Editing a music video (Basics) | PJ Manderville | Skillshare
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    • Basic Music Video Editing (For Beginners)


About This Class

This class teaches you the basics of editing a music video by:

1. Syncing music and video efficiently.

2. Using B-Roll Footage or slow motion as fill ins to make you music video more appealing.





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PJ Manderville

Teaching you to add "Color and Life" to your video

I have over 15 years of experience in Videography and Video Editing. I specialize in music videos, weddings, commercials, creative profiles, live events, and online show production. I am focused on the image and the emotion of our media works. I am committed to making the emotional message and genuine color communicated in your videos and photos. I enjoy being the creative mind behind the project, having the eye for detail and emotion, guiding my team and challenging them to produce amazing w...

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