Easy to learn Violin scale shift and vibrato with C major Scale and Laputa (Castle in the sky) !! | Chuchao Wang | Skillshare

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Easy to learn Violin scale shift and vibrato with C major Scale and Laputa (Castle in the sky) !!

teacher avatar Chuchao Wang, Life-long Violinist.

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Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction to C major scale and Laputa (Castle in the sky)

    • 2. C major scale part 1

    • 3. C major scale part 2 + Vibrato

    • 4. Laputa

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About This Class

During this course, we will be learning how to play C major scale of Carl Flesch (Flesch Károly) scale system and Laputa (Castle in the sky) of Joe Hisaishi for scale shift, vibrato, and how to understand music works. :)

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Chuchao Wang

Life-long Violinist.


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1. Introduction to C major scale and Laputa (Castle in the sky): - Uh , - hi , guys. My name is Rachel. During this section, we're going to be talking about the bombing by Brad. Oh, and how to seem Scouse on the violin strings. In order to do that, we're going to need the cough mush school system and a copy of Mark within doesn't know is causing this guy later on. We're also going to analyze the music, work off off the you order. Do we express it to the fullest? If you have any questions about this course, then police let me know and I will be more than happy to help you And points. Don't forget to check my fundamental course and has somebody so basic Valionis techniques. Thank you. 2. C major scale part 1: Okay, guys, June dissection were going to be talking about how to practice the C major scales of cow flesh. Scouts has been correctly. The reason by the scales are so important is because they're the funding stones of all other music works. This can also be up high to our other 24 majors or minors. A prejudice? Uh, third, 6/8 and 10th. Right now, we're only going to be focusing on C major. The things that we have tougher here can also be applied to our other 24 majors or minors. Later on, we're going to be using our C major scales to practice our vibrato before it played a scale . We always need to make sure that our four strings are created and our bow is ST Marie played a scale and be familiar with the music nose first. The other thing that I have to say is that we always need to use the Maginot in order to keep that temper in check. Okay, uh, and then we need to go small first. A swell, because we need to give our brains to time to react and to pay attention to those details such as keeping the Bow Street keep the volume of this. They're saying throughout whenever a sound that helped the bow or at the bottom of the bowl . And then they also may need to make sure that our boys talk attached to a stream like a knife instead of like a flatbread. Right. So is should be always like this. You stop that, okay. And then do not use too much wash when you play the scales. I should be booming and pushed about this stuff instead of are using for school downward. Okay? And then keep the music knows accurate. Did we need to use our years toe? Check them constantly and then temple in check with the metro known It may seem a lot of things to keep track off, but, uh, once you have cultivated the harvest is going to be as easy as breathing air. At first, we should be practicing our scout change a little bit slower. Uh, which should be familiar with the first. Generally speaking, Ah, the skeletons should shouldn't be too fast or too slow. If it's too fast, then he's gonna making their parking sound like this so you can hear that they say are rushing sound right? And then if it's go, smoke is way slower than it should be. Things going Making them male sound is something like you. Can I send you like this? So the correct way should be Whenever you try to recruit the scale, for example, I want to cheat to my second finger to the first finger from C to D Then I when I about two Cheech to scale and lift my finger up quite a bit. But the bombing should be the same. It should be constant. There shouldn't be a gap between the okay, So, like this the ideal skeleton should be that your audience does no not know that you have already changed the scale. And then the trick is that at the moment that you want to change the scale, you live your finger a little bit and then change against only. But there shouldn't be any ah evidence that you you have done the entire motion. Now is the time to you implemented things we have discussed before with C major scales. Remember, we always need to make sure that all work over strings accurate id. So the entire procedure. Remember, it's like this, uh, since your toner to 442 a