Easy come in 3d: Make your cute monster | Yulya Vladson | Skillshare

Easy come in 3d: Make your cute monster

Yulya Vladson, Illustrator

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7 Videos (51m)
    • 01. Introduction

    • 02. Part of 3D

    • 03. All about modeling

    • 04. Main information

    • 05. Make a monster

    • 06. Render

    • 07. Course project


About This Class

Do you know that any object can be modeled using ONLY three transformations? I mean SCALE, ROTATE and DRAG.

Conventionally, the course is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical.

In the theoretical I talk about basic knowledge:

what areas exist,

what need to know before starting,

how to learn modeling step by step

Next, I give few tips.

For more details, I focus on the modeling and say a few words about the features of the modeling for games.

In the attached presentation I add links to useful sources, a several steps for learning of 3D modeling and 3D in whole.

In the practical part we look at Blender and do here this monster with the help of the above-mentioned transformation:


Actually, I noticed that many people are afraid to engage in 3D, so let's project busting fear monster draw (or take mine) and simulate it!





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Yulya Vladson


Hi! My name is Yulya. I'm illustratior and I think that ideas is more important then realisation method.

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