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Easy mini-pancakes in 5 minutes. For real.

teacher avatar Alex Gitlin

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Teaser

    • 2. Thanks

    • 3. 3 pillars

    • 4. Taste

    • 5. Frying pan

    • 6. Texture

    • 7. Flour

    • 8. More flour

    • 9. 4 demos

    • 10. Awesome

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About This Class


5 minutes of your time. 5 ingredients. Foolproof method. Infinite options. 30 second cleanup. Tools: a bowl, a fork and a frying pan.

Give yourself something special for breakfast on a rainy day. Impress your guests. Have an easy answer to munchies with an empty fridge! Unleash your creativity! Keep calm and reach culinary mastery today!


  • Introduction: Why mini pancakes? Why not?!
  • 3 pillars of awesome mini pancakes
  • The ratio you can maintain even when you're drunk
  • Recipes are lame. What's the worst that can happen?
  • Liquid base - beer, yogurt , milk - you name it!
  • Choose your texture, choose your taste.
  • Sweet or savory, spicy or plain?
  • Very Berry pancakes because I'm filthy rich.
  • Apple Cinnamon pancakes because it's your birthday.
  • Salami and Chili pancakes for dinner when you're out of options.
  • Bonus: How to stay awesome in the kitchen


As I was making the videos for this class I made countless combinations of pancake ingredients.

A few things you could try to mix into pancake batter:

Chili and salami, hot sauce and mozzarella, pesto and shredded zucchini, carrots and ginger, blueberries and blackberries, oranges and orange peel, chocolate chips and chocolate milk, anchovy, mango, garlic and dill.

I'm sure you will come up with some crazy combinations. Share them in your project, please! 

Meet Your Teacher

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Alex Gitlin


I can teach you how to cook without recipes, keep calm and be a little less OCD in the kitchen.

