Ecommerce Ads & Shopify Holiday Speciality Training: Find Winning Products & Ads | Adrian Brambila | Skillshare

Ecommerce Ads & Shopify Holiday Speciality Training: Find Winning Products & Ads

Adrian Brambila, Ex-Pro Dancer & 7 Figure Entrepreneur

Ecommerce Ads & Shopify Holiday Speciality Training: Find Winning Products & Ads

Adrian Brambila, Ex-Pro Dancer & 7 Figure Entrepreneur

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7 Lessons (1h 20m)
    • 1. Intro to Ecom & Shopify Success During Q4

    • 2. What is Q4 & Why is it Such A Big Deal

    • 3. Before You Launch an Ad Do THIS

    • 4. How to Create Proper Infrastructure For Success

    • 5. How to Test Products Without Spending Money

    • 6. How to Find Winning Products

    • 7. How to Create Successful Ads During Holiday Shopping

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About This Class

Intro to ecommerce & Shopify training during the holidays and Q4. Find out how you can capitalize on the biggest shopping trends and make over 6 figures in just a matter of months. Digital Marketing and ecommerce have hundreds of trends during the holidays with thousands of products you can sell. It is the best time of year to launch a store and find success because of buyer consumer behavior trends. 

Learn how to find the right products and create successful ads to sell this holiday season. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Adrian Brambila

Ex-Pro Dancer & 7 Figure Entrepreneur


- Made $1M in a Year From Internet Side Hustles

- Ex-Pro dancer (T-Pain, AGT, Step Up 3) 🕺

- Over 100K subscribers and 15 million views on my YouTube channel.

Catch my interview on the the official Shopify Masters Podcast for scaling a store from $0 to $18k selling pink beanies.

Hey SkillShare :) 

My favorite thing in life is teaching someone something I know, watching them grow, and then applying it in their life. 

I first became a teacher about 8 years ago when I uploaded my very first dance tutorial. I didn't know it at the time but 300 tutorials later I would have taught over 15 million people how to dance. 

I used to be a professional hip hop dancer for T-Pain but something incredible happened t... See full profile

