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Easy repeat pattern designs for a cityscape drawing

teacher avatar Aerie North, Designer + Maker ♦ Art Gallery Education

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Drawing cityscape buildings

    • 3. Repeat pattern designs

    • 4. Add Embellishments

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About This Class

Hello and welcome to Easy repeat pattern designs for a cityscape drawing.  
I'm always creating new and easy repeat pattern designs for my contemporary tribal art prints.
In this class I teach you how to create a fast and easy pattern that you can use in your graphic art projects.  The project we will create is a cityscape.
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Aerie North

Designer + Maker ♦ Art Gallery Education


Award winning artist, maker + teacher.
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1. Intro : hello and welcome to easy repeat pattern designs for a cityscape drawing. I'm always creating new and easy repeat pattern designs for my contemporary tribal art prints. You conjoined my email list of airy north dot com to see what I'm working on next in this class, I'll teach you how to create a fast and easy pattern that you can use in your graphic art projects. The project we will create is this cityscape. Although I use Adobe Illustrator to create this cityscape and patterns, you could easily hand draw and use pens, markers or colored pencils. If you don't already have Adobe Illustrator, you can download a free trial on adobe dot com. Your class project is to create a city skate and at least one repeat pattern, using the technique learned in this class and share it in the Project gallery. Please join me in class and please join my email list at airy north dot com for free art prints and creative news. I'll see you in class 2. Drawing cityscape buildings: hello and welcome to class. In this lesson, we're going to create our streetscape using are shaped tools right here in illustrator. And then in the next lesson, we will be adding some swatches of very simple repeating patterns that we create right here on our workspace. So let's start with our streetscape. First thing I want to do is just pop in a line and my guides air on my smart guides air on so that I know that, My Linus, nice and straight about 1/3 up from the bottom. And now I'm gonna come over to my rectangle tool click drag to make my first building Nice and tall. I think I'm gonna move this guy right over to the edge and my next building. Let's make that a little shorter, but wider. My next buildings going to have a roof on it. Let's see. I am just using my sense of space to see where I want to put my buildings. Now I'm going to come over here just to work on the other side. I'm gonna have this building quite large. Working with odd numbers is a nice idea for visual effects, because if you just have even numbers. Your eye doesn't really know where to land when you're working with 1357 nines and so on your I can focus in on the center. And you see, the center is not exactly in the center, so it makes it more interesting to move your eye around the picture. Okay, Now I want to change to my polygon tool, and I'm just gonna click anywhere on my art board. I'm gonna choose three sides so I could make a triangle. And let's see if I want to put this on here or not. And with my direct, select tool, I can come over to the anchor and move that a little closer. So it matches up with Thesis Ides of the building. See, Don't want make that a little shorter or very nice and tall. Let's do that. So here is our very simple streetscape. In the next lesson, we're going to create easy repeating patterns, toe add to our buildings, and then in the very last lesson, we're gonna add a little bit of embellishment to the buildings such as windows, maybe oclock things like that. I'll see you in the next lesson 3. Repeat pattern designs: hello and welcome back to class. In this lesson, we're going to create some simple repeating patterns to add to our buildings. In my swatches, I already have quite a large library of simple repeating patterns that I've already created . So I'm just gonna show you a couple by just filling in. This is just random, so you can see that we're creating a really interesting new dimension to our drawings and will be taking out the black stroke and adding some really nice little embellishments in the next lesson. So for now, I just want to take all this out and let's start creating our own swatches. I'm gonna just move over to a nice clean space on our workspace, and then I'll zoom in a little bit. So I'm kind of come over to the rectangle tool, click anywhere on your workspace, and we want a one inch by one inch rectangle. I'm gonna zoom in and want to take the stroke off so we just have our box. And the first it is there on the first shape that we will be making will be polka dots. So to do that, I'm gonna come over to the ellipse tool, click and click anywhere on your workspace. We're gonna work with a little bit of math now because we have one inch by one inch. I want 1/10 of that. So I want to circle. That is 10.1 by 0.1. And there it is. I'm just going to give this a Black strokes. I know what I'm doing. I could see what I'm doing. I'm actually going to do that. The same thing with this sign. I want to do it now. I'm just going to bring the circle that I just created over to the very center of my square . With smart guides on, you'll be able to see now one, fill this one inch box with circles. And to do that, I've got it already selected. Right click transform. I want to move it over to the right. So that's horizontal 0.2 inches. I'm not doing anything vertically. I just want to copy and move a circle over. There we go. I want to do that again. Put a circle here so I'll do control. Or you can do command. If you have a Mac D. Now, if I did it one more time. This circle is going to go outside of our working box are one inch box are repeating Pattern is going to be everything on the one inch box repeated over and over and over again . So anything that's outside that one inch box we don't need, So I'm just gonna back space that out Now I want to select my circle, my original circle again, and I want a copy here and here and again. I don't need anything on the outside, so I'm just gonna move it back a little bit, right? Click transform, move. Because I'm moving backwards back isn't negative. So that's a negative 0.2 on the horizontal line. I don't need to do anything vertically, so I'm gonna copy that circle and it's gonna go one back and controlled d I've done it again. I So here we go. So now I want to select all of these. So I'm just clicking on each of the circles while I hold down my shift key. I want to group all this together so that I dropped to continue to click the mall So I'm coming upto object while everything selected and group. So now Once I click on one, I've clicked on all of them. Let's move this down. So now we're going to right Click, transform, move. I don't want to go horizontal anymore so that zero down, that's a negative word. So we do minus point tuks. I want to move that point to down. I want to copy that to move it down. Let's keep our original there and moved down and Controller Command D and it does it again . And once again, if I go right off the square, it's going to be in an area that I don't need. So I'm just gonna back space that and select our center line of circles and we're going to Rick. Click and move that up. Transform! Move! I'm not moving. Horizontal at zero up is a nice positive word, so I don't need my minus. I can just go point to move up and copy and controlled the and copy again. It's OK that it's right on the line because it's right in the middle of the square. But what I'm gonna do is select everything and center it up just a little bit. Object group. That whole thing, my free transform tool, and I'm just gonna center everything that's good. So here is our basic looks like a Lego shape that we're going to be repeating. So now I'm going to select it all again on Let's pick some colors. I want to leave the background white and let's see the Phil I'm going to Let's go with a blue and a green theme so our Phil is going to be blue. I can just leave the stroke black or just take it out or change the color and going to use a nice light green. That's great. And now I'm just going to select that odor box and take the stroke off completely. Select everything and let's drag that over. And now we've created a swatch. There's our new Swatch. While we have this repeating pattern here, let's just give it a little test, so I'm going to zoom out a little bit. Select any shape will just do that great big circle. Make sure that we have the fill in the front and let's click that and see what happens. So there's are repeating pattern so we can now use this to fill in our buildings. But while we're here. Let's zoom in a little bit. Let's create some more. So we're going to selected all I. Let's change the fill color to Let's fill. Color is going to be there and let's change. This might be too bold. Let me see. I like that. So there we go. And now we can just select the whole thing again. And now drag this right into the swatches. So now we've created two swatches just by changing the colors will do that one more time. Let's go purple and let's take out the stroke completely. So no stroke. Now we just have purple dots, select the entire thing and bring it into here We go into our swatches, I'm gonna zoom out So we have our city escape. I could just click on that and leave it. And now let's just select one of our buildings, fill it with purple dots, take the stroke off. We're gonna come over to this building, and I'm going to put a tartan in there and take off the stroke. This tartan pattern I taught in a previous class about contemporary tartan plaid patterns is ah little skill share class that I've done already so you can learn how to do this pattern in that class. And I'm going to select another building with the exact same technique to make the dots. You can do that same technique to make lines so there's lines and let's lift another easier purple squares. Let's take off the stroke. I'm going toe create. Make this a solid color In our last building. I think I'm going to do one of our new dots like the green. Now, when I look at