Easy way to play Piano by ear in the style of Jazz Gospel pop RnB | K Life Ashe | Skillshare

Easy way to play Piano by ear in the style of Jazz Gospel pop RnB

K Life Ashe, Easy Way to Play Piano

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    • 1. Intro Easy way to play(1)

    • 2. C scale Easy way to play

    • 3. 1and 4 chords in C

    • 4. 1and 5 chords in C

    • 5. 1 4 5 chords in song


About This Class

Easy way to play is a simple approach at playing piano in the style of jazz gospel r&b and pop this class is

all about he C scale and 1-4-5 chords and how can be used in a simple way in easy songs Have fun and

you can do it


1. Intro Easy way to play(1): Welcome to my class. This is K life with easy way to play way , way, - Theo Way Theo . And in this class we will be learning cast gospel R and B And then whatever other pop song that are popular today that you would like to learn And trust me, you can do it. This may off seem difficult, but like I said, this is the easy way to play. So stick around and thank you so much for being here. Um and I hope that you enjoy yourself and have a good time. We will start with our basic, um, scales and CNC Sharp and also our basic core progressions and C and C start containing 14 and five. 2. C scale Easy way to play: all right, and welcome back. So today we are going to practice. Our C scale gets are simple. See, scale. We're going to go over starting with middle C um, on here on. Easy way to play. Um, and we're gonna make it very simple. So we're just gonna reference, See, with our base hand, we're going to call this our base and our left hand. Easy way to play. We will always call this hammer base hand. That will chord with it later on. But reference. See, I see reference, See? And then you're gonna have We're just going to use our right hand. We're gonna do our scale with our right hand owned. 12345 So we're gonna play this starting with our thumb. Just a very basic way. Seen. Go to three. Okay, But we want to play the whole scale so we don't want to just go. 1234 Which is good, but we want to be able to Parsi scale. This is what we want to sound like. All right. So this how we're going to this 12345 This how we're gonna play this when our start with our, um one g free. Then we're gonna go cross over back toe one. So you see that carefully? Notice every time I get back to see referencing with my left hand, I guess. One finger here. Okay, so we're gonna do this again. You try it with me this time. Ready? Go. Okay. Now we're gonna do it backwards. Going down the skill like this Now, there is absolutely no pressure to do this fast. You don't have to go. You don't have to do that. Uh, so just take your time. You get to that if you practice it related this video, practice it, take your time, and then you can even use the Metrodome if you like. But metronomic time in history we have on our instruments. Time for us. Okay. However, um, if you don't have that, you just kind of counting your head. So let's try it together. Ready? We're going to start from let's see and go back down to this seat. But this time we're gonna start with five, so we're gonna go 54321 and then 321 for three. All right. So sorry. That's for 32 on. Here's a cross over here. Your middle finger, which is three on E. You guessed. Did your c scale. This is your home in your C scale. So you're playing me. All right. Try one more time. And in the course, you can try it a little faster and faster from there. So you can go now. This is easy way to play. So right now we're just doing one finger so that we know that this is seen and we're gonna play R C scale and sooner you'll get faster. Mm. Next time we'll do two out. Let's just stick to one octave for now. Very good. 3. 1and 4 chords in C: Welcome back to easy way to play Now, Today we are going to We just learned r c scale. So we're going to learn on Lee are one chord in the key of C. Okay, now it's very simple. We're still on you. This is our base hand. And this is our court hand, left hand based amber and court. Okay, so we're gonna start with guess reference in the base of C Now, with our right hand, we're going toe play, see? And they with 12 and three just simply want to a three. Let's just keep it simple, okay? You're gonna find I'm not a big person on fingering And how you how we finger are notes with the right fingering or not. They call that in classical school. Um, however, um, we want to get to the notes the best way that we can in a comfortable way. So this is just comfortable for me. Whatever. It is good for you than do that. But, um, the pattern I'm gonna teach you is called, um break, Corti. So I'm gonna show you why in a minute. Okay. So, C c Right now, this is the C major chord thistles. Also, the scene making is this and so is this. Okay, so I'm gonna show you how to take your major chords and brings them together till where you can break right from one court to the next chord. Okay, So what I mean is we're going to simply do are one court to our forecourt, So we're gonna do one toe. 4124 And what this sounds like is pretty interesting. OK, so, um, let's start with our one court on and play. See? But let's play in the which this is called the third position below Middle C Park on G your thumb here on G. Put your finger there on C A mayor forefinger on e ready. Left hand on C. Let's play that together three times a again. Let's do it again. Very good. You gets played your first chord. All right, now how we're going to bring this from 1 to 4. This is what this is going to sound like is gonna be now that might have seen difficult, but this is the easy way to play. So we're on duty for simply got to play, see on our left hand were simply gonna go from seen Thio Thio right hand. We're gonna play G C on our we're gonna do is move our thumb from Gina a and then move our forefinger from e t f. That's going to give us our forecourt. It's why simply moving just slightly. Let's try it again on my watch. Me Move up on them back down. See? So I just played. Now you try it. Good. Very good. 4. 1and 5 chords in C: Welcome back to easy way to play Now, uh, we guess went over our 1 to 4 chord playing 14 in a break style. Why, it's called a break Because we take the same note. One of the notes from the previous courting you that in the next court. Simply awful. Pivot. Now, today, we're going to learn g to see Okay, it is going to be five back toe one. So we learned one before number of all our five back to one. Now, the reason why is these cords are the three basic major chords in ah, whole bunch of songs. And so, in order to play these songs easily if somebody singing after some other instrument plan, all you have to do is simply play the chords. This is true if your search your plan for your local band or playing for, um And I must tell you how that works in a few lessons from now, um, during this, uh, class. All right, So, um, this is what we're going to. So we're gonna go play instead of plain R C court. We're going leave our thumb here. One court, then from our one court We're gonna leave our thumb here and then take our see and put it to be on and then take our e and put it on. Dean, just moving one finger over. This is called a break for where you just take it. Simply do a slight variation. The slight move over. You're on a whole different chord just by changing the base in the couple of things with your hands. It's not a whole lot of movement. Very simple. Very easy. Okay, so we're gonna start with C your C court, and then we're gonna go down tea with our five court and then back up to C s. So we're gonna go G. Then we're simply going move this up to see and then de up to e. Okay, you can however, you want to pitch in, that you can either go, Are you 13 and four. OK, are 12 and four. Now we're using 12 and three, and then 12 and four. Okay. Base is going simply go he to see and had this side that's gone sound If you've ever heard like the end of the song. Some big finishes out like this anyway, We'll get more to that later. However, let's start back again with our five core and simply move one finger over to see from D from B to C from D T E. They were back at our one. You try it. Uh, good. So if you look at, um apart before this from 1 to 4, you can now know how to go one up to four, up to five in tow one, and we'll go over that on our next clip. 5. 1 4 5 chords in song: Welcome back to the easy way to play Now we have been learning are one core on c R four chord and see are five board using what we are calling the brakes court process When we get simply moved two fingers to play simple songs in this lesson we're going to learn simple songs to do so like Francis get with one in five You couldn't do row Your boat gets Onley. Play the chords Remember, This is the easy way to play. Don't complicate it. So one run Oh, if you're sad, you could be silly Turn it to a minor room You whatever. All right, So, um now you can also do a gospel song like, Yes, Jesus loves me using the whole one for five s Jesus has me see that Would 14 back to one Jesus loves me back down You go back to one for the very simple Um very, very whatever. 145 chords that simple. So give it a try. You can do it. Take your time. Don't rush it. Utilizing the cords that you have learned in the previous videos. All right, remember, you can do it. 145 and key of C