Easy as a Pie - Delicious and easy Pies | Zully Hernandez | Skillshare

Easy as a Pie - Delicious and easy Pies

Zully Hernandez, Junior designer and marketing coach

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8 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Ingredients

    • 3. Directions

    • 4. Ingredients

    • 5. Directions

    • 6. Ingredients

    • 7. Directions

    • 8. Pies finished


About This Class


If you are a begginer in the kitchen, or a dessert lover, or just want to impress some friends with delicious pies, this class is for you, trough the lessons you'll learn how to do 3 different pies, a delicious strawberry pie, a frozen banana pie that melts in your mouth, and an easy cheesecake. Join now!


1. Introduction: cooking glass, a CSS thes glass east for dresser rpai lovers are just people who want to know how to do other wishes. We'll do a delicious and super simple strawberry pie, and Jeremy Banana Pitre melts in your mouth in a creamy on E. C. Chase cake. But don't worry. This pies are very easy. Even I can do them joined now and get a new cooking skills do. 2. Ingredients: 3. Directions: 4. Ingredients: 5. Directions: Cheesecake directions, huh? 6. Ingredients: banana pipe ingredients. 7. Directions: - way , way, - way . 8. Pies finished: