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Easy Way to Chinese-4 Pinyin Initials

teacher avatar Rita Zhang

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Initials

    • 3. Spelling

    • 4. Read in Tones

    • 5. Sum Up

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About This Class

  • 0 based
  • Chinese learning
  • From Pinyin to characters
  • Covering Chinese cultures and customs
  • What are you waiting for? Let’s speak Chinese today!

We’ll learn 6 more initials today.

Feel free to share your feedback and ideas, I'd love to see what you come up with!

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Rita Zhang


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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. This is Rita from China. Welcome to easy Way to Chinese again. Tomorrow is October, the first China's National Day. It's one of the three golden week in last four. Almost the one week. So it's a good time for traveling. Okay, let's go back to over class. In the previous lessons, we've learned four compound finals together with the fourth homes. Here's a test for you. I will read a serious numbers from 0 to 10 in Chinese. Please mark out there. Tolls. Okay, lets go. Mm. Are son so Neil to you? All here. Have you got it? If you can do it easily, you may move on. If you cannot please go back to the previous lesson. It's the fundamental. It's very, very important. All right, let's move ahead. 2. Initials: we learned six initials today. Good. Cool. Who he she see? Okay, let's see the first Ghoula. The pronouncing position for good is to press the back of your tongue against the soft palate. This re doctor me? Yeah. Cool, huh? Good. It's an ESP rated, which means when you put a piece of paper or tissue in front of your mouth, the paper should not move. It's similar to go in i p A. But the key difference between girl and the girl is that when you pronounce good in English , your vocal cords vibrates. But when you pronounce cool, there's no vibration. And that's the key difference. Okay. And go these brother in Chinese, the next one is cool. Cool, cool. Cool has the same pronouncing position with good, but it is aspirated. Which means when you put the paper in front of your mouth the paper moves. Okay. Tried to feel it. Go. Cool. Good, Cool. Okay. You may try to pronounce cool with the help off car. The first part off car is similar to cook. Okay, The next one. Who who who who has the same pronouncing position with good and the cook. But it is freaked E, which means there's a friction between the back of the tongue and the soft palate. Tried to read and feel who, Uh okay. You may read with the help of whole Okay. And her means drink in Chinese next. See? Okay. He Well, we pronounced e we press the blade of her tongue against the hard palate and put to the tip of our tongue against the lower teeth and attention that there's no curling off your tongue where you pronounce d If you curve your tongue, you will pronounce do you which is not correct. Try to listen carefully and distinguish. Hmm June, we have g English, but we do not have t English. The D is an s spirited. And there to me, is chicken in Chinese key She he she has the same pronouncing position with G but it is aspirated and try to distinguish cheap from chief costs. Most of students pronounced she in English which is wrong. Impede its t no curry off your tongue. Okay. Key t I tried to listen and distinguish. See True, which is correct. The 1st 1 right? Okay. And t means seven in Chinese. Next. See see. See? She also has the same pronouncing position with G and T, But it is freaked Eve, which means there's a friction between the back, however tongue and the hard palate. Also, you need to put out the tape of a tongue against the lower teeth. See, see, listen on, distinguish he from she he food. Can you distinguish? Well, you pronounce. See, there's no curling other town into you pronounce she English There's occurring okay. And the sea needs west in Chinese. Actually, DTC is very difficult for Westerners. So please do listen carefully and try to read and distinguish again Do you to see It's not g she she okay? 3. Spelling: Let's try to spare the initials we've learned today. Go cool. Uh huh. D t c with a simple finals are war. Ah, he won't You together the first told Go, Uh, God. Cool, Huh? Huh? Who, uh, so go, Uh, so Ah. Cool, huh? Ah de t see. Cool. Cool. Who to? To Hugh. Attention. That will be spelt t t seat with you. We moved removed the to commerce away. It is written as well, but actually, it's due to shoot. It's you. Okay, let's move on. 4. Read in Tones: practice Read in calls. We'll find the right peaches for the full tolls was the help off. Uh uh uh uh So the 1st 1 is cool. Good, good. Cour cour cour cour Who? Who? Uh huh huh g g e See, she t t t see. She she see we've read good coho g t c e four holes. Let's practice with the left ones. God! God, that got Come cut car come. Huh? Huh? Huh Huh Cool. So cool school. Cool, Cool, cool, Cool. Who? Who? Who Who do you do? You do? Choo Chee Chee Chee. Hugh Hewitt. She shoots. It may be a little bit boring, but please do practice in tolls. It's very, very, very important. 5. Sum Up: Here's to the sum up. We learned six initials today. Good. Cool. Who are G? She see? So the home Rockies practice wisdom and spell that mean tolls. Please make a voice recalled and sent to my email address and listen and read again from 0 to 10. I mean, hmm are so so well, Neil. See, uh, you'll new We are sense, Leo. Teapot Kosher. Okay, that's it for today. See you next time.