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Easy Yoga for a Radiant Day

teacher avatar Melisa Redondo, Yoga & Art Instructor.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Class Preview

    • 3. Easy Yoga Class!

    • 4. Inner Yoga Proyect

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About This Class

Hi! My name is Melisa, I’m a Certified Yoga Instructor with 10 years of ef experience. In this Yoga class you can learn some easy moves to make your body feel great in no time! 

This is a 25 minutes practice, designed for absulute beginners, or anyone who looks for relaxation.

In this class you will:

  • Take your first steps into flexibility and balance. 
  • Learn basic movements that will make you feel confident in your next yoga practices.

By the end of this class you will:

  • Feel happy, pleased and relaxed.
  • You will be able to advance in the practice of yoga with ease.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Melisa Redondo

Yoga & Art Instructor.



Passionate about colors and sensations, Im a mixed media human project made of Yoga, Art and travels. 

I have 10 years of experience teaching Yoga, 6 years traveling America (non stop!) and my whole life as visual artist.  

As a superpower I can paint anything with anything.

Im constantly learning in the infinite sea of awareness, color and design, and teaching the most beauty things I know: Art and Yoga.

My mission is to make people feel alive.

If you would like LIVE online clases, reach me at IG as @sarama.yoga


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1. Intro: My name is Melissa M. From Costa Rica, and I've been teaching yoga for the last 10 years as we know your base, a nation discipline from India and when practiced regularly, can be a tool for maintaining physical and psychological hills. The purpose of this video is the teacher. Some basic movements which will be a good base for you to start the physical practice. This movements are linking a slow flow with breath. We mean well, slowly, but we won't stop. Welcome to your first year of breakfast. You have to open your mind and get ready for some very funny movements that we leave you relax and full of energy nets. 2. Class Preview : 3. Easy Yoga Class!: email and lift your arms. Exhale hands in front of your chest. Email. Open your arms. Leave them an excel. Place your hands in front of your heart, email. Open your arms and lift in Excel. Hence your heart E mail open. Watch this guy and excel full Ford. Go down slowly. Men journeys with your hands and your knees and lift your chest. Inhale open your heart and Extell fourfold in our lift your chest. An excel full for release your here, you know. Stop an excel four fold e mail. Touch the floor, look for and excel pork back with your niece on the floor. Relax your barely push your chest for in your head up. Exhale round your spine and looked their belly. E mail just for Hannah Excel looked their belly. This is Scott Pools, and then they'll look for in Relax. You're really faces. Scalp pose. Got two pools. Inhale cows. Pose polls. Place the top off your feet on the mat and take your hips, Their heels, please your fingertips on the math and release your head. They have a breath here and feel all your back muscles stretching with your breath. Relate yourself with all the sweet sensations. E No Place your fingertips besides journeys and put yourself at proceed email. Arms up. Exhale hints so your heart inhale. Open your arms up and exhale. Can't steal your heart. E. Mail open. Look up and excel proletarians in front of your chest. Inhale up excel, please your hands in front of your month. Lift your niece and keep over rich people e and field your weight filled restraint. Now put your chest to your legs and keep their feeling all their back stretching. Inhale one more time they played and excel. If it's possible straight journeys. It is a cave you need to keep their any. Spend the other beginning. The most important is that you can find this one point in which you can stylized your breath. No, back with your hands. Do it slowly. Invent Uranus if you need it. When you're there, take your opposite elbows. Release your hip and rounding your spine pulled yourself up. Open your arms and excel. Release your arms E mail arm So opening up in Excel, interlace your fingers back. If it's possible, straight your arms and your elbows. M. Bell journeys en el stretched the front of your body and excel them forward, slowly releasing your him. Suffer earning your neck. Remember, keep breathing in the next inhalation. Look forward and take your chest and all your body up. Feel the strength and the stability off your legs. Connected with their does. Just end up free your hands and lifting up. Inhale stretch and men yourself. Fold forward. Place your Ian's on German when your knees, if it's necessary and walk forward really slowly, unconsciously, really. Steer here. Stretch your legs again. Been journeys without touching the floor and feel the weight off your body and the strength of your arms and release. Now kick back with your left leg. Find your balance and if you feel stable, release the weight off your right hand little by little, maybe even raise your arm completely and finally stretch it to the front. Explore your billions and be aware of your breathing consciously and with control. Lower Jerling, an arm and brooksie in the same way we the right leg. You can look back to make sure that your foot is said your he paid. Remember to take your time to find your balance before lifting the left her this posture says, Strengthen their muscle, self your trunk and back and challenged your balance and your focus. Really slowly release your arm and your leg and look up. Campos Excel. Look terrible cats pose in L and Exhale. Cut. Place the top off your feet on the month your hips back. Place your fingertips on the matter. Release your help. This is child's pose, and it's the rest. BOS Inhale deeply. An ex selling Bring your fingertips suicide. Cerny's pusher, Barry up inhaling figure hansa in L. Open your arms. Go up, lift your hips and your body and excel, please your hands in front of your chest. Place that those hold your sacrum with the hands and in L deeply leave your chest up and then your spine a little backwards. Keep your hips forward in your face. Lift from male and with the strength off your off the minute legs, bring your chest forward and returned to the initial position. Six. Slowly on your heels, bring your hips the one side and stretched your legs forward. Take sit in a comfortable