Editing photos for Instagram using Photoshop

Jésabel DC, Entrepreneur + Traveller

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5 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Get off of Picmonkey and take your social media shots to the next level!

    • 2. The Wrinkle & Blemish Remover tool

    • 3. The Clone tool

    • 4. The Nip Tuck tool

    • 5. You're ready for Photoshop!


About This Class


Hey gang!

If you're new to my classes, WELCOME! I like to teach short classes with loads to learn in. I've got a short attention span, so I teach the same way I'd like to learn it ;D

If you're still using PicMonkey or any other online editing tool to edit your photos, you need to check out how easy (and better!) it is to be using photoshop instead. It's not this dreadfully difficult thing you'd imagine. If you just want to learn how to do the same things as with Picmonkey, like the Nip Tuck, Wrinkle and Blemish Remover & the Clone tool, doing this on Photoshop is actually easier and faster than doing it on Picmonkey.

If you guys have any questions, write 'em here, or preferably, send me a message on my Instagram! @JESABELDC

And as promised, here's the free trial of Photoshop!

Cheers guys! xo