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1. Intro to Ecom & Shopify Success During Q4: Hey, what's up? It's Adrian here and I'm super excited because Black Friday Cyber Monday Q. Four is here. And if you have never participated in a black Friday cyber Monday, let me tell you, if you're part of any Facebook e commerce groups, Um, especially in Q four people start complaining. My, my CPM is I. My cost per click is really high. Everything is really expensive. You get the picture. Okay, so there is some truth. That's the cost rise in Q four. But that is such a pessimistic way to to look at Q four, because what they're not focusing on is the whole reason that makes Q for Q four People spend exponentially in this queue for black Friday, several Monday holiday shopping and people spend Way Way mawr on consumer goods on gifts on gets for themselves. People go on a buying frenzy, right? And so naturally it's going to be more expensive. But the secret to winning end, uh, to counter those increased costs of testing or reaching out, it has to do with your average order value. I know it's been built in your brain. You gotta find a winning product. You gotta find a winning product. But let me tell you, Q. Four is not about finding a winning product. It's all finding winning customers a winning knits. And you're looking for winning buyers because when you bring a qualified buyer to a store, they might buy five of your products because you targeted that specific behaviour of that buyer that's looking to buy gifts for their office or gifts for their dad gets for their family. And it's about really marketing collections versus individual products, because I think that's where the costs rise in the cost. Don't make sense because people are still thinking and they have television focusing on that one trying to find a winning product. We're gonna rewire that thinking because it's about finding winning customers. And that's how you could literally make six figures and just Q four seriously, 2. What is Q4 & Why is it Such A Big Deal: before we get into any of the cool strategies and tactics on how to best capitalize and Q, for which I am super stoked that you're here because it is gonna make a huge impact on your business or even change your life. Kid, you not. I'm going to say this throughout the course. You could literally make six figures in Q four, and that is not exaggeration. Now, one thing I won't talk about is basically do a market synopsis and explain what Q four is in the opportunity hand. If no one has ever done that, and the reason why I want to do that is because obviously online, especially in a space you have too many people, they're giving their cheap opinions out. And I don't want that to affect your mindset. One thing you're going to start seeing if you haven't seen already is people start complaining in Q four. They complain that their see PM's rise, which is your cost per 1000 impressions. They complain that their cost per clicks rides and you know, in all honesty, the cost to market online and Q four does increase. But I mean just thinking about the cost versus the opportunity is crazy because the demand for consumer behaviors across almost every single natural. So I'm going to show you some examples right now, basically like 10 X even ah 100 X in Q four. The amount of buyer demand always outweighs the cost. And the other thing that really increase is that most people don't talk about is the A O V , which means average order value typically people the entire year and e commerce or thinking about winning products. I want to sell this winning product in in Q four. Forget all that noise. What you want to focus on is winning customers. I have a full video that's just training on how to how to do that. And I'm gonna show you two examples right now on one of my favorite tools that used that used to do research on both examples of a product and on a buyer behaviour. And I'm gonna give you the exact insight when you're doing a research to figure out what is actually going to be something that also trends in Q four. And trust me, it's not looking for a needle in a haystack. It's more about it's going to be hard for you not to find a trend. Let me just put it that way Because of how much stuff is increasing Everything is beauty trends rising, and so it's really, really exciting time. I'm super excited for you. So let me walk you through in this video. What market data is out there just to prove to you the opportunity hand? Because I'm super super excited for me. I'm super excited for you. We're gonna crush it. This you for So the very first place I go to do research on basically anything is Google trends. I absolutely love this tool. And the first thing I want to prove to you is that every single niche I kid you not basically trends during Q four. It's absolutely insane. So let's start with, um how about beard products? We'll just put, uh, beard boiled and, um, let me see here. So, actually, you can already tell what we want to look at when we're trying to look at if a market or niche is gonna trend and I could you not most every single product trend you cannot go wrong with testing during q four is go back a year and see if if the trend spikes up during the holiday season, you can see right here. So this is October 22nd and then boom. All of a sudden, that cute for buyer holiday kicks up at a big, big peak all the way. December Christmas time on. Then it goes back down to its regular flow and eso next couple weeks to do it again. But just to be extra safe, the next thing you want to do is click on How didn't last five years on this exactly what you want to look for. You will look for a roller coaster, a roller coaster of a data, because that this right here, when you see a roller coaster, that basically means that every single season it's gonna trend. And while LA look it same it that exact date. Here we have October boom holiday that goes back down. I take a wild guess is also Q. For November, December and again and again. And this is what data predictive data, the whole point of doing research and to know that this type of product is absolutely gonna crush again, and typically what I do is when I have Justin, I. D X might see a Facebook at him. I look around the room, I might have something I'll hang out with. Friends will notice a different type of watch or a backpack, and I go here and I type that in. And what's amazing about Q four people who say the cost rise, the costs rise for everything. But again, I'm gonna be emphasizing this throughout every single video here. The consumer buyer demand is at an all time high in this queue for And I kid you not. You can make six figures capitalizing on it. So just to take a look at some other interesting data that Google trends shows in cases is your first time using is I like to look at the related query section. So this is gonna give you other ideas that are also based off your main key word phrases you typed in here so bit beard oil with what this is saying is that related queries here. So, like a beard kit beard, bomb versus oil. I don't have a bear. I've never been in the beard next, but I just This is the first thing I could think of Has an example. Eso What you can do here is this is just all part of the research chair someone Beard kit. And let's check out some of this last day the last five years again. And we're seeing another roller coaster here. So, um, November December, you up again. Again. This was interesting because these trends are actually increasing every single year, so I would expect it's actually increased fire then it was last year, and typically you have more people every single year. They're buying consumers air purchasing a lot more, especially the state. So just remarkable things when you try to predict to see and minded good niche. Is this a good product on? And let's just do one more, um, put in skateboards or skateboard. So this one's actually not. Yeah, it does kind of have a peek, but it's not that roller coaster. And what we're looking for is, um, roller coasters. Roller coasters means it's hot. Not so. This is actually who looks like this bad is actually dying. Now here's where this Q four training becomes pretty crazy. I want you to think of not a specific product like we just did Beard oil. I want you think about the big picture, which is targeting hot by. And you can actually plug in those queries right on Google trends. And also get data fascinating. For example, gifts. Four doctors. So I plug that in. Uh, look it here. Roller coasters. November, December. Peaking again. Peaking again. I bet I'm just thinking of this, No matter now. Gifts for nurses. Oh, hello Way more data. But again, we're noticing that Q four data, which is fascinating here. Um, let me go past year. Break this down past 12 months. Well, actually, what's interesting? This this is actually peaking in Ah, in may. Remove it. So all this again is research super valuable And this is the information you need to know. Feel confident that if you're in a good niche to move on to the next step, So in extremely videos and I am gonna actually pick a niche, start from this process and then go into actually fulfilling a collection, finding the product sourcing and then coming up with basically from end to beginning what you should be doing on Q four, but Google trends is definitely a great tool for for idea validation. You never want to go in blind with testing. That's definitely not my philosophy. I always have some type of day that's backing you up, and what you're looking for is roller coasters. If it's, ah, a niche or even a specific product, and I always go from past 12 months looking at the past five years, if this product has been around for that long and right here. Once you started noticing this goldmine of these roller coasters, you know you found something hot, something it's gonna win. Something is gonna trend or have an increased demand. And now the fun part comes about. How do you capitalize on the Q four trend? 