right, and then turning up. Okay. No, Miami second string. That's accurate. And I'm gonna I create my first street, okay? No, the thirst re Ah, no. For our first created. And now we're ready to my c major scale. The key here is to maintain the balance of tempo during the Internet exercise, which should be constantly checking if our music knows that we're playing is accurate. ID. You have a po is straight. He's our sound while in the same dwelling. Terrible. Uh, is there a gap with many? Change The strings won't one to another, for example, from war strength with hurt. Ah, uh, no, that's so we need to shoot. Make sure that it doesn't happen, and then ah, but it should also be able to prepare for the next note off which we're trying to play. For example, if I want to play right after, though, though, right? You found to play, uh, right then many to prepare a finger. So do you see that in my third finger? This one is always on top of the right position, which is steam and then set your metronome to a 60 like this. Oh, here. So every time when this entire temple hates to eighth, you need to go to either to the top, the bow, or to the bottom. Bobo. So if I start l from button the ball, then he's gonna be going like this. 12 three, four. Fine. 678 Okay, some of the entire past practice trippy eight like this. I hope that, uh, when If you cannot point the very first note, the guy was to something like this, right? So we owe. Okay, So that's the position of C, which is so right. Okay. Speaking No way. - 00 Uh oh, 00 oh , oh, oh, oh, oh, - oh , oh, - oh , oh oh, - uh , yeah, okay. Uh, the reason that we go so slow is because we need to give our brain the time it needs to pay attention to those details we have discussed before, right to make sure that our music knows are created on. Then every music know that every play is in sync with the temples and then keep our post straight the bottom the same 3. C major scale part 2 + Vibrato: after you make sure that all the details are correct for the one no people. Then you can move on to two notes. Pupo Okay, so it goes like this 0000 00 oh oh, oh, oh, oh, oh oh oh oh oh Okay, As you can see, when we're Plato unanswerable, the spirits can't be much faster it right So it's gonna give you much unless time for you to think about the State House So which means it's going to be much harder. Then my nose provoked. So, uh, that's the way it should be, because if you want to go so fast, then you have to go smoke first. So the one to nose propose should be, uh, Seoul 234 Right, 23 for me to three or Okay, so one notes. Four tempos per one note. Okay, After they have fully understood, has a play to most provoke become always more long to play for Moscow. Go Right now, the four notes football is going to be in a faster careful are really leaving you much less time to react as well to those details. So we need to, uh fully comprehend helping my two knows football first and then played for no Spago. Ok, so very entire demonstration is going to be like this. - No , no. - Oh , okay. After a period off process, you're going to be able to a former us how to play a foreign else provoke Then that I would be mean that you're ready to move on toe a nose will go. So it's going to be no. Okay, now that's a nose provoke. And then after you understand, uh, uh, basic eyes and the sending off the moment knows propose that we can always speed things hood with. Like, right now there are 60 right? So we can always 20. Not part of it. For example, we can adjusted to 70 on them. Practice with this speed for a nose. No, no. Okay, so after you speed it up, speed it up out of it. And then, uh, we can always on my 12 knows proposed. And then the final goal is to quite the scales to see major scouts like don't even so much You know, rifles. Unless you know that from here. Issues of Mido it's like a Colombian letter. Right? Is going up and going down. So the final go is to a point like this. Okay, so, uh, we are not trying to getter uh uh, within a few days off practice because it is pretty difficult. So that's why we need to go from slow to fast, right? We need to speed it up gradually instead of just jumped way ahead of ourselves. Okay, Be patient. And, uh, you're going to be able to achieve that. I promise you. Now that we have reached a go off playing see major scowl correctly, it is time for us to disguise a little bit about my Brad. Oh, from my schooling, the dominant type off I brought a would be on my Brad Oh, I instead of wrist my Brad Oh, June Mike, wish away while only be talking about the on my brother. Oh, and risk by brother is considered unorthodox on a hybrid off brick by me personally, Before we begin, we must make sure that we have a comprehensive understanding of the accuracy of the music nose and able to play the right otherwise, once where they begin to point of vibrato, the knows who will be riel therefore, we must make sure of that. So in order to begin, they need to use the very first know what help the C major scale, which is C, right? And OK, now you know where C is, But though is so you the arm, my brother is the entire movement off? Didn't her like arm? Okay, so was your precedent. The note. You go forward and bike work forward and backward. Forward on backwards. So the, uh, beginning it should be a little bit off. So I should be a little bit smoke, because I'm the goal here is to be able to control the movement of your hand to do my Brad . Oh, uh, otherwise, he's, uh It will be, uh, like Frank cranked up like this. So to begin, that's the initial step for you to take when you begin to train for my brother. Okay, so it is backward. Forward, Backward for work. Uh, the important thing is Teoh, make sure that your wrist doesn't move. It's at the movement. Is a space on your entire arm. Okay. 1212121 to. And then this is the who, our see, which is the second finger. Right? So now has tried our third finger, which is D right? C d. So Right. Okay. Okay. Three important thing is that we don't need to be very fast at the beginning. The important thing is to again to be able to control your hand movement, our movement, um, with you with your brain. Okay. So if I even way fully grasp the techniques to do by a breglio solemnly become Tony nominated bit, speed it up a little bit, okay? Yeah. Way. Yeah. Okay. No, After very after a period of training, we can speed it up right away, even more. Okay. Way through. Okay. Uh, the important thing over here is to again we need to be able to control our hand arm movement with our brains. Ah, you start off letting our entire arm to control urban. Okay, So it is your playing the bombing. Now, the welling that's playing you, right? And Thea the mean function off by brother, is to make some, uh, let it go more, uh, inclusive. Like, for example. There's something that is drawn. Then I need to use my vibrato too. Include the sound a little bit more like this. Right? So we need to use our by brother too, um, to neutralize the sound a little bit more. 4. Laputa: now that may have learned how to shift Scouse and my brother will see major scales. It is the time for us to take the techniques that we have learned and implementing Teoh up with the also know as castle in this guy, uh, written by Joe. He says she it is a beautiful music. Then to begin with, we take our match in, um uh, like this and then, uh, do not go fast city into a speed that you're comfortable with. That means it has to be, uh, small, you know, for us to pay attention to those steed house that we have discussed before, such as keeping the Bow Street keeping the music. Now it's accurate ID and keep the tempos bounced. And here's the demonstration. - Yeah , on once you have miniature that you can play through the entire sound without a single mistake, Then you increase the speed gradually until you reached the original spear off the sound and practice and let me more until you're confident that you're not going to make a single mistake we're going to be talking about Let me more about how to understand. The music works on a little bit later. If you find those scout ships on, might be more difficult, then you can always take out and practice it repeated. A. Until you're confident that you're now going to make the same mistake. Practice makes accents and, for example, at the beginning there say, uh, they'll write me right? So if I'm not confident with my scholarships or there, so I can always, uh, practice heart this right? So, uh, the dough is to make sure that you can ship the scale accurately every time you try to play that. Okay, now it's tell committed way about how to understand the music works fundamentally playing sounds and symphonies are very similar. Teoh talking day to day conversations uh, there times that we talked very loudly and their times that they talked very quietly, and there also have to be commas and periods, and they're sort off a punch ations way talk. We will also have to breathe your house and exhales advised the audience would be choked. Ready Now. I tried to read the music, cheat off capita and see birth through the sentences speaking and we're to the sentences end, and now I will be putting down up there again and see if you can spot the trend or tendency off the entire cell. Okay. - Uh , - okay . So there are sometimes that are quiet her and dash sometimes our mother. Right. So right now what we're gonna do is to use a pen or pencil to label unto the music sheet that you could have spotted the trends and then try to do it yourself. Okay. Uh, well, most importantly, we need to sing a from our from our heart, but we need to keep the, uh, meet. Music knows are created and temple balanced. On top of that, we can understand music work, okay?