Editing Powerpoint Videos inside a Video Editing Software

Pavel N ⭐, Powerpoint Video Skills

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7 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Editing Powerpoint Videos - Introduction

    • 2. Creating the audio file of the voice over script

    • 3. Synchronizing powerpoint animations and transitions with the audio script

    • 4. Importing files into a Video Editing software

    • 5. Editing and arranging elements on the video-audio timeline

    • 6. Adding sound effects

    • 7. Exporting the final video & Conclusion


About This Class

In this class you will learn how edit Powerpoint videos inside a video editing software. We will use Lightworks here, but it can really be any video editing software as long as you understand how they all work. This is PART 4 of the Powerpoint video course. Please do the other 3 parts before starting this one, otherwise it won't make sense. 

Links to all parts of the Powerpoint video course:

Part 1: Create beautiful video animation with Powerpoint

Part 2: Create animated infographic video with Powerpoint

Part 3: Animating and playing with 3D models in Powerpoint

Part 4: This class

Part 5: Design guidelines for Powerpoint Videos and Recap