Editorial Photography: Capturing Subjects in the Studio | Dylan Coulter | Skillshare

Editorial Photography: Capturing Subjects in the Studio

Dylan Coulter, Photographer and Director

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About This Class

Photographer Dylan Coulter is known for shooting intense, high-action photos of athletes, politicians, and the comedians we love. Go behind-the-scenes with Dylan on a real studio shoot as he explores the creative prompt for "adrenaline," capturing an intense portrait, motion with multiple exposure, and an object-based photograph—three of his favorite techniques. Perfect for anyone with a DSLR who wants to see the creative side of photography at work, this class will expand the way you approach, create, and edit every photo.





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Dylan Coulter

Photographer and Director

Dylan Coulter is a photographer and director in Brooklyn, New York. He was most recently featured in American Photography 30 and Photo District News Photo Annual. He's worked with ESPN, the New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, Adidas, Virgin America, Nike, BBDO, and Wieden + Kennedy.

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