Editorial Design: Creating a document that speaks to readers

Steph F. ~ A Brand Apart Design, Freelance Designer & Coffee Guzzler

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11 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Editorial Design Intro

    • 2. Chp1 - What's Out There Now

    • 3. Chp2 - Grids & Guides

    • 4. Chp2b - Drawing Grids Over Magazines

    • 5. Chp3 - Getting Started

    • 6. Chp4a - My Process: Moodboard

    • 7. Chp4b - My Process: Setting Up the Document

    • 8. Chp4c - My Process: Timelapse - Fast

    • 9. Chp4d - My Process: Timelapse - Slow With Voiceover

    • 10. Chp4e - My Process: The FInal Document

    • 11. Chp5 - Your Project!

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Project Description


For your assignment, choose a topic you're passionate about and create a multi-page brochure or booklet about it. This could be anything from a catalogue to a flyer or a short story done as a magazine article. You can also design your own portfolio. 


  1. Start by uploading a demo showing a drawing of grids over existing magazines. This is optional, but it might help you to plan your layout for your own document.
  2. Post your topic or what you plan to design, and a link to a Pinterest board showing the images you'll be using for reference.
  3. Start your layout in InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop or any other program you're comfortable with.
    • Before adding content, you can do the entire composition using dummy text and placeholder images. This is often a more freeing way of designing the spreads without being too confined by the actual content.
    • Other times the content makes a different in terms of how you will put each page together, so it's really personal preference.
  4. Post your final project, either as a jpg mockup of the document, or upload your file to your Google drive and post the link in your project.

I would love to see any steps during your process and am happy to answer any questions or provide feedback along the way!

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