Easy and Fun to Follow Photoshop CC/CS6/CS5 Tutorials

Vincent D, Learn Photography and Filmmaking

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3 Videos (28m)
    • How to use Camera RAW Photoshop CC/CS6

    • How To Mask Photoshop CC/CS6/CS5

    • Blending Exposures! Putting Camera RAW and Masking together - Photoshop CC/CS6/CS5


About This Class

In this Photoshop CC/CS6 series where you will learn how to use camera RAW, masking techniques, color correction, and much more in less then 1 hour!


Whether you are new or experienced this series will help you with your photo skills!






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Vincent D

Learn Photography and Filmmaking

Hey, my name is Vince and I have a passion for filmmaking and photography. I hope you enjoy the courses I make. I've put a lot of time in making them and hope they make you a better artist! I've never taught anything in my entire life, so this is a learning experience for me too! What I'm really trying to say is I hope my instruction isn't too confusing and your able to pick up something from each lesson. I try to make each of my courses as  practical and somewhat interesting as possible so that beginners along with more advanced students can learn with confidence to do useful things in photography and filmmaking.