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Easy, Watercolour Cherry Blossom Wreath with Pizzle Paints!

Pizzle Paints, Ain't no party like a Pizzle Party!

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7 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Easy Cherry Blossom Wreath!

    • 2. Colour Palette!

    • 3. Wreath Elements

    • 4. Wreath Aesthetic and Illustration

    • 5. Paint Your Wreath!

    • 6. Finishing Touches!

    • 7. Thanks!


About This Class

Welcome to my Easy Cherry Blossom Wreath class! I am so glad you're back. This class is extremely fun, interactive and invites you to explore a world of creativity! 

What you will learn:

  • My go-to materials (Prima Marketing Inc. Paper and Pallets 'Vintage Pastels and The Classics', Silver Brushes 'Black Velvet - Sizes 2 and 6') www.myprimaplace.com - Coupon Code: Pizzlepaints15%
  • The colour palette of a Cherry Blossom tree
  • How to paint the elements of a Cherry Blossom Tree/Wreath
  • How to illustrate and construct a Cherry Blossom Tree in the aesthetic of a wreath 
  • How to paint your Cherry Blossom wreath 
  • How to detail your Cherry Blossom wreath (Reference to the Brick Techniques can be found in my Pizzle Door class)

These techniques are extremely versatile and can be used for an array of projects! I hope you enjoyed my easy wreath class and remember #whenindoubtwreathitout.

My thanks is endless!





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Pizzle Paints

Ain't no party like a Pizzle Party!

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My name is Simela Petridis and I am a self-taught watercolour artist from Adelaide, Australia. My fascination with art started at the young age of 3 but I quickly hung up my brushes until the age of 22. Pizzle Paints became my outlet from my tertiary studies, becoming a high school teacher proved to be the most challenging adventure yet. Fast forward two years, I am now qualified and work as both an artist and a scho...

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