that this is very easy to make by yourself, and you are invited to make those by yourself that it's no must that it must be bought. It can be self made, and it will have exactly the same effect. 33. Sensory Bags: sensory matchy bags I'm having here a number of bags, some over it. What? Let me come for you. 123 four FYI, five red ones. Actually, they are six. I've been cheating a little bit. Six red ones and six green ones. Why are some brie and why are some great? No, I didn't have the material to make new ones. I didn't have blue material at home. So the blue mont de the Green Matter was there. One green, one red fits together. One green, one red and each bag is filled with something. The front. This is a material which is self made and you can easily make it at home. They are just letting pillows off questions soon. So I'm by the with a sewing machine. You can see they're just little bags, some together, then filled with something and then closed with the sewing machine. Couldn't see the size. Don't make them too small because the Children should be really touching them with the whole hand. Like needing and feeling what it's really inside. Now let me explain to you what is inside. You can feel these bags. What? Whatever. You have a toe which can be filled and which is not rangers. When the Children really pictured with all their hands and if they really need it with the fingers or with their hands. Children does this. That means they just feel it and enjoy the feeling off. Whatever is there things which are good to fill this with our things which can be distinguished from outside, which means rice and beans. If I'm having that this is a bag filled with this, I can hear it. But I can also feel it that the beings feel the friends than rice. If your flower is not too fine, it could be flower. Flower could be inside. Cotton wool is very soft. Could be inside. Rice is perfect. Straws like drinking straws. You cut the maps in small pieces. They are also perfect. Two of my backs contained where a day this is the rise back. This is how it feels. And sons. This is the clause. They're cut up straw. There's a different feel and a different sound. He's a plastic bags, small plastic bags. Jeff felt east. Ah, this is the second team being back. I found two equal one as soon as the child finds two which are equal next and put them together. Put them to decide. This is a bull gore. If you want to use please or polenta, it's It's also good. Salt would be perfect. This is my second rice back. Smaller and bigger bills if the sizes. If you can feel the size, that's good. Lentils can be used on that. All that you have to do to get one back, feel it and try toe Find the one which is equal, like to the district there equals Put them to decide. No, they're not the same. These are the same. So those are sensory backs. Just puts the ones that you have that the child is found to decide. I found another two equal ones and put them to the side. Oh, not a sit and the noticed it. And now I have made them into piers. They are six piers. It will be much better to start with them material that can be easily distinguished. You started when you first introduced his mature Don't start with with them six different materials. At the same time, you consult with three easily distinguishable materials. Um then four, then five, then six. And then you could even have seven or a on the more different materials you have, the harder it is to distinguish them, you can use wool wood which have cut off a cut up, or you can roll it and put it inside. You could use a fabric old fabric that you have. You could put a spon shits inside cats this of the right size, and put it inside. Whatever you can put inside and will not hurt the child. Beads are also very good straw or hey, as also perfect to put inside each one has a different sound and a different feel. They are sensory backs. So the main thing is, the Children should feel and matched to ICO ones. Because I want you to make those bags for working with kids. I'm telling you what you could put inside possibly what you have it all. You could collect stones outside. You could use soil. Um, those older is impossible. They're not for listening before the listening excesses, but the different sounds make it extra interesting. And the different sounds make that are not only them feeling off, say, and structure is being motivated, but also the ear at the same time. And the Children will start automatically to be quiet when they realize the different sounds of the different bags, and they will then try to feel on Listen at the same time on that means two senses are being stimulated, which makes the exercise even better. So these bags easy to make. I've not seen them for sale anywhere, but I love them, even me. As you can see in the video, I love to touch them. Two needs them and feel them. They're giving a nice and calming and soothing stimulation. If you have nervous Children, this could be a great help. 34. Mystery Bag Different Objects: So this is a mystery back. It's just a little bag, which I can close like this so things wouldn't fall out. And I can fill it with different things and that different stages off being able to distinguish what is in the mystery back. And this is something which is chilling. It also do by themselves. And it's great for helping them to develop their stare. A Gnostic sense. Um, yes. As I said, you can easily make it by yourself. What? All you need is a bag and what to fill it with. So the one I'm having here is the easiest one. Out off a Siri's off free. This is the easiest one. Let me show you how from having the back things are inside. My two hands are going into the bag. I'm looking for truth equal objects. Now I found to solve things soft and fluffy. Pompons? Yes, they're equal. Let me get inside. Using my two hands, I got a ring. It's hard, It's metal. Yes, I got these two rings and you can see those are things. You have a home. You can choose whatever you like, as long as it's safe for it. Oh, to die says by the anti need ice. Oh, let me check What else? No cheating? No, Keating's Oh, I got two buttons and the era control are the eyes that as soon as the Children are sure for themselves, then they found equal objects. He takes them out with the two hands and look at it. And if it's really equal, they got it right. And as you can see for this easy Mr Bag, the things have the are from different material made from different materials. They have different textures and different colors, so they're easy to distinguish. Two keys. No equal keys. Don't use keys which are not equal. It will distort the Children sense afford. If you have to equal ones, you don't need any more. You can use them body signing beats and I've seen that off. Then it'll correct. And as you have seen, Mr Backs, you can easily make by yourselves for your king Children 35. Mystery Bag Geometric Solids: I'm having and not a mystery bag. This type blue adds important. If you have several mystery bags on your shelf or one, talk several Mr Backs on your shelf at the same time. Please use different colors, so the Children are inclined to try out the different backs. This time, my Mr Bag is quite hard because I'm having different geometric solids. There are two off each time off, geometric solid on I'll put them in. And as there are really many and some are quite similar, as you can see, I'm having these keeps and imagine this prisons. This is quite hard, and this is training. The stereotype Mastic sense they're agnostic means I can feel a shape or I can feel a three dimensional form. Okay, this is my blue Mr Back. My two hands will go into the mystery bag, and I will try to find out to a pole, um, geometric solids. That's really hard, because this time they are so many different ones. What will be my strategy? Jello Typically, look and look with the two hands as an adult. My strategy is I hold one okay and try to find a partner with the second hand as I'm left handed. What I did is I'm holding the biggest, um solid, which is there as prison holding it with my hand and then with my left with my right time with the left. And I'm finding the 2nd 1 And now let's see if I got it right. Control apparel with my eyes? Yes, he's at two prisons. I put them outside by the side late by the side so I can see them now. My eyes are appreciating them. What I found. Oh, I got two spheres. Put it to the side and to ellipse sweets. I don't know their avoids. Sorry. Two avoids. Find heart. Yes, two cubes. The content of error is that I to prisons but they are thinner ones After feeling I see them. The's prisms are hard to distinguish But I think I got it. Yes, they look like tense Oh, I shouldn't cheat. So no looking inside. Always my two hands in the bag looking for two equal shapes. I got to see lenders. There are less in so no, I got have cylinders to half sit injures. You see, it's as if it's becoming harder when they're less but B. I got to other prisons, so they're many different types of prisons. What else is that? Yes, the last prisons. I got it. So, as you have seen this time, my mystery back had a lot of different geometric shapes to equal ones of each set off each size. And it's important. Don't use the colored building, wooden building, blacks that many Children have been there a Children's room because if they're equal in check, but the friend in color, the Children with their eyes will not accept them as equal. You would need to explain why they're equal, and then the matter is not self explanatory and therefore not effective as it could be. So it's very park and that you use them in one color you couldn't use the building blocks that you have at home and the and the Children's room, the toy building blocks. But then, and we have the naturally wooden once, or if you have the colored ones, you can either send them so it will be wouldn't color or send them and paint over them so they would have equal color, because if they wouldn't be what it could be, blue would bills a nice color. So this was the mystery. Back with different geometric solids inside 36. Mystery Bag Spheres: a really hard mystery back. This is a mystery. Back. It's a small back. Well, this one is empty. You can easily so it yourself. It's a constant back, which is not transparent. And then this Mr Back. But this is the really hard one It's filled. Went would then fears this. Wouldn't spheres, um, are all equal in shape and material there are only different inside. So I have two big ones to a little bit smaller ones, two smaller ones and again, a little bit smaller and a little bit smaller, two off each size. And now this is how to child can work with this. And this is one of the really hard mystery backs the child has to put. He's two hands into the back. The two hands are in the back and now try to find to eat cool wooden's fears. And if he thinks he has found to echo ones, take them out and visually control whether they are really equal in this case, control of era with your eyes or with a chance eyes. Yes, I got to equal ones. I put them to the site again, hands into the mystery bag, looking for two equals fears. Oh, no, It's