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Easy Yoga: Sun Salutations A & B

teacher avatar Melisa Redondo, Yoga & Art Instructor.

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Intro Sun Salutations

    • 2. Sun Salutation A

    • 3. Sun Salutations A & B

    • 4. Sun Salutations proyect

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About This Class

Welcome to this class of Simplified Sun Salutations!

In this class you will:

  • Learn to coordinate your breathing with the basic movements of yoga.
  • Learn the names of the yoga postures while doing them.
  • Learn simplified variants of the  the Sun Salutations postures.

At the end of this class you will:

  • Feel more comfortable with moving your body.
  • Be able to make Sun Salutations A and B with facility.

Who is this class for?

  • To all the people who wish to learn to make their first Yoga postures.
  • To those people who would like to make Greetings to the Sun easier!


  • Have a yoga mat and a space to practice with comfort.
  • Be able to kneeling on the floor. 

Important!! Pregnant women, people with serious osteoarticular diseases or with recent surgeries should ask for medical advice before make any physical practice.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Melisa Redondo

Yoga & Art Instructor.



Passionate about colors and sensations, Im a mixed media human project made of Yoga, Art and travels. 

I have 10 years of experience teaching Yoga, 6 years traveling America (non stop!) and my whole life as visual artist.  

As a superpower I can paint anything with anything.

Im constantly learning in the infinite sea of awareness, color and design, and teaching the most beauty things I know: Art and Yoga.

My mission is to make people feel alive.

