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Easy way to sew a zip

teacher avatar Monika Sleke

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. We will need

    • 3. How to cut

    • 4. Threading machine

    • 5. Sewing and finishing

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About This Class

In this class, students will learn and easy way to sew a simple zip and make a little bag.

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Monika Sleke


Hello, I'm Monika. I am a real DIY pro and I love crafts.

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1. Intro: Hello. How are you today? I'm going to show you a simple and easy way to. So is it as tutorial? We will make a little bag that you can use in your big, normal shoulder back to put loose stuff. But since technique can be used not to make only little vices with me Ah, it will help you to make up Shelton bag as it's not the same thing. Also, any kind of project you would like, maybe even address, So let's not waste time and get started. 2. We will need: first things first, we will need the Bobin Fred Upper thread. Have rick scissors, spot paper, scissors, zip and fabric. I suggest caught on polling cotton or linen for easy start. 3. How to cut: Okay, let's start cutting. As you see, I have just a scrap of lovely polka dot fabric to make it just nice, both fabric and half and pressed to make sure it's flat and the Rondo greases. But they're off edge off and holding fabric. Still, that the bottom fault line dividing fabric into two identical pieces place fabric, good sides facing each other a line, and we'll stitch straight, seem across about one inch, down to the bottom. 4. Threading machine: - Okay , time to friend the machine. I'm not going to talk about this in detail as every machine type house of differences. So basically, I don't know what you're using. I cannot tell how to do. The main thing is to follow the manual or arrows on your machine. What makes reading really, really, really easier? As you see, I'm having some trouble stat dangling the Fred. But that's arriving. Manage it and just final hold through the needle and the top Fred will be done. I use Standard Needle, which usually comes with machine. Otherwise, every selling shop will have them in stock. So don't worry, putting friend in the bombing case, which again can be in the front, on the side, all on the top. Follow the manner or arrows on your machine. 5. Sewing and finishing: all right, something part and the fun begins. First list said Your machine stitched to the biggest mine goes number five. You might need to lose in the novel air shows stitch line, but no detention. It's very important here again for that. Read the manual as every machine is different, so I cannot really help you. As you see, I started sewing just the plane. Straight stitch. No securing on the ends now. Place fabric good side down. Split the overlapping on the seem and press. If you zoom cotton or linen, it will be easy to make it stay as it is as Fabregas. Much sturdier than let's say synthetics. Change your stitch length to medium minus two or free. Yours depends on machine type again. I can't help you with it. Exactly. Take the zip. Also facing down the good side. Make sure zip is good and not broken before you start. It will be very side if it's broken. When you saw it, aligns it middle to the seam and holding tight started. So start slow and begin with a couple stitches forward. Backwards to secure the same, you might find that zip pushes the foot out. In this case, you can use special zip foot suitable for your machine, or simply open the zip a little bit and go slow until you reached it again. Then keep needle down, lift the foot carefully zip it up, lower the foot and continue straight. Always make sure the middle of Zip alliance to the middle seem. I learned it in a very bad way, like a lot of on picking and the same securing the stitch front and back. Will the friends a little bit and start another side from Ziva, bottom to top like a pro? I'm only joking. There is no difference how you do other side. I just found it easier this way for me. - Go slow and straight and do the same unzipping thing to fit the foot. Throw and finish off. Securing the stitch. Flip the fabric good side facing you and carefully pull out the threat from the very first team in big stitches. As you see, the Zip works lovely. Now, fold back into inside out position, lives up about an inn, opened align the edge and so straight line down with back tax in the beginning and the end By the way, the backpack is the seamstress. Word for stitching, securing if it front and back and front and back thing. Just so you know, I'm gonna call it like that, probably because it's easier for me when you have about half inch left till the injured the fabric. Leave needle down, lift foot, twist fabric 90 degrees angle and continue sewing same thing again. Foot up, 90 degree angle and backtrack Indians. - Now , as we have this bird's bag looking thing with fraying raw edges, I suggest to overlook it with another machine or uses exact stitch on your machine. Now I used to know you may need to push a button or so select quite wide stage. Not long. Why we're needle travels from left to right. You. That makes sense. Run around the edges just so zigzagging. Stitch nearly touches the straight one. Also, don't forget to secure this sketch. Same thing for corners, needle down, foot up and keep going. - Now I'm going to cut around the edges to make the project look more professional. This is why we run the zigzag stitch to prevent fabric from fraying and cutting. Now the excess fabric off just be careful not to cut this teaching. This is really important. Unless you want to go twice. And they think that saw seems pretty easy. Well, I just need to open this up now, which is a challenge for me, obviously. And I will be able to enjoy my new bag with a simp. Probably. I will put some cosmetics in it and have it in my shoulder bag, which I'm using one daily basis to have all things in the same place. What for? You would use that.