3. Before You Launch an Ad Do THIS: before you spend even just $1 adds, You have to make sure your home base is secure. It's solid. And the nerve your that call is you have the right infrastructure. Now, the reason why you go through all the details you put all this legwork in the front is because remember, this traffic ain't free. We're paying for this traffic, right? And yes, there's other ways to bring traffickers influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, all that good stuff. But paid traffic is the fastest way to grow your income. It's just the truth. Fastest way to scale. So these things that you were gonna cover this video in case you've never heard of them before, I just want a quick overview. So the very 1st 1 and this is one of the most important numbers when it comes the e commerce eyes, your a O V. A. O. V. Stands for average order value. And basically, if you're selling one item, that's $20. It's thinking in the process of how do I get someone to spend more than $20 when they come to the store? So you actually have learned the strategy are already which that alone is gonna bring people with the mindset that they're buying more than one. So already your quote, your traveling they're bringing in is not looking to buy one item, right, so that's helping you. But there's still things that you can do to try to increase your gov, which we'll talk about in this video, for example, incentives to buy in bulk. Don't buy one by two, right by three. If you buy four, get one free. It's things like that. Also, another way to increase your gov is bundles if you buy this coffee mug and this shirt will give you free shipping example on Ben, one of the other ones that you want to make sure these Taita ayovi. But before you spend a dollar online, you got to make sure that you have retargeting infrastructure. And there's really two things. I think the most important one out of those two is your email. And so this may seem like a no brainer. I'm You'd be surprised how many students taking my course and they're running ads. It's like, Dude, where's your abandon cart? Siri's. So again, you want to actually tailor your abandon card series of think, and only in terms of Q four. So including copy of Like If they leave an hour later saying, Hey, it's holiday season, we are going to run out of stock. You can come back. And what We've saved this in your in your car for you, but only for the next 48 hours, stuff like that. There's also the fact that maybe on the second email a day later you can say all right. Since it's Christmas, fulfilling generates will give you 20% of you come back and check out. But again, all that communications super important. And then and then, of course, there's one Put Rhett, which is going to stand for retargeting. So that is, someone comes to your page, they take off, and then you would follow them wherever they go. And so retargeting super important dynamic retargeting, which is the concept of instead of if you have nine different products in your collection, instead of creating nine different retargeting ads, you could just set up a dynamic returning at, and then no matter what product they saw that's gonna basically haunt them or stock them online. But you know, one thing just note now is because we're targeting buyers personas. You could actually create a an ad that's all encompassing of those of that collection and market towards that buyer persona. You know you know so much about them. If they're wanting to buy guests your doctor, you can cater the language around that. So lots of creative ways to do that and in this video dive into the details of all the things you should do before you create your first ad in Q four. 4. How to Create Proper Infrastructure For Success: in this video, we're gonna talk about some of the best practices and also recommended APS and strategies just for Q four when it comes to, uh, once people landed on your site. So every coach and every person who is talking about Shopify may have their own favorite APS. The's are sometimes not just specific you for but all year long, and there's just a few that I want to point out here highly recommend some of them do. Cost just four warning. Really? I was when I favorite. So when someone hops in your website, let me see if I could pull up a website here and when they go on it and they're about to leave, you can have a kind of game of five version away to capture an email address, and it works really well. I think my converts that, like, 7% and I haven't really changed in years. But notice that right when I went to the tableaus leaving then, um, it's kind of a a gamble. You put your email in here somewhere, put example at example dot com press the button wheel spins and you just captured email and they get a discount code you can wake these to see. Um, what if you know, the more chances that they get 5% versus 50%. So, um, pretty cool stuff. Highly recommend. It works. Really, really well. Next, we have a consistent current, So this is one of my favorite opts for a lot of things. It does well, a spa ra's abandoned cart recovery on then also messengers included in there. But this is one of the ones where we can create a cart specific, uh, abandoned rate just for Q four. So let's go into some of that. So to get to this page, it's pretty easy. Just go to the mail, you click auto, see Siri's and it takes you this page here and basically in create three abandoned Crichton emails, and you can also time them as well some other email sequences. So I always say, before you send traffic, this is absolutely mandatory and really for it for Q four. Right now, these these air standard. I haven't made these two Q four, but it's a simple as editing the subject line or the continent. The email. Just to say you left something behind and then it could be this holiday just catering at a little bit. I think when it's in the holidays, you have permission to talk about how things gonna be, uh, not in stock anymore. Or, you know, there's high demand or just having a sense of urgency to buy it before so you can get it in time for Christmas. So all of these is really what content out enable and that that's totally up to you. It's up to your creativity. Uh, what I you know, there's some people want to get the exact information from the coat. So one things I do is my first email is sent one hour after, um, the abandoned car happens. My second emails gonna be 24 hours and notice. I've actually branded each one taking the time to brand it, And you could bring a cue for standard whatever's your choice. You just wanna have it right, the lazy ways just to create these and make him simple the when you pay attention and put more love and care to it's gonna perform up. And then I have my abandoned three cart, which is happening 120 hours after the vending cart. So those are my three abandoned cards are highly recommend that you have, um, this in the minimum in place before you send traffic. And then this is one tool that is free. Just allows you to put a little header over your, um, Ben, you here and you can see it on my store. So, um, this is super easy. Tip a lot. This isn't isn't rocket science, but, um, let's see what I have here. So right now, this is my generic surprise discount code of the day robots rule, and this is simple. As as creating a bundle offer or discount code on the discount code, Um can go with your offer. Let's just say holiday holiday special by $100 get 25% off. So and we can put, um, highly. Yeah, just make it that simple. Justin. Example. So now if this is something that we wanted to do, we would need actually create that discounts and let me just walk you through quickly how to do that. And it's little, you know, what's surprising is even though it's white there, rightly open. One of the first thing you see is this, you will send targeted traffic. You'll even include this offer on your ad and people still won't put it in. It's fascinating. It's like, OK, you could have paid less, but I'll definitely take more of your money. People miss that. So just so we can sink our all day so we could dio 25% off and minimum requirement. All we do is we put $100 there. So then just it always double checking did this right? So you don't actually get something for free? 25% off entire order of a minimum purchase, $100. And then after today, you could put up expires too. But so you put that in right there, and then I would click, save, and basically I just created by