everything here, I could see that I do wanna change a couple of things, OK, I like that. This doesn't quite fit. So I'm going to see I've got some gray in here somewhere, I think, Let's just see, I'm gonna change the opacity of that just to see if that makes little difference. Yes, I like that much better. So here is a nice, simple cityscape, and in the next lesson, we're going to embellish this a little bit. I'll see you there 4. Add Embellishments: Hello and welcome back to class. In this lesson, we're gonna add some embellishment to the buildings to complete our drawing. So the first thing actually want to do is I can see that this black line is still there. I want to get rid of that black line. I'm just gonna zoom in, make sure that I can grab it, Not something else and just backspace to get rid of it. Okay, the first thing I want to do is create a clock tower here. So to do that, I'm just gonna go to my lips tool click anywhere, and I going to make it 0.15 times 0.15 circle. That's really itty bitty. I'll have toe make that bigger. So let's come over here, center that a little bit to make that bigger. I'm just going to right click, come down to transform scale it, and I'm gonna make it 250 times the size. I'm going to make the fill white, and I'm going to make the stroke gray, and I'm gonna make it rather little thicker than it is now. So there's a bit of a clock tower. The nature of this pattern, and this pattern already looks like windows. So I won't be putting windows in here, But we could get away with some windows on the dots. So let's create windows by just coming over to the rectangle tool. And let's just create some nice long windows. Let's make those white as well and leave the stroke gray at four points. And this way, what happens is we're going to get a really nice continuity between our windows and our clock, some going to copy and paste. And again, I want to move in threes or odd numbers in this case, threes. Okay, I'm going to move this a little bit. And that center one just so that I can see some of the dots behind. To be more precise. Aiken, zoom right in. But I'm going to just eyeball it from here. I'm gonna select each of these windows and gonna group so that they all act as one copy and paste with my free transform tool. I'm gonna go over and get those windows and paste again. Again. I'm working in about those odd numbers. I'm not gonna make a door here. Now let's see if I move this here. So that looks like doors. I'm gonna grab that circle copy and paste, and you make you smaller. Going to transform scale. Gonna make that 75 per cent smaller. Because I do want my threes. So if I just use that as a guide, there's a three. Let me get rid of that larger one. Copy paste Another one. Copy paste. I like how they're sitting there. Select. Select. Select. Copy paste. Copy paste. Now what I like about the composition of this cityscape at the moment, as I like that, we're using the tall windows on the ends in the center. We've got the clock tower and the circles here. I'm going to leave these two buildings the way that they are and add a moon. So I'm going to come over to my shapes tool, and let's do one inch by one inch. It's make it great or make it a son, not a moon. Take the stroke off. Okay, so that could be a sun or moon if you wanted to make it a nighttime scene. What I'll do is select everything. I'm gonna group it all together, and then I'm gonna add kind of a smoky background. Nighttime isn't pure black. It's usually has grays or purples or deep blues. So we're going to create a rectangle that will cover the entire art board, which is a page size 11 by 8.5 on a landscape. I'm going to change this color now. What I want to do is put it right over my art board. So my ex is going to be half of 11. So 5.5 and my wife is half of 8.5, which is 4.25 and that's gonna go directly over my art. Bored, I'm going to right click, arrange and send it to the back, which is really interesting. There you go, so you can use this type of thing as a nighttime scene. Let's change some colors just so that you can see what it looks like. A little different. Everything looks really interesting. You can even put a pattern in the back. You can put rainbow patterns complete black. There you go. There's complete black. That's very interesting or the smoky. I'm gonna try and get our very deep, deep blue, so let's get kind of a black blue here. I'm gonna leave it there. So there's our city escape with a background, and you can use this type of graphic design on anything you can create repeating patterns. You can create surface pattern designs. You can create greeting cards. Stationery Logo's. It's just a really interesting way to take a surface pattern, a repeating pattern, and put it into a really simple design to create a little interesting story using your graphic design skills. I hope you enjoy this class. It was a lot of fun to teach, and you can see some of my other repeating pattern design classes on skill share, which will help you build up your library of repeating patterns. Watches just like I have over here very simple and a lot of fun, and that you get to exercise your creativity. Thanks again. Have a great day