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5 Videos (20m)
    • Introduction

    • Downloading Audacity

    • Noise Removal and Amplification

    • Downloading Hand Brake

    • Encoding Audio File


About This Class

Facing difficulties while editing Audio for your videos?

Not getting your courses approved for Online teaching platforms due to bad audio quality?

Then this Class is for you!

In this Class you will learn step by step with visual tutorials on how to edit your audio for your videos! We will use two important software's:

  1. Audacity
  2. Hand Brake

I will guide you walking you through every step slowly and steadily so you can understand and learn how to edit audio and video like a PRO!

We will be doing the following things:

  • Download our first important software - AUDACITY
  • Download our second important Software - HANDBRAKE
  • Learn how to remove Noise
  • Learn how to Amplify your video Audio
  • Improving your Audio Quality and performing Echo cancellation
  • Using Hand Brake to further enhance our Audio Quality

So why wait?

Enroll now and learn how to edit videos and audio like a professional making your courses eligible to be approved by online teaching platforms!

See you in class!! :-)

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i like it this what i missed in my classes. thanks again
Saad Bekkouche

Saad Bekkouche

Great class... to know how to use Audacity and handbrake. Thanks Ali.
Nuthan Murarysetty

Always Learning and sharing my knowledge to others

Made my life much easier! Thanks Syed!
James S.

Programmer and IT Networking Expert





Syed Ali

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On the other hand, Syed has expertise and experience in all phases of project life cycle namely analysis, design, coding, testing and implementation phases. Moreover, he has experience in working with different operating systems, with keen focus on SharePoint development.

Also has efficiently managed the team and took care in delivering quality deliverable from my team which proved his managerial and leadership skill. Moreover, He has high web developing skills as a web developer and can make websites using WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Additionally, can migrate them from one host to the other. Syed has worked within the following realms:

  • Developed script in Python programming language for 3D mapping using raspberry pi and quad-copter
  • Developed system for processing data in parallel with data collection
  • Redesigned tracking systems to work with tabular data
  • Developed tools in Python for vehicle tracking and post-data-collection processing 
  • Data parsing, statistical analysis


Syed Ali is an entrepreneur running his own life teaching along with Syed Raza on various platforms and mainly on his own website Claydesk - Ecampus.

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