If you would like LIVE online clases, reach me at IG as @sarama.yoga


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1. Intro Sun Salutations: Hi. Welcome to simplify it. Sun salutations. My name is Melissa, an artist and yoga teacher. In this breakfast, we will learn the sun salutations, a M B or surgeon um Oscar, which is a basic yoga sequence. Use traditional to optimize the learning process off their sequence. I mollified certain poses and transitions, so if you are new to yoga, it will be ways here for your body to add up to the openness and flexibility off this body movement system. This class is great for people with little or not prior experience in yoga. Any weight or physical condition are welcome, but if you're pregnant, serious injured are sick. Please ask for advice to your medical doctor before practice, yoga or any other exercise. The only thing you will need for discourse, he said. Obama. NBA's multiple your knees on the floor and get up. Nothing else to say. Let's start 2. Sun Salutation A: sun salutation. A send in front of them up with your feet Open the hip distance in your arms, relaxed E nail arms Come up, look up, exhale and bend your body forward to the floor. Jonassen, inhale straight spine. Look forward out of the with that NASA. Exhale hands still a floor and walk backwards. Blink or ballot Kassian, please your niece on the floor and bend your elbows, creating a 90 degree angle with your arms chatter. Ranga Variation. Flow forward with your chest. Place your hips on the floor in L bujang Gasana or oppose Lift your hips up em back, excelling Oh my gosh, if you need it than Uranus a little and take five deep breads. Keep your barely in E mail. Look forward and walk forward between your hands. Straight spine. Look forward. Are that x El Vendrell body to your legs? Oh, tennis and oppose e mail. Come up and lift your arms or the hostel. Exhale. Relax your arm recites your reaps the other person email. Arms up. Look up, Excel. Bend your body to your legs. Oh, tennis and email. Straight spine. Look forward are about innocent. Exhale hints to a floor and work by words. The plank pose or ballot Kassian, please your knees on the floor and bend your elbows. Teranga Variation, Please Your hips on the floor in jail and flow for with your chest. Huijin Gasana Our Cover Pose Ex selling. If your hips up, embark Alamo Cash, Take five. The breads look in works through your belly. Walk forwards between your hands. Little steps if you need it. Email. Straight spine. Look forward. Excel, then your body to your legs. Here you can bend your knees a little us. Well, he nail. Come up and lift your arms or the hostile exhale. Relax your arms. Besides your lips, inhale arms up. Look up or the hospital excelled in your body through your legs. He nailed straight spine and look forward. Are the innocent excel in stuff? Lauren. Walk backwards. Nissan the floor, elbow spent chatter, anger, variation. Place your chips on the floor, you know, just forward and up. Dakota pose. Exhale keeps buck and up. Adam. Gosh, Vanessa, take five breads, finger leaps and bounds, strongly pressing the mat. Keep looking to your belly. Impress your heels to the floor as much as possible. Walk for work between your hands and email. Look forward straight spine. Exhale. Bend your body, chest legs or innocent e mail. Come up and lift your arms or the house. Exhale. Relax your arms, he nail arms up Photo hash Dozen Excel and your body forward and down toe Tennison The nail long spine look forward at about Tennis and Excel. Walk backwards to plank pose are because, um ni spent on the floor and elbows and I needed rebound. Belene. Place your chips on the floor in l just forward and up to code. Oppose. Excel keeps up em back long spine. Lucash, Reynosa. Five Breads Observe old your body sensations your finger tips. Pressing the floor, your Belene your heels to the floor You're back long and your legs straight. Excel. Look forward between your hands. Email. Long, straight spine are about the Nelson Exhale chest. Come to legs. E mail. Come up and raise your arms. Order the hashtags. Relax your arms. Thanks for breakfast. Sing now Most a 3. Sun Salutations A & B: some salad ations a MP. In this class, we will do free sun salutations. A and five sun salutations of the stand in front of the mother with your feet open of the hip baseness and your arms relaxed. Now that's E mail. Arms Come up, look up, excel in your body. Forward to the floor. Bennison e Mail. Straight spine for work. Look forward out of that with the nurse and exhale hands to the floor and walk by words blank pose or Bella casa, please your knees on the floor and your elbows, creating a 90 degree angle. Chaperon variation. Flow forward and up with your chest. Hips on the floor, straight arms and lift your legs off the floor. What is more, cash? Lift your hips up em back. Excel. I don't gush from NASA. They 53 breads. If you need it, bend your knees a little. If your heels toes and touch the floor, get doesn't matter. Keep working on it. Slowly walk forward between your hands. Now look forward. Straight spine out of L Tennison. Exhale. Bend your body through your legs. E mail. Come up and lift your arms out of the hostile exhale. Relax your arms, Allison E. Mail Arm Stop. Look up or the house person exhaled and your body through your legs. Jonasson e mail Straight spine. Look forward at about Exhale Chancellor floor and walk backwards toe plank pose or ballot cousin Ex selling needs down to the floor and bend your elbows, chattering a variation. Place your hips on the floor, be nail and flow forward with your chest. Bujang, Gasana or Horrible's are. You can lift your hips and legs. Toe exhaling keeps back and up. Adamu Cashman's, I think. 