position. Let the head rest on the right shoulder and receive it with the right hand. Fill the muscles off your upper back and your neck and stretch them Release under the same on the left side. Use the red to be aware off the sensations and find the exact point. Where do you feel good? Release Inhale. Lift her arms, Excel in the lace, your fingers back stretched your arms Look for and the salam bell your body forward Joey, notice the rich bread Your body goes down a little bit more. Do not try to force this by the contrary, Alloway to just happen in the nest in relation really slowly O burger, Release your fingers and turn your chest to the right. We left him. Take your oppa. Set me and use this lever toe. Turn your chest a little bit more in your next exhalation. Really? Suppose and do the same with the other side. Excel in really carefully Return to the center and stretch your chest for in your head back . Go back table, posting your hands and your knees. Lift your niece striker left and really slowly walk back with your hands to your feet. Once you're there, been journeys. Take your knees and straight. You're just four XL fourfold. Female Open and chest for excel four fold. Inhale straight spine. Excel four. Full Place your hands and walk Book to the front of the mat on downward facing dog. Stretch your spine. Stretch your legs. Release the weight off your here. Keep breathing. Keep failing every looks Walk for with your feet through your hands you nail straight spine and excel. Four. Fooled You know the old your body up Excel Release your arms. Hands up, Exhale fourfold. No, You know Ben Journeys. Place your hands on the month and walk back with your right leg. Place your right knee on the floor in L, lift your arms, Open your chest and keep your spine straight. Keep looking forward and open your arms. Just be aware off your balance off your expansion. Email. Hansa Xlu unseen from off the chest and to a floor. Lift your back me and keep your front. Even the email your hands up. Look at the single point and keep the abdomen inside. That will help you with the balance. If you need it, you can lower your right knee Excel, lower your arms, Inhale open your arms by the sites at the hate of the shoulders Keep the front me flexed and the back extended You know the grants up in the next X elation Lower your arms around and bring for the red Li Take your ankles and bill your body for your legs Even lift your arms and all your body and then your spine A little better words excelled durian So your chest email and stop. Exhale fourfold email Straight Spine four and excel Walk back with your left leg, please. You're Neil the floor in l anse up. Keep your belly. This is key for the violence. Inhale deeply and excel in your arms Make sure there are the shoulders level Keep this stability and focused. Inhale through your hands Excel the your hands for toe LeFlore Lift your love me and keep your left leg straight Lift your arm CNL and look for your balance. I am e mail. Be strong and keep your from leg wound. Excel, open your arms. Keep your bellion and be proud of you. Your abilities, strength and focus. You know the Europeans up. Look up, exhale in so your month. Bring your left leg forward. Inhale straight spine an Excel four full you Now bring yourself up, Coach says Guy. Excel. Hands in front of your heart. Now if your arms still bend your knees and your hands down and buck in millions for enough , exhale, hands back on the aliens. Forward up. Exhale down and back in an alley and sub staying share, Pose with your knees. Wind, excel in, touch the floor and walk back. Bend your knees and thinks sleep. Place your feet together. The distance from your heels to your pelvis shall be two. Hands aside. Show you the journey's. Open your chest in your throat and excel in four full really slowly. In this process, off yoga, you will know your body and you will know your limits. Jeweler Paul two fell in love with this sweet point, or your limits are. Be always coordinated with your bread. Male chest Upstate up, Excel four full slowly one more time, go deeper. Just if you feel it, inhale seat up. Bring your feet a little bit. Port Authority four Full X selling aside told you. Let it happen. Your breath and the gravity will do all the work. Walk back with your insists Sita stranger left Lee and keep bend. Did your right leg. Hold it with your left arm and twist your chest to left. Enjoy the twist. Enjoy the feelings, your email and exhale. Release that way and do the same on the other side. Use your in relation to extend your spine and use your ex elation to steeper Keep and Joey and your body. Keep enjoying your twist. E mail and excel. Come back to the front, take the odor side off the feet and bring your forehead to your knees. Feel the stretching off your spine. Release. Take the other side off the feet and lift your years from the floor. Look for your balance. Place your fit on the floor and really slowly lay down. Release your legs and prepare to chalice and final rest pose. Close your eyes. Relax, soldier muscles. Listen your whole body and allow yourself a few minutes off beer. Rest just breath in on breed out field expansion off your lungs. I feel the waiting off your heart. Feel the stillness off your mind. Feel the sweetness self this moment. Feel the sensations of the body simply resting on the floor. Just stay Oh , - oh , hey, Now, exhale, Be aware off your breath. Hey, inhale, Exhale. Be aware off your skin he knew Exhale. Be aware off your heart. When you feel ready, begin to move slowly your fingers and your toes begin a move Slowly you're area from side to side. Keep your eyes closed gently on one side of your body on slowly rice and seat up Oh! 4. Inner Yoga Proyect : Hi again. I hope you have enjoyed the breakfast. You can repeat these exercises during the week. In this way, your body will be more open and flexible for the next week. The product for this class is very simple. Write in your journal or at Emma any inside that you have oil you're practicing. I'm doing the since I started my your right. This simple exercise will make your person more aware of your own wisdom. Police after each practice and keep your notes, your insights will surprising and can be useful for yourself in the future. Let me know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below. And please remember to follow me in this way. You will you notified next week when I released an Expedia of these machine are serious. Thank you so much for allowing me to accompany you in your first Europe posters. See you. So now, Misty