Eazl Bonus Marketing Interviews (Recommended: Enroll in Our New 2019 Growth Hacking 6 Course) | Davis Jones | Skillshare

Eazl Bonus Marketing Interviews (Recommended: Enroll in Our New 2019 Growth Hacking 6 Course)

Davis Jones, Co-founder of Eazl

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    • Growth Hacking Masterclass Video Trailer

    • Michele Chaboudy on Product and Marketing Teams at Startups


About This Class

Note: This is legacy content from Eazl and we recommend that you enroll in our #1 Global Bestseller: Growth Hacking w/ Digital Marketing Masterclass course on Skillshare for the most up-to-date content on this topic!


Join the Leading Indie Business Education Community on the Web! // Course v3.0

The bonus section of the Complete Growth Hacking Series! Here are some bonus interviews that didn't make it into the current version of the course.

The Complete Growth Hacking Series 

  1. Build a Digital Marketing Framework That Works
  2. Launch Your Google Analytics System + Popular AUTOMATION TUTORIAL
  3. How to Use Data when Growth Hacking with Digital Marketing 
  4. Advanced Digital Marketing: Landing Pages and Conversion Funnels
  5. How to Manage Your Marketing Budget
  6. Social Media Best Practices for Your Business
  7. How Viral Marketing REALLY Works
  8. Easy Ways to Improve Your Website's SEO in Less than 30 Minutes
  9. Storytelling: Tell Emotional, Authentic Stories for Your Business
  10. Email Marketing Framework and List Building
  11. Online Advertising Basics
  12. Bonus Interviews

Learn how to use lean analytics, web traffic metrics, digital conversion funnels, LTV & CAC calculations,social media, viral marketing, public relations, SEO, inbound marketing, email marketing, and paid acquisition to grow fast.

A Digital Marketing Toolkit for the Connected Economy at Your Fingertips

Learning to think and market like a growth hacker puts you on an even playing field with the big firms in Silicon Valley and once you have these skills, you'll have a knowledge base that enables you to excel as a modern digital marketer. The demand for digital marketing skills continues to increase and when you know how to attract and retain customers through online channels, you'll be a valuable asset to any team.

This flagship course was developed in partnership with leading instructional designers. You'll apply the concepts as you learn, read about growth hacks, and learn from beautifully-animated learning modules developed by our animation team (read: no boring power point slides here!).

The Complete Digital Marketing Package for Growth Hackers

This course begins by helping you use key marketing tools like persona development, target market interviewing, and “buying center" analysis to establish your approach to growth. Then, you'll develop analytical skills that will enable you to understand what's working, where it's working, and what needs to be changed. You'll start with a section on web traffic analysis before moving onto lean analytics. Then you'll develop the ability to design and track digital conversion funnels which, when combined with lifetime customer value (LTV) and customer acquisition cost (CAC), will enable you to find opportunities to bring new customers into your ecosystem on a revenue-positive basis.

In the second half of the course, you'll develop a user-centric approach to marketing. You'll start with a section on the new social media marketing landscape and then move on to viral marketing and public relations. Then, you'll get a crash course in SEO for online destinations as well as for content marketing so that you can ensure that your content is discoverable on the web. The email marketing section will introduce you to automated email marketing strategies and also develop your ability to use email marketing platforms to manage a group of email list subscribers. The course wraps up with a section on paid acquisition and online advertising so that when you have an advertising budget, you'll know how to use it.


Version 3 Release Notes:

  • Woohoo Growth Hacking 3 is here and the course is better than ever. Using feedback from the Eazl lead users crew, the Udemy learning team, and other student feedback, we've made a whole host of upgrades! The course is now more project-based, so you'll be able to use sections as you need them to achieve outcomes related to your growth objectives. We've also trimmed out some of the more outdated exercises and SideBYSides and replaced them with fresh content. As a part of this upgrade, there are all new intros in the course and it has been totally re-structured. You also have access to a brand new interview with Peter van Sabben that was recorded in Amsterdam in the Winter of 2015. Peter is one of Europe's leading growth hackers and the co-founder of Growth Tribe, the first ever growth hacking program sponsored by a university (the University of Amsterdam) and backed by Facebook.

Version 2.3 Release Notes:

  • We've updated the course study guide, added in additional further reading links, and included additional content from the vlog!

Version 2.3 Release Notes:

  • You'll now experience a richer learning experience with the integration of additional learning resources throughout the course. These tools include a study guide to compliment the course, integration with the EazlVlog which offers real-world examples of the tools taught in the course, and better integration with the Eazl Marketing Mastermind Group. Stay engaged with the many tools you're learning and using!

Version 2.2.3 Release Notes:

  • In the Labs section at the end of the course, you'll find an email printout of our exchange with the LinkedIn® ad team about their ad offerings and how much you need to spend in order to get access to their ad support team.

Version 2.2.2 Release Notes:

  • Modified an action learning exercise to include better benchmarking statistics. Thanks Luka!

Version 2.2.1 Release Notes:

  • There's a new interview in the final section of the course with Antonio Carella, a mobile developer and software development instructor, on the basics of using APIs and social logins in growth marketing.

Version 2.1 Release Notes:

  • You now have interview summaries for the expert interviews with Brian Taylor, James Kenler, and Reva Minkoff! Get their key points fast

Version 2.0 Release Notes:

  • The course features brand new introductions. Re-recording of course introduction, section introductions, and conclusions to reflect new material.
  • You can now earn growth marketing ninja stars throughout the course! If you complete your training, you'll earn the Ultra Star and can download the Ultra Star wallpaper as a frequent reminder of your growth hacking skills.
  • You have access to nearly 2 hours of new SideBYSides to support the following technical skills:
    • Target Market Interviewing Analytics
    • Using Google Data to Access Public Demographic Statistics
    • Using the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery
    • Designing Trackable Analytics Funnels
    • Using Funnel Visualization Tools
    • Researching Journalists Who've Written about Similar Stories
    • Creating a Custom Email List Segment
    • Integrating Automated Email Triggers
    • Automating Drip Email Campaigns
    • Setting Up an Adwords Campaign and Group
    • Setting Up a Remarketing List in Adwords
    • Setting Up a Facebook Remarking List
    • Setting Up Dynamic Display Remarketing in Adwords
  • We've added a .pdf from Yahoo! that describes the personas who use Yahoo!'s job seeker offerings as an additional resource in the lecture on Developing Psychographic Customer Profiles.
  • LinkedIn and Twitter profile connections for some of the course's subject matter experts. Connect with them!


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Davis Jones

Co-founder of Eazl

Davis Jones is the Chief Learning Officer at Eazl, a business school whose courseware is used by organizations like Tesla, Harvard, the World Bank, and Lyft and more than 150,000 students worldwide. Mr. Jones also participated in the Harvard University Graduate School of Education Leaders of Learning program in 2018. He specializes in:

Curriculum Design for Digital Learning Experiences User Experience Design for Distributed Digital Education Products Business Education Pro...

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