first holiday promotion. As you send traffic, you contest these. You can try different things, but I'm a big fan of simple And because the traffic is so qualified, you don't need all these spammy tricks that all these marketers air doing with, like a timer, a clock count down and flashing lights and all this crazy stuff. It's really just distract, distracting. And I think consumers are getting smarter about what's legit, what's not. I mean, you don't see a site like Apple have a timer countdown on their on their watches for their phones, right? They don't need to do those scare tactics or fear tactics on, I think, because we're sending such qualified traffic. We don't even do that either. We want offer good incentives to buy it, to buy in bulk, to buy more than one thing and get incentivize for that. And that's exactly what this offer does here and with an app and the head of better bar app is perfect. It's super simple. So again, you know, there are lots of different strategies. I do have another pdf guide that just gonna give some Burbage some lingo and some things that I've ran in the past, and I've learned to test so you can experiment. Just have if you're kind of feeling stumped about you know, what kind of bundle offer do I create or creativity? I basically have a listen, lots of different options that you can kind of take from and at it, but you know, so some of you may be look at this video and wondering where all the crazy, insane tactics and the thing about this qualified traffic is People already want to buy that. The reason why they cooked in your eyes because you get you told them this was exactly what they were looking forward. They already want to purchase. You got to convince them that they want to buy something where it's Facebook in cold traffic, kind of to distract them and educate them thes people already educated, They just want to know if yours website or a different websites that place to make the purchase. So a lot of this stuff is really simplified for that reason, and it works incredibly. If you haven't seen my other videos of my other courses, you know, I've sold thousands and thousands of dollars versus off simple, simple product pages straight from Google just like this on using the exact same APS. I'm not hiding anything, I promise. So, um, let me have any questions. Definitely. Check out the guy, but keep it simple and make the offers to buy in bulk. And you can do well as long as you're bringing that qualified traffic 5. How to Test Products Without Spending Money: Hey, congratulations, Adrienne here, and you're about to learn the data driven way to actually test products without having to spend a dollar isn't and saying my whole entire e commerce career. I was constantly drilled into me by gurus. Spend more money spray and pray, Gamble, run them slots on Facebook ads and just test upsets. SS seems like gambling. It doesn't have to be anymore. So this entire video you should have already received the calculator, and I want you to give us an honest try because E commerce is not that hard. It's actually a very simple math equation, and there's some numbers that you have to know before you get into things that most marketers don't ever plan. They never planned strategically, and that's why a lot of people fail. And a lot of people also actually don't even realize how much money it takes to run ads Until you find something successful, this calculator is gonna take care of all of that and you'll be able to have confidence. When you do decide to actually run a campaign on a product, you'll know that the math works and and it's worth a shot versus what's Ah, gut instincts. I'll tell you right now what's up in here and what's in here. My emotions are constantly telling me that sounds like a really good product. I should test that. And if you don't use this calculator, you're constantly making moves based on what's in here. What your heart is not gonna be the thing that gets you to become a millionaire or to become a successful drop shipper and make $1000 each month. What's going to work is the combination of both. The heart is thinking about the ideas and finding something. The passion but the brains is putting numbers behind that to see. Is it worth the shock Anyways, enough rambling. Let's get into how to use the winning product calculator. Uh, this calculator I invented is a game changer. It has made me hundreds of thousands of dollars, and it's probably saved me from losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. So let's quickly walk through which, what each of these mean and then I'm gonna show you a real product to plug in with some data. If you were to market on Google or Facebook, so first just going through the columns here this first column and all these columns you can see in the gray. These are the Onley numbers that you should change. You do not want to change any other numbers, cause look, what when I click on here and on this column here, notice that that's a formula so scattered throughout the, uh these are formulas, except for these gray areas. That's where you actually put in the data that you're seeing or the data that you research . So don't change any of these other buttons except for the grab. So the 1st 1 is the cost of product and shipping. So basically, this is your overhead. If you're drop shipping or if you are doing affiliate marketing, you can put in, um uh, these numbers, too. So it applies suit both, but drop. I'm going to stick with the drop shipping example. And so if your product plus shipping costs $20 that's what the number that you would put in there of just your overhead. This next column is how much you would mark it up on your store. You marking it up to times. Are you marking up three times you're selling it for 16 you'll notice just by put up plugging those numbers in everything else changes, which I'll get to and explain. So the market value. So maybe you're not marking it up by two or three times minutes 1.5 you're selling it for 30 costing 20 selling it for 30. So over here, you can see in this column that your profit is $10. But as you know, we are paying for ads. You have to now factor that. And so this next column is your estimated cost per click. One of my favorite reasons why I start every campaign market, young Google and then scale to Facebook is that on Google you can actually research eight an extremely accurate cost per click. So Facebook again, I'm gonna show you how you can kind of predict this as well. But Google actual will tell you it's amazing. So let so now. Let's just let's just say we're gonna mark up by two times, and so on are Store was selling it for $40 their estimates CPC, just so you can see a couple examples that say the cost estimated cbc's 50 cents. You can plug that there, and that's gonna change the numbers you put 50 cents in here. This is telling you your cost per 100 clicks and then you're final number. Here is your conversion rate. If you send 100 people to your site, how many of them actually by Do any of them by zero. That's not good. What if just one person buys if you send 100? Uh, when your number's gonna look like that we have two people by it's a 2% conversion rate three and five. So let me walk through this number. So if you're estimated TPC it's 50 cents. It's gonna cost you 50 bucks to get 100 qualified people to your site, and your conversion rate is 5%. That means you're estimated cost per acquisition is $10. Now, um, let's see if we mess it around and we had tea conversion rate 6%. Obviously, your cost per acquisition is gonna go down because you have a higher conversion rate. But let's say it's back. Let's say it's a 2% commercial, right? So now let's talk about our next cause, cause now we can see the differences between we have these three rows here. Profit loss on one sale thin. The second column is, UH, 1.5 times a O. V and two times a O. B. So let me explain what that means. Um, if you haven't been taught this before the entire game of e commerce on what creates success, there's really some numbers that you have to understand. Quick break Diame That is some nerdy stuff. I just want to interject here and say math is nothing to be afraid of. It's actually your best friend, the three most important numbers, as just mentioned in order to be a streamlined e commerce operation. A master marketer, you have to know about how much it costs to get a customer. You have to know what the average order value is of that customer, and you have to know the customer lifetime value. And when you master those three numbers, you can consider yourself in the 1% of every single person who has the job title of marketing in it. And that category occurs. Boast marketers have no, I idea back to the calculator. So this call my hair's cockle in your profit or loss. If you were to sell one item at the average order value. That is what it equals. So in this case, it would equal exactly $40 If What if you sell just one of those items at less price of $40 knowing that your estimated cost per click is 50 cents and your conversion rate is just 2% that means every single order you get in, you're actually gonna lose $5. But hold on for a second. Let's say you are doing some type of Upsell, um, or cross sell down cell. And your average order value is actually 1.5 times You were less price, so that's basically 1.5 times $40. The now means every single sale. You would actually make $5 in profit. If that doesn't make sense, let's try this This next. Come here. So, basically another way to say this is if every order that you got in if every person bought two of the items instead of just one, so that would be specifically every person comes in, they bite their buying one, which is gonna be a $40 sandal. They buy two. It's an $8 sale that means every single order that comes in with the estimates He's receiving 50 cents and the conversion rate of just 2%. You're actually gonna make a profit of $15 and again taking a look here at the right, which is your estimated C P A cost per acquisition of $25. That's how these numbers lay out. So this is pretty fascinating things already. And, um, I want you to stay with me because this is where you can actually forecast revenue. And when I put this together, why put this together is because I felt like there was a lot of guessing and Facebook and Google and just not knowing. I kind of was just throwing money out there and be like, I hope this works and it does work. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know if I should scale. I just didn't have a lay of the land, So check this out. If you let's make our numbers a little better, let's hear conversion rates 3%. So again, if our commercial rates 3% and are CPC is 50 cents, it's gonna cost us seven every $17 we spend and adds. Theoretically, we should get one sale when that one sale comes in. If it's just at the normal, less price, I'll make three bucks and profit. If I have a little bit of up selling there, I'll make $13.33 and profit. And if every person ends up buying, too, I'll actually make $23 in profit off every order. So these next rose go into if you were to scale if you were to sell 10 orders at that normal list price. And what I've calculated here because I'm a very conservative planner is I put 5% returns for refunds. So this number, in other words, is if you sold 10 orders and those 10 people they didn't take Europe Celje Cross sell, they just gave you. They just had that normal sale of 40 bucks. After 10 orders and minus five returns, 5% returns you actually be a profit of $32. If you sold 25 ST with same rules, you had a profit of $79. You sold 50 $158 if you sold 100 of those items uh, factoring again a 5% refund rate, which is, I think, pretty industry standard. You make a profit of $317 now these next calls and rose do the exact same thing. They're taking a average order value of 1.5. So that means that when someone buys is $40 item, they're getting something else, which is bumping your A O V. And the math played out. If that happened 10 times, if that happened 25 times at that 50 or 100. And then again, this is where you can really start to really bump up your profit if you can increase your average order value. But if you could double it basically instead of they're not just buying one eyed and they're buying two items both equal at $40 even with the minus 5% refund. If you sold 100 at this rate Europe 2002 or 17 bucks. Pretty amazing. Okay, so here's something that people never talk about. Go coaches don't talk about gurus and talk about, and this is where I think there's this big deception in the game. I'm gonna get a little riled up here, but he's coaches these gurus there telling you test test, test, test test. You'll eventually find a winner. But how much is how much do you have to actually spend? How much do you have? Basically, research and test. And how deep of pocket is that gonna be? I mean, is that 100 bucks that you're gonna research to find this winning equation? It's 1000. I mean, how do you know that? And part of this, You know, this is a calculator. It's creating productions, but it's not a psychic calculator. So one thing I've added in here, you can see this red. In my opinion, I teach all my students this way. I don't sell in this pipe dream that they're gonna create one ad and they're gonna make a $1,000,000. I'm realist. I tell him you're gonna you're gonna fail. But when you create ads because its data driven, you can feel confident that the math work and that's why you decide to spend your own money on ads And what this section is right here is the initial lost testing budget. Because look at these numbers in the green. This is amazing. If you were able to find this product market up. I double have a 3% conversion, which isn't a lot. And your CPC average 50 cents after 100 orders. Uh, let's say I think 1.5 is a pretty, uh, average a OVI you could bump up just by being a little smart. After 100 orders, you could have 1000 tours $66 a proper. That's that's not that. And this initial loss testing budget means, you know, you probably didn't find this product, and it probably wasn't profitable On day one, you probably tested 10 other products to get here. And a lot of coaches don't tell you that, right? They just they and it's it's they prey on the hopes and dreams of, of, of us, of me, of you. I've been scammed thio of just encouraging us that we're gonna launch something. It could be a winner right away, and they never talk about well, actually, how much money it costs and testing. So what? This column is right here is the initial testing budget, and I'll take this and I'm looking at these numbers. I'd be really damn proud of this if I spent $250 on selling Ah, bunch of stuff that didn't work. But then I found this and this was my math. I'm This is great. This is awesome even to get here and again, I could I could have put bigger numbers in here. Like I can say, Let's say we marked up three times. Now look at my numbers. Right. But I'm just being realistic here, and I am gonna pick a product that we can actually do this with. C um ah, product that I actually Celt. And, um, it did it really also. So, uh, this is exactly how these numbers work. And so you put your initial lost testing budget in here. Let's say it's a big one. Let's say it to $500 Teoh research and test a bunch of products. And then you found your we would call this your winner. Well, how maney orders is it gonna take for you to dig yourself up out of that, uh, initial testing budget? And that's what this section is for. So I put $500 in here. In other words, it took me $500 in order to find this winning product, which is work in that case, the number of sales it would take to break even selling at the normal list price would be 21 days. Let me move this back down the normal. If it was if it was only market, but to, um, it would take 100 50 dates, right? Just a break. Just a break. Even on this, that's obviously not good, Matt. And there's a thing. Um, the whole point is this calculator, cause people don't realize this. They never plug in the numbers. Now this one's a little little better hair. The number of sales it would take to break even selling a 1.5 your average order value, which is $40 that and it would take 38 days. And I said, a lot of people think too much in terms of get rich quick. I launched an ad yesterday and I haven't made a sale, and you guys got I think way more long term than that, right? 38 days. I'd be pretty damn proud if I love something brand new. And 38 days later, I knew that every future sales gonna be profit and I dug myself out of a $500 hole. Pretty awesome. So that's a That's a lay of the land. Obviously, this last calls the same things that that's gonna be is if your view is double your less price, which is possible, but I think is not the norm. I think if you are smart marketer and you understand your customer, getting a 1.5 bump on your average order value is definitely possible. If every single customer just buying one thing, then I think that is, uh, something toe. Learn and try to study more and how you can increase each order value because it shouldn't just be list press. So let's break down a real product. Quick story. Using this testing calculator, I kid you not, um, I use this test and calculated for every single campaign that launched, and if you can see right here, there is a framed pink beanie and you can see a Shopify Masters logo. This is a homemade plaque here and using this calculator. My initial research and testing budget was literally $100 I started on Google, so technically it was only $25 because there's a way that you can get a free ad spend when you create a new ad account. And it became so successful using this simple math and you exactly how much I could scale. And I was constantly testing with the numbers about how much I could spend and a generator 18 k in 30 days and I kid you not. I have countless amount of these stories where I'm using such a small budget, but my math and my research is so good that within the 1st 10 clicks of gotten sales, and here's what's crazy because I teach people had do this in my corsage. In a conquest, I've had students who literally have had sales within their 1st 3 clicks To clicks is the record, but it's crazy that you can actually launch something and because of all the data because you ran the numbers because you did the research, your ad pops up to someone that's so qualified that they buy within a few clicks. It's insane. Gone