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Easy and simple way to paint Clouds of 7 different types

teacher avatar Dhritikana Nath, Watercolor Artist and Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Art Supplies and Practice

    • 3. Exercise 1 Heightened Drama

    • 4. Exercise 2 (Part 1) Two ways of painting Billowy Clouds

    • 5. Exercise 2 (Part 2) Two ways of painting Billowy Clouds

    • 6. Exercise 2 (Part 3) Two ways of painting Billowy Clouds

    • 7. Project 1 - Sunset Clouds

    • 8. Project 2 Cumulus Clouds

    • 9. Bonus Lesson

    • 10. Conclusion

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About This Class

Clouds has been an engaging yet difficult subject to paint with watercolours. This class is broken into 5 major section covering the techniques wet on wet, wet on dry, blending, graded washes and layering. Section 1 covers 4 small exercises of painting the morning, evening and billowy clouds of the day. Moving on to the evening clouds by the lavender field and a humid summer afternoon where we paint the Cumulus clouds. And finally a bonus lesson. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dhritikana Nath

Watercolor Artist and Instructor


Hello Peeps, I am Dhritikana Nath an artist instructor, teacher, content creator from Delhi (India) and from the time I have started painting landscape was the subject that I did fall in love with. Among landscape painting lights with vibrant colors is my favorite. Overtime I am smitten by the beauty of water, clouds, sea, animals, flowers and everything that is there in Nature. I keep exploring all these subjects with different mediums like watercolor, gouache, markers, soft pastels and more.

I am a strong believer of the idea that anyone can paint if you put an honest effort and for excelling in painting there are only 2 rules practice and frequency of painting. I did start my journey in 2018 and I would say it’s been calming, meditative and even helped me a lot to improv... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Have you ever gazed at the sky clouds and the stars for ours? I always to I can sit by the beach or traveled to a hill station and off soft a clear sky The forever changing beauty of the clouds Clouds toe amaze me the most as the color scheme changes through the entire day. Hey, guys. My name Thrity. Gonna not on. I am a watercolour artist from Derry. Love for watercolor medium has grown more over the months as I love the randomness on aren't foreseeable characteristics off this medium. I have bean painting clouds for many months and once I got 100 it I wanted to share all the secrets with you guys. This complete class is broken into five major section covering the techniques wet on wet, wet on dry, blending grated washes on leading section one covers four small exercises off painting the morning evening and billowy clouds off the day. Section two, which covers the fabulous evening sunset by the lavender feels, and then a humid summer afternoon where we paint the beautiful cumulus clouds which are leading with what off? I was pretty contended with the complete break up off the course. But then the flashes from my descent monetary trip came in. Where are solved? The storm under ring for ours on that waas, the motivation behind by bonus. Listen, I cannot hold my excitement any further on. Let's move on to paint the beautiful clouds off seven different types. 2. Art Supplies and Practice: Let's discuss about the art supplies on. Then we will move on to practice the basic strokes for painting the clouds. I am first discussing the three kind off tapes. The 1st 1 is 0.5 inch. The 2nd 1 is one inch on the 3rd 1 is two inch. This helps me to give ah better grip on my paper. You do not need to own all these kind of tapes. Whatever you have with yourself. A school for painting the clouds. Let's discuss the brushes Now, though, rush is that we would be using the first is the script liner brush size, too? Now this helps me to make 10 10 lines. The second is Princeton Travel Brush size six. This has all very nice Step on. You can carry it anywhere you want for painting. This is 0.75 inch acrylic brush by Princeton. This is flat off course. You can even use it for from general washes off your people. Their next is oh, brush by Winsor and Newton size for because majorly Oh, kolinsky sable hair brush. You can use any other size for brush that is available with you. Size four in size six is very important. Along with the script liner brush off for making these clouds, you will need all flat brush size eight for making the reins in the last moon is listen. This is again a flat brush. You can use it for the washes. Whatever you have in terms off the thickest, flat brush available with you can be used on the last is my more brush in the round here, or you can use it for baiting the clouds. When it is on a bigger size. People on we plan to me for something bigger clouds. Oh, so this is it that we need from the flat brush on in the round brush. But to pink the grasses, it's important to have a fan brush. If you do not have a fan brush, you have to use our size zero brush for making individual grasses, and I would be using this DaVinci Brush Habs fan brush for painting glasses. Now the last is my pencil and a razor. Now, pencil is very important because we would be making some rough sketches off the clouds before we move ahead and paint them. These other do wash our pubes that I have taken now the cheaper option off these who are stoops is your post two colors that you get by camera. This is by Winsor Anoop in the Wash. One is Yellow Co. And the other one is white. You can use the same colors, but by camel. And those are the poster colors, which you can replace with this one, along with the keeper Skill. Now the scale is not mandatory, but it is good to have a scale because we will need some measurements for painting the four clouds together in our first text size. We need the tissue and tissue is very important for any kind of cloud exercise. You would see the importance of tissue. You can use a normal kitchen. Doubles has to shoes for painting the clouds. Now these are the two jars off water. Why, I do keep always to Joseph. Water is the one juror I use for my washing off brushes on the second war. Second is the fresh supply off water. I will be census stone one first supply off water as we walk in layers and build a clouds. The dirty water cannot be used to For the same, I will use Majella mission gold pains as they have the unique quality off not spreading much. This set is off 34 colors. But we will not use all of them. In case you are not using material omission Gold, It's perfectly fine you do not meet. Don't think much. Go ahead with the watercolors that is available with you now. Michelle Omission. Gold is an artist. Great paint on it is highly pigmented, only off. Very small quantity off This pain can help you get there desired. Result Okay, Now we would be using three kind of paper. One is are people. Now this stuff paper can be any handmade people that you have. The next is my 11.5 inch core pressed arches paper. Now this artist paper I would be using for painting four off my clouds. I would be dividing it into four equal house and I will paint the clouds. I will divide nine into 12 inch 300 GSM arches paper into two equal halfs For painting our final project. You need to know that 300 Judaism is very important, not 300 years and helps us toe. Take multiple washes. Now, if it doesn't allow us to give multiple washes, then we will not be getting the results our that we need for from our clouds. If you touch the surface, it would be really greeny. You will need a white ceramic Ballard for your painting. Now this white ceramic Ballard is always very helpful in mixing the colors. You can see the colors very well owned up off this. Let's start practicing the strokes. Now. I am placing everything on my right inside, starting from my brushes, my palate as well us the water because I am a right 100 person. In case you are left 100 person. Always place all the articles on the left hand side. That is your palette, your brushes, your issues, everything. Now see that the show that I am placing over here is very important, as I want to dub off any extracting that I get, Ah, for painting my clouds from the brush before applying indirectly on the peace. Now take some art rebellion on my palette on bond use, my size four wins and a Newton rush to make the clouds. I will explain boat off the Winsor and Newton size for brushstrokes as well. Us. The flood pressed rose. You will see that whenever I am applying the color, it is in all circle and motion on with that circular motion, you will see that I am leaving some white spaces in between. Now this is on a dry surface. When you apply this on a wet cell first, the colors will. I'll move more because of the water that's already there. Breast troop is for the strong. Now, if you want to paint simple clouds, take something that after it struck on the tissue and make lines at an angle. Know Dean's lines are smaller in size near the corners. It would be larger, but once it comes down, you will see that the lines will keep becoming smaller, smaller and smaller. Once we do it on the wets office, the small small lines will become a bit bigger in size because off the water that's already there, the third kind off loud is not thing specific. It's majorly small, small, small, small dots that I'm putting on the paper and these small, small dots. Sometimes I will put at specific, specific distance, or sometimes I will put as plotters together. Let's take a flat brush and make the clouds. I will use the ticker side on the top and the angular side off the flat brush. Once it is coming down, let's wait up people and repeat the same exercise on the Weds office. Basic rule always and always do across watch who have even coat off water. I removed my brush in 1/2 circular motion, and once I'm done with the top cloud will proceed with a cloud immediately be lowered. The cloud, which is below the cloud above it, will have some amount off white spaces off the paper in between. To show the storm effect, id some water with the color on. Then I'm doubling off any extracting on the tissue and making the clouds at an angle. The picture strokes on the top on the tennis strokes kind of water. You will see that the clouds have become bigger than when we were doing on the dry ice office. That's the effect we will need even for the evening skies. These small dots that were applying now in clusters will appear bigger on the West's office , and it will give the effect off clouds. Let's all wash this rush and keep it on. We will take the flat brush now the same technique that we did apply for a second Clouds with a round brush will be applicable for this flag. Brush on your surface needs to be wet enough toe Get thes lines. Hand again. The process the same. It would be tenor when it is going down and take open it is on the top. Now let's go ahead and paint a small sofas in blue hand. I will show you if you have less water on this blues office, how difficult it is to pick up the colors with your West Erred official. I haven't even washed post on. Once that is done, pick a small piece. Official twisted How I'm twisting it. You can have a look at it, Andi hurt and anger. You need to pick up the color Now this color that I'm trying to pick up his failed attempt . Why I am trying to show you this failed Attempt us If you have less water on the loose office, you will not be ableto pick up the colors. We will paint another block off blue Andi. Then we will pick up the colors with twisted paper. You will see how the white spaces is created in this block. Compared Toa the first block where it waas a failed attempt. This picking up off colors is very important during our cloud session. 3. Exercise 1 Heightened Drama : Let's discuss the colors. Pains, great yellow aka light, then red Violet, you need bright Opara on permanent Elodie along with it. Keep some bonds Sienna are trumpeting and civilian brew ready now since I already have that in my palette Therefore I haven't shown you the same over here. First apply and even caught off wash on your people once that even coat off wash is there on? You are happy that there is no place that has left in between And there are no white spaces without water on top Off it you start painting your clubs one important point Your people should not have lots off water Not it should be dry in case you have 100% cotton paper and you add a lot off water Wait for five minutes so that your paper is a bit try and only machine can be seen but no bulls are paddles off water appear on the sheet This is a grated wash cloud on graded bush means we have to first paint the lower portions with yellow. Then a mixed off Opara armed yellow on on top. We would be going ahead with some civilian blue This Opara that I'm using. I'm not using only Opara. I'm mixing it up with the yellow that you can use yellow ocher or you can use yellow deep. Whatever is available with you, there's no hard and fast rules. We have to use a particular yellow, but don't try to use the lemon yellow because lemon yellow mixes with the civilian, you will get a greenish color which we do not want for this painting. Therefore, you can have the option off using yellow orange or you can use yellow cocoa, our permanent yellow deep. Anything that is available with you once a greater bosh is done, we will start adding the clouds. You will see that this cloud you can make in less than five minutes on it has got a lot of drama in it. Whenever you will add these colors, you will see that how beautifully your cloud has turned out. Makesem Opara and permanently Elodie make very light wash can apply it at an angle. Always know if you actually make all lying through these two corners on the top, there are left inside on on the bottom. Right inside you will have 50% off the cloud on the bill aside and 50% of the cloud on the topside. Now this, with people saying that this below. If you draw that line, will have these orange color are mixed on the 50% of the talk will have this pains correct . It's not the quantity off pigment that you would be using his very less status. Only 10% would be your pigment on dressed. 90% should be water. You should ask the colors before you use directly on the piece on the paper. They need off people that you have on. Then keep blending it on, bringing it down to a lighter shade for the as you see over here. Whenever I got it down towards the orange clouds, I did put a light a little off my pain scream. I'm actually now mixing some amount of bone sienna into my pain straight and then adding words the bottom. Alcindo pains Great club. I'm mixing some deeper tones off pains. Crane. Now, now, once I'm happy with the first wash off Payne's gray on top off the grated wash that we have . We will add these small, small lines, and it would be at an angle like we have done during a practice session. We are not going toe are like a lot off tick tick lines on. Always go ahead with your size four. Winsor and Newton Brush. If you have any other size for brush, go ahead with that first. Since the piece that we have taken is pretty small, you can say it can be even a Polaroid size clouds that you can paint. We will keep coming down on. Once we come down, we will go ahead with the mix off Opara now more off pere and less off permanent. If you have some crimson available with you, you can even add that crimson to get this beautiful mix off pinkish yellow if you observe. Sometimes the clouds are dark against a light background, and that's what we are planning to and now about to finish the cloud sand to start some more light, feeble strokes. You would see that there is only one or two drops that time, adding with my brush, I'm pretty satisfied with the airport now, and let's move on to the next cloud. The next loud will have first grated wash off permanently Elodie, making it completely transparent on the top. So the bottom will have our people value under top will have a lighter value. You will observe that I always use some warm and cool colors. The warmth that I get in the clouds is from the yellow that I'm using orders. It would be very difficult for me to show the vibrancy once I'm done with the greeted bush on there is an even coat off water which I have applied on the top. So I will make someone cnr now about 10 to 15% of people, and seeing our best 85 to 90% should be civilly and blue. Now, this would give or dirty dark blue grey kind off color on. That's what I would be applying toe make the cooler shades off the clothe. The top part of the clouds would be again in a semi circular motion on the semi circular motion is just like we did those stormy cloud effects on. Once I'm done, I will again make it lighter. Unlike the once I go down on, you know, the heavier clouds are always on the top on the less heavy clouds are always on the bottom . Do remember to leave the white spaces in between the clouds because that would only heightened the drama that we want to show in the clouds. And as we go below, we will make this wash lighter, lighter and lighter, which means I will decrease the value that I'm having right now on act some more amount of water in it. - The grated wash concept happily even applies to the cool mix off colors that I have added. I'm starting with the doctor sheets on the top on making it lighter and lighter with water at the bottom. Once I'm happy with migrated Wash, I see that my water media off the clouds is flying. Therefore, you know that time is the essence for painting the clouds on an average. I have seen the dramatic clouds. Don't take more than five minutes on 4.5 to 6 inch people. You will see that I will again re bet the bottom area hand. I will then are the school mixed Vickers? I want to heighten the drama of it 4. Exercise 2 (Part 1) Two ways of painting Billowy Clouds : we are done with the first excess off dramatic clouds. Now we are moving on to hard, less dramatic on more water laden on billowy clouds, toe four different colors that even need hiss, ultramarine blue, cerulean blue, cobalt blue and some amount of burnt sienna before we start the clouds. The first process is to take down all your pains on your palate on. Once your politics ready, put an even coat off. Wash on the complete paper on. Always remember to keep two different jobs off water. This is very important when you are making the billowy cloud has for the first technique, we will do what on bed on the second cloud technique would be wet on dry the first western where technique would require two washes. If you do not have to different jars off water, we will not be able to get the fresh supply off water, which we need for the second wash. Once you have applied, even coat off water, just make some cerulean blue on. After mixing something necessarily and blue on your palate, start applying it on the paper. You have to leave some white spaces, as I have already told on this is again applied in a semi circular motion like we did it building our practice session for the storms. I have been asked a lot of times how I sleeve these white spaces. Are these being created by the White Wash or are these being created by the white water colors? But the best way to paint your clouds is using the white space off the people itself. I will go on adding some more drama now, my clouds, I will take or deeper value off civilian and are don't work. You will see that there are about four kind off white spaces that I am leaving