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Easy Way to Chinese-7 Finals with a Nasal Ending

teacher avatar Rita Zhang

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Final with a nasal ending

    • 3. Read in 4 tones (Part 1)

    • 4. Read in 4 tones (Part 2)

    • 5. Sum up

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About This Class

• 0 based

• Chinese learning

• From Pinyin to characters

• Covering Chinese cultures and customs

• What are you waiting for? Let’s speak Chinese today!

We’ll learn 9 finals with a nasal ending today.

Feel free to share your feedback and ideas, I'd love to see what you come up with!

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Rita Zhang


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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. This is Rita from China. Where come too easy Way to Chinese. Have a learning of Chinese fanatics. P is coming to a close. Thanks for your person Bueller's where in the previous lessons, we've learned all the initials Simple finals in the Comm punk finals and today we're going to learn some finals without laces ending, so let's get started. 2. Final with a nasal ending: first let's deal with two names. So endings and Oh, and our finals with NATO ending the first difference between in an young ace that pronouncing position and is relatively forward. And for all the pronouncing position is relatively backward Specifically when you pronounce and the tape of your tongue raises against the back off the upper teeth and blocks the airflow, let it come out from your nose. Why would you pronounce on the back of your tongue? Moves against the soft palate, which makes the airflow comes out from your thistle committee. The second difference is the master shape. Will you pronounce Do not open your mouth too big between pronounce. Open your mouth, Baker. Let's read them in finals. Well, we spare the final balls within a so ending we get all these, please read after me and try to feel the difference. Beaten and and all. Uh um, the pronouncing position is relatively forward for on and relatively backward for on uh um uh um uh um um oh. Oh. Um um um um um um you, you You You you You, um um uh yeah, You you 3. Read in 4 tones (Part 1): as Europe. We will spare the initials with the nasal ending. Find us together in the practicing For tolls, please read after and before me. Uh, on fun. Fine bun, pud pan. Fine. Bud man my month. Fun, fun, Fine fun. Done. Done. Done Done. Pounds pan pun? No, None not no lung line. Live land gun guns gotten gun because can con cunt home, hon? Hi, Hunt. Uh oh. Phone Bun po pone, huh? Home men bun. Uh, no phone fun. So, son, then then don't No! None. No men Go gun! Go! Good comb, comb. Come. Come home, son. Who you being? You? Yeah. Okay, P here. Que me? You? Me, me, me, you! Me being live me need, do you, you Kenya king here t to soon here. So when do in the one door? Twin pullin twin one No one Lewine lower No one. When One What wound? Quinn Quinn. Clinton Quinn. When? One. When You June You g June chu chin True him. You Hey, should, um phone bone now. Hung pound home long found No month. Fun phone, Foul phone. Um down. Don't come. Hung Tom poems. No, now, No, no. Long. Long now long go Gong Gone. Go, Come, come. Conch comb hung hung hunk Home own Don't home Don't comb home Poem Poon No, no, no, No. Long. Long No, no home. Go home! Goal! Go! Comb, Comb! Cool! Cool! Home, Home. Well home. Oh oh! Phone. Um Pone Peng Punk poems. Lo alone. No moment. Phone, phone, phone! Phone. So So So so Cole. Come, come, come. No, no, no. Long, No long. Long no, alone. Go, go, go, go! Call Kung kung coat Hung hung, Huh? Hung You being being do you ping King p pew? I mean, being me. I mean, being being being thing king PM he king you? Yeah, I mean blue leading being me new Dean Dean. Teen to King King Team to you. See you. See? You see? 4. Read in 4 tones (Part 2): John John John John. Child Child Child Chance fell. Shun shall shun Young gun John Young. Done. Done. It's on, son term Ton time. Turn Sun, sun, sun, sun Yes, yes, yes, yes. One, One What? What? Joan, John John! Gin trunk Chun Chung Show shun shun Shun. Yeah, Again, Young jin, it's, um it's in, um, soon. So turn turn, son. Son! Son, Son. Soon. When? When? One, one. You You! No. Well, you Quinn. True in front. Couldn't twin one. True. Full Shulin. Sure. True ruin. Ruin Grew up in ruins. Doing so when? So to one twin. It's one soon. So on. So on Soon You, You You! Yeah, Young John John All drunk Chung Charles Child Chunk Sean, Sean shall shun Young young John Yeah Sung song zone tongue hung tongue It's home Some song Song Seng Young Young Yeah. Young, Long, Long, long, long drone Strong, cool, Strong A tone troll troll, Troll room Wrong roll room. So, um so So So It's whole It's home. It's whole tone. So so? So soon. You'll you're No you'll John Joan Junk junk. Come Chung Chunk Chunk Show shown Show Shunk young young. Yeah, well, no. So So zone Tung Tung, It's home. It's home Some sung So some one long one Whoa! You, you, you you! 5. Sum up: in this class. We learned some finals within a so ending on, um own, um um no. You on you. So the home road case this practice known eso and the alphabet default homes. And Cindy, your voice recalled to my email address. So now you know the peeing off number three son, it's son. Okay, in the end, let's take a challenge. Please Mark out of tolls off a Tom pointing I read. Take out a piece of paper and gets ready. Jean Yes. Transition being here. You sure? The shock strong Jude whole one mean? Yeah. Sithole Fukui's young. You may listen for three times and the answer off the tones will be given in the next class . See you next time.