Easy as a Pie - Delicious and easy Pies | Zully Hernandez | Skillshare

Easy as a Pie - Delicious and easy Pies

Zully Hernandez, Junior designer and marketing coach

Easy as a Pie - Delicious and easy Pies

Zully Hernandez, Junior designer and marketing coach

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8 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Ingredients

    • 3. Directions

    • 4. Ingredients

    • 5. Directions

    • 6. Ingredients

    • 7. Directions

    • 8. Pies finished

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About This Class


If you are a begginer in the kitchen, or a dessert lover, or just want to impress some friends with delicious pies, this class is for you, trough the lessons you'll learn how to do 3 different pies, a delicious strawberry pie, a frozen banana pie that melts in your mouth, and an easy cheesecake. Join now!

Meet Your Teacher

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Zully Hernandez

Junior designer and marketing coach


Marketing student and Illustrator.

Started working in 2016 with some bands on their social media and public image.

Worked with Ubermx doing murals on the city of San Luis Potos?.

Became a freelancer in 2015, her most recet job is with new foodtrucks.

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1. Introduction: cooking glass, a CSS thes glass east for dresser rpai lovers are just people who want to know how to do other wishes. We'll do a delicious and super simple strawberry pie, and Jeremy Banana Pitre melts in your mouth in a creamy on E. C. Chase cake. But don't worry. This pies are very easy. Even I can do them joined now and get a new cooking skills do. 2. Ingredients: 3. Directions: 4. Ingredients: 5. Directions: Cheesecake directions, huh? 6. Ingredients: banana pipe ingredients. 7. Directions: - way , way, - way . 8. Pies finished: