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Ecommerce: Research Winning Products To Sell Online On Shopify, Amazon, & Etsy

Adrian Brambila, Ex-Pro Dancer & 7 Figure Entrepreneur

Ecommerce: Research Winning Products To Sell Online On Shopify, Amazon, & Etsy

Adrian Brambila, Ex-Pro Dancer & 7 Figure Entrepreneur

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7 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Intro: Ecommerce Product Research

    • 2. The Happy Winning Product Dance?

    • 3. Why Google Trends Is So Important

    • 4. How to Find a Trending Product

    • 5. How to Find an Evergreen Product

    • 6. Real Research Example Ecommerce Case Study

    • 7. Outro: Always Be Looking... Even in Pokemon!

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About This Class

Learn the proper way on how to research to find winning products that sell on Amazon, Shopify & Etsy. You can be really good at Facebook and Google Ads but at the end of the day the most important skill set is learning how to find products online you can sell that will actually make a profit! 

In this course you'll learn the step by step research method I've used to generate over 7 figures in sales online. Whether you are new to selling online on a platform like Shopify or have been doing ecommerce since the internet was invented I assure you will learn a brand new data drive research process on how to find products.

Meet Your Teacher

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Adrian Brambila

Ex-Pro Dancer & 7 Figure Entrepreneur


- Made $1M in a Year From Internet Side Hustles

- Ex-Pro dancer (T-Pain, AGT, Step Up 3) 🕺

- Over 100K subscribers and 15 million views on my YouTube channel.

Catch my interview on the the official Shopify Masters Podcast for scaling a store from $0 to $18k selling pink beanies.

Hey SkillShare :) 

My favorite thing in life is teaching someone something I know, watching them grow, and then applying it in their life. 

I first became a teacher about 8 years ago when I uploaded my very first dance tutorial. I didn't know it at the time but 300 tutorials later I would have taught over 15 million people how to dance. 

I used to be a professional hip hop dancer for T-Pain but something incredible happened t... See full profile

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1. Intro: Ecommerce Product Research: you want to know what is truly the hardest thing about e commerce, it's actually not running ads at all. I'm being dead serious running Facebook ads or Google ads. It becomes this step by step process where you really just take a new product or new service, that your marketing for your rinse and you repeat. You follow the same steps because you get experience. Now, if you're watching this video, you've never had a sale at all. Then you know that's the confidence part of something. You're gonna get it just a matter of time. But the easy thing that you'll soon find out is running ads. The hard thing is finding a product that people actually want toe by. The research and research, I think, is also a very underrated tool. Most headlines on articles and courses are about scaling, using incredibly sexy, secret Facebook ad techniques. But the truth is, it doesn't matter if you have the craziest techniques on Facebook, the craziest ads and you're testing 100 different things. At the end of the day, people may not just want your product, and it might be the product so researching how to find winning products is arguably, in my opinion, the most difficult thing and challenge that any e commerce or on lounge from your house to get done and learn on their own. And this is where we're going to start to teach you those skill sets. 2. The Happy Winning Product Dance?: What you are about to witness right now is the winning happy product. This man right here may look like the happiest man on earth right now. But let me tell you, the path to get you was long, confusing and very, very expensive, because before this dude knew about how to do product research, right? Basically, he just followed every other person on a Shopify group about how to test products on Facebook. And you know what everyone's doing right now. They're not doing the happy winning product dance they're doing product gambling, product gambling when you throw money at random products on the Internet and cross your fingers and pray that they'll win, But oh, well, this sell this has to sell shiny silver hippo. Oh, this has to be it. Been yet, Guys, everyone loves being at that. Uh, who toot What about? Never mind. If you feel like you're gambling on Facebook, guess what you probably are. But rest assured, we can get you doing that Happy winning product dance in no time. All it takes is research. Let's break it down 3. Why Google Trends Is So Important: this tool right here. Google trends has made me a lot of money, and I hope it brings good fortune to you. It's a combination of a little bit of luck, not luck comes from being one of the first to hear of a trend. Whenever I see an idea that I seen more than once that is popping up on my whether it's instagram feed or Facebook feed or even it's a phone call from my mom, that's like, Hey, have you seen this? It always piques my curiosity, and it literally takes 60 seconds to figure out. Is this trending across the nation or in certain parts that in a way that there's also a consumer trend that goes with it? We're going to dive into, ah, lot of some real strategies on how you can take advantage when the next consumer trend hits . And, uh, you know, the first questions will, when how often does that happen? It literally happens every single day, every single niche, every single event, sports, politics, they're all things that happen on DSO. This trends that I am kind of being fully transparent on on I did as a growth pact just to show for this course on my Facebook feed. I got tagged in a dad bag. I don't know if you are familiar with it, but that was around this time frame, and I looked on Google trends and I'm gonna switch this to the past 30 days now. And you see this crazy spike right here. This is a very, very short trend micro trend on. And although it is short, there's so much money that is made within this peak and even in the after peak right here at this stage on this is a problem on the 27th. Uh, that's where things now everyone knows about the trend. And when you come after the trend, it's a lot more expensive. There's still ways to find success. But I was the first person on the Internet marketing on a search engine for Dad Bag and I had over $5000 in gross sales within the 40 hours which I will show coming up in this course. But really, this tool right here is absolutely amazing when looking at micro trends and macro trends. So what's a macro trend? For example, a macro trend is something that is happening on a larger scale across time. And so, generally speaking, these air are things that are ever green. People have always had an interest in them, but they are slowly on the rise or that fine. So let's take a look at, for example, skateboarding of state boards on now, do any boards and I also do nickel boards. I'll do long boards, and so you can kind of see the trend across everything here. This is the past 12 months and end the green is long boarding, and this is kind of interesting. I don't I wouldn't have guessed this, but it looks like long boarding is since January has been on the increase in search volume , and now is the more popular search terms. Out of all of these fascinating, I would have never guessed that. Let's go back further in time. Let's go back five years in data and let's see here So it looks like the flare of populated penny boards started First, this increase in March 2013. I was not in the penny board business, but that would have been amazing time to get it, because look at the sheer volume that this friend accumulate to and pretty much dominated all search bargain compared to penny boards, nickel boards and long boards. And this is a huge surprise. Now 2017 it is on the decline. Very, very interesting. You can learn so much about the midst that you're in or potential mix that you want to get in doing Google trends. I will usually start here on top of using keyword planner before I do absolutely anything before I treat a logo before I look for products. Before I spent a dollar, I'm spending, with the majority of my time just researching data, and it is time well spent because this can save you lots of money. You may think your ideas really great, but once you go in here, it's no one searching for it, and it will earn lots of money special when it comes to trends. So this is fascinating. Let's clear this up a little bit. Um skateboard, which isn't in the blue, is is in third. It's slow and spirits steady, explode steady, but the long boring is now on the increase. So that's very, very interesting. When you scroll down, get idea on region and where its search. So this is interesting long boarding in Brazil. So that's a heavily dominated term there. While Canada, United States, Argentina, Russia is had a high of 10 boards, you can also take a look at related queries. So boosted boards. That's another one they can take a look at. That's out of curiosity here. So boosted boards compared to long board. How does that side up? Interesting. So now, um, Long boy, which is in the red. So boosted boards did have a peek. Probably cause Casey Neistat. I'm not sure if you know who he is, but, uh, that's how I first rate of them on now. Goose boards actually on the decline. So very, very interesting. I learned something every time I hop on here and I suggest no matter what idea you have, even if you feel like it's a winner, your rate to go right now drop a couple $100 in ads. Hop on over here to Google trends. And then from what you've learned here, place those keywords in keyword planner so you can see how much they cost and then what the long tail phrases are. Ladies and gentlemen, This is the game. This is so important. The foundation of successful campaign comes from using the right search terms and doing the research here. The research is so important. 4. How to Find a Trending Product: to prove to you that there are just tons of opportunities winning products online when it comes to the evergreen and then the trending products. I'm going to try to find one in each category right now, and I have no idea what I'm looking for. I'm gonna walk you through the exact steps of what I would do to find this. Hopefully, it doesn't take an hour. I know Won't. So check this out. So one of the first things I go to, I have a slew of websites, pages, groups and people that I follow on. Some people I followed just for the products that they share because they're always on the cutting edge. Adi mall is a great brand. And check out and let's I want to find something that are in the parents niche. And just by scrolling on two products, I'm going to get a new ideas of what is hot because these places they don't actually make the product. So if you go to any, I just clicked on their link right here, so notice that each one of these is a click on buy on Amazon. So if you're wondering how they're making money is because they haven't affiliate link in. Um, in this when you purchase, if I was to buy something they would get, they would make money off that. So there Ton of places on the internet there. Curator is an affiliate. Sites just like this. And I've provided a list of some of the top places I take a look at. Um, so let's see if we just dig here. Um, okay. The munch mitt. Keep your baby safe. All right? So after I see a product, I think is hot this interesting. And that's all it takes for me to go to the next steps. I would have first check. Is it hot and trending? So what I'll do is go trends and I'll try a I don't know if this will be the right phrase, Munch Mitt. Um, it's almost like a teething. Love would be my second guess. So I'll click Enter, See what happens when you put t ving below. I'll put baby much glove on and OK, so actually much mitt out of all these is the highest. Um, search and what's crazy is just in September 10th this baby no pun intended this this bad baby was trending had a huge peak. So right away that that hits the check box of this for sure is a trending hot product. And again, I don't know what's the time? Five minutes so far that I figured that out. Um, and taking a look at the next level here, someone to figure out where What kind of geo territories in my targeting. Because sometimes it may be trending butts. Not in the United States. You don't always want assume that so for sure, United States, Um, but Australia, Uh and oh, this is interesting. So the search term Munch meant that is what you'd want to target in the United States and the search term TV in glove is how people are searching in Australia and the UK Um, so very, very interesting. Um, I always look here at related queries. If you never view this, it basically gives other types of search phrases that have also trended. And so this is This is awesome. So target has a munch meant, and so does Wal Mart. And I love competing against Target and Walmart because usually people associate these products is pretty cheap or generic. and with a brand and with content, you can make your product stand out against them. They'll never you'll always be able to compete against them. Um, this this section is basically related Query. So, baby teething love is something I didn't type up here, But let's add it to see how that does. Baby TV love. So again, these are all good search turns. But for sure, Munch mint is the way you want to go. If you were to market this, um, it doesn't have any other pertinent information, but I've got what I need to know. I want to know if this is this product trending, and yes, it is. So one of the next things I want to figure out is, if I want to run an ad on Google, how much is that gonna cost me and wash my testing budget? Be so I will hop on over to keyword planner. So I'm gonna type in Munch Mitt achieving glove, and I'll just leave it at that. So now this is gonna tell me two things. So we already know that it's a hot item from Google, a simple Google trend search and now I can figure out how often is this being searched specifically each month on what is going to be my cost to enter and test. So right here, Um, Munch Mitt, that exact keyword freighter search 9900 times, and the bed is only 14 cents. This is two thumbs up because I've been able to test this, and if I got 100 clicks, it would just cost me $14. So I don't know what the price point of this product is, because that's obviously one of the most important things. But, um ah, 100 clicks to get one sale. So I I always take the assumption that when you start out, you're just hoping for 1% conversion, right, Because you don't have any data. And your I was Do I like to have a very, very conservative estimate of getting a first sale versus thinking like, Oh, well, I usually get like, 8% conversion rate, so I'm gonna be alright, but if you have it, just it's easier on the math in case things go wrong. You don't test a lot of money and waste a lot of money, so the other one is T evening gloves. So this is a a quarter just to get it collects. So from these two, you definitely wouldn't want to target this. And the other thing I'll look at here is, uh, this should usually match Google trends, but the amount of search volume check this out. It more than doubled within the last month, and it's projected again. I would, I would assume, especially with the holidays coming up, that it would even go higher than that. So crazy I This is definitely winning product to go for it. So let's recap. We went to a curator website, Facebook Page and then went to the actual website to check out the product. Learned about it, hopped on Google trends to see if it was hot. We found out it waas. In fact, it's trending and more than doubled in traffic in the last 30 days. Then we went to keyword planner and on keyword planner. We were able to figure out how much it would actually cost for us to try to test this product. And at 14 cents a click, you cannot go wrong. Now if we look at this and it was five bucks a click there would be onto the next one. So the next step Pinto into doing this is you have all the data, and now you have to find a supplier. And to me, that's always the easy part. Um, and I'm not gonna waste your time too much on this, because I think it's so easy. But, um, I'm gonna hop on Allie Express and most going to go to Amazon. And let's take a look here to see at Just Munch. Mitch, if anything is gonna pop up much mitt, see if anything pops up there, I'm gonna go to that Seem, these are my four go twos. I do sometimes check out other places on E Bay would be the last place I would check out. And let's see if anything pops up. That's relative to what we're looking for. Who? Sweet eBay. So $15.79 let's see ebays users and have a much cheaper price. So this one is selling for 34 bucks. Uh, okay, so a munch mitt comes in a bag. So again, these are all $50 price once. I think that's a little low with just a couple minutes of research. I think I found the ones that do have the $30 price point, so they have a good plastic room on the outside, and with this product, I've seen it at $15. So I would definitely spend way more time than doing right now trying to contact manufacturers on on Allie Express and try to dig deep because I think at first hand I'm not seeing the exact same style. So I would definitely What I would normally do is reach out individually message that people who are making the similar product and see if they could make it Or maybe they just don't have it listed on. Usually I get a answer with one day if you if you pitch an idea. Two manufacturers making already the same crime will always go for it cause guess what? They want to make money as well, especially if you know a training product. They'll do that. So off the back, though, I think I could easily pick this example on say, um, just with Amazon could get it for 14 99 and theatrics. Price point is 30 bucks, So with this, I could I could take the images from here and and drop shit this and do all right. So if we do the math on this and just pretend for me for a second, that's $14. The cost to get one sale, ah, 100 clicks at a 1% conversion rate is going to be $14 the cost of the goods is $14 for selling it for $28 or $30. We're really just breaking even barely. And that is, to me, a very simple math equation that I always try to look at is if I'm just getting that one sale, can I just break even? And with this, you could at that $30 price point. And the cool thing is, when you start running this ad, it's not gonna be a 1% conversion rate. It's going to be maybe a usually mind start out for him, like 5% again, these converts so much higher than Facebook because someone is searching toe by this. So don't be shocked if you have a over 10% conversion rate on your on your keywords. And if you do happen to start off with the really low conversion rate. It's usually, you know, fine tuning. You have to do with the cured. You're targeting combination of your page load time. Now, the other factor is that we talk about on trying to increase converge in. The other big tip I have is, you know, this is not a ton of margin toe work with. I bet if I hit up a manufacturer, I could get one for $7 then we'd be talking, Ah, healthy cushion. But let's say I could not find anyone that can get it to me for less than $14. Um, I would definitely, ah, 100% on Lee used this campaign and market it if I had that incentive to buy in bulk. So buying multiple colors, buying it, making sure the average order values is at least two on. And incentives to do that. I'm gonna help increase the average order value and increase your margin, because if someone comes to your website only by one, you're gonna barely scrape. Even now again, my philosophy video kind of talks about your breaking in on a campaign that's actually really good and positive thing. You can't make a profit. But in my mind, if you're in the long game of running a business, you just want your more focused on bringing customers and bring your profit at the bay for sale. But I know not everyone has the capital in cash and everyone likes profit. So if you can do that, then that's awesome. If you can't, then you're gonna definitely have to spend more time researching. Now you found a product you have to reach out to manufacture, supply or someone, etc. You can make it, uh, and then make it at a less price point, and it's all doable. It just takes the manual hustle involved with that, so that, I think, is a very good overview on how to find a product, and I don't know what time is so far this video, but it has to be. 10 minutes are less so we've just found a winning product 10 minutes. I think it's a great investment of time. 5. How to Find an Evergreen Product: we found a product that is trending on. Now I want to find a product that is more on the evergreen side. So again to clarify differences, a trending product may come and go. So the timing is really one of the most important things when you're when you're trying to capitalize on the trend. And on evergreen product is more thinking of a macro trend, meaning a a product category, for example, or niche and eso that entire niche is has an increasing interest or is being searched for every single month. And then once you have that data, then trying to filter it something a product inside that niche that you can sell So again I'm doing this from scratch up, no idea where this will take me. But I'm doing this for the sake of showing you that it is easy once you just know the right tools and where to look. So I'm gonna go and I'm thinking about a high end store. Uh, and I'm gonna search for modern furniture because I think this is just got People are searching for higher end furniture more so past 12 month. There's a lot of data that's positive so far. Just out of curiosity, I'm gonna look in the last five years and see what's happening there. Um, so basically as a consistent, uh, demand and that's exactly what I'm looking for. Um, this modern French, as it is ah is a macro. Trends would be a little strange if there was, like, this huge spike. But in the other products that training products like the dad bag, the pink Beanies a a showed those those came and they're gone. But this is here to stay. So that's what I mean by it's a macro trend is consistent volume, and it might have a little down a little up, but overall, it has a healthy demand. So, uh, modern French is pretty broad, and I'm going to see if there's any related queries that I can make this a little more long tail away. I saw something modern farmhouse friend shirt. I have no idea what that is, but let's take a look at that. So I take a look at the past five years, so looks like this is a relatively new search niche product category. Ignatz within modern furniture. Since February 2016 it's been on the uptick and peaked in the summer. That makes sense. And, ah, now is down, but still is way higher than it was couple years ago. And I guess it would, uh, also trend during the holiday. So now I have an idea of a niche within a macro trend. Modern farmhouse furniture again when you're doing keyword research, uh, you're always want to take a look at the longer a phrase can be. So let's do something now, as opposed to just doing cured research. I have no idea what modern a farmhouse for Inter is, so I'm gonna do so. I'm just take a look at a Google search and see what pops up. Um, let's take a look. So a lot of Wayfair Google shopping ads, and I'm just trying get an idea of what exactly this is. I think that wasn't very helpful. Um, what is this look? So I feel like it's so weathered. That's a that's a good keyword weathered. I'm actually looking for the word rustic modern Barham house green. That's another good What a good word. So I clicked on a link to get me, Um, this is so faras promising farmhouse style. Um, that's exactly were looking for this modern farmhouse, industrial barn wood. There's another one reclaimed. And I'm noticing that a lot of this is gray colored reclaimed. Okay, so I have some keywords. I'm gonna make this more specific from some stuff I've learned from what I've seen some to go reclaimed farmhouse table, See what that gets me. Let's see, great side, etc. Is popping up. You can always compete with etc. And you can actually use them for drop shipping. So I want to make this even more specific because I noticed a lot of great colors and let me see what I'm looking at now. Yeah, I think this is what I'm gonna narrow down to. So a reclaimed gray farmhouse table, these WordPerfect's Okay, So now, um, I've kind of done from the macro level, and I'm getting more micro into the niche. And so there's two things you can do at this point. You can already start looking for manufacturers and suppliers, but let's find out how much it's gonna cost just to bid on this upcoming and very popular, consistent macro trend. So I'm gonna happen over the keyword planner. So I will put in my key word there. Put comma and I'm gonna try reclaimed farmhouse table. And also just but farmhouse table Modern farm house people as well. Let's see what this is gonna cost. Hopefully not too expensive. Okay, so this is another great example of the differences between a short tail long tail cured. So farmhouse tables, including 60,500 searches modern from farmhouse table. So that's that's diving into the niche of 5 90 then reclaim farmhouse tables at 2 10 and actually reclaimed grave for most able. So this is a really, really awesome sign. We basically did research and discovered this is what the market is