becoming hard. I think I got it. I got to equal control of error with my eyes. Yes. These two spheres are equal. Yes, it's still somewhat pierce inside. Really equal. No one smaller. Let me get I'm I'm holding one. The one that found with my hands trying to look for the partner, which is equal. I think I got it. My two hands are in the back are equal. Yes, they are. Control of era. I found three pairs already considering number 10 the same A system that should be 10 Spierce inside. I can't find the partner. Oh, I got it. I got here. That gun interior, these twinkle ones. Four piers And the last year now I had for preparing this mystery back. I used five piers of wooden spheres equal insane and the friend insights. If you want to make this exercise harder, you're very welcome to include at 67 or eight Pierce because this lighter that the Francis from sphere to sphere, the harder it becomes. And this really requires very good but very well developed stereo Gnostic sense 37. Mystery Bag Animals Cosmic: a mystery bag can be made with the friend optics. You can choose what they need to be aware of. If you want to try and the sterile Gnostic sense off your Children, you need to go step by step because we who can see very well we neglect this sense. Blind people trying this sense, but every sense which is not well trained is a lost sense. We have all the senses for us to use and explore environment, so you should go step by step. But it's a fun activity, which you can again and again use on again and again re integrate in your classroom when you, for example, deuce different different topics with the Children. I've prepared a mystery back. I have to show you this our top, because animals that approach ectopic and it's wild animals and this Mr Bag is full of wild animals. And it was two by two. Pardon. If you prepared for kids, make sure they're really equal not to lions, but in different positions that will be too hard. So yeah, two by two you talk. It could be the Noah's Ark. The animals go two by two. Okay, so but they're not enough animals for Noah's argument anyway. 10 animals inside five pairs. Let me check if I can find Oh, there is an animal with a very long neck. I think that's a dangerous Let me find where is the second? There must be another giraffe. Where is your partner? This one is so spraying. Morris. I mean, one giraffe. And what for me? I try to do it. The wrong side, like trying to use my right, tends to feel. And it's so hard for me to feel at the animals with my right hand. And it's really hard to find the giraffe because they're nine animals inside where it's like giraffe. No, that's the Congo with a long tail. This is really harmed. This is I don't t I got it. Long club draft number one and draft number two. I got it. It was really hard. Just let me tell you. So if you use a bigger bag with bigger animals, it's much easier than the small ones, which I'm using here. But it's possible I've tried it before. What is this? A lion? Does that come? This This is what young, long, long, long on tail. Stan Kangaroo. Oh, how could I? But it's the second crocodile and have Rhino. I have the Crocodile kangaroo. Let me find Let me find Let me find Wait! Let me find No, that's crocodile! Crocodile! Crocodile! What? Crocodile has a long neck? Yes, Toe Papadopoulos. It wasn't easy because the camera rolls has a long tail but the tail of the cameras straight left and see if I can find it to kind of rules to kind rose two candles. They have long tails, but it tells a straight They have too long feet. This is hard to distinguish to write us, Buddy Horn in front? Yes. Can you see? There are right knows I have one lion in my hand before Yeah, I got it. I got now I'm having the two lions. They were the leftovers. Two lions. So you can feel the mystery back with whatever you want. If you do animals make sure that they can. They have something I think you know which that you can feel. And this will also help them to remember the names of those animals. Like you have the Rinus with the horn on the nose. You have the male lion with the for very head. You have the sheriff with the long neck have the crocodile with a long tail on with a big mouth. Can you see the big mouth of the crocodile and those with long feet and long tails so Mr Becks can have their friend topics. But whatever you put inside must be the Children must be able to distinguish. And as this animals, when they're small, are hard to distinguish. If you use a bigger bag, bigger animals much easier. We tried it out, and it's fun if you have very different animals and the chili will come to appreciate the differences between the animals, even though you're doing like a sensory thing again, I've been taking a little bit because when I'm up learning about animals, I'm not anymore. In the census area, have ready trance has gone over to the cosmic area. So want the Children to learn the differences between the different animals. I want the Children to appreciate how different animals can be, and the legs and details and they're not to equal ones. And then I'm in the cosmic area. They love nature, cosmic area, not anymore Census. But because I was introducing the Mr Baxter you I wanted to show you also or the other possibilities that you could do with a mystery back activity. So just tried out with your Children. 38. Overview: The Geometric Cabinet & Cards : This is the geometric cabinet. It consists off six drawers which have each drawer six tiles, square shaped tiles in each tile there iss, one geometric shape song out, and the geometric shape can be taken out with a handy. Now, through the geometric cabinet, we can study geometric shapes, angles and a lot of more things. So the advanced, um one is if the Children can have all the cabinet with the six drawers inside in their classroom and hand everything together all the six drawers. As you can see, the drawers are graded in different according to different methods, all our geometric shapes, but they have different gradation. So we have circles from some from big to small, so the Children will be trained to perceive. Not only did dramatic shape off a super, but also the size of that geometric shape. We have this quick on one, the next. For the next shape, five million meters. Every dear standards square became a rectangle. Another five millimeters reduced F, um, more never rectangle on day until the last one is really a very narrow rectangle. We have gradation also concerning the poly guns. We have a Pentagon Hexham gonna hafta gun and knocked the gun and Nana Boone And then I'm gone. So one angle is being added for each shape. That is also tradition we have. The triumph was different. Different types of triangles where the angles become wider on nera or the sides are the same are not the same anymore. We have quite unusual shapes, roundish ones, but each one of them has their own particular name. The watch the Children must be introduced. Now on this straight will have a lot of collectibles just like on birth stray. But the collectibles on this tray have some. Some of them have perilous sides and some have sides which are not parallel. So as we can see, that geometric cabinet is quiet, a big material. This is why once you introduces and introduce it in your classroom, it will be with the Children for quite a while. If they're not interested in it anymore, bring it to your store and you can take it out any other time that the Children should or must study anything about German tree. Now, after the Children must the working with the geometric cab inet taking the shapes in and out and replacing them on the right way. We want to extend this material in working with cards which use the same color and the same sizes and the same shapes. This is the first set of cards we want to use. The dramatic figures are in the same size and the same color. Then they are in the Cabinet and the Children have to simply place the wooden figures from the cabinet on the card where they belong. Now, if you have a shape like birth the oval, that is quite easy because there is only one oval and the child can easily place it on the precisely right area. But when you have harder shapes, like the poly guns, they have to try out a lot and look exactly and tightly onto word place because the man a gun and the deck a gun, they look quite similar, or when we have great that shapes like the circles. If every child places a circle which is too big on a smaller one, the child will not find it out immediately. It's only after it's finished. He will see that one, so called is placing on that blue circle the the paper will look for, as he will see the printed so called and then the child has to check on toe. Were Waas his mistake? So the first extension of the geometric cabinet are these printed cards. They are testified paper or cardboard on. The child has to place the wooden shapes on these shapes. You could use this to play again so you could lay out the carts. Um, you could lay off the Kurds and one side of the room and then tell the Children to go to the geometric cabinet and find the fitting carts. You could also give one car to its child, and they should have the card on the table or on the space where they're working. Remember the shape and the size, goto the geometric cabinet and find exactly right. Kurt. This demands not only memory demands and mathematical memory, and this is quite a good training, and it's not as easy as it looks. So the child houses card maybe took that cargo on or near the shape, has to remember it. Go to do geometric cabinet, come back with a card and if you got the wrong one, he has to go back until he found the right one, and this is really training the perception perception of shapes very well. This is the second set off cards to be used. These are exactly the same shapes than the ship's we've seen in the geometric cabinet and in the first set off carts. And again, what the child has to do is exactly the same thing. The child has to find the wooden figures and place them on exactly that figure, which represents the wooden ones. This is hard up then doing it. What's the blue shapes, which are exactly the same but still visible? They only have to look tighter. And as the figures look in a different way, this work make the Children toe strengthen their perception of geometric figures and shapes . So this remains a very, very useful exercise. This is the next set of courts. It is so hard because as the lines are big, the Children feel the inside is the shape or the size they need to find. But it's not the inside. It's the full figure, so it's quite hard to remember to see and to appreciate. But with some training they will succeed, and then they will be able to do it very well. And here we have the three piece card set off the same geometric cabinet. We have the cards with the shape, but to find exactly right shape where they belong. It's much harder than what the typical cards of the geometric cabinet and the wooden figures. Because a child cannot match exactly on top. The cards have a rectangle shape, and not to know whether they did it correctly is not easy. Here we have the