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1. Teaser: who's dead guy? Hi, I'm Alex. I don't only restaurant. I didn't write any of these awesome cookbooks on my left. I just happen to have a family. And I made, uh, pretty much most or all of my meals from scratch every day, three times a day for the last 25 years. So that's make it. Makes what about 2000 meals a year. 25,000 meals by now. So I know my stuff. I read these great books. However, I don't have three hands just to So I used to cook two hands to cook, and, uh, I have no extra hand toe hold. Great book. So I have to be intuitive about how I do things, and I have to come up with ways to cook that I can stay creative, stay relaxed in my kitchen and stay awesome. And you can do it too. I can teach you how to make many pain kicks in less than five minutes with three various simple tools and fork and bull in the frying pan. And with so many different options off how toe what to put in and then of this course, it will create a project, which is going to be your unique take own mini pancakes. He will share it with the world. You will impress your guests. You'll have something you could make even when you drunk, even when he retired. Even when you don't have time. Trust me. I do this for my family. I do this for my guests, for my kids. As they're running to catch the bus, I can whip up something really fast and they love it. So in here you can enroll in my class and you're gonna love it. See you soon. 2. Thanks: you did it. Thank you. Thank you so much. You enrolled in my class, so I'm totally going to make it worth your while. And I will start right away with the three pillars. No, let's took three. Three yours off. Successful meaning pancake making. 3. 3 pillars: behold the three Peeler's often awesome pancake, our taste, texture in timing taste. It's not about you. It's not about those guys. It's not about the cookbooks. It's about these other guys people you're cooking for. If you want something to taste awesome for the person that you're doing, ask questions. Ask them. Would you like this or that? Would you like it today? Should I make it for you? They will really appreciate it They were gonna love with before you made it. So taste starts with somebody else. Who are you doing it for? If you're doing for yourself, do I feel like it? Do I feel like blueberry pancakes or apple pancakes? What do I have in the fridge? Don't offer something you don't have. Number two. The texture once you pick an ingredient that you're going to make, is in manning. Part of the pain case didn't make the men taste the main flavor. You figure out how toe create the texture is going to support this ingredient. Support the states. They will talk about how to do this. Texture is essentially the cornerstone off, making it all work. They shouldn't fall apart. It shouldn't be too stiff. They shouldn't be too runny. We'll see how how to do it without the recipe. How to beat due to about. Find the number three He's timing, since they take so little time. Prepare to make it exactly at the time. And people are coming to the kitchen because it's part of the experience. You come into the kitchen, and so far there's somebody else in the kitchen. Somebody cares enough toe. Give me food when I'm hungry for it. Let's do smell and the sound of the pancake welcomed them, and they're going to love it because also tastes the best when it's hot off the frying pan , and since it takes so little time, just do it for them. 4. Taste: If you remember, the taste starts with somebody else. It's about somebody else's steaks. You can't up to a person, you say. What would you like before that? You check your fridge to make sure that you have the the ingredients that they're asking for? Let's say they say I want an apple. The over this question is there apples and their apple's big ones and small arms. How do you decide how much I'm going to give you the general rule? And it's going to go for any kind of an ingredient that you want to put in a pancake. For one egg, you add one apple divorce off feeling or one apple zwart. How much exactly? Well, somewhere in between this and that lead the person you're cooking for. Decide how much. How do you do this after you're done after you serve them? Whatever they asked for, you ask them. Hey, would do you think? And they can tell. Hey, I wanted to be a little bit more Epley this time the next time, or I wanted to be a little bit more doing, or a little bit more sweet, more cinema, and then you play with the ingredients. You're just Why? Because the person that you're looking for, they have many, many preferences. Let what you cook for them become about them, not about the book's not about you. 5. Frying pan: Franken's come in different sizes. Nine inch, 12 inch or 30 centimeters. If you use one egg to make your pancakes, they will find one bitch in this front. How do you do it? It's really straightforward. You crank the fire up all the way up, you poor about a tablespoon, a little bit more off oil into it, and you go into working on the texture of your pancakes because in a minute or so, the Frankfurt is going to be hot and you will have your pancakes ready cause it's going to take very little time. I'll show you exactly how in the next step. 6. Texture: Finally, Finally, I'm going to tell you how it's done. It all starts with an egg breaking eggs. What's the fastest way to break an egg you take to eggs? You bang them together. One of them breaks the other states. You banged them over the bowl and the gets into the bowl, and then you pour a liquid into the same bowl. You don't measure the liquid. Take a bottle off, let's say cape fear or yogurt or milk or butter, milk or beer, any kind of a liquid. Ideally, it should be bubbling, and you pour it on the side off the ball, which has an egg in it. How much? Now you're going to pour it on one side, and eventually we're going to see that you have about the same amount. Is the cracked air or, if you have many eggs, same idea. You put about the same amount off liquid as you have eggs. What if you mess up? What if you pour a little bit more or a little bit less? Trust me. I tried everything. It works. No matter. Try to do about half No, at the same stage you ed spices, you can add sugar. Add uh, salt, either or depending off what is the main ingredient in the pancakes, and then take your fork and you mix the liquid. That's the first mixing. The next stage is adding the flour. 