Easy and Simple Botanical Line Drawings - 15+ Flowers, 25+ Leaves and Fillers and 2+ Compositions. | Abhiraami Thangavel | Skillshare

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Easy and Simple Botanical Line Drawings - 15+ Flowers, 25+ Leaves and Fillers and 2+ Compositions.

teacher avatar Abhiraami Thangavel, Architect - Artist - Entrepreneur

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials Needed

    • 3. Florals

    • 4. Leaves and Fillers

    • 5. Class Project 1: Wreath

    • 6. Class project 2: Frames

    • 7. More Ideas and Thank you

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About This Class

With just a few simple strokes, I will be showing you how to draw simple flowers, leaves and fillers. I will also share my tips and tricks for creating depth and detail. In the end, we will have two beautiful class projects - wreath and frames. I will also share my tips which will help you create your own flowers, leaves and fillers and also create beautiful composition out of it.

Line drawing is an easy art form featuring illustrative, doodle-like designs. In this class, I will show my process to create beautiful botanical illustrations. I will share the materials needed for you to take this class, and I will also teach you the different tips and tricks I use to create depth and texture in floral illustrations. You don’t require any drawing or design skills.

For my Youtube Channel Click Here.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Abhiraami Thangavel

Architect - Artist - Entrepreneur


Hello everyone. I am Shri Abhiraami. I am an architect, artist,illustrator and entrepreneur. I am currently based in Erode, a small city in India.

In my final year of my under grad, I started conceptualizing my brand - The Pixie Dust. Currently I am focusing on developing a range of products under my brand- The Pixie Dust, and also working on sharing my skills on Skillshare.

Check out my Online Store on Etsy and Instamojo.

I am also working as independent designer for Pixylz and Noun Project.

For me, art is fun and therapeutic. I really can't keep restrict myself to one style or medium. I love experimenting with different mediums. My recent obsession is Water Colour Florals.