exactly right names, the geometric names, which are the right names for in those different geometric figures. And it's very important that from the beginning, when we started working with this Cabinet as from three years, 3.5 years old, depending on the interests of the child, the Children will get to know those names like Obtuse scallion Triangle or acute Skilling. Try Amber and so on. The Children should not get to know generally generic words like try ammo or egg shape. They should get to know the right shapes because later in life, when they're already middle school and they have to draw all those shapes in their geometric lessons. It will be very hard for them to get to know all those words which they could have learned easily during the sensitive period for language, which ends when they're six years old. 39. The Geometric Cabinet: I want to explain to you a little bit about one of the most fantastic materials in the Montessori classroom, the geometric cabinet. Now it's easy to understand why it's called Cabinet because it really is a Cabinet with six drawers. The draws can be taken out and used like trays being put on the shelf. Only one drawer. That's also possible. Now, as you can see on top of this cabinet, there is still space for another drawer, where, which is generally used for the so called introduction Eri frame. No, I won't take those trays out on tried to explain to you the principles about this geometric cabinet. Let's take the first trade out, as you can see in each tray there. Six. Quest and this quest. One by one, they can be taken out one by one and used separately. Each square consists of a wooden board, which is being painted all around in the same color. Each board has a hole, and in this whole fits at geometric shape, exactly like a puzzle piece. Each dramatic shape has a handle, which is being painted blue as, um, the same as the shape because the handle we don't want the handle to stand out. We want it just to be easy to handle it, as the word handy suggests. But you don't want the handy to stand out because the hand has no importance for learning. Now. Why please and yellow the first Oh no, Mix them up The fist geometric cabinet, which Merima was sorry made or had made waas white and red scarlet rid the 1st 1 she had made waas white and red, so the frame's were white, painted in white and the insects were in scarlet. Um, she laid the corrected that because she thought that the white and red were too aggressive colors on the shapes which are being learned with this cabinet, and we're not so visible with those strong colors. Today, we find the genetic cabinet in almost all of the stores with a yellow background and blue shapes. Blue is a beautiful color, but it's more off a neutral color on this allows the Children toe really appreciate the shaper much. Now. Blue and yellow are contrasting colors, which allows also the shapes to be seen. Uh, as you have seen, the whole The whole Cabi Net has six drawers inside with a space off, one more on top, and I want to introduce it a principles. I've taken out stuff drawer with the circles many times. We believe if the child knows so called, that's enough. But we are depriving the child off. Are getting toe appreciate sizes off geometric shapes, as we also don't focus so much on teaching the Children's size. Maria Montez are understood in order to develop the mathematical mind. It is important to left. Children learn to perceive size, so the first drawer has just, uh so cause all a circles from Beck too small. I'll take these out from each circle. Do the next that the Friends in the Amateur is just five millimeters. So it's us very slight, the friends. But in spite of this lights, the friends from the first to the last Soco is a very big difference. So, having making a slight the friends, it's like gradation from one so called to the next will really train the eyes off the child to be able to appreciate the size off the circles. So in this trade, the Children are learning to perceive size. Now the circles, the only off all the shapes which are in the geometric cabinet, which can be turned. So there is a handless. The Children turn it around because it's funny. Um, please don't stop them. Because when they discovered that they consumed with a circle, they will afterwards discovered that they can't do that, not ever for it up square, not for any other shapes. They can do this. If they do it, let him do it. It helps them to learn. Um, that's very important. You teach the correct word. These are geometric shapes. There are two dimensional. And this is a circle. What can be done with those, um of frames and insects. So the 1st 1 that you can do is just let the Children take. They're circles out. Let me push my cabinet. Just take the silk was out on, then find their exact space again. Word is so cause belong on that child Have been, has been practicing for a while. He will be ableto find the correct frame for each insect without, uh, era. As you have seen, I was like, mistaken. I swear to you again each circle and fit only in their own. It fits here, but it's still big, but it's too big. So the control if era is this is exactly plain, and it fits exactly in. That's when I found the right born on the child who has not practiced with most probably try bus and find out that so close to bake for my insect and look for another one and find this one. If in the beginning the child is trying that it's just a normal and it should be because when the child is finding the solution by himself, he will forever be ableto no, and he won't forever internalized what he has learned. He will also be encouraged to continue learning by himself. So don't you feel that you need to tell the chop. This is self explanatory. Now you could, even though the Cabinet as a full material has six draws, you could have only one tray as a material on the shelf in your classroom, and it would be 100% okay. It is not advisable to start with very similar shapes, but with contrasting shapes. But this time I'm introducing the trace to you one by one on what can be done with them. So number one we have grading. We're grading the biggest to the smallest circle we can take out and put him, but we could. Those may blindfold our kids a blind folder, take dumb this out and let them feel and great. Now that's really, really, really hard. Blindfolding will be much better for some other off those trips. But what the Children might want to do is to feel the shape with their fingers and to go around the shape with the fingers and the sensory memory and the most of memory will let them memorize or learn the feeling off different sizes of circles. And if it and of course, this can't be done with a faced, it cannot be done properly with several fingers. But it can be done very well with one finger. And if the Children do that without that, teaching them to draw are right, they are doing drawing and writing exercises off course. They could also take it out and do this, which is also very fine now when for this tray, which has only circles, which is principally for grading, the Children feel always the same, but it feel different sizes on that so much Okay, now, if they had the idea to take this frame and use it for throwing, Um, I would always allow them so they can put it on a piece of paper and use the pensees. Draw the shape or harder. That's hard to use the circle and throw around with a pence's. That's also possible important for if the want to draw is that they will put them back in order after they're finished drawing because they will take the pensees and the paper from a different corner of the room. And if you want them to allow them to do that, you should really allow it when they're really ableto arrange everything back at the end. But drawing using this as a shape for drawing as a path and for drawing or using the frame as a path and for drawing would be also perfectly all right. Um, especially like that in school. Using these foot drawing so that each top can make the shapes in the exercise books and maybe name them or measure them out with the rulers would be a very useful exercise and fun exercise for teaching them. Jim geometry later when they are in school. Normally, these the geometric cabinet would be very well for Children. Uh, starting three years and older. Now, let me introduce you to at some other throwers we have. We have triangles, well, triangles on. And I want to show you that square two rectangle. That's a very scientific exercise already. Um so we have no cornice who have no cornice. That's the circles. We're three edges cornice. That's triangles on the start. With the easier shapes, I will also introduce you to another grading exercise and Mrs Y after the circles. I'm I'm teaching you them the rectangles. We had a circle which was becoming smaller by five millimeters each circle. Now, this time we have a square. Can you see the squid? This is a square, we have a square and we reduce this side by five millimeters. This side would reduce by five millimeters and it becomes a rectangle. I'm one narrow rectangle until we have a very visible and narrow rectangle. So this drawer is also about grading. But the friend from the circle the circle remains a circle event. We reduced the diameter. It remains a so close. But the square. If we reduce one side, it becomes a rectum going. All of these are different types off rectangles. So these drawers also about grading on nuts. Yeah, it's those shape. It's still geometry. Geometric cabinet. But it's also about grading. You do grating. You do geometric shapes. You always do mathematics, but you do it in an intrinsic why you do it without teaching. The Children are without teaching mathematics. The Children are learning geometry with their absorbent mind. They're not learning it through explanation on. That is really, really, really important, because when you work with a Jupiter cabinet, you will want to teach the Children than names off each shape. The precisely exact possess the exact names off each shape. Whenever you work with kids. Whenever you work with the kids together, you want them to know the names off them ships. If they if they work by themselves, they will work just through the absorbent mind. But in any case, this is off the whole cabinets. Purpose is teaching them geometry with the absorbent mind and as it's quite a big material and there are slight differences and their slight grading. This is why three years and up. But you are teaching geometry in school. You will still need is big. This will be so helpful. So this is a material that will be with the Children for a very long time. Until now, we had two drawers. We were looking at stuff square the rectangle gradation, meeting two words for two different shapes. We were looking at the Circle accreditation, where we need only one word for the shape. But then we have another drop, which is also above gradation. We have five edges toe 10 edges. That's also a tradition. 