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Easy Way to Chinese-6 Compound Finals

teacher avatar Rita Zhang

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Compound Finals

    • 3. All Compond finals summary

    • 4. Spelling

    • 5. Sum up

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About This Class

• 0 based

• Chinese learning

• From Pinyin to characters

• Covering Chinese cultures and customs

• What are you waiting for? Let’s speak Chinese today!

We’ll learn the left compound finals today.

Feel free to share your feedback and ideas, I'd love to see what you come up with!

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Rita Zhang


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1. Intro: Hey, guys. Well, come too easy. Way to Chinese basis. Return. Before I start, I like to clarify that in practical face, to face Chinese learning, we want to learn all the fanatics or together like this, but to learn them in text, which will be more interesting and easy to persist. As this is a closed course learning platform. I chose this way to make you have a good foundation which requires you more patients and the mall practice by ourself. Okay, In the previous lessons, we've learned all the initials. Finally, and today we're going to finish all the compound finals, which will be a little bit difficult. I ready? That's got started. 2. Compound Finals: Actually, we've learned for compound finals already. They are How I a Oh, okay. And today, the first component final is Yeah, yeah, yeah. The pronouncing position for year is too gradually and naturally transformed from e toe a e i p a and pronounce Yeah, yeah, yeah, It's similar to year Yes. Next. Yeah, yeah, yeah To pronounce year you got to pronounce you first you in keyed and then transfer to at the i p A. Yeah, as their snow Similar pronunciation in English Try our best to fill it. Yeah, Yeah. The transition is so natural and quickly. OK, next way, way, way to pronounce way is to transfer who to a e i p a way. And it's similar to weigh English. Next, you'll you'll you To pronounce you you need to transfer from e 20 naturally, you, you, you and your tongue, Charles, Back where you pronounce you like you in music. Okay, next. Uh ah ah, they say is very difficult For many students. The key point is tongue rolling keeps your tongue rolling all the time in to pronounce, uh, like birds in American English. Ah, Okay. Okay. Let's move up 3. All Compond finals summary: in this part will read all the compound finals. As a summary, we know that compound finals are made up of two finals and all together we have six finals , so spell. Ah, well, you will you with ah what you get. Oh, I Oh, a which we've learned before. And yeah, you'll way. Yeah, which we've just learned into discuss. I just noticed that when we write you wait. Oh, mate, The two points on you and right, I won't. You okay? There is a special rules for you to be omitted as who will talk about that? After we finished all the synthetics compared to her, which is a special compound final, I marked out another threes which are not compound find knows surgically speaking yet I made up off two finals together. The difference between day three and the compound finals are we'll waste bow the finals together we keep their individual pronunciations. For example, he ah yeah who are wow wah wah. But for compound finals will the spout two finals together we get a new pronunciation, for example Uh, war. Oh, you see? But as a three also made up off two finals, so I put them here. Okay, 4. Spelling: but we finished all the initials and the compound finals. Now it's time to spell them together. I will read them each in four holes. Please read before me and check if your pronunciations are right or wrong and correct accordingly. Okay, let's begin. I I by by fight. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. My, my, my, my By! Hi, I I by Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Nigh nigh night Thank lie. Lie, lie Life guy guy I I Guy Chi chi Chi chi Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. A Okay se Okay. Hey, hey, hey, hey! Pay may, May may May se fait se se they Hey! Okay. Hey! Nay, nay, nay, nay les les les Late Gay, gay, gay, Gay Hey, hey, hey! Height. Oh, so bow now. Now how? How? How How? No, my, my all. Now how now? Now? So Pau Pau Pau How now? Now, Now! Now! Wow! Lao Lao. Now go, go call Go! Call, call, call Call. How? How? How How Oh Whole pole Paul Pope mo mall Small boat Full, Full fall fault. Go! Oh, no! So yo, yo yo, your No, no, no, no, no long no law. Gold. Go, go, go! Cold Cole call Cold home. Home whole hope. Yes, yes. Yeah. Be at yes. Here. Here, Here. Pierre. Yeah, Yeah, me. Yeah, me It the yeah, B and B it here. Here he at Pier. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Lee s Yeah, the yes, Yeah, yeah, yeah, Dear. Here, here, here. See it? Sheer here she it. See it? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Do you, dear? Yeah, it gear gear. Yeah. You cheer cheer, cheer check. Sure, Sure, Sure, Yeah, sure way the way, The way, the way Do it Twe twe twe tweet Go away, Go away, Go away. Wait Quay, Quay quay Quite way, Way, way Wait, you'll mule meal, meal, meal You deal Deal. Deal. You You knew you Neil! Neil! Neil! Neil you Jill, You'll you chill. Chill. Kill. Sure. Hugh Hill Hill Huell Yeah, yeah, they are Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Uh, yeah. Chap can't Uh huh uh huh. Why? I want wah wah wah Kwan Quat, Quat Quat While. Why? What? What? War? So, uh, the war door store. Poor, poor, tour poor, nor nor nor nor lower. Lower, lower, nor cool or what? Go on. Cool. Core. Core, core, core. 000 5. Sum up: Here comes the home rugs. First, please practice wished year your way You her? Yeah, wow! War and then practice. This tad leads the four polls as we did in the previous video, for example, the 1st 1 dry, dry, dry. He's also send your boys recalled to my email address and think about the red highlighted part to the highlighted are written as the red marked Waas. Think about why they are written like that last Let's review 10 numbers. We've learned our little you'll into this class so you can write to the P off 1 to 10 except three. Okay, practice with it and see you next time.