right now on the paper on. Apply it the way I am doing right now. But this this application off Siri Liam, Once you apply to the paper, you can even leave it at this stage on this can also act as your clouds. OK, but what we're trying to do is a billowy cloud below We clothes basically water laden cloud . Now thes water laden clouds are also called as mushroom clouds. Now, when they are water leading, you would see that the bottom portion off these clouds would be more a great are more people and shape compared to the proportions off the sky on. I will teach you how to lift off the colors on how to create more off these small, small, billowy clouds in the bottom area. As we proceed with your tissue that you have on once you have two stood there tissue. You have to start lifting the colors that you have on the people. Abs off this lifting technique very, very closely because this is really important for any kind. Off water laden on mushroom clouds, clouds are usually heavier on the top on the lesser heavy at the bottom, or they are really small at the bottom. This is the reason why I'm painting the bottom area in blue. Once I paint this area and blue, I would be able to lift it better with my tissue. - Time is the only a sense off this painting, because if your paper becomes try, you will not be ableto lift any further colors from your paper. You have to work very fast and quick. You will see that I haven't taken more than five minutes or six minutes because even if I am using arches, 100% garden people. It is, after all, a people. It would dry out in a while, so I'm working really, really fast creating these clouds. - Once I finished lifting my colors, I would go on to the next cloud because this cloud, I will be painting with two separate washes. Once the first wash on lifting is done, I need to proceed to my second wash, which would only happen once everything is dry. Therefore, let's not waste any further time on. Let's move on to the next cloud and paint the next out in wet on dry technique. 5. Exercise 2 (Part 2) Two ways of painting Billowy Clouds: we will be applying majorly three techniques for painting these clouds. The first is the wet on dry technique, the next ihsaa grated wash technique. The third would be my left thickening pink. On the last would be my planning technique. All these four techniques we would be governing in this exercise. I'm excited to start by sketching a big billowy cloud on the top right hand corner on add on ah, few more clouds below it again, the sketch would be very light so that the marks off the graphite are not shown from below the transparent watercolors. After we finished the sketch, I would request you to have a look at the composition and understand. If you want to improve something now thought mixing. Some are drama eating. The first would be graded wash going from our trimming cobalt blue and cerulean blue. Be very careful. While you apply the pains near the sketch off the billowy clouds, we will be just painting around the clouds for now. Always the corners should be deeper in shape. Just keep that in mind on aren't more awful promoting towards the left top on the right top corner, - there is a lot of inspiration available on Google. A few search by the name off Billowy cloud. Our cumulus clouds Just have a look at it to create your own composition. This cloud is also inspired from many photos, which I did take inspiration from. I have been observing clouds on its trauma from the time I have started. Painting with my watercolors on the small excites can enable you to nail any kind off cotton candy or cumulus or any other cloud you can think about. - Blend your colors well when you are doing pro graded wash. I cannot let my colors dry on the paper. If I'm doing or graded wash on, that's one off the important reason you should have or 300 GSM 100% cotton people so that your colors do not cry before you keep blending it with the Carlo, which is off lighter value. I would like to talk a bit about the kind of clouds we are painting as understanding the basic nature off the clouds gives a perspective off the shape size on colors that I have used for the painting Cloud ships Information are important indicators off atmospheric weather properties below. We or cumulus or cotton candy clouds does usually have a lot of precipitation or water in it, which looks like a swell. If you observe thes very closely, they usually have ah flight based on have solved or dome like tops. If your cloud is highly developed, they may look like mushrooms or cauliflower shape on the top, ultimately producing a lot of frame. There is not much which I need to explain while you playing the colors in the graded wash, going from darker values on the top two lighter values at the bottom. So I will go ahead and fast forward the video for now, and you can keep painting the sky for all the smaller areas between the clouds. I have used size four brush, but for the larger area, or to improve on my blending, I will go ahead and use my ma brush. Let us lift off some pains from the paper now to give the effect off small and cute clouds at the bottom off the paper. We have done this process off, lifting off in the first part off the same exercise. Therefore, it would be easier for you to now lift off the pains 6. Exercise 2 (Part 3) Two ways of painting Billowy Clouds: Finally, guys, we have come to a stage from there are clouds will start taking shape times for all the patients still now hand We will work with the same four shades are promoting Khobar cancer really in blue for painting the clouds you're majorly We will need or dirty mix off Ultramarine and Bonzi Anna to show the clouds which are really heavy with water. Let's wet the bottom portion off the cloud first with the mob brush and start painting with the head off our size for Kolinsky sable from Winsor and Newton. Once I apply the paint on the wet surface, it would spread and become soft in appearance. In my mind, I have won t broken up the clouds in tow to different willows. Once we progress for order, you will understand the concept off willows better. But for now you can see that one bill below will be countertop on one willow will be at the bottom once you apply, Doughty makes open sienna. You have to blended. If you do not blend it, you will not get the soft edges. I will even apply this makes off on CNN are trumpeting on the top the bottom area off. The willows are darker on the top area off. The willows are lighter in values, or it is completely wife. You can