567 a 9 10 and just or cornice And the the shape changed their name. Each shape passed their own name. We have the Pentagon Penta meaning five. We have the hex, a gun hex. Meaning six. All those Greek words we have that, um, help the girl have some meaning seven in Greek. Then we have Theo Ox, The gun with a corn. Us. Um, we have the No, not God with nine cornice Nagle on. We have the, uh they cut gone. So that's interesting that we have in this drawer we have again gradation. We're grading and but each shape is hasn't their own name. And those names are all great names. Penta five hex A six heptulla seven ox, The eight non that nine. That, uh uh, 10. And we have our word. That decimal system comes from 10. So we have the Pentagon Hexagon had the gun ox gon na na gone and take a gun on. Now if you think Oh, those Children, they are just still stuck in the garden age. What will they do with all those Greek words? I don't even know them as never heard about Head Start gone of her Pentagon. Yeah, that's the in the US that the shape of the building. But I've not turned about the other ones. Why should I make the Children tired with such complicated words? Well, in the sensitive period for language acquisition, which is 0 to 6 years old, they easily learned those words and the sensitive, cheerful languages over. It's hard for them to look to learn those words. This is why when we're in many school, it's so and we are maybe already tell 11 or 12 years old when you have to calculate or to draw them. We're learning geometry drawing geometry and become so hard to remember those words. But when you have small Children, small meaning, uh, until they are six years old being in the sensitive period for language, they find those words interesting and exciting, and they learned them without any problem. I personally love this straight on what? Because even though this is graded and always only one corner more, 5 to 6 already looks the front. But we're five and this is 10 looks very different, and some that cop gone almost looks like a circle. This looks almost like a so called, but it's not a circle because I cannot turn it. I cannot turn it on now for this one. You can do activities with the kids, like counting the cornice off course. Throwing them is an exciting activity. But for this one, if you were working with the kids, make sure even though they're three years old and they work with us or four years or five, any eggs you're working with kids. Let them learn exact right words for those things. If ever you did not teach them on. You are a school teacher using this toy activity using this cabinet will be the easiest way to teach the Children all of them. A dramatic shapes would she might possibly need to teach them in their mathematics lesson. So they will find it harder then if they had learned it when there was small. But this will still be the best way to teach them about it. So the Pentagon toe the Kagen trey or drawer is also about grading 5 to 10 grading. So that's also, uh, something exciting. You know, I want to show you something. That's my circle, not rosary. That's my so called from the first drawer I have shown you. And now in this circle that that car gone fits perfectly in It fits in. But of course, in the circle, I can also Troy let me replace. You can see something. So this is my circle friend. That's not that. That Kagen friend that's my circle frame, but that Cochran fits in. And if I put the deck a gun in the surf off, um, friends, I cannot turn it as if it was a circle on. If you work with kids, that's something exciting to show to them, Um, and that they could go on is almost a so called Not yet, but almost. Now let's check this 10 that, Nana. God also fits into the so quick and turn it round. But there is more ear. And between here is my deck. A gun. I've just borrowed the place. What about the ox? Got also the doctor got If I put it in the so cool ship, it can turn and it fits in. But there's much more ear here. That's much more space. Now what about the SEPTA gun? Now it becomes so visible. If you can see that that it's not a circle, but it fits into a circle. So I could use a circle to draw septa gun even also the hex. And other than yeah, Hexagon fits inside. And what about the pinto? Now it becomes so clear, but all off them poorly guns. Those shapes are called poorly guns. They have Morgan. Uh, they have five or more. Just They're called poorly guns. They fit into the so called space on. That's a sign off good material when it rela fits in. And you can do those experiments on that Something to do together with the kids to show them that they can exchange and it fits in. And that's really something exciting. So the poorly guns are also about grading. Let me put the poorly guns in. Let me put this in. That's the big the biggest soak up, remember, take the biggest. So full on now will show you more off the geometric cabin that in them that the video 40. The Geometric Cabinet: Different Quatrelaterals : have been dealing with this drawer already where you have very even shapes, Uh, that half four edges for cornice the square and then rectangles. And this was about grading, um, from square toe, a narrow rectangle. I want to show you another drawer, which is just about, uh, dramatic shapes which have four angles. And it's very interesting because if you look at them and I hope you concede very well, this one which is called a parallelogram, has these two lines. They are parallel and these two lines are parallel. We have India, um, and this Trappist sweet. We have thes two lines, which a parallel. But these are not parallel. They're not. Oh, sorry. I mix it up with this one. Seeing it from the wrong side is heart. We have here to eat to our four sides. They all have the same length. And yes, it's a parallelogram. Backed is a special type of parallelogram, and it's called Rambus. It's like a bent square. The four shapes are the same that the four sides are dissembling thies to a parallel and these to a parallel. It's around us because they're all equal, um, equal length and two but two. We have these two, these two a perilous and these two apparel in on this one is the typical parallelogram. They have the same length and the parallel They have the same length and they are parallel in. Now we have here the proper sweet thes two lines are parallel, but they are different in length. This is short and this is longer, but their parents thes two are equal in length, but they're not parallel. We have another type off campus. Sweet. Um, because, um, this trip a sweet is, um has a right angle. This has a right angle. So this is called right. I'm good. Trappist sweet. It has your fear. 90 degrees, right. Angled Trappist with. So these tour Not parallel, but this to a bear peril in these two apparel. No. As these two sides bar in length, we call this right angle because it has a right angle here. But this one we have seen in the beginning that trump history. The two sides have the same length and this is why we call it. I saw sales trip in ST Isil cells. Trappist would have the same length. This looks like a kite on This is called Cut, and this looks like a start on. It's called Start now. What is particular about peace, too? Shapes. They have four cornice, but nothing is parallel. There is. There are no parallel sites in neither the kite nor the dart. Nothing is parallel, there's all are bent, but they're all having also four cornice, just like the Rambus, just also like a square on the rectangle. And these ships are quite interesting because the differences between them, the Rambus and the parallelogram there are slight differences. Again, this is about grading. The only the friends is all sides are the same. These two sides of shorter here the arm goes, make the difference. So they're slight. The Francis of the Children really have to look very much, very exactly to exact and n tightly in order to say the difference. But the more particular the shapes are, the more interesting it gets for the kids. So don't be afraid of the words. Don't be afraid of teaching the kids those particular, uh, things and they can. They will be excited about it. 41. The Geometric Cabinet: Interesting Shapes: There are a lot of different triangles on the world on Dhere. We have let me turn in front. We have the different, uh, types off triangles and they're all in one trade. Actually, there are other triangles in this tray, like the curvilinear triangle. You see, these are two more triangles. There are so many different types traumas that don't even fit into one trade. All of them and each tribal has their own name. I found that most of my students find it quite hard to know the names off those shapes. I found that men, my adult students have problem with those names Now again, sensitive parent for language is when the Children find it interesting. All of these are triangles. These are triangles. Are these triangles the same? No. They are all different and the Children will find it out. If they try to interchange. Each triangle only fits into the own frame. So again, the first activity would be just too taking them out. And depending on the ship on the pay bore floor, I was preferred to Children with work on the floor because most base nothing come full down . Oh, this fits in on. This is deep. A key lateral triangle. A key that means same, not drug sides. So there are three sides are the same. The 80 lateral tryem. This fits here. Tool sides are the same, but because of this, especially type off corner. Uh, it fits Onley the're and this is the right Aysel seals triable. Right eyes will seals triangle. And you see that the Children can feel it. They can feel it. They can also draw it. And it's easy for them to start drawing triangles by using their pants seals in the frame, then by trying to draw them with, um, ruler. Okay, we have this one. It has also this special type off corner, but the sites are becoming more narrow as well. They're not as long as here, So it's still a right, right? That's the name of this corner, writes Colleen Triangle, right, Scallion triumph. We have an up twos. Sculling triangle. These two sides are the same. Okay, now let's see. What is this one? Which one fits into this? Because this is so sharp. This is called acute. This is an acute skull lean triangle. All the triangles which have two sides, which are the same length, are called Scottoline. So it's a cute Scullin primal on the right. We have one more and this looks almost like this one. Can you see? They're almost the same. But they are not exactly the same. There is a slight the friends. This is them. Uh, the triangle. No, that's not it. Can you see? The difference is so slight, very slight difference and doesn't fit anywhere. Not even any side fits in because for this triangle, each side has a different length. And this is why this has their own. Um this has their own name again. Nothing. No side now. Side is the same. No side is the same. They're all the friends. They're all different. This is appear obtuse. Aysel seals triangle. No side is equal. So Children again they find this names funny. They find them interesting. Andi, I let them throw it with the fingers, let them feed the shapes for blindfolding them and putting the triangles in tow mystery bag or letting them feel it under Ah, a club business really hard because there is a lot of similarities between the triangles. But if bad they have been working with it for a while. It might get possible. I will show you another train where it's very easy to feed. If you have this tray you have shapes. Most probably. You have no idea about the names off those shapes. You have an oval. That is this one. You have a curvilinear trying, but this is a triangle. 