Follow me on ... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi everyone, I am abundant than when the founder and the artists behind DO pixie dust, whether by six can share class. In this class, I'll be showing you how to create beautiful botanical line drawing. But just using post strokes will be creating floaters, leaves, and valence will be creating more than 40 plus botanical line runs in this class where the angles, the class will be having two class projects, read and streams, and also be sharing my tips and tricks along the way for you to create your own and unique would underline drawings are beautiful composition summit. This whole guy is resulting paste and easy to follow. I would suggest you to grab your pen and paper and start drawing along with me. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started. 2. Materials Needed: In this lesson, I'll be showing you the majors that you need to take up this glass will just be needing something post you can take any paper of his choice. It can be a want to collect Paypal to after printing paper. And we'll be needing a pencil. Apart from that, loss will be meeting up and taking more blocks. You can take any point of any color choice. I'm just showing you on the blackboard that I also have a new Luca. Well, any other color that you prefer and can be a gel pen, ballpoint pen, ink pen ending of that salt irritant happens to said we have to be the same one that I use. And also we also need some restricting. So colored though you can have an isoquant orienting just like they are presented as circular to drag the V8. And now we also be needing something at least trait or you can use any scale or anything of that sort to draw straight lines. 3. Florals: In this lesson, we'll be creating more than 14 flawless IV. A failing you step-by-step process on creating these lowers the first flow that we are going to be drawing, that realism Kelvin and drawing a small dot and alone that and just enjoying cause, then it will even connected to each other. The next tool is also quite similar to that and will join us moral dot and then a continuous curve go to drawn around that to make it more interesting and how we are second class. One by drawing lines in the center, painting the code dot google.com. And now I'll connect needs to protostar wacko among one more decides to make an Eulerian path, Derek and just draw a line from the center towards the petal. Going and Anthem dot. This will be a sharp edge creditor. Time drawing many Mode buttons around the same dark. And so on. Peckers. Bigger betting. You can take a small dent. The epithelium will ask me as predilection cowardice open here and before coerce it Saigon for again to how an interesting depth to their credit, I am withdrawing from life and darts. Draw these lines and awaiting high toy. Really interesting to see. The mode. And then I'm just going to use also goes next to each other. Then once I'm done, I'll be drawing up this Golan. There'll be one big button and now what we're going to be 300 into 120 degree, so there'll be no Petr along the side button. And now I'll be drawing from small idempotence behind each of these buttons in between these gaps. When we're done with the slot I'm told and make it more interesting. I'll be drawing lines connecting from the center to a jogger pattern. Hard and fast tool while drawing Flash. Because it's nature, nature is not a 100% similar to the buffet chain store doesn't model makes this more interesting. Stress on how Dr. flower looks on these are abstract. Now let's move on to our next flow that we're going to be easy. I do some dots mapping the same truck of law. And I own that. I'll draw some small cost content each other when this molecule here and next to it, unless Marco and I keep drawing these, confirming the pretense of the flag. And now our own that id drawing smaller task in more like these other potential of inhibin behind, keep drawing these. You can keep drawing on those really new faces. Mean drawing them to lengthen each on these Cordova indicate another. When our center focal point. Oh, I'm just drawing myself in here. The name continued and draw my patent. Smaller but as gobbling up the whole so many patterns or if it can cover. To make it more interesting into joining names maintained that guidance. This slowly will sharp belong needed rotating money. She'd watching these buttons, buttons, own token line dropping in between, needs to look at if you are crazy and then reorder similarity within along these lines of code gone that abuse and using the rains technique, most interesting effect, the pickles. There can be joyful group as a whole can. I just do not adjustable notes. So to create an interesting measure, nor Dr. national income between nipples. Global Financial. Again, joining my mixer, attendance or coke making. And then if the idle gave my sheet while drawing along the toe, I'm more comfortable drawing and just how fanfare bond and then there will be lines that are coming from the center. They need lend microbiota more interesting perspective. Drawing us more insight. Into the next slide. My identity doesn't have to be in the clear center. More or less. I mean, I'm driving range counting with no secant line bigness, vocal. Now let see how I sent glad flapper those medieval draw a small kidney being an input on it. And then keep repeating as I'm redrawing all other Santos doing. And this nonsense. As you continue to pretend, you can drives me nuts when managing conflict, because here, I need to make it even more dark. Listen along different lines around the center. I'm drawing this lanes and making it more interesting by joining smaller length within. And this will be nine out trihydride. Mulligan army were shaping the patterns and then I will draw this payment. Just shorten and the little that I already drawn. But to give you some ideas, it all about experimenting, try different combinations of speakers and create more interesting patterns within them. Hope you enjoy this glass. See you in the next class that I'll be showing you how to draw leaves and failures. 