searching for base. And, you know, we come to this conclusion in less than eight minutes, and but when it when it shows, is empty here for searches and competition, I actually take as a really good sign because that means we've discovered a niche that no one no one is bidding for yet. And that's why Google is not gonna display what a suggested bid is or the competition, because there is no so for me right here, I would see this as a huge win. Um, now the average monthly searches, it may be small, maybe just 100 people. But you gotta think about the differences between Facebook and Google. When you get a click, you're targeting reclaimed grave farmhouse table you're not. If someone searches for that, it's because they want to either check it out, learn more or buy it. So if even if you were to get 50% of those 100 clicks a month, if it was searched 100 times, that's 50 people 50 buyers of that specific product that you're taking to write to that landing page. So it is a big deal you you'd for. For the evergreen type of products like this. You don't want to play in the space where its search hundreds and thousands of times, because typically that means there's way more competition. And this this is exactly what I look for. And just to get some other keywords, because you should never just launch a campaign based on one key. Where do you wanna have a range? Always cook on ad group ideas, and what it will do is it will organize them by specific terms. So let's see what's here. So there's a word rustic farm table on. That's what I was thinking at first Barn. Wood tables. Another good one. There's great. So this is the one I this perfect. Hey, this this is my ad group. These are all the key was that I want to use Great farmhouse table, great farm table, great farmhouse dining table. The suggested. But on these is crazy because the price I was seeing was at least $500 mawr. So if if I want to be specific and target Great farmhouse dining table in my average cost per click is $1.22 at a minimum, just a test to see if it's viable. It's gonna cost me $122. And, um, that, I think is extremely cheap considering Look at these prices 500 for 99. Eso uh, this is a very high price point item, and my next steps I would do is figuring out what what what makes the difference of someone that's charging, uh, $2600 to someone discharging just a couple 100? Just like the last video, I would take a look at Etsy, Amazon, e Bay, Ali Express and other places to figure out who is who's making this and who can. I dropped it for. I kid you not. This is exactly something I would look for on Target on. And I just showed you step by step exact process. So your next steps from here would be starting the research. Aziz. Much time you spend in Google trends a keyword planner and then just researching on, uh, sites that our affiliate sites are just promoting viral media type content. I have all the websites that I go to listed, but Pinterest is also another amazing place to go, especially if you're looking for what's the right images. So if I type in, let's go. Great heart, Great house, farmhouse table. Let's see what pops up awesome. So I'm seeing pictures like This is great. This is exactly what that product is I'm looking for, and you can do a ton of product research here. One little hack that I used to try to get other keywords involved that maybe I'm not thinking about is I'll search the stretched German Pinterest and Pinter's is one of the best algorithms for pictures So I have that full, entire euro Cockeyed. I'll go to keyword planner instead of typing in any keywords. Because the search basically contains all the images of, uh, my keyword. I'm gonna go to my landing page, and then I'm I literally just type in that search you, Earl, and I'll get the whole, uh, ton of cures that are other ideas to target. And, um, not all of these were going to be accurate. But, um usually, by digging through here, you'll find other really great ideas that maybe you didn't find on the first term. So let's see if I can Oh, cool. So farmhouse table is right there. Rustic dining table. I think I'm gonna click on that one. Yeah, so clicking here. So perfect. Here's a rustic wood dining table, So this is one I didn't have before. 3600 searches a month. That's super healthy at dollar and 31 cents per click. So awesome. There's so much opportunity when you do research. So you never have to feel like we're doing product gambling. Uh, all of this is data back, and, ah, lot of questions I get. Well, does this translate on Facebook in ways it does from a cost announces standpoint, usually does not. But from any anything, I usually find data. People have a buyer. 10 user intent on Google. That's healthy. It's typically a good sign that if you market on Facebook, it will also do well. The same people that use Google are the same people that do Facebook. Now the challenge is trying to target the right people the right buying demographic where Google has the advantage of targeting the behavior of that demographic. So there's a lot of things you can learn from Google when you're testing Facebook products and any I never just test a product on Facebook out always first to research because, as you can tell, you can crack out the research and feel confident about that product on a matter of 10 20 minutes for versus just spending ah $100 on each product that you test without knowing if it it's a winner or not, So let me know if you have any questions. Otherwise, the more time that you spend researching the better success you're gonna have of having multiple and many winning products 6. Real Research Example Ecommerce Case Study: Theo. Adrian. The Eagles just won and are hanging the Super Bowl. And a massive consumer trend is happening. Oh, my goodness. I launched an ad literally five minutes ago. Check this out. 50 three people on my site right now, and I'm gonna hit Refresh, because just within the last five minutes, eight orders. Right now, my campaign is set on broad match for, uh, keywords that you could probably guess. Like the underdog mask. Eagles dug mass, German shepherd mask. I'm pumped to see where this is going to go. I don't know if I'm gonna be able to sleep tonight. Oh, my God. Check this out. Today sales, they're literally every few minutes. It's been going crazy since launch yesterday at like a dish PM I could. My thumb is hurting. This is in, Say, the Eagles are now my favorite football team Through this is nuts since launch 3100 and something dollars, and it's still cracking like Raisi. 