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4 Videos (31m)
    • Edit a silent, square social video on your mobile phone

    • Add subtitles subtitles to your smartphone video - Android and iPhone!

    • Advanced Audio editing in iMovie- J cuts

    • Add a watermark logo to your iPhone video project - Brand your content!


About This Class

  • Add subtitles to your smartphone videos!
  • Add watermarks to your mobile videos.
  • Edit a silent and square video - perfect for social media.

Theses lessons are just a small part of the huge collection of video tutorials available at the http://www.SmartFilmSchool.com - which feature certificate courses in smartphone filmmaking.

From travel to journalism to real filmmaking - Gain confidence and find your inner Spielberg with our step-by-step courses.





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Robb Montgomery

J-school professor, MOJO author and filmmaker.

Robb Montgomery has taught more than 10,000 people, just like yourself, how to make great-looking video stories with small cameras and smartphones.

His workshops and courses are used by reporters at CNN, The New York Times, Reuters, BBC, RT? Ireland TV, and many public broadcasters like VRT in Belgium and Mediacorp in Singapore.

His Smart Film School video courses are required for every student at the EFJ journalism school in France. FH Journalism School, Notre Dame and the Dan...

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