Editorial Illustration: Learn what it takes in just 3 days. | Ed J Brown | Skillshare

Editorial Illustration: Learn what it takes in just 3 days.

Ed J Brown, Illustrator, Typographer

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10 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introductions

    • 2. An Outline of the Days to Come.

    • 3. Day One: A Director Calls: How to Get Work and Respond to Art Directors

    • 4. I'm So White and Wordy: Analysing the Article

    • 5. My Process and Why You Shouldn't Care About Style

    • 6. Sketching Out Your First Draft

    • 7. Don't Panic, Coping With Mental Blocks

    • 8. Day Two: Submitting and Critiquing

    • 9. Day Three: Finalising Your Illustration

    • 10. Congratulations Beautiful People

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About This Class

For all you guys and girls out there who are new to illustration, or for artists who want to try your hand at an editorial brief, I am pouring all my knowledge and hard learned facts into this 42 minute class that will guide you through everything. From tips on how to get work, responding to editors, sketching methodologies, dealing with mental blocks, coming up with a unique style of your own and finalising a totally bad ass piece of editorial illustration.

There will be plenty of thrills, and thanks to my incessant tea drinking, spills!

My name is Ed J Brown, and I've been practising illustration for over 7 years now. I've had failures and I've had triumphs, take my hand and lets have a big old learn shall we?



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Ed J Brown

Illustrator, Typographer

"I really like Ed J Brown's work,
stretching, as it does, from the
vernacular of Barnum and Bailey
& Billy the Kid to the landscapes
of the Steppes via the urban stomp
of Berlin.

Let him loose on your projects
and rejoice in the wild colour
and wicked line."

-Martin Colyer, Readers Digest

Ed is a UK illustrator based in Leipzig, Germany. He's worked with lots of people - check his website and see.

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