10 people on the Sarah now just got another sale. Two hours ago, I just ordered 150 units, and I think we're gonna pass that in the next hour. It's It's only 10:39 a.m. So I'm gonna have to go back to that manufacturer and by MAWR because the thing about this product is people want to get it in time for the Super Bowl, but they don't doesn't mean massive refunds checking in today, sales are at $2570. Yesterday that was at $1530 which puts the total campaign since I launched around 10 p.m. last night at $4113. And my spend is even crazier. This is my total spend. Right now it is $642. Yes, I am using only Google ads to do this. But what I'm actually really impressed with is the overall stats, not just the sales numbers for such a quick campaign. Literally. This is 24 hours that went by because I launched a campaign yesterday. Booze. I like 10 PM It is 9 47 PM so basically exactly 24 hours to hit this sales data, but check out some of these starts right here. They're really, really awesome. So we're looking at a conversion rate of 8.23% sales so far are at 7700 ish dollars. This is exciting. I mean, today is. But this excitement is going to die down here as we draw closer to the Super Bowl. For a couple reasons, the main one is because this isn't drop shipping. I'm buying. I bought hundreds of units of the dog mask. And, um, what if they don't make it here? I'm basically screwed. So days later. Thank you. So really, I was worried that these were going arrival in time. Oh, yeah. Now, the most nerve wracking part of this all is I gotta open them through legit, because I had to act really fast on this trend and I didn't know. I've never worked with his manufacturer before. I, um it's a gamble. It's a risk right now. I don't I didn't know if these product quality was gonna be good. I mean, this is the thing when you're working on a time sensitive trend is like, you have to act so fast. And if it's a new product, your you're there's a little bit of gambling, it's it's definitely a risk. So let's go ahead and and open this Right now, I have some good news. I have some good news. So now that I just got my products and they look great, the responsible thing to do would be start shipping them. But there's something very important I need to do. First way just down units. Crazy. What's up? It's 8 p.m. On a Saturday, and basically I have all these boxes. Look, I'm standing right now. That's how many boxes I have to fulfill. And I have a couple of buddies coming over. I incentivize them with some pizza and some, uh, survey saw and the thing about doing self fulfillment? Uh, yeah, it's kind of annoying, but it's a good problem to have. My total sales for the campaign ended up being $11,523 after a few returns. But every single customer, for the most part got the mass in time for the Super Bowl. My profit was just about 56% so just a little over $6000 7. Outro: Always Be Looking... Even in Pokemon!: be honest. Did you play Pokemon? Go? I did. But the first thing I thought of one, it was just massive trend of people playing was how can I profit off of it? I hit up someone on etc. Who actually lived in the same city as I. And, uh, the trend happened so fast. Sales became so fast traffic again, all from Google, that ended up having to actually make the polka ball to actually was able to record a little bit of that entire experience. I hear some clips from that show nine days ago launching Etsy store that was making poky ball chargers for your phone portable Pokemon Go came out like 23 weeks ago, and I thought it was a dumb idea. But I am running over and to help the guy partnered up to make uh, poking balls with because wear at Max capacity sold over 60 units and which is like gross sales of around $3300 in nine days. It's crazy is the first time I've ever made a physical product, which is cool. There's just something about like holding it in your hands that just makes it different uses selling information, digital, etcetera, etcetera. So it's fun, definitely a learning experience, and this is really just a cool idea. This is a phase it's going to phase out, and I'm going to ride this as long as it goes. Uh, yeah, this project actually got me featured on Tech Crunch. It was insane. The moral of this entire story is that when you see a trend, the first thing you should think about as a marketer, entrepreneur, business person is what consumer behaviors are coming along with the trend. Is it a product is a service? Is it an app? You know, because all those aspects that happened with the trend and pop culture phenomenon, music sports usually ends up having to do with some part of shape performers, someone taking out their wallet and having the incentive to go with the trend and buy something. So I always keep my eye out my ears out, always looking for stuff. What's crazy is the way that Facebook is Now. People are sharing trends all the time, just between your friends. So if you're scrolling and not schooling because you're just one of the mind normally score scrolling. But if your schooling and you see a product, that's the first que to be like mm. Someone shared this with me. I should instantly do research. That's usually what I dio basically all day long.