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Easy, Watercolour Cherry Blossom Wreath with Pizzle Paints!

teacher avatar Pizzle Paints, Ain't no party like a Pizzle Party!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Easy Cherry Blossom Wreath!

    • 2. Colour Palette!

    • 3. Wreath Elements

    • 4. Wreath Aesthetic and Illustration

    • 5. Paint Your Wreath!

    • 6. Finishing Touches!

    • 7. Thanks!

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About This Class

Welcome to my Easy Cherry Blossom Wreath class! I am so glad you're back. This class is extremely fun, interactive and invites you to explore a world of creativity! 

What you will learn:

  • My go-to materials (Prima Marketing Inc. Paper and Pallets 'Vintage Pastels and The Classics', Silver Brushes 'Black Velvet - Sizes 2 and 6') www.myprimaplace.com - Coupon Code: Pizzlepaints15%
  • The colour palette of a Cherry Blossom tree
  • How to paint the elements of a Cherry Blossom Tree/Wreath
  • How to illustrate and construct a Cherry Blossom Tree in the aesthetic of a wreath 
  • How to paint your Cherry Blossom wreath 
  • How to detail your Cherry Blossom wreath (Reference to the Brick Techniques can be found in my Pizzle Door class)

These techniques are extremely versatile and can be used for an array of projects! I hope you enjoyed my easy wreath class and remember #whenindoubtwreathitout.

My thanks is endless!

Meet Your Teacher

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Pizzle Paints

Ain't no party like a Pizzle Party!


Hi Pizzle People!

Welcome to my Skillshare classes. 

My name is Simela Petridis and I am a self-taught watercolour artist from Adelaide, Australia. My fascination with art started at the young age of 3 but I quickly hung up my brushes until the age of 22. Pizzle Paints became my outlet from my tertiary studies, becoming a high school teacher proved to be the most challenging adventure yet. Fast forward two years, I am now qualified and work as both an artist and a school teacher and always strive to live a full, creative life. Pizzle Paints gained traction and with traction came opportunity. In 2017 I signed my first contract with Prima Marketing Inc. as a member of their Watercolour Design Team and recently signed a second contact with Viviva C... See full profile

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1. Easy Cherry Blossom Wreath!: good. I guys, welcome to my third skill shag class. Today we're doing cherry blossom rates, and I'm going to be phenomenal. They're super easy and extremely effective. So sit back, actually, sit forward. Besides, uh, see, however, you want to see it, grab some hybrid, grab some brushes. Let's paint together in today's class, I am going to show you the easiest way to create a cherry blossom re. I'm going to teach you how to achieve the perfect color combination for a cherry blossom tree, followed by painting the elements that you were going to put in the reef. Then you are going to learn how to illustrate the aesthetic of a cherry blossom reef. To finish, you're going to learn how to paint it and then day talent at the end. Let's watch that blade again. Mm Slow motion. This is extremely achievable on These techniques can be used for an array of different rates. You can create trees so you can create forests in the shape of wraiths. The possibilities are endless. Thank you so much for joining me in my class. 2. Colour Palette!: color palettes are normally a very personal thing, but for today's project, we're going to be using browns, greens and pinks, starting off with my classics palette using my size six brush. I'm going for the deepest brown, and I want it extremely pigmented. Start off with, and I'm going to apply more water to stretch out that color and see the Grady effect happening as I'm painting. Next, I'm going to dove into my pinks. I'm moving a pink for my vintage pastors palette as my first pink, but I'm also going to mix up another pink that is in my classics palate. It's a more fluorescent pink, and I'm gonna mix it up with some what I really want. A variation of pinks. When I create the cherry blossoms on the tree, I actually find pink very difficult to work with because it changes so frequently in terms of applying water and applying color, I can never get consistent pinks. For some reason, Pink has it in for me. Not sure why you'll see me revisit this pink again. Um, as the video progresses for the ground, I'm mixing some olive grain with black head with some lovely brown and I'm making them flow together just with some water. I love these two colors together. They're my go to ground color. You would have seen them if you did my door, Kloss. And here I go revisiting the cherry blossom color again. I still can't get the pain cry. I wanted to be a little bit more fluorescent, but I think I finally achieved it. 3. Wreath Elements: Now that we got our color palette sorted, let's do some elements that are going to be in the wreath. Starting off with the trade trunk, I'm going to create a generic trunk shape that tilts to the right side with branches coming up. The key to this is creating a very pigmented trump. I want the brown to be super, super rich, super rich. Please don't worry about it being perfect. It's meant to be loose. Just enjoy creating the trunk field. So now I'm going to apply water to the base of the trunk, and I want to see how it bleeds out. Remember, the more water will apply it, the more the Grady in effect, will happen with the brown. Now I revisit the pink that I mix before, and I'm using the tip and the sides of my brush to create little dot effects or cherry blossom floor owes. They are inconsistent, but they look good when there is enough of them. I'm purposely making the cherry blossoms fall off the tree. I want that to be a pivotal element off my brace, so make sure when you're doing this to make them for also notice how I'm chopping and changing between the colors of pink that I'm using. It just seems more real when the colors are changing throughout the piece. I want to give you two options off leaves for this piece. You can use the tip of your brush and create diamond like strokes to create believes. Alternatively, you can flatten a brush to create Lusa, leaves and then attach little stems to fish. Either rule. It'll look good. Play around with the touching some leaves to the cherry blossom tree. Just get a feel for it before you do your final piece. It's really good practice. 4. Wreath Aesthetic and Illustration: the reef aesthetic for this cherry blossom. True is the most important part. I want you to lightly trace your circle shape on your paper by lightly trace. I mean, I just want to be able to see the lead pencil. I gravitate my illustrations through the left side. For some reason, I want you to gently sketch out the trunk shaped starting from the left and bending over to the right. I don't want you to draw a detailed trunk. Just a light sketch of where you think you're gonna paint. This could potentially change when you paint. 5. Paint Your Wreath!: Now we're ready to paint our wreaths. I want you to start off by raising some of those lead marks to make sure that we have a nice surface to work on. Now with my size six brush, I've taken my richest brown, and I'm starting to paint the trunk, making sure that I follow the lions I have created and making sure that the brown is super , super, super pigmented. - Now that my trunk is saturated with just border, I touch it to the bottom of the trunk and I bleed it out following the round shape of my wreath. This create a dramatic effect, and it's exactly how I want the Wraith to look. I then attach some of the green that I mix to the wet brown paint just to make it look a little bit more forest like