4. Leaves and Fillers: This lesson is all about leaves and fillers, 3B creating more than 25 leaves and Fellows drawing Lewis and fillers are really easy. The first MOOC that we've been drawing, it usually leaves at the seat of a site that does go close on the sites. And I'm drawing the secondary wanes. Loose leaf is as similar to the previous one, whether influenced us, elongated. As you can see, this Bronco does leaves with us some of the theory has been read, innovative, smallest, cave, join the brand of the sliced. And then now I start knowing I'm doing joint Phase IV studies next to each other. Printed on that chondrocytes, 100 branches. This one is, I've been really trying to branches and drawing them sagas. Few winemaking dot, dot, dot. Now, Strangler line on dent by rains can either be coding these mains would just call lanes going to the medulla and then calling up the whole relief. But this can be used as follows. Term says, oh well, and then lines inside them. Small flowers. And the thoughts and ideas continue drawing branches. This one is really same for lambda is known and draw. And then connect these cove and smaller lanes on the branches. That's amazing, interesting. Read flames. As you can see, the center line along which the whole leaf and for low is constructed. And again, it's up to your imagination. Permutation combination or how do you actually want the IV can low-cost filler the low commonly branches who need how you're going to decline those branches with leaves or with God's contentment lines. So this one another, widely spaced and the previous one, and it's not on the board of ascites. This is construct games monetize Zhuang alone and repeating the same steps as a baby as one. I mean, this one is quite similar to the previous one, but then soon Assad benched police shot. And then we'll come straight forward. And what our bot and it is quite simple. I drove my identity and then is directly connected fluid domain. Dan Bu branch. These names are again quite similar, but then I'm discovering these Newsweek mode and models that will make it look more interesting. When the leaves are without, it's just enjoying lanes on both the sides of the main stem until drawing a big tear drop and then drawing lines in say in them. And then repeating the same flip again. Didn't draw, but then again in the same branch there other outlets and encoding interpreter. So both and they give said just 2s1 imagination and there's no hard and fast porcelain dry and clean. And doesn't have to be actually there in the near term. It's just about having fun while drawing. And this one also we are nice drawing movie missus. Modelling the modal for Flatow says I want to know the size of the leaves. Of the leaf. Makes a lot of missense throwaway nu, please read widely and based on a leaf and our wider manner, it actually go through a different lock. And they're in the same hierophanies are placed close to each other. With this, I can go through another difference, fellow. I'm just playing with the lines and then placing them. I don't know, imaginably. So when bringing them through lines. And just when I'm trying domain stamen dot on this damage, Napoleon gives you a nice Rhonda we've obviously is just the policemen can shape or to leave can make a real difference to, as you can see. And this is on inward PDF download you for the time that we draw. And I say hold on, I'm busy. Include, contains left, always go. I'm just blanking difference piles together using lines. And you can also vary this. He's off the spiders. Oh God, smiles out, goes out on new domains time to make sure that all of these, and these are the same type of schema under test model. A device flowered and that's going to make it more interesting. Music you can actually draw. I will show you a different sort of nice and drawn Patel until we can get a record idea. And I hope each of these leaves are really easy to follow. I would really appreciate if you can actually give an account to try and draw your own set often leads him furloughs and mega composition out of them. 5. Class Project 1: Wreath: We're gonna go half left project, really creating vive in this graph logic gate, any so colored on cake. Just compiling Greenland's going missing how penicillin holding my profile color and weighing how bigger San Mateo make it free hand or use any anything that you have just to draw us how glad alkane, but all the Florida's leaves and Philadelphia before in our previous classes, I'll be constructing this of read. I'm just grind the big Sun Faraday showed you in the fluid as a hint. Right? Okay. Okay. Mm-hm. And just so you can actually do all my different lines to make it. First thing I'm doing is just to give you an idea of how does come together with the Domenico nice studies. There's no hard and fast tool. Does this. Audio for imagination? By education? Yeah. Yeah. Right? No. Hello. And so I'll show you a small example of how chosen trying this more or less are too small. And indoor links with food dots. Testing small, cute as VIV. So I'd drawn before doing. So, I hope this means please enjoy on class projects. I would really love to see them do projects. A chink. 6. Class project 2: Frames: The soundly called redrew the sheet. Vjs Bono withdraw into the screen. Visitors need to line the right-angle and we'll draw our flaws and failures and L leaves on them. You can actually use this for making a warm greeting cards to cynical people. For anything on a box or an, a monk, anything that interests you, soil, socio, you do different compositions with making the same flowered. We can actually call main Buddhist. No. Here. Okay. I said in East Boston and explore. Okay. Hello. Okay. Right? Yeah. Right. Okay. Never. Okay. Right. Mm-hm. 7. More Ideas and Thank you: I'm glad you made it this year. By before we depart, I want to show you a different composition. I have made some photos and leave that we learned in our previous lessons. If you actually interested in learning these compositions, head onto my YouTube channel and I'll provide the link in the About section. Do check out my videos and don't forget to subscribe to my channel. I'll be posting art rebellious BOB deals, reviews and much more. Every Tuesday and Saturday I applaud your work in the project and the source section and mesa, you leave any feed back out to you that you have for me? I do. Similarly, you can find me on Instagram. I dope exceeded by 80. If you add an Instagram due time, Vimeo creation, I would love to see them. You can also use the hashtag create with a B so that I don't miss yoke liaise hit and I would love to feature them in my Instead I'm still ODE's. Let's be connected and be friends on Instagram. Those objects, those follow my East Asia profile so that you get notified when I publish a new class. Dooley with you and share your experiences about this class. It really helped me in preparing for my upcoming classes until we meet again. But subplot bye-bye.