say whenever I'm introducing our new willow, you can see the bottom media becoming deeper and shape, and it will become more clear with the parent exercise. Even if I'm doing a wet on dry technique, I always prefer to blend my bottom media after willows, partially so that there are no hard edges. I see that the bottom Katya off the lowest willow is still wet. Therefore, I wanted to introduce some drama into it on I added, or deeper tone off. The same doting makes let's move on to the rest of the white locks on the process. Remain same, had the pains on the paper and blended with the mom brush. Try to cover only 1/3 off the clouds with the mix so that we are left with white spaces to blend it. Don't that you're what brush port blending brush should not have a lot of water in it. Corals. The whole fund off painting and blending excise will not be off much help. Now I will come down and paying the cutest loud at the bottom and just a few dots off blue hand burns. Economics will add the extra dimension toe the club in case you find it difficult to blend the cutest cloud. You can even leave it for now, as we are in the process off learning it better. And we will have a final project which would be combining both their techniques off, wet on, wet on, wet on dry. I do not want toe hard any further clouds to my ah, wet on dry technique. I'm pretty much happy and satisfied with it. I will go head on and move on to the first cloud that we painted on again. We need to re better. People haven't even coat off water on the people and then only start painting. I know that this second layer off water that you are applying the paper needs to be completely try before that half a very, very light hand. When you are applying this court off water, do check the property off your pigments before you apply it on the paper. If it spreads a lot, do dab off the extra pings on the paper and then apply this mix because we do not want a lot off spread off pigments on these white clouds. Quarrels. The complete white spaces will get occupied with this mix off months Yanna and are drumming as I work, mostly in dry and hot climate in Delhi, so my people becomes try very, very quickly on. I need to use my blending brush even for wet on wet technique. I love painting these cute on small clouds the most in Delhi. I have off soft. I do not get more than five minutes to paint my peace, and you will see me checking my people as we are already five minutes into the painting. If it is try, I will regret the people before I apply the pains. I'm contended. Quit the force Peace now and we will move on to the next piece. Add some more details toe the next piece after the Hillary clouds has tried. I see the bottom area doesn't show the deep adults, so let's go ahead and add some more clouds. I apply light of values first and then go for another wash because if I add the deeper Don's at the beginning, there will be no way to come back to lighter tones and water colors. - You guys, we have almost successfully completed all the four pieces off clouds. Now you can remove the deep and individually have a look at all of it. This four kind off clouds will be the basic for our next set off projects. There are two class projects that we would be painting banks can. There would be a one bonus lesson. 7. Project 1 - Sunset Clouds: this lesson is all about the sunset clouds by the 11 dolphins. Before we have a look at the colors, let's decide the horizon line. You can use a scale to measure the midpoint, mark both the sides of the midpoint hand, then join it after joining the midpoint. You need to make these horizontal lines, which would live in tow, the sky into our vanishing point. Why I need this lines is because I want to paint the lavender feeds on the 11 0 feels. If you're has stripes off flowers on the feeds, let's discuss the colors found bright, clear violet red violet, crimson lake beans green permanent yellow deep on yellow chrome light. These are the six colors that we would be using for painting are sunset. I always take out the colors on my palette before I start painting my sunset. I'm using this yellow oko like toe. Start my sunset sky. You will see that the yellow acolyte I chose a 10 brush, but since my paper is bigger than that, so I did switch on toe pick up brush. You will go on blending it with a permanently Elodie on top off the yellow worker on Once we progress toe the top, it would be crimson dick. I'm going in an order from yellow acolyte permanent yellow deep and then crimson like why I am going in. This order is always moved from lighter values to the darker values. This will help you to have better control on your colors when you put it on the paper. Once that is done, go with the red violet blended well on the corners off this guy, I will be ski planning my color. Still, there is a smooth finish on the paper Way will make the clouds using our flat brush kind In this one. We will move from deeper values to light or values bright to your violet. And then you can use Crimson Week or Red Pilot, as both the pigments can be used. Bigger strokes on the top on the edges, 10 0 strokes at the border using the angle or the tip off the flat brush. This the order T practiced during our practice session, you will observe that I will not take more than five minutes to paint these clouds. Therefore, if you know the right technique, you can nail it within five minutes. Do remember toe blamed the bright, clear violet. I'm the crimson on the edges in case you are using crimson or brightly. A valid 100 violet. In case you are using the red violet, you're Bagram should be wet enough so that your pains do move a bit, but it should not have a lot of water corals. Your clouds will march into each other. Competing on you will not have any spaces for the underneath color to be seen. I am pretty much happy now with the way the clouds have turned out. There are small, small dots that I'm giving now toe end my clouds on. I will start off with the mountains. Next, make some pain screen and violet together. Now this mix off Payne's gray and violet helps to state with the same tones. Way would be using this mix to paint our mountains on. There would be some kind of foliage that we would stroll on the right side off the mountains. It would be all continuous mountain that we would be making. You can even call it a hill up to you. Extend these mountains to the right corner off the painting observing closely. It can be understood that the paper is still not completely dry on my paints for the