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Easy project management with Google

Chris Baldwin, eLearning consultant

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9 Videos (40m)
    • Introduction - manage your projects with Google tools

    • Project management with Google set up folders

    • Project timeline Gantt chart

    • Product log - track what you're making

    • Other project documents you won't be able to live without

    • Collaborating with your team or client

    • Going back in time

    • Uploading your assets

    • Class Project

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About This Class

Need to simply organise the projects you're working on? Google gives a range of free tools that you can simply and easily use - I'll show you how to:

  • Set up and organise your projects in Google drive
  • Collaborate with your people
  • Save hours of your precious time





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Chris Baldwin

eLearning consultant

Hi. I'm Chris. I'm a British guy currently living in Hong Kong I work in the field of elearning, developing platforms and content mainly for large-scale clients and project managing elearning development.

I also have experience in digital marketing - primarily of elearning to B2C and B2B audiences.

I'm having a go at doing my own thing here :)

My background is in teaching and teacher training - that's how I got into elearning.

Here's my LinkedIn profile: https://ww...

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