7. Flour: now. How much flour do ed anywhere between 1/4 cup or 1/2 cup? These measuring cups are sold in any store, and the fastest sway toe make pancakes is just keep them with the flower, keep them in. Having dedicated, you can go into a door store, they go. They're cheap as dirt. So I have this container of flour. And if I feel especially healthy, I would add some ah brown stuff in there. It's either whole wheat flour or rice flour mix of them or back with flower anything. This is white flour, so there should be some mix off them. It shouldn't be all hold it is going to be to health is not going to fry well, trust me, if you're going to add some kind off known white flour, make it anywhere between 10 toe, 30% off the overall bridge, and after you do that, you covered with the let you shake it up. Have the mix of flour that you want, so after you add the flour toe, the mix off liquids and spice, you do your second mixing. It takes, I don't know, maybe 10 15 seconds off mixing and then that's your second mixing is done. Then you take your main ingredient. You strolled right in. It's the cut up apple. You mix it again, and that's it. By the time your friend pan is hot, you ready to put it in and you just split. Either take it with a spoon or take it with the four and just put small pieces into the world, and that is the stage off texture. 8. More flour: now the question off all questions. Give me a break. Is it 1/4 cup or half cup? And the answer. It depends depending what your many main ingredient is. You might want some extra flour. Let's say you're making orange pancakes or zucchini pancakes. These ingredients tend to sweat when they get hot, so you want the extra flour to capture. It is juice. But when it comes to texture, don't worry so much in general. Don't worry. So much is just kitchen in just a handful of cheap ingredients. So what's the worst that can happen? Let's say you're awesome pancakes, and I guarantee you're going to have awesome pink. It's no matter what, let's say they're going to have a sub optimal or let's say terrible, horrible. If you're a perfectionist, you go. They're going to have a horrible start, structure, texture. They're going to be terrible, horrible, but they're going to be still pancakes, and the person is going to enjoy it anyways. And you ask them, Hey, how did you like that is going to say or some, but I want a different texture. Want them to be stiffer, where I want them to be run here and say, OK, next time I'm going to do exactly like this. Don't worry, it's a process. Enjoy it. 9. 4 demos: now. Clearly, demonstrations are boring, so I decided to make four of them faster, so it's not going to be as boring. I'm going to make two sets off pancake, savory and sweet One is going to have pastor and herbs and other is going to have hot sauce , black pepper and melt cheese. I'm also going to change how many. How much flour I'm going to add to each one of them is invaluable to the sweet cons. So in the 1st 1 I'm going to add 1/4 or cup is going to be too little. They are going to be running. The 2nd 1 is going to have just enough as to under the pastor. Now this one is going to be so stiff, is going to have 3/4 of a cup. So if you see, how does the Steve panky clue quick? And this one is just perfect as they say that about half of I'm doing this so that you are not intimidated if something goes wrong. This is a handful of melted cheese, asked my son. Where do you want? It said I wanted into the spicy ones, so the spicy ones are going to go first, and I'm going to fry them and you'll see how they look after a couple of minutes. Now this is the perfect texture. Remember how Hawkins and this one is going to be stiff? So what are you doing with the with pink? Is that become a little bit too stiff? You add a tablespoon or two off water, milk, any liquid that you were using before, and you can always fix it. Worse comes to worse. You're going to end up with Steve Pancakes now. The Franklin was on the fire already, and they said before, So it's hot. The oil is there. I'm going to pour the pancake brother into into the hot oil Now to take, uh, everything out of the bull you can use. The four cower stuff is goingto be left in the ball, so it's It's always better toe. Have a spoon to take it out after you're done with the bull. Just put some Goldwater into it would stand while you're finishing, frying the pancakes and after this just trains and the you don't need to do a lot off clean up off through this. It's very low maintenance recipe now, since the frying pan is was very hard. When we added, It's almost immediately ready to flip. You will see is going to have a crusty age that's going to be soft on the inside. Ah, crunchy on the outside. After I'm down with the fry em Goto show one of them up close. It looks great, but trust me, it tastes even better. Have fun with them and the please do a project and show me how your pancakes are. Way, way better than mine. You can totally do it. Look, that's mine. It looks yummy, but your is going to be an me Amir. 10. Awesome: Well, I can't believe with you made it so far. And you listen to the entire class t they till the end. Thank you so much for staying with me. I hope that you learn something, but there's just one way to prove it. Please make many pancakes. At least one snap a picture of them. Tell me an idea off. How are you going to make them next time? Tell me why my class was terrible. Horrible. Not good enough for you. Give me feedback. I really like it. Now is a promised. I'm going to tell you how to stay awesome in the kitchen. I think I'm pretty awesome in the kitchen and you can veto. How do you stay? Awesome. They're on the way to stay. Awesome is to be you. And the only way to stay awesome is to get better at who you are. What you're cooking is the only way to stay awesome is to have jumped in your step to be playful, to be not so very serious about your cooking or about your skill share classes. Enjoy it. Stay awesome. Get better, make your project and stay in touch because I think I like this. And I think I'm going to teach more classes. Tell me which classes do you want to hear about? Thanks again. Bye.