makes off while it campaigns, three is spreading on the people. Now this spread off pains helps me to get a very soft catch on the total number of mountains, said I'm painting on the right side. I have shown the foliage by just extending it a bit with the dots here and there. With help off my flat brush, take some crimson and move your flat brush from the bottom to the top, leaving 15 to 20% off. The space has empty. We would be painting some lighter values in this 50 to 20% off the space and completely blended with my crimson. Let's proceed four each off these lavender fields in the similar way. You can also absolved that in between the individual fields for the strip off lavender. I am leaving some space is now. This basis is basically depict that there are different scribes off lavender flowers, which we have on the feet. These individual stripes will help us to define the perspective. The vanishing point is beyond the horizon that we have now keep blending the colors by using some violet that was brightly a violet on. Use it at the bottom. Why I'm using the colors in this way is the brighter colors will be at the bottom. It would lead to a lighter tones near the horizon, since the exact reflection off the light, which is about the mountains, will be on my fields and the color will be exactly the lighter. Don't in orange on yellow near the horizon between each of the stripes off 11 dough flour field. We will use Payne's gray on extended till the horizon. Blending is the key for 11 dolphins, the better you can plan the colors. The lavender fields will look more realistic. Had lighter tones near the horizon off 11 defeat. You will see that I'm mixing some amount off permanent yellow deep with Crimson Lake to get this orangish Carlo, in case you're colors, have already dried at the bottom. Since they are painting each of them individually, they need toe again. Apply bright yellow Crimson lake and then this mix off orange to blend it well hand. It should look like an even wash in the whole stripe off 11 off. - Go ahead and blend individually on each of these stripes until you are satisfied and you feel it's an even coat off beans. I will fast forward the video Corbett has. We're using the same technique for the blending off each of these stripes. You can adjust the speed on the top right hand corner off this video paint along with me asking. I always go for two layer off washes compared to the one layer off wash because my first layer that I usually apply his lighter in values compared to the second layer hand. Once I apply the second, they'll it looks more vibrant, kind, beautiful. If you observe closely, you will see that I have moved from larger size off brush to smaller size off brush when I'm painting near the horizon. That's because the idea that it's available on individual stripes near the horizon is really small enough, and if I start working with a large brush each off the stripes might march pinto each other . I will keep painting on, keep blending the colors until I'm satisfied with my second girl, and once I'm satisfied with my second year, I will leave it to dry everything white and yellow, aka Wash to add the final touches. A cheaper option off wash is post two colors. Go ahead and use the postal colors. It has the same property like the wash on it is also opaque in color. I will apply the wash on top off the pain. Scary first, the color that I'm choosing is white on. Use your strip liner brush toe. Add these lines off white course. I want to highlight the lines in between the fields. A bit more on it would give the effect off the stripes better. That's why I am going ahead and applying this white wash. Now it's up to you. You can even use our uni ball White Bend to apply drug than using hogwash, or use a white post to color, or even use a white What color It all depends on the choice that you want to have. After I have applied all these lines, I will go ahead and add. The grass is the grass is will only appear at the bottom. Since it is closest to us as it goes further or far into the horizon, these grasses will march with the background. Use the final touches off white Wash on vellum endorphins on. Just add some notes. Here and there we will splatter with the help off another brush. I'm a fast forward the process a bit now because we are using the same technique. The's plateaus all result the extra dimension to any field repeating the same with yellow ocher. Go rational. Once you are happy with the grasses, just go ahead and didn't try. After your paper is dry, you can beat off the tape. Peeling off their tape can always be tricky. In case you are unable to peel off the tape, you can use a blow dryer on the edges, and it will help in the easy peel off. 8. Project 2 Cumulus Clouds: Let's discuss the color first wants, you know, yellow, green, yellow, local like portion ultramarine deep, kind, cerulean blue. We will take every single color on the ballot and then start without painting. Let's first decide the horizon line. It is 1/3 off the painting on. Then I will start doing are rough sketch off my clouds that I would be painting. I would be painting around the clothes initially on later, I would be painting within the clouds on this would be absolutely a wet on dry technique. There I would be following Remember toe make the clouds really light with the light, terrified pencil marks because we will be working with watercolors and we do not want the underlying graphite marks to be sure. Now let's take on more brush and start from the top left hand corner. We will go with bush in blue ultramarine deep and cerulean blue created wash. There should be how continues blending we would be doing between these colors when we will be giving a graded wash. Are people here We would be painting the clouds up it differently batters to say we will keep blending even the edges when we are painting on these clouds now. This will give a very, very soft edge. Toe are clouds and they were just looked like cotton candy way are done with the push in blue. We will add the art remaining and keep blending a few edges in tow. The willowy or the cumulus cloud that we are painting now. - Over here, you would have absolved that I am moving from taco values to the light of values, because when I paint my light of values, I need toe again. Pick up the colors with help off my tissue. Always keep toe jobs off water as already doled. He will wash the brush in one of the jobs and you will keep ah, fresh supply off water on the other job, let us now at some art remitting on the bottom off the first cloud kind, then blended with our blending brush to make it softer and look, you will be quite amazed to know that I had seven attempts off this particular cloud before I came up with the lesson. Since I was not getting the best way to paint these willows behind this cumulus clouds which are completely water living on can give rice toe any heavy rains. Always remember, we will not be softening all the parts off the clouds that we are painting right now. We would be only softening very, very partial places on. They would be like only 20% off the total flowered spending that we're doing. I mean, around the clouds that were painting right now, that's the maximum age gov would be softening up once we are done with the clouds which are smaller in size, let's fill up the bottom with the cerulean blue that I have. I will continuously use only my ma brush to fill these places because I would be lifting the colors off from here. Know that since I am living in a place which is hard on dry, I do not get more than five minutes to lift off my paints. Eso I am very careful while I keep painting these blue areas. Once you are done with the painting off these blue areas, twist your paper towel on. Start picking up your small, small, cute cute clouds on. They will be only at the bottom. You will see that I have already picked up a few off them and I would be picking up some more. We do not want to completely make these spaces white. We would be having some amount off. Ah blew over here on only a few places we would be picking up with our tissue. Let's start mixing our Bonzi and now with some are drumming like we have done earlier. You have toe see how many pillows you want to paint. If you want to paint three villas like I did, you can go ahead and make three bolos. If you do not want to paint Cedillo's, you can go ahead and paint only to willows. I will again blended with the top area where it is white spaces. Since I do not want toe have any hard edges? Laters introduced. Another willow on the top on the biggest willow will be at the bottom. Keep blending Has the technique requires you to blend since these cumulus clouds are completely water laden, so you will see that even for a particle Obillo, I would paint deepest shade off this ultra marine on burnt sienna painting. Cloud still now has Bean like a meditation for me and filling up off thes beautiful court and Gandhi clouds are cumulus clouds gives an ultimate satisfaction. Okay, now we're happy with the first biggest cloud that we hard on the top off the people. Let's move on to the smaller and cuter cotton candy or cumulus clouds blend again with clean water. That's one off the major major reasons. Still. Now I have bean emphasizing, Ah, Lord toe, keep fresh supply or a fresh jar off water. It is very difficult otherwise to get these kind off soft, edgy cloud. Do you remember these clouds are really heavy at their bottom on. You need to apply the deeper tones off the ultra meeting on the Bon Sienna at the bottom eight year compared toa when you are working on any other willows on the top off the cloud , Just keep one thing in mind that patience is the key for painting these kind off clouds. This is usually a long and tedious process. You would need minimum 20 minutes toe 30 minutes to paint this kind of cloud. So just be patient and our fan keep following the steps. As for the instruction over here on, I am pretty sure you would be ableto Neil the clouds. Once we are done with the clouds on the top, let's just move on. Dodo. Very, very small clouds on the bottom. On again, the process remains same. Put some paint on, blend it again. Put some planes on being blended that so we will be working on even though bottom clouds. Now, these bottom clouds are so so tiny that even if you just put pains, it's fine. You do not need to plant it if you are not very comfortable doing it. You will observe that even between different brands, your pigments will never be seen. So they will have some auto other difference. Therefore, whatever is closest that you have available with you, go ahead with that on pain. These clouds with them only I will have my grounds to be painted now. Andi, let's start with the lightest value over here, which would be in my yellow local. Once I am done with my yellow oko, we will go with the yellow green that I have on the palate. I will add on towards the bottom off my grounds. Does he looking on blended really well with the yellow ocher as both of thes colors just look fabulous when they are to get all way. Need to add some more texture to our ground. So let's go ahead and add some portion. Blue ocean blue on yellow will become green on. You would be pretty happy to see the final results. I am contended with my ground. I will go ahead and again, take some mix off, pushing blue on Mancina on. This would be or deeper. Don't that I will have on this. I will make small, small, small, small, straight lines at her distance. Or you can see about the horizon line. This is to show the perspective on this is a very, very simple excites. You can do this starting from the left inside and moving on to the right inside. Or you can start from the right hand side. Had the's Glatter off trees on move, Dodo left inside. - Now coming to the finally part off the ground, you will always know that when we are making the final part of the ground, anything which is closer to us, we'll look bigger. So we will make some bigger grasses at the bottom off the painting so that it sets a perspective. You can use your script liner brush, your fan brush or a size zero brush to make these grasses the bigger grass I'm placing on the left hand side on angle place even some smaller grass on the right hand side. - Painting the crosses is always a very tedious task on that's somewhere your fan brush can be off big help. You can paint at least 7 to 8 glasses together with the help off your fan brush on. It can save a lot of time for you. Let's add the final details with our uni ball jelly roll pen. These would be nothing but some white dresses, which I want to add to show more uniqueness off this painting on you will even on soft when it is ah, hard they even if it is humor, there is some kind of a sunshine on a few off. Your grasses will shine in the light off the sun. I hope you have enjoyed this class project on Let's beat off the tape to finally have a look at the painting that we have done now 9. Bonus Lesson: and yes, guys, we have reached the last leg off are painting