53 breads Looking inwards for your baby. Impress your palms and fingertips down. Tow them up. Next. Selling work forwards between your hands. Email For work straits. Exhale. Bend your body through your legs. Tennison email. Come up and lift your arms or the hospital. Exhale, relax your arms. Besides theory, Stella E mail are sub. Order the hospice in Exhale. When your body to your legs can ask, he nails straight spine forward out of the innocent. Exhale in still a floor and walk backwards. Toe Pollock Asana. Keep your belly in your shoulders, are aligned with your wrists, knees on the floor and elbow spent chattering a variation e mail without the knees, chest forward and up or bamboo pashminas in a straight arms legs over. Exhale himself, him back. Alamo Cash Honasan. Five Deep Friends, Fingertips and bombs. Even depressing the month. Look to your belly. Straight elbows work forwards between your hands. E mail. Look for straights. Mine Excel Band your body chest two legs. Denison Inhale. Come up and lift your arms or the hushed Osama and Excel. Release your arms so they shut me. Bank your knees, Dutch Stephan are Lift your arms chair, booze or good exhale. Fold forward in them chest to your legs. E mails straight spine forward out about innocent Excel. Woke bywords blank or place the knees. Bend the elbows to chaperon a variation. Inhale straight arms, straight knees, Lex cover or cash. Excel hips up by words. Right leg steps forward between your arms. Left leg keeps right e mail and lift your body, your arms and chest. Byron with dressing a variation, excel and hands down to the floor. The right leg steps back toe plank pose, elbow spent and needs to the floor. Check the hangover relation E mail and flow forward and up for a mocha. If Lex hover or Cora If no, it's up to you. Excel hips up in bywords Adam Cash Jonassen email. Left leg steps forward between your arms, right leg. Keep straight, inhale and lift your body, arms and chest. Viral rests in a variation. Excel hims down to the floor and the left leg steps back. Capella Kassam Elbow spent chatter. Ranga e mail and flow forward Arms straight legs over. Exhale heaps up M bywords. Five prints off Served How your body begin to feel comfortable e mail. Look forward between your arms. Exhale than us in a chest floor. Bend your knees email and lift your arms with capacity or chair. Exhale. Release the Post Ben Journeys email. Lift your arms chair pose. We got us Excel forward and now hands to the floor. A massive in else right spine forward are the innocent Excel. Work by words. Place the knees, men, the elbows. Chuck Rangel Variation Details. Straight arms, straight legs over or excel himself in my words, right leg steps forward. Email. Leave your arms buyer over the pass. Another region xlu sound floor, right leg back to plank pose elbows fanned Agni still floor chaperon creation, E mail flow forward or Obama Cash Rana's sell hips up and my words, you know, left leg steps forward. Leave your arms and chest bit of a rest on a variation. Excel in slip floor and the left leg steps back to Pala Kacin evals Ben Niece, If you need it, chaperon email and flew forward. Lex Cover Look up or look Excel himself in Howard's Salamanca five breads. Keep the Valley Inn and look to your belly. Excel will forward between your hands. Look forward. Strength spine are excel than us in a chest of floor When journeys in L. A. If your arms would go Tesana or chair pose Excel, release a bulls. Many journeys email chair pose, excel forward and down, you know, straight spine. Look forward Excel aliens. Besides the feet words please the knees but the elbows chattering coverage, you know, flow forward or cash. Rana's Excel Use up and backwards. Oh gosh, right leg steps forward en el If your body your arms, keep your belly wearable. Rests on a variation. Exhale hands to the floor and the right leg back blank. Oppose. L spent Mister LaFleur if needed. Chattering variation. We nail and flow forward. Excel, hips up and backwards, left leg steps forward. Lift your arms, your chest. Fire with Russian of our reach. Exhale and stone toe left leg steps back to Ballack, Carson elbow spent and niece. If you need it, check the angle on this. You know im flow forward. Lex Harbor, look up or Obama cash. Exhale hips up in bywords Salamanca five Deep reds. Keep the belly in and look to your belly. Hips. Push upwards. Walk forward between your aunts. Look forward straight spine. Exhale tennis and chest to the legs. Many journeys. Email and leave your arms with Tesana share pools. Excel releases Post US Ben Journeys email chair moves Excel for forward and down the Innocent e Mail. Straight spine Forward Excel Walk by works. Place the knees if needed and the elbows chattering variation. If you want to try full chanda Ranga, just leave journeys from the floor, keeping the elbows and shoulders stare. Put the knees again. You know, for with your chest, cover up mousse or straight your elbows and float with your legs or Obama Cash. Excel keeps back and up. Gosh, Vanessa E mail. Right leg steps forward, buddy up, Arms up, Look up! Excel in slow floor work by words to plank pose. Bend your elbows knees if needed. Chattering a variation or full chanda Ranga, you know flow forward toe Obama Cashman Asana in Excel Flow back and up with your hips e mail left leg steps forward. Bring your body up your arms up and look up between your hands. If post exhale and stoned to the floor and step back the ballot, bend your elbows. Use journeys. If you needed chatter. Ranga enough flow forward toe coat, Oppose or or Bamaca an excel flew back with your lives toe. Other Cashman asana five Reds E mail. Walk forward between your hands. Look forward, straight spine. Exhale down, Bend your knees, email and lift your arms with Kota Cina or chair pulls. Excel and release the post that now you're well going to follow the demonstration. Email. Exhale and now exhale E mail. Exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale A male exit. Do a male excel e mail. Exhale e mail. Exhale now most a Thanks for breakfasting 4. Sun Salutations proyect: if you wish to develop a better structure, discipline and continuous practice, you condone low the class calendar I after the resources section. This calendar includes all the basic practices off the bundle. See yoga that you can find here on scale share and discuss off sun salutations. If you use this calendar to make a compromise with yourself for three weeks, you will see the best results off basic yoga for body in mind. So the project is to use the calendar. But if you don't feel ready for this compromise, you have a second project option. This is to make a small list of things you are grateful for every day before or after your sun salutations practice. Please take a picture off your yoga journal or toe the least off things you are grateful for in a blow this picture to the project section off this class. In this way, the class will be civil for more people in the scale Shirt community. Thank you very much for your practice Now, Mr