Easy programing: your first iOS game. | Irina Galkina | Skillshare

Easy programing: your first iOS game.

Irina Galkina, Easy programming.

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7 Videos (48m)
    • Intro

    • Set up environment

    • Xcode project first touch

    • Create a game scene ... without a line of code

    • The code: part 1.

    • The code: part 2.

    • The code: part 3.


About This Class

We play games on our iOS gadgets every day and now it is time to create your own game!


On this class we will create simple classic game “Breakout”.  I bet you played this in your childhood.

We will start from downloading development tools and will see how to create this game on all stages.


In this class you'll learn:

  • how to setup development environment(download Xcode and start your first project);
  • basic structure of the Xcode project;
  • the basics of Swift 3 programming language;
  • what is the Sprite Kit and how to use it;
  • how to add objects to your game scene without a line of code;
  • how to arrange interaction between game objects;

Our program will extremely short and will include about 50 lines of code.

Each line of code will be explained.

You don’t need any programming experience for this class.

All source code created at this class will be provided.





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Irina Galkina

Easy programming.

Hi everyone! My name is Irina and I'm a programmer and a teacher.

One day I discovered word of programming and now as a programmer I work with such wonderful programming platforms as Java, Processing, Swift and I hope I get few more in the future!

Also I work as a teacher on programming online-classes. I really like to share my knowledge with other people and make something complicated easy to understand.

The programming is a area where your practical skills are very impo...

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