This is the bonus lesson on it would be all about painting the storm. You would see me struggling a bit so decide where I want to place my horizon. I would like to place my horizon at one thought off the painting travel don and being above that on dressed of the portion, I would leave it for my sky. Since the main idea off the whole exercise has to paint the sky over here. Let us first wait the sky hand do across watch Seeing that there is a clean shame on the paper You would see me always matching cross rather than only going in one direction. On don't leave any space is empty. You can use three basic colors for making this painting. The first would be my art. Omitting the second can be my saree Liam On the third would be some amount off Mancina that I would need for this painting. You can even do this in monochrome if you want. The stroke that I would be using right now is with the help off my more brush on you would see that I am leaving some white spaces, as explained during our practice session over the techniques that we will be using on our clouds class. The white spaces are important to give the effect of storm. You will see that I'm using the colors by Majel Omission Gold Now vigil Omission. Gold has a particular property off not spreading a lot, but if you were using any other brand, make sure to dab off the X dropping from the brush included tissue before applying it directly on the people. Because if you directly applied on the paper on it spreads, the white spaces will no more be seen on. If they're not seeing the storm, effect will not be there. We're using the white spaces off the paper only clouded and using wash or any other white color too short, I will go ahead and apply some more appreciates on the edges on liver death. Just always know that we do not want to overdo this painting on and levered at a stage where we can show the rings how we will be showing the rains. I will go ahead and let you know. First, let's make some blue again that is your ultramarine kind again. Tens off Muncie and I do it. Mix it well so that we have a small pool off blue in it on. Keep applying it to show the clouds at the bottom had some smaller dots on some smaller size. Four. Brush would be more helpful. Todo this. Add the blue a small, small, small, small dots on the paper and you would see they will act like clouds in the sky. You will see me adding some more dots at the bottom, but do remember when the clouds are at the bottom, they would appear smaller insights. When they're on the top, they would appear larger than size. About 1/3 of the sky portion on the bottom should remain white in color. I mean, the paper should remain white so that we can depict the rains easily. My people has tried her bit on. It still has a sheen on it. If you are self because if it doesn't have a shame, we will not be able to meet this clouds. Nautical dry brush on. Move the paints downwards at an angle. You have to keep cleaning your brush when you are moving it top down again. Clean your ration again. Moving from doctor Now this basically gives an impression offering Keep doing it till you're satisfied. Don't move it more than twice over a particular white space off paper as there is a chance that the whole paper my turn blue The most tricky part now is stooping piece trains. You would see that I have a little overdone it in my on my right inside off the paper on I will remove some amount of pains with the help of my tissue lab off those extra pains from my paper on again, try to move my things from top to below. With the help of the drivers, I'm doing this whole process at an angle because Raines will not come street as it is a storm on. There is some care which is blowing, and because of that air, the rings will help your at an angle. I am more or less satisfied. Now let's remove the tape hard. Paint the water at the bottom using or Dr Rush technique. No dry brush technique works best when we have or textured people. So my request to you guys would be to do this on a rough green people to get the best results. Let's take a lighter value off civilian with the help off. A flat brush applied on the paper slowly deep, ended up with the people. Value off the same color. Reflection off the sky is usually on the water on the bottom off. 80 off the sky has white spaces. The exact reflection will happen on the top. Radio off the water, and you will see that I am leaving some whites basis. Once you have done the drivers technique, go ahead. Use the tip off. Your flood brush on makes some straight lines on the slight value off the civilian that we have applied. These lines that be riding help toe show that there is ripples. Orders weaves that IHS they're kind. The water is moving, so hunting these lines really helps to create the emotion are in the water on. I will just hard some small small hills in the background, along with the some tiny, tiny trees on the right side. I will use the tip off a small flat brush and make straight straight lines. Using that, I'm tryingto add some white spaces on the top off the sky because it has don't really blue. And this can only happen when your paper is wet. He does still not dry. You will see that if I try to dub off on the spaces, which are, or the dry, the pain's doesn't come off. Let's feel off our tape now on. See if we have got clean edges. I always feel off your tape at an idea so that you do not feel your people. 10. Conclusion: I hope you have enjoyed spending the clouds as much as I always enjoy off solving on painting them. We did cover in total seven different types of clouds and a lot of techniques which will help you to paint any of the subject off your choice in future. If you are on Instagram do Dagny has watercolor dot illustration, not Leto in your class projects. As I love to share them, it would be off great help to me as a teacher to receive your honest on valuable feedbacks in case you want to learn any other specific clouds. Do let me know under the discussion section has I will try to cover it in future advanced classes off cloud scapes. Another note gazing through the unending more changes off the sky and sea gives me on adrenaline rush. The beauty off painting, landscape Seascape or sky scape is stubborn when you change the medium off your paint. If you have seen a few resent post on my instagram, you will know that I'm experimenting with other mediums to so the next loss will cover our different medium, its properties and how you can use that in your own style. Goodbye for now, and see you very soon