123 edges. It's a curvilinear triangle. You have a question for it? Looks like a boy Looks like a flower. The name from German Tree IHS? Uh, one A quintal foil. Oh, my staying got mixed up. No, it's It's a correct. We have another triangle, which is a very special, uh, triangle. You have a lot of the front names. So we have the overeat are over. Is it an ovoid? No, it can't been off with. I've heard of my students say, cause it's always over. It is the one that is three dimensions in geometry. This is two dimensional. This is an over. This isn't very. This is an ellipse. This is an ellipse. This is a curvilinear triangle. This is a triangle again. These two sides are This seems so. It's, um Scully they had to say, You have to sing and then we have the Quito foil. So the names for these are names which were not very familiar with. Don't call these an egg Don't called an egg because over all of us is the name for EG by the new English in Southern Egg. It's an oval and lips, but these ones pointed under, um at cloth and let the Children feel them and name them. It will work perfectly for this frame. Now let them learn the right words. Also, they will have words which now the child has and each word makes a child more intelligent. So we have these fret. This friend is also not about Grady. This is just different shapes. There is no grating here and this trade 42. The geometric cabinet: How to work with it: now how can you work with the geometric cabinet? The geometric covenant is quite heavy, but it is made in such a way that can be carried, so it's possible to carry it. Let me show it to you. I It's really heavy on the side. It has something cut out, So if a child is big enough once to carry it, it's possible on the Children are allowed to carry it assumes as you have the full cabinet in your classroom. It might also be the Children decided. They will carry the communist by juice that they will start to carry to by the two of them together. That's also possible, but it's not the way to start. Um, as I said, You start with it when the Children are free, it's old, and then you wouldn't start with grading. You will choose which shapes toe introduce. Sometimes a company's offer introduction are trays, which have three yellow squares with no shape on and just, um, three squares with the rectangle, the triangle and the circle. Uh, that's possible, but we don't We have just a cabinet, so we will make our all introduction Eri a tray. We will make our own contractionary train on which is, uh, to just called by they friend shapes. So we want for our introduction to have sex which are very different now because I don't have the introduction Erik trade. I will use the one empty square which is up, and oh, this shapes up breaks because the Children will love the flower shake which is quite riff oil. They will love that and they will Love was a funny name for that. So we have to so cool we have the question for and they are really different. Let's look for a triangle Which triangle should be is we should use one which is as even as possible And the triangle where all the sides are same length This seems interesting So we have a circle where the triangle which all all the sites are the same and will have the quit before This is about temples Oh, we could have the square and teach the charts the words quick And now we could decide on Ida having a narrow rectangle toe teach the chanter with Rex tumble are we can make it fun and used Where is our dart? Because the darkness so different the dart or the kite because they're very different on that. It would be easy to start with, So we have comp resting shapes. In this case, we have five shapes. I believe personally that if a child is straight 3.5 is old. And to start with us, you could have the, um you could have five shapes. They might have heard words like so called triangle, but it might not have heard square dark. So we bring this only this tray into the classroom, and we're not. We don't have the full cabinet. We don't have the full cabinet. We don't want the full Cabinet. For the moment we have these on you. Put them on the shelf. Just as a practical life exercises on the it's interesting that yellow is the color that draws Children. Children love yellow, and they're drawn by the yellow color off the frames. So the child from knows already that they can take out the frames as what it can take a train from the shelf, and they can start taking toe wherever they want to work with it and then start to work with it. they might take this. And as this has handles and they have from us, they will start to take it out. India will have a gin, the fun of the Children toe open, open and close, open and close, and that we easily find out. They need to put it exactly back in shape. Back in the shape. Exactly open, he knows. Open, close. This is what small Children like to do, and they can do it with all of them. Open. Close. Oh, pen close. I personally do not believe it's a good idea to let the Children play with the pots in the kitchen, which makes a lot of mess. And dirt and parts need to be hygienic. But this is a very good idea because it's teaching them. It's meeting their need for opening and closing, but it's much more education. It's of open skills open James Um, whenever we work with the Children or we introduce it to them because we said we couldn't meet them in the morning. Say I brought a new material for you and then you showed to them. Look at it. What's the color of deaths? Oh yes, that's yellow. What's the color of those dramatic shapes. Use the word geometric shapes. There are blue. Yes, I consider it very important that all the dramatic ships are blue because it's like a signal, even though it's not a signal color. But they will see other materials that are blue. Then they will note about geometry. And that's easy. So you can ask him. That's blue, right? You know, a lot of ready who knows the name off this dramatic shape. What's the name of this? And then you show it to them like this. So did see only the ship. It's a circle, right? It's a circle ride. Who knows the name of us you showed to them so they will see only the ship and they might say something else. But you said it is. That's almost correct. You could say yes, they also have four corners, but you tell them it's a square. This shape is cold square. Who can show me this square you lead? I'm sure it is. Quite God do that with a three period lessons and teach them square circle part quite a foot triangle. Um, you might want Teoh. You might not want to use the precise name for this triangle from the beginning because it's too long. But then you need to burn in mind that you have to introduce it to the Children later and talent. It has another name. So a signal that the friends from other triumph that is what you might, uh, that is what you might need to tell the Children. Now that's up to you, but it's nice. If there that's a square, then you could as well say That's an equity lateral triangle. Equity lateral triangle. Andi, I want to chest, I tell you. A small hint in nameless English is one of the languages which is today world. What we use English for science. All scientific communication is in English, and publications are in English. But unfortunately, English is not a precise language, a tall, um. So when whatever you can do to make the English language more precise, do it because to tell the Children that triangle and the leg do you tell them it's an EC electoral triangle. And that's maybe just a few days later because the Children so excited to work with that to introduce more trying most of them that's not such a good idea, because I will ask you, Why didn't you tell us from the beginning? And always come with those intelligent Children who ask a lot of question and especially three years, four years is the nature where they ask a lot of why questions. And you want to avoid that? No, If you have these five shapes, you can, um, height one of the shapes under a under a plot and let the Children feel and guess which one you have hidden and that they should feel it. And then I say, That's that so cool. That's the square and they just field. Now All of the matters are made from Beachwood, quite heavy, strong and the more they hold it in their hands. And they feel, no matter how they feel it, what they do with it that is teaching them about the qualities of those geometric shapes. So don't don't you ever stop them when they try to feel Also, what's interesting is about these shapes. The circle you concern it inside, but the key lateral triumph. You can also turn it, and if they find it by themselves, that's much better, because next time they work with triangles that will find only with a collateral title. They can do it. And this is why, from the beginning used the precise words it will have them. The question for you cannot return this square you contar now. And that's all intelligent games, All intelligent Experian has to do with that, and it works. But this one, only this way it works. There's no other way. You cannot turn it, so that's only one You can turn, but it's easy to find. Draw the attention off the kids, let them touch it. Maybe when you introduce you tuck, you touch yourself. You showed him that you try it out. How to touch it. It's called Dark Bend. It's sharp. It has an acute edge here. Set them, um, so if they enjoy this the next day, the day after next, after two or three days, you can exchange those shapes so you can exchange the square. Where is my for the next Congo? You exchange it for the narrow thanks fungal you can exchange. That's a start for a curved, linear triable, and now it's up to you. If you want to exchange all of them or only some of it doesn't. The core Plinio triangle exchanged with triangle, but them may be deceptive. It's nice. You can exchange the triangle with a kite. And as as the copy neck is in your story, the Children do not see it. They can't know that there are so many off those shapes there. It will be a discovery for them. You know, I'm actually changing. Making slight their friends is, as you can see, right All round. Yeah, circle became a narrow in this the rectangle all sites the same Kim and narrow rectangle. The 80 lateral triangle. This looks like a triangle because of those actions, but it has four edges now. Became a kite. The very narrow dark became a curved linear triangle, which is a special shape. And now let's exchange the quest for with the foot. Mm, yeah, we could put maybe this the Pentagon. Actually, it's long so important what you use to start with its only important that they are contrasting shapes Now, As you can see, the tray of now composed is not as contrasting as the 1st 1 I had. They look more similar then. My first trade but their child have been practicing with the first trade, and they come back to the class from the next day. They might want toe a deal and and experiment with the trade I have seen the other day, or for two days or three days, and now they will find this and it might come to you and tell you this is not what has been there. These are the friend. There's no so called there is no square. Where is the equilateral triangle? And where's the where's the Quetta foil? And then your talent exchanged them. Those are also geometric shapes. You can allow them today with it. You can ask them, How are they different? This is round these around, but it has cornice, and you tell them the right names again and let them deal with it with it. If you find that they love the law, you could also do something else you could make to trace with contrast ing shapes and place them beside each other on the shelf, not get putting the whole cabinet there, but having through two trays with six shake as with six shapes each. All in all, 12 shapes um, contrasting shapes. And then, uh, they have more opportunity to experiment with it before you give them in the three trays and then the whole cabinet, Make sure always use the right words for whatever you do. 43. NEW! How to make Sandshapes from Acrylic Paint: I want to show you one easy way. How to make sandpaper, letters, sandpaper shapes and sandpaper numbers. It's very easy. It's very low cost, and it's quite fast because we're in the sensory area. I've prepared shapes, which I've simply printed out on cardboard. Little bit sicker paper. I've already laminated them to make the surface perfectly smooth. Um, it's perfectly smooth, but I need something rough because it should have learned with the ref and smooth boards with a touch boards toe trace the rough parts on a smooth board. Now these are cards don't boards, but nevertheless, this can work out very well. Check what I'm doing. I have some, uh, structural pain. This is part of the acrylic paint. You find it in an art store or craft store. Um, when you find acrylic paintings very often have a structuralist. Ah, very rough structure. And his rest structure is being made by using this special type of acrylic paint, which is being mixed with acrylic paint with regular acrylic paint. Now I'm going to use food color to mix my structure pain with because food colors a very strong color on. I want this to be very dominant to give me a really rough surface, so I have to mix this type of pain. It's a paste almost like plaster and have to mix this paint with my food, color and food color. It's really if you want to die something through it, through be the go or anything. This is a very strong type off die. You need less than with any Adam dye or paint. CF. Just put a little, and it's already very purple. I could have used Um, See, this is light purple, but I wanted to be a little bit stark up, so I will use more off them. Food, color and more is really just like adding salt to a dish you don't need much at all to make a very good, nice and dark color. The cheapest source for food color. Our Asian food stores Indians towards Filipino stores, any Asian food stores. Um, the food color is the cheapest there. Miles is from just a regular supermarket, and this is why it's not very good quality that Asian food colors really high quality. And you just need very, very little in order to have a nice, uh, die and that a source for buying food color is our pharmacies there Also by that, as you can also buy them there Not very expensive, but also not as strong as the Asian colors. And I'm just saying that this is too light for me. So in spite of from me wanting this structural pain to predominant, this is not a purple enough for me. I will add some acrylic paint to make it more blue. Like all the dramatic shapes a blue And, uh, yeah, let me show you how this works. We're having the acrylic paint here. I'm always buying the bigger, um, the bigger ports. Lynne, call it like this because I need a lot for my on my crafts projects. And now, as you can see, the acrylic paint is in. It's not such a dark blue, but as I'm mixing it with a purple it will turn are pitiful. Sea food color is fine. It's also possible toe add salt to give it more structure. You can add sands to give it more structure. All of this will work out to make it real sand paper letters. So this is a structural paint very thick Um, What I'm going to do is there is another way. You don't mix it with sand, sand or sold. You put the sand or sold on it. You sprinkled on it when you have already painted it on that it will really look like sand paper. Although it's not paper just painted and so fast, let me show it this to you. So you see the corrective sand. I prefer it for this work to the salt because I'm going to sprinkled on pop and I wanted to be died. I don't want it to look white because my background is white and that's why I Sprinkle it on top. So let me show this to you. I'll start with them. Squid You can see this is a very thick paint. The tricky part of this work is to make an exact square, so you see that it's very first painted but painted exactly. It's not so easy, and that will show you two methods. No, I'm having now a square with a create structural paint. If I let it dry, I would already feel the structure here. But in order to strengthen this feeling, this rough touch feeling and then to Sprinkle order sand. And if it goes to the sides, that's not a problem, because only where the pain it is the sun would do. Where there is no paint, it can't remains. So I would just wipe it off afterwards or blow it off. And that's a technique from acrylic painting. Actually, that's a really art technique. It looks weird now because it's everywhere, but once I shake it off, you will see the very nice myself. Of course, I let it dry before shaking it off, so that's one way of doing it. What I would do now. Yes, I just let it dry and then I'll just shake off where the smooth parties it's not staying there. Then I have my sand shapes. I will now show you a second method, and for this matter, I will mix. It's directly into the paint, so the same sand I'm using, I mix it into the paint, which is given if which is giving even more structure to the paint. It's already a rough thing, but with some sand in, it's becoming perfectly rough on those of this is a typical technique from a free as for acrylic painting. Those who know predict painting and you can hear it. And as you've also seen, it's quite a lot of mixed in. I could have used regular sand I could have used sold. Sold also works perfectly, and I think I would just leave it like this. I want to do my circle with this now. It's tricky. Just feel the Super Bowl, so I would go several rounds because I don't want to get go outside of the blue, and that's harder with this. Type off with this technique, then with the other techniques. If ever you were nervous. If this was stick to your background to your surface, you might also want to make some good. Your paint that would make it did. That will give it another structure. Stewart will make it. Yeah, it would change. The structure will also make it rough. I've done this type of sandpaper letters by just using glue and sold that also works so where I'm not careful. I need to clean that the way right away. I need to clean it because I want my shapes to look need when they're I want to be careful enough clean this off. I want to. I wanted to be perfect. Try again, Can see even this was a little dry, but it's still coming off. And, um, I hope you can see this now that this is really looking perfect. It's not it. Then I would go over it again, and then I give it time to dry before using it. The best you might want to do is if you want to do send paper, let us in this way. You print them with just regular black, uh, paint on the on peak cardboard and blue cardboard. If you want to do send paper numbers, he breaks the numbers. See on green cardboard you laminate, and then you just there. You just do. This painting job takes a little patience to really make it perfectly, but I cannot show you it's faster than cutting. It's coming very nice team, so it's almost then still need to clean a little here and a little deer before using, I would use a nail polish remover toe perfectly kill, and it's not it completely dry. You can scratch it so you could use also a knife to scratch it off. Where It's not perfectly done, then. Well, uh, I hope you can see the very rough structure my sandpaper shapes for you to compare. This is the one where I Sprinkle the sand on top. It's still not dry. It looks more like send the sand will stick to it more. And this is the one where I have mixed with the sand. Mixing the sand makes the scent toe stick on it more permanently, um, to make it gluey and sticky. More mixed clue into your mixture just regular flu. You could also mix glue in tow this mixture, and then one last way to do this is instead off painting them. You could cover this with glue and Sprinkle. Send on eight. This works perfectly, but I find it a little expensive because you really need so much glue in order to, um, cover the shapes completely. This is why using this paste acrylic paint paste is really, um, much, much, much cheaper. Good, That was it. And now no more excuse do you sandpaper shapes, numbers and letters off course. You could use the same technique to do your rough and smooth patch boards, and many, many other things were The Children should detect texture 44. NEW! Sandtray Shapes: this materialists also about shapes. After having practiced sandpaper shapes and tracing the sandpaper shapes, the child can try to do free shapes in the sand. The advantages if they don't succeed exactly beautiful, like the model, the chalk and always wipe away and try again. So there is no permanent, um, Miss lock or no permanent ever. The errors will be corrected by wiping. Descend again, I do have is a trade, no handless, no holes for handles and send. This is decoration with the correct descend on the chosen yellow, which reminds the child off the geometric cabinet, and I'm having cards printed out and lemonade carts would the shades off the scent of the geometric cabinet. So these chips are exactly the sheds, which are also found in the geometric cabinet, and they look like the extension cards for the geometric cabinet. On that, I'm using them for my role model. So I presented like this on the shelf. The child takes out the cars and puts in the first cart. Now the child can check how to do the shape. This is, uh, so called a little child. Does it several times perfect. But after the charges. Court has done it on. Do it up here, take the next one. Squid, Squid Jon is happy. Do it. Take the next try and the child might say or not say Most important, you will drop now. Another skint. The child will draw with his finger, and it's easier to use the finger for writing, stretching out and right then to use three fingers on right using a two. So it's easy to succeed. A perfect try Amber with a finger, then to make a try. Umber with, um pendency on a paper. So this is the first step, and if it has not succeeded, the child can just do it on and do it again. Now what you can see this time my try Amber Being the child in this video, it's much more narrow than the triangle, a role model. But it's a triumvirate looks quite perfect, and for child that is doing this type of exercise. This is already a very well done triangle, which most kids in this age will not be able to do on paper. But a child sees a triangle, and it's happy that he has succeeded to do what is there. Maybe the chart looks says, Maybe that's a perfect fence on does it and tries it again, and this time makes it wider. The sand feeling the sense the roughness off the sand is also helping the child to develop sign ups is in the brain, which writing or drawing with a crayon or felt been does not. So the sun is healthy synapses in the brain to develop, which helps a child in perception and intelligence intelligence. But right thing with a Korean does not do the same thing. So this work is more effective than the If it gave the child a pencil or a cream on those, other child will be able to trace thes things much earlier. Then, if we gave him a crayon off felt pen because it's harder to handle a tool than to work with the hands. So earlier. Encouragement. Good mood about drawing, and that will help the chop further towards developing written language 45. THe Blue Geometric Solids: This is another exciting material which is teaching the kids a lot about geometry. It's a dramatic material. This is why the solids I blew in the geometric cub in that the two of that mentioned the figures or shapes have been blue, or the our view and the dramatic selects, which are three dimensional. They are also blue, and this material can be introduced as well at a very early stage from three years old, 3.5 or four years old. Because it's very easy to begin with, Maria Montessori put this also into her since Arial a curriculum. But as the Children will learn to calculate and to draw all these solids, this is a material which also has its space for school, even many school. When the Children are older and this is on the curriculum for them to learn, the's silence will help them a lot for the kindergarten age, so the 3 to 6 years old auditory to eight years old. It's very nice if these solids can be made from wood because a touch it's nice there quite heavy, and it's so nice to have it in the hand and toe touch it. Actually, when I'm teaching my classes and and I'm teaching, those sides always have one of them in my hand because the touch is so nice. So what it's all about now, if the Children take out the box with the solids and open it and try to find out what is there, all they will do is experiment with them, and there are some of them. They look alike, but they're not alike, and they don't fit to each other. For example, this pyramid, it's, um, Square Pyramid looks like this triangular prism, but enough it to each other. I can't, for example, put this on this one. It doesn't fit. No. Children were often they're used to playing with building blocks, and they heard a dramatic Silex have some similarity with the building blocks, although they're not building blocks but over the Children because I've seen building blocks or they have seen other Children using building blocks won't do it. They could put that a square pyramid on the kids. They could put the square pyramid on the rectangular prism. They could put the rectangular prism on the cube and the square pyramid on top of it. it would look like a tower. There will be very happy. But actually what they have been doing is experimenting with three dimensional solids with shapes. But their three dimensions. This is why we call them solids. They have been experimenting with those solids and finding out without us telling them it's their human need, their tendency of exploration that the base off the pyramid is a square, just as the base of the cube is a square and the base off the rectangular prison Mrs Square . And in order to highlight that more, we have some bases here on. The Children can try out which which of the silence fits our fit on which base. And for me it's really fascinating, because when I was a kid, I was never told anything about those solids, and it's much later in school. I needed to learn them, and I don't think that this is a good idea, because Children are surrounded by things that have those shapes. So it's natural to deal with them and to learn the correct words for them to experiment with them and through the experimenting, they get to know the characteristics off each shape exploration experimentation, and they find out more about their environment and the characteristics of their environment . This is why I very much believe in using these dramatic solids for young Children, if ever they haven't used them when they were young, Um, and they're not in school already. Please bring them to school and let them experiment and try out before you ask them to calculate, to measure or to draw any off those even for drawing in art class when they want to draw power or house. It's so nice if they have been dealing with those solid and as they're all blue, there is no distraction from whatever. Um, now this space. It's a square because it's a sick lining, like we have seen that from the geometric cab inet, a square with a sick lining. It looks so small and this one as its three dimensional. It looks so big, and so just from the eye without experimenting, one would see to think that this doesn't fit, but it fits. I've lined them up before starting the video. This fits on what's interesting, and this is particular about the cube. Each side is a base because each side is the same and this is really a special characteristic 40. Keep something. Children should start toe be ableto also express with our language saying every side of the keep each side of the keep they're all the same. I light the rectangular prison. This side doesn't fit on, but this side fits on on this side fits on two sides fit on. But this square pyramid Ali, one side fits on. So we have the cube. Six of the six sides faces the as we get off. This site fits on the same base the rectangular prism. Two sides fit on the base. But the pyramid on only one side fits on the base. That's the base that fits on the base. No, we have a triangle is here. All the sides have the same sort of the same length. And, um, we have I put it so you can see better, but actually that triangle a triangle area prism that's also prison two sides fit on it. And every time I'm doing this, it's surprising me. This looks so small to me, but it perfectly fits at the domestic side of the triangular prism. Also fits of two sides fit on the base. But the triangular pura me. That's those A pyramid. Only the base fits on the base. Only one side fits on the base. We have here a circle for the cylinder. Two sides fit on the base. But for the cone, only one side fits on the base. We have do more ships would you have not been using? We have a rectangle and we have a different type off triangle. Let's see of this. If there is something which can fit fun the rectangle let's first try the rectangle. So obviously the rectangular prison four sides fit on this space. So four sides fit on this base. I place it like this as it fits. Do we have another solid which fits on this space? And this is a really hard question for Children. Um, if they don't do not know, that's this one. That is this one. They don't find which one. You let him try out each of the solids and the one that is covering it fully. I would encourage him to turn it round, So if they try, try it out. They will eventually find out that the triangular prism fits on it on three sides of this prison fit on this space. So we have the rectangular prism. Four sides fit on this base and we have the triangular prism. Three sides fit on this best. Then we have the more point it triangle Which of this silence could fit on the space? Andi Hopefully the Children will see that those sides off the two pyramids have two pyramids. They would fit there if they don't let them try out each of the solid until they find which one fits. So we have one Dio three. We're three sides that fit on this space off the triangle A prison on when you happened to work with the Children. With this material, please use the exact right words for each off. This geometric shapes used the exactly right words so that the Children would get to use to those words in their sensitive period for language. Is there another solid that sits on this best? Let's see. This looks like it. No, it doesn't. It's too big. In the shape is the French. There is another pyramid on the pyramid. This pyramid has four sites that fit on this space So we have a rectangular prison. We have a triangle at Prison and Cube, two pyramids and triangular pyramid and, uh, square pyramid it with a cone on a cylinder. But now we have three more solids which do not have a base. They don't fit on any base, and the Children might want to roll them around. Or maybe they will even roll away by themselves because they around this. Andi, you could explain the return because around they can't fit on any face that always roll roll away. Now this is not a ball. Even that's rolling. It is fear, and it because it can't stand on any base. If we if they are very curious, you could tell them they would there standing in one point. But nobody can stand on one point. This is why we need to support it, and I have a support that's not a base. You see, that's a support, so it will not roll away. That is a sphere sphere. Let me push the other ones back so you can see them. This is a sphere. Now what about the other round ones? They can even turn around, like thus that can also grow. I'm this one looks like an egg. It's called a Voight called over. Then he couldn't even turn around. Can turn around if every Children are a little bit older or if they ask your question. If the egg has a shape like this order, if they rub you eggs, you could talk to them that the shape of the egg was made like this by God, because if ever an egg I was blown with a strong wind, it will turn around like this, and it will not roll away like this easily, although it can rolls if it's on a flat grounds. This will also roll. It's also a round shape. When it's rolling. It's a round shape. This one can also not stand. This is why doesn't have a base. We will give it a stand to stand on so we can look at it. It's much longer than the sphere this isn't avoid, and then we have one more and the lip sweet, and this one can also roll. And it's kind of road around not as well as the egg. As the avoid of the Children say egg. That's fine, you say Yes, we call this over in Germany tree, which means actually, Ed, if we translated. If the Children called his ball, they have understood what it is because the ball is round. But you call its fear, he said. Yes, the ball has the same has the shape of a sphere. Now canda, ellipse sweets that no, it falls down, laying on one side, so we also need a stand for the overweight. You will find out that young Children will just experiment with these solids, putting them on the basis, trying to find out, trying to build towers and building. That's not the purpose of this mature, but the building helps them to understand the correct correct a risk taker so that the cylinder and the cone have around a base, and seeing the base like this helps them to understand it's a circle. Later, when they get to know the gym as a germ, a tree in school, they will need to calculate this, and I will need to name what's the shape? What's the base off us cylinder? And if they have been experimenting, there will know it. These two a presence they can birth, fit on this, but they can't fit. You can't do anything like this. Doesn't work because it will roll down. No, that doesn't work. But this works, but they might even want to build something. Then they will tell you I've built that church or I'm building a town. I'm having a tower on two houses and you will tell them. Yes. That's exactly the the shapes that are being used to build the front types of houses. Now, if they build something like this, Rick, with the rectangular shape, many houses have really this cheap. You could, um when you go for what? For example, look for houses which looked like this. And at the houses, which looked like best. The roof has a completely different shape. But the Children will become aware off these, um, solids off their shapes and of the different characteristic of this. And this is the main purpose. The second purpose is for you to give them the language day need in order to describe the solids that is round smooth. Um, then you have, eh? Geez. You have birth desist. You have. This is also around. Whatever is wrong. Confirmed Now the Children might say Oh, this is also rolling. Is it goes around? Yes. I'm Conus. Also around five. You test? Uh, that's right. It control. But it has on edge and it hasn't based. Is the sell in the round? Yes. Kind of. Droll. Yes. What is wrong? Can roll. What is not wrong. Cannot brought the cylinders also around. But it has two bases. So whenever you work with a kid, let encouragement experiment and give them the language they need. If they work alone, let them working alone and experiment with the basis They might even come up and try to turn around the cone. Understand? But it still doesn't work. They might ask you, but this has old standing on one point. Yeah, back because the shape is different. So you give them the language, then also feeling it like this is a very nice experiment. So when the Children are familiar with all the names for all the geometric solids, we're not putting the bases away for a moment. They're familiar with all the names off the dramatic solids. You could be hiding them, uh, under, um, a blanket or a Skaff. Something sick enough so they can't see it on bacon. Touch one under the under the blanket and they won't tell you what they're touching. And now, day by now they know this is if it's under a blanket, they can. I can show you if you put a blanket. This is why I am leaving it open. In this case, I take out all the stands and all the bases hold the stands and basis of gone. And I have a blanket on. The soldiers are under the blanket on the carpet on the Children put their two hands under the blanket. But I'm not having because you and then they start toe touch. This time, the concentrations on the feeling that will see there are two round, flat part. They can roll it. Andi, if they're able to say this is the lender, they have really understood the characteristic off the cylinder. Then if they touch this fear and it's all around to saying the same, the same bill and they're able to say fear, they have understood the characteristic office fear compared toa on a lips weed aren't over weight, and they should be able to know this is has the same both sides are the same. Where s one side is Ah, more narrow, more pointed, and the other it's more roundish and all these have sharp edges, and triangles are involved in all of these three to our pyramids, one is a prison try. All have triangle shapes. Tow them and they should be able toe patch and see. This has three's biggest sides, and there is one triangle to a second, trying that these two sides are flat, which makes it the prison. Two sides off Let, which makes it a prison. One pointed edge. One pointed edge, which makes it appear a meat. This has appointed edge, but it doesn't make it a pyramid. It's a cone because there are no other edges. Undecideds round, it's roamed. Everything is wrong. This one edge, that's a pyramid. And then they should also be able to feel that decide is longer. This is what makes it. The rectangular prism was this is a cube or everything is the same. I have a feeling them, and being so aware and so conscious off the differences between the different solids and shapes is a very hard exercise. But do not forget they have been working with the novelists Elinor's with cylinder blocks with the brand stairs and pink power all of those materials already. So they have already gathered, Um, good. Her foundation concerning three dimensional shapes, three dimensional, solid street dimensional would wooden shapes. And this is why when at this moment they they are supposed to feel them, there will be able to do it and it will be work, very work up very well. There is someone to sorry teachers who believe that the Children should just see the shapes . Um, but I think this is too strict because just seeing you could also just have pictures. That effect is not is not at all the same and touching them, feeling them and experimenting with them is what will lead him to understand the real and the true characteristics of the material and which will make it so, so, so, so special now above the basis about the basis you could use the basis because they have made from wood, and that's one of each shape. You could also use the basis as, um feeling the square, the rectum go the soco and so on. They are only hopes there only five, the friend ones. So it's not so hard, and they could also be felt and named with the correct shapes. That's possibly even though the learning the main learning, cold hearted, three dimensional solid. But as they already there, the June should be sure to name them with the correct names so you could use it also for the same exercise. After the Children are done, everything has to be put into this wooden box. And as I've told you already, Children love to, um, put things in and out, and this is why we have the boxes. Um, it's very important. Each thing has their own books. We don't share boxes for several things. Each material has their own books on only one maturity, one box, and this is what makes it easy to clean up when you have just one mature in one box, it's easy to see one has to go where on the Children have. It's very easy for them cool to clean up like this, and this has also cover, and now I put it back into the shelf and it's ready for my friends 46. Extensions for the Blue Geméometric Solids : three discard sets are a very good possibility to strengthen the knowledge off the names off the geometric solids. My other names off. Other solids, which might not be in the sets that the Children have been using, might be also introduced here to Rectangular, Prism Square, Pyramid Cylinder, triangle, a pyramid, triangular prism, tourists, FIA. The advantage is that the Children also get used to seeing these solids on a two dimensional paper being just printed there. Another way to strengthen and deepen the knowledge of the Children about those shapes is finding everyday objects or pictures with everyday objects, which had Children have to sort toe. The shapes, for example, dices to the cube or the skyscraper toe, the rectangular prison or back tree toe the cylinder. There are many, many more possibilities of shapes which Children could sort toe the geometric silence, rial objects at first and pictures later to make the understanding more abstract. Children who have been working for quite a while with a dramatic solids and know them very well and already ableto count and no also, the genetic shapes the two dimensional geometric shapes well, so they must be able to. They must be familiar with the geometric solids they must be able to read to count and also no different names off the different geometric shapes for these Children. And next exercise might be very useful. This exercise. It is also very, very helpful for Children in school toe. Understand how the different geometric solids are different from each other, and what are the characteristics? Let's go through them. We want to know something about the Cube. The name is Cube at Cube has 12 edges and consists of six squares with aid, worked, assists and six faces. The rectangular prism has also six faces. Eight work to says, but two squares and for rectangles, also 12 edges. And the name is rectangular prison. Now, if, um, the Children can sort thes cards with a different characteristics toe each dramatic solids , they will really understand how different or how similar thes geometric solids are. So let's look at them. The cube and the rectangular prism both have 12 Ng's. They're the only ones with 12 edges. The triangle, a prism, has only nine edges. That, uh, yeah, the triangle. A pyramid six edges the rectangle, a pyramid, eight edges and so on. and there are also solids which do not have edges at all. They are completely roundish that three solids which do not have edges, have different names. They are sphere A lips within over it, no edge. We can't design a shape off the surface. They don't have any ver tous and they have only one face, so they are quite similar in their characteristics. But looking at them, they looked there. Friend, it's interesting. The cone has two faces, 11 work ticks and one edge, and the shapes which make up those solids. The two dimensions shape which may accept them. They are also quite different. We'll have to. Triangular based pyramid is made up off four triangles. Where is the rectangular based pyramid is made of off one square and four triangles. So plus one, these cards can be prepared fitting toe the solids, which you have on the Children should sort him. It's important that you use different colors for the different characteristics that you want the Children to sort, so it is a little bit easier. This is the neck and challenging exercise, but a very, very useful one. In order to understand this concept, off the different faces much better. It's good to do some crafts, so print out the shape on the flat paper. Best is to use blue paper as the solids are blue and let the Children make create those solids by themselves, and they can experiment the 123456 faces off the cube and the rectangular prison off course . We would need some extra space by this sides to be able to glue them together in an easier way. All the geometric solids, which have edges and purchases, can be created. The triangle based Pyra meat, the square paste, Pyra meat, the cylinder and even the cone can be made from paper. Use cardboard, which is not too hard or paper, which is a little bit sicker. And this can work out very, very well. Have fun.