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Easy mini-pancakes in 5 minutes. For real.

Alex Gitlin

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About This Class


5 minutes of your time. 5 ingredients. Foolproof method. Infinite options. 30 second cleanup. Tools: a bowl, a fork and a frying pan.

Give yourself something special for breakfast on a rainy day. Impress your guests. Have an easy answer to munchies with an empty fridge! Unleash your creativity! Keep calm and reach culinary mastery today!


  • Introduction: Why mini pancakes? Why not?!
  • 3 pillars of awesome mini pancakes
  • The ratio you can maintain even when you're drunk
  • Recipes are lame. What's the worst that can happen?
  • Liquid base - beer, yogurt , milk - you name it!
  • Choose your texture, choose your taste.
  • Sweet or savory, spicy or plain?
  • Very Berry pancakes because I'm filthy rich.
  • Apple Cinnamon pancakes because it's your birthday.
  • Salami and Chili pancakes for dinner when you're out of options.
  • Bonus: How to stay awesome in the kitchen


As I was making the videos for this class I made countless combinations of pancake ingredients.

A few things you could try to mix into pancake batter:

Chili and salami, hot sauce and mozzarella, pesto and shredded zucchini, carrots and ginger, blueberries and blackberries, oranges and orange peel, chocolate chips and chocolate milk, anchovy, mango, garlic and dill.

I'm sure you will come up with some crazy combinations. Share them in your project, please! 

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I am really curious to try beer pancakes :) Congrats with the 1st class, Alex!
Aleksandra Shupletsova

· in handmade we trust ·

Thanks for the class, Alex! I like this format of a usual talk :)
Easy way to your pancakes. 3-4 ingredients. 5 minutes If may just go to the final demo 3 minutes or go along step-by-step explanations. Airways tasty





I can teach you how to cook without recipes, keep calm and be a little less OCD in the kitchen.

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