Editorial Design: Creating a document that speaks to readers | Steph F. ~ A Brand Apart Design | Skillshare

Editorial Design: Creating a document that speaks to readers

Steph F. ~ A Brand Apart Design, Freelance Designer & Coffee Guzzler

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11 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Editorial Design Intro

    • 2. Chp1 - What's Out There Now

    • 3. Chp2 - Grids & Guides

    • 4. Chp2b - Drawing Grids Over Magazines

    • 5. Chp3 - Getting Started

    • 6. Chp4a - My Process: Moodboard

    • 7. Chp4b - My Process: Setting Up the Document

    • 8. Chp4c - My Process: Timelapse - Fast

    • 9. Chp4d - My Process: Timelapse - Slow With Voiceover

    • 10. Chp4e - My Process: The FInal Document

    • 11. Chp5 - Your Project!

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About This Class

A lot of classes dealing with designing magazines or documents focus on the software - InDesign, etc. - and not so much on how to actually design a layout and aesthetic for your particular purpose.

My class will deal more with the actual design, covering basics like mood boards, showing examples of grids and designs from existing magazines, and then going through a time lapse of me designing a promotional booklet from scratch during a timelapse.

This course will be target towards those looking to work on
- lifestyle magazines
- corporate documents
- product catalogues
- menus
- portfolios
or any type of document, as they really follow similar foundational aspects before branching off into their own realm.

** This is my first class, so any comments or feedback on how to improve for my next one would be greatly appreciated! ** :)

I have attached the .pdf version of the document I designed here - please feel free to pass it on to anyone and help spread the awareness about the impact of palm oil on the environment and orangutan population. To access it, go to Your Project and find the link in the right menu. Thank you!