are the days of gambling online with in sticking with theme of what I just shared. Let's work these numbers with the pink beanie, So $4.70. Uh, is what my cost of product is. Plus the shipping which was free shipping from their own. This is gonna round up toe just to $5. Again, things are really conservative, and I was selling it around $20 to $25 at the time. Someone put a four points wants do 4.5 movements there. Point says, I'll just put $22 so my market was 4.7. So my list price was $22 making my profit of 17. My estimated cost per click was actually lower than 50 cents. It was around 30 cents, Symptoms even lower. But I am just going through the motions as I did before I launch his campaign. I played around, I did the research and we can look up. So now I'm in, um, ghoul and one. My favorite things about it is I can plug in ah kee word and is gonna tell me basically, how much my average CPC it's so right here. 21 cents. So I about 30 cents. I think that's pretty conservative. And just for safe example, keep it there. My conversion rate, you know I am in a pretty experienced marketer, and so I put in 5%. Um, however, if you are brand new to the scene, I don't tell my students that they're gonna get 5%. I tell them to put ah to in 2%. Will you get 5%? I hope so. And And as you get better, heck, yes, you will. Um, and my campaign, my campaign for this, my conversion rates were sometimes as high as 15%. But again, just for this calculator I want I want to play around with with realistic numbers. So, um, at the time I was running on Google ads. And so right now, let's say if I didn't know what was gonna happen this exactly the process, I wouldn't notice a lot of green. Um average CBC's 30 cents means after 100 klicks, I would have spent $30 that would make my estimated C P. A and A 5% commiserates $6. So for every $6 I would spend and if someone only bought one beanie at $22 a regular less price, I make a profit of 11 bucks, and this is the game where I start to play and get more conservative. So okay, that's pretty good. But what if What if Google's wrong? What if it's actually gonna be 50 cents? What does that do to my numbers? Hey, still looking pretty good, right? What if it's actually a dollar? Oh, okay, So now I know in my head if my CPC ends up being a dollar, that means I know from the beginning that if I just sell one of these is actually a loss of $3. So if there's something if my CPC is a dollar when I start, it doesn't mean game over. That just means I gotta make sure my conversion rate is at least 6%. And this process of what I'm doing and talking through is exactly what strategic marketers and data driven scientists go through. I'm a data nerd. My background is in market research on I and damn good edit. And it makes my campaign so effective. Like I kid you not like this kind of stuff happens to me when I launch my campaign. It's like Adrian, The Eagles just won and are heading the Super Bowl. Any massive consumer trend is happening and it's all because of research. So let's play around the couple other things. Let's say $20 ends up being too high. I need to sell it for 49. That's pretty cheap. And I'm just gonna bring my CPC down to 30 cents. Oh, interesting. Still good. So now I'm playing around like this. If I am going to some my Beanie for only $14 which is pretty damn cheap for being, um, and my estimated CBC's 50 cents. Um, my conversion rate 6%. Guess what? Actually still make a dollar for every sale that comes in. Not bad if it's 5% down. So I'm gonna play one last name and go back to 30 cents for my conversion rate low at close to three for So here's, I think, another look at some realistic numbers here. Um, $5 for costs of product. That's not gonna change. I'm marking up three times. I'm going for a low end try and go for high volume here and my estimate. Cbc's 30 cents. That's higher than what Google thinks. That's pretty conservative. I'm lowered my conversion rate to 4% and the mat still works out pretty good. If every sale comes in, I will be making two bucks a pop profit in the beginning, 1.5 bump a O. V. $6.60. And if someone buys too damn profit of $11 now, let's say I did. Let's say I tested, like all kinds of beanies that weren't pink. Um, and let's say that costs me to her 50 bucks. So now I'm looking at these numbers and, um, I'm realizing, Whoa! If I spent $200 testing and the number of sales it would take for me to break even selling at List Price, it's gonna take me 132 days to get my money back. Okay, that's not gonna work now. And to go back to the calculating and run this stuff again and you change it $14 even if it's a lot of conversions like, I'm just estimating time to spend $250 to get here. I need bump that up some do of five market up quantity. I'm gonna keep the CBC's because that's going to stay pretty consistent. I feel like I don't want to lower that I don't want to make my calculator look better than it is. That is actually gonna be the whole point of this is trying to make as realistic as possible. And I'm gonna move like, conversion rate up back to five because I think I can do that. Um, my numbers look pretty solid at five. Go for even at 4% conversion. It look good. You had 3% Nice. So I'm thinking this is where I want to list my beanie because it makes the numbers look really good. So check this out. Now, if I spend $250 and in my research, I tested a black meaning a white B any and I don't know all these different beanies. And I finally found my winner, which was the Pink Beanie, which actually didn't happen in real life. I knew this was gonna be hot, and it worked from day one, but just being realistic. And I'm gonna look at this middle column here because I I know Aiken, someone's by one being I know can Upsell him another beanie or a scarf or something. Right? So I'm now I'm thinking as I as I go and I'm doing the research and I find this I know in the back of my mind bunch so much more data and information that makes you feel pretty damn good about moving forward. I know that even if I spend $250 don't make one sale, But then I find this the numbers work out with the estimates. CPC is 30 cents, my conversion rates 3% so low that I'm really being extremely conservative on this. It's gonna take me between 14 and 28 days to recoup my initial testing budget. And when that happens, the next 10 orders that come in at 1.5 ale V I'm gonna make a profit of $170. $170 moving on. After I sell 50 orders, I'm gonna be in a range of 500 to $850 in profit when a scale this bad boy, real big off the at, basically around $1000 in profit. So that is a lay of the land of some extremely conservative numbers. Now I'm gonna play these numbers a lot better to how they actually played out in real life , and I think my Anchorage rate average to like 8.5%. My CPC ended up being around 30 cents, but I think it was like 28 if I want to be specific. Um, and my Iove you ended up being around 1.5 times. Um And let's see, I actually did not have a testing budget. It was profitable from day one. And I saw I mean, imagine footboard numbers. I sold, uh, like hundreds, five hundreds, maybe 1000. I actually have no idea what that what it was, except I did that such such a long time ago. But I know my revenue was like around $18,000 in the 1st 30 days, which was crazy. So I never really good here, you know, after 100 orders 3 $2060 in profit. Not a bad thing at all. So this is the winning product testing calculator. It works for Facebook. It works for Snapchat. It works for Twitter, works for every everything. Because on every platform now they give you estimates of what the cost is and on for some reason, if you if it doesn't, if you don't know. You know what your CPC is gonna be? Launch your ad and you'll know right away. You okay? You'll get a couple of clicks, and that's why you'll know what your numbers are and then you can forecast from the beginning. So, you know, um, this calculator, I feel like it's funny. People take my course and and they, when I tell them and I check in on them, is like, How's it going they like. It's like exclamation point points all all cap this conquer. That is a major victory, like so happy Because, um, it's, you know, this this whole thing of being an entrepreneur and running ads and drop shipping our affiliate marketing. There's so much sketching this going on and ah, lot of it, I think why people don't make it is because they don't have confidence and what they're when they're doing. Like they could be so close. Uh, but they just have no idea. And I think if you have this data that backs up, your idea to let you know that this is I'm in the greeny is a pretty solid decision that I should create that I think that's encouraging enough for you to test and take that risk because you have David backs up versus a guest or intuition. Or usually what I see is like, someone is giving really bad advice on a Facebook group about what to dio and then someone who is just learning that really wants to learn, just takes advice and applies it. And then they lose money. And I don't want that. I don't want any of my students lose money I want. Then when you're within the kill it, I know this tool helps. Well, my friend, now you know how to use the winning product calculator, and you could feel confident about which products you decide to run ads on. And when you do that, you'll have data that backs if it's worth a shot. If it's worth your time, so much of this is is just the time and research and preparing. This can take care of all of that, and I think it also get out of some of the emotions. If you are brand new and you haven't launched a campaign yet, it's nerve racking. You'll launch a campaign. You'll check it like 30 times that on the first day when your budgets only $5 a day and you're like I haven't made a sale yet. Numbers will speak to you. Let them guide you all. My marketing is all based off data and data rules. Make sure that you're driving force in your e commerce store for out to mention a really important thing. If you're planning in your marketing towards the collections, which is definitely my Q four strategy is that you know your goal is to market and really try to increase your view with your different offers. So that's where you want to play around with on if you want to be conservative. Maybe test obviously tests like your low item, but tests a combination of two items or three items to really figure out the gov. And that's really the whole. The whole point of marking towards a collection is that we want every person to buy multiple items or more of one of more of one item. And in Q four, it's the most realistic time where you can actually plan and estimate that because it's going to happen happens every single year. People buy in multiples of gifts, a variety of gifts. So, uh, in the calculators, the same kind of thing except tryto maybe map out an average of those numbers and pluck those end. But regardless, I really hope that you dig this calculator and I hope is gonna change the game for you in this Q four and moving forward. 6. How to Find Winning Products: after you found your idea and you have some validation that is going to try. And again, you want to actually go to Google after you senator account and one of the most amazing things about Google's you can forecast and get real data on the amount of searches a particular keyword phrase or phrases has. And, um, why this is fascinating is because, um this is how you can actually get a real idea of buyers for this market. And there's a couple different things that if you've never done a Google ad before, um, it's massively different from Facebook. Facebook. You know, there's tons of strategies on targeting of 500,000 audience or a $1,000,000 audience are 1,000,000 people in the audience or more on Google's. More about a laser focus. The quantity does not matter. What matters is the quality, because even if something was searched only 10 times a month, but it was, I want to buy exactly what you're selling. Um, that's 10 sales just from that, and it may cost you, you know, dollars. So it's really about the quality of searches, so we're sticking with a niche of guest ballet dancers And so I'm just doing a quick insights on Cem, unbowed in my dear with more data based on searches. And, um uh, just in case to go over this. So this is breaking out search volume from per month based on all these 351 cured ideas that were stimulated from this phrase here. And so just like Google trends, you can see the increase from October, November, December. So what I'm looking for is, um this is my actual exact search. Raise gifts for ballet dancers and looks like in November and search 17 20 times, December 880 times from last year and knocked over 100 40 times. And, um, you know, we're gonna get into later about using the testing calculator using this information here, But let me just give you a quick example. If you got 100 this was the only thing you targeted. Gets her ballet dancers. That's it. Didn't do any other targeting, which you can do. Some of my most successful campaigns only have, like, three keywords and them because again, the quantity doesn't matter is about the quality gets her Valley dancers think about the user intent behind that search rates. It is someone most likely a mom, a friend, a grand parent, a family member, someone a boyfriend, girlfriend who is looking toe purchase for a gift on behalf of someone who is a ballet dancer. I won't explain that to you because of how powerful that is. You understand so much about the psychology and behavior of this person who is literally in the buying process and just needs the idea. And we're gonna create the ad in the system to make sure that they cook on our website to get those ideas and purchase from us so fascinating. Even if this was the only cured phrase that targeted there would be in Q four Uh, quick math 1500 maybe 16 metres search phrases just in this one key work qualified. That's amazing. Gets for dancers not qualified because dancers is too broad. We're only talking a ballet dancers ballet has to be in that cured phrase. So let's see what else is here. Bali gifts. That's another one. Let's take a look at trends 1,301,000. So now at those two and I already have 3000 qualifying buying searches unique buying searches. 3000 k Imagine if I captured 50% of those and the 1500 sales, right? And can you imagine if those 15 let's beginning, Let's say, captured 1/3. That's 1000 orders. And if each of them, the average order value they purchase was $20. I just made 20 grand, just off to keyword phrases. Right? Isn't amazing. We have all this data at our fingertips. You have people continue to start their testing with gambling methods on Facebook. Oh, anyways, let's see if there's others Valley gifts and ballerina gifts. Basically the same thing. 1,601,000. So let's let's be even more conservative. Let's say we captured, um, 10% of the market, and we only did ballerina guests, so that was literally 1000 surges. So 1000 times 10% which would be 100. Some things we would have only got 100 sales. That's sad times $20. Boom. It's still $2000.2000 dollars and the cost to get 100 clicks right is is that range. I mean, it's less than 67 cents it is. This is between 23 99 cents. And with strategies I'm gonna teach you, it's going to be closer to this low range. In fact, most my adds, this average CBC is lower than what they say here on. I'm teaching the exact same methods and create it. So yeah, this is amazing if you if you've used Cured Planner. I think it's the most fascinating tool, because Google literally tells you exactly what people are searching for and we're specifically interested in the people wanting to purchase. So it's awesome. And, um, after you know, you could spend, you know, a few hours just analyzing each Q and making sure it's correct. The one thing I really be careful about is the whole point of marketing untested Google's to be laser focused right? If you want that shotgun spray and pray method, we could just might as well be on Facebook ads to start. So, um, Onley go for qualified keywords again. Dance gift ideas. That's not that's not good. Ours has to be. Someone wanted to purchase a ballet gift for a dance for ballet dancer, So the passing through the belly gift ideas that's perfect. Dance recital gift ideas? No, it's not good. Valerie. An ornament. I have to study that to see if it if it works. But I would say that's a secondary. A key. Where's There's plenty of room here for gifts for ballet Bali gets for adults. Perfect. So, yeah, make sure you're staying focused and you're not targeting something that is has any ambiguity. You you should know exactly what they want, and that's why we're driving into our collection. 7. How to Create Successful Ads During Holiday Shopping: All right, so we've done some research. We know we have a great idea. We found products and we've created collection. And now the awesome part of the stuff that I live for, which is creating a campaign and how toe walked room. Um, every single detail What you should trait Now there's lots of different styles of Google ads, Just like Facebook ads. You have display network. You have you two bads. Um, and I actually think this is my strong opinion. If you're starting out on Google it the ads that still are fried and true that air so basic that have made me lots of lots of money are simple text based ATS and text based ads is what we're gonna walk in today. And I kid you not. You could make six figures just doing text text based ads without ever doing that fancy YouTube stuff or Facebook ads like It can all be straight from text based ads. Um, I do it every single month, and it is just so overlooked just because I think it's sometimes people think Google's complicated, and I think they most people try to just really over overcomplicate things in general, and it's so simple. So walking through the campaign here that we're gonna use to send at people to year, and it's gonna be searched when we click on um, website traffic. And there are other goals, leads and sales. But again, keep it simple. We're trying to get qualified clicks. Someone of, uh, name this for organizations sake, ballet collection. I am not gonna do Google partners and not do display network. I only wanted to peer for its appear when someone searches for something like Guess for that moves. I only want to be one of these people right here. And here's what's awesome. Even right now for this example, there's no one marketing a text based ad. Now, that is awesome. Andi, text based ads rule over, um, search face out. So these shopping base as right here, um, and I get these comments all time, but couldn't people just go on and was on our at sea? And what about, you know, the Google Shopping network? And and so I do. If they wanted to buy on Amazon, they're not gonna do this. They're gonna go to Amazon. You don't even see that traffic in the data. Same thing with that. Sees anything with I don't know whatever other search engines. Probably some dance surgeon search engine out that text way. Sad just appears before basically right here in the midst. It would be here before any of the organic efforts. And, um, it's just it's just simple. And it works. And, you know, there's a chance that, you know, some clicks. We're gonna go to tea here, but often times not, um, people click on the text based. Add so much more than you think. So much more. So I'm going. United States. You could the United States and Canada. That's what you wanted to dio um, budget. Now I know everyone is starting out with a more conservative budget. We have different budget, different needs. But if you want to give this a shot, you at least in to give it 10 bucks a day, someone said it's a bare, bare minimum on the cost per click. Mostly estimation that key where there was nothing really more than a dollar. So what about a dollar in there? Um, it doesn't mean it's going to spend a dollar. It's just if the auction is gonna require a dollar better higher. I'm not gonna be in the auction, so I'm leaving it as a dollar sometimes actually will create campaigns and leave this place . In fact, most of time I do. It's because I'm really interested in the end. The data and I now have built a sizable budget that I use to test, so I just want the data quickly. So that's really the two cases areas. If you're sitting on a few $100 that you're willing test, then leave it blank. If you are bone on a budget and for dollars and, um, also leave information here on how to actually get your 1st $100 from Google ads free eso You actually spend $25 they give you $100. So it's a great way to start a profitable campaign. Um, can't go wrong with that so I could save and continue. So my advise group so adds organized, um, I'm gonna put gifts. And so how gonna organizes any keywords in here happening? Food or gifts? Basically, guess for ballet dancers, ballet gifts, ballerina. Guess, um, I can't really looks on my head. You can put it in the key word here. No research. Let's see. Male ballet dancer gifts for No, I might be good with just those three. So when you put in keywords, there's three different types of styles of keywords, and it's actually listed right here. You have a broad match and abroad matches, basically giving the discretion to Google. Uh, where, if there's any keywords that ever given are not remotely similar but somewhat similar, they will also include your ad. You don't wanna do that, especially if you're new to this. Uh, Google is not really a good guesser when you're when you're playing the guest game. When you put parentheses around the cured, it's a phrase match. So what that means is any search phrase on the Internet that includes what's within the parentheses, even if it's out of order, or if there's many other words because laws includes ballerina gifts, your keyword phrase is gonna appear now. There's lots of things where even guests ballet Dancer could not be qualified, for example, how to diy I why a gift for a belly did her belly Ballet dancer is not qualified. I don't want to people making their gets. I won't be able to buy it again. And so that's why have a master negative keyword list, which takes care of, I would say, 90% uh, the keywords out there. They're just kind of buzz cures of people who are window shopping, trying to make stuff. Looking for cheap stuff on just gets rid of all those wasted spend, which, you know, at the end of the day, I work hard for money. I don't spend it and gamble it. So I only want to make sure my searches appearing for someone who's exactly looking to buy . So I usually will start at per phrase match. And we do that, plus the negative keyword less. You should cover your bases for not wasting anything. Um, so click continue is if you're looking at me and you've never done this before like I kid you not. You could have three keywords and that's it and crush it just Russia. So let's put in my You are all here. And so there's a few different ways to go about this. I like to have three style of ads, Um, if I can. If it's out, The bull one is simple, straightforward matches exactly what they search for. That one's easy doesn't take any creativity. Um, the next is trying to have an incentive. And then the third is, um, trying to drive curiosity to learn more. So let's start with that simple one nine. Oats 10 10 Best Gifts for Valley Dancers 10. Best Gifts for Ballet Dancers Valley Chris Smith Shopping. That's something simple. Okay, you're Valley. Guess you why am I was born? I know is born, but we're just going to that simple, simple, straightforward one We've curated the top 10. Best guess this holiday season Or Valley dentures get all your Christmas shopping for ballet dancers Done all in one place. Um, cool. So let's save and continue. Can't paying. I'm gonna continue, and I'm gonna add those other two ads. I like to just create it because it's easier to create other ads from here s so I can click plus button text ad and see how it auto populates everything. So from here now, I want to do something cooler. Uh, let's do the some curiosity. One Looking for gifts for Valley. Who's enough gifting for ballet dancers? Have you seen our top 10? They will love are our top top 10 items Our top 10 list Shop shop for your Valley dancers. Cool, it's like Isn't isn't like creepy. Someone types in gets her ballet dancers gifting for ballet dancers read their minds. So this. I think there's pretty pretty justice for my curiosity and to do one more here. Ah huh, 10 Valley Guess this ex Miss and I need to have an incentive cult called Action, and we have a really created that yet. But let's just say well, say free shipping Quest Bundle offers free shipping plus packages. Great packages. Ah, and this is you know, where you can get creative. This is a creative part. I haven't really created my offers yet, so it's kinda hard to create the ad without the offer. But it would be something like, If I want to buy one, get one free or if I'm going to, um, do it's a by incentive, 25% off. That's where you would kind of in this style of our correct crane incentive for urgency. Um, we could let's try sense of urgency. We got free shipping in there. We could try fest, insert and hurry before we run out of stuff for we are hurry. Be for register. Okay. I like it. So I have now created three ads. Let's check them all out. So we have the top on your gifting for ballet. She hasn't gifting for ballet dancers. They will love our top 10 lish shop for your ballet dancers here. I think that's what it waas shop for a ballet dancers. And, uh, next one, we have a 10. Best guess for Valley Dancers Valley Christmas shopping. Get your ballot Ballet gives here. Think that's what that one is. And in this third, his top 10 Valley gets his ex miss free shipping plus great packages Ray, before we're out of stock. So now I feel like you've at least covered your basis. You are good to go. Um, and these ads so natural. What's gonna happen is these ads are basically competing against each other. Google's gonna test them all and start showing the ad that performs the best. Now, um, you know, if we stick with these three categories of curiosity, incentive and simple, which ever add ends of performing the best, So let's say it's the incentive, then we would pause the other two. And then we would create another two ads in that category of incentive. And one would be, for example, tests of free shipping. And the other one would be ah ah, discount. The other would be a package on and you would want to test those different offers. One might be free gift just for check me on any item, you know. But this very first initial tests, I'm just testing the differences in in meeting simple curiosity and instead and, um, I don't know how long we've been on this video for, what, 15 minutes? And this is the crazy thing. Google is so passive. Uh, it's there's such a less management. You check your keywords to make sure you're not having any weird phrases and negative keywords, But, um, it beyond that, it's it's really that simple. So, like, for example, you would check your ads every single day, and, um, you want to add your negative keepers and this is where you would copy and paste your Mac master negative cure list. But like cheap D I y, um, let's see how usually any phrases like how to make how to build you just eliminate all those with their and, um, you copy and paste your keywords in here, and that's that's where you can make sure not wasting any money. But that's really it, after the management of it, and then scale in your budget to make sure it matches. But it's fascinating that it can really all be done with just ease for two minutes. So we spent here.