Edit Like a Pro! - 2 - Navvy on the Liffey | Joe Houghton | Skillshare

Edit Like a Pro! - 2 - Navvy on the Liffey

Joe Houghton, Passionate about business and photography!

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13 Videos (29m)
    • Edit Like a Pro! - Navvy on the river Liffey, Dublin

    • 2. Edit Like a Pro Series

    • 3. Introduction to our image - Navvy on the river Liffey, Dublin

    • 4. Fix verticals using Transform

    • 5. Crop out distracting elements

    • 6. Tonal range, white and black points

    • 7. Decisions about Clarity

    • 8. Using the Radial Filter

    • 9. Using the Clone Tool

    • 10. Brightening using the Adjustment Brush

    • 11. Localised adjustments - White Balance

    • 12. Final Edits - Subject, Background, Corners

    • 13. Thanks for Watching


About This Class

In this half hour class, I take you through a Lightroom edit of a night shot taken on the South Quays in Dublin Ireland.  This is part of a series of classes - Edit Like a Pro! - where we cover the Lightroom Develop module in detail, and I show you in clear and easy to follow steps how to transform the shots which come out of your camera and make them even better!

Even if you don't use Lightroom, this class will take you through the thought processes and editing options you can apply to any shot like this using any editing software!  I hope you enjoy it - this class is part of a series I will be posting titled Edit Like a Pro! which will cover editing and presenting all kinds of photos at their very best!






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Joe Houghton

Passionate about business and photography!

I'm passionate about helping you improve your business & photography skills.

I've worked in global business for 20 years, and for the past 12 years taught at one of the world's top business school, and my business classes will introduce you to some useful and practical tools to help you plan and run your businesses and projects better.

I also run a photography training company. We all love capturing those wonderful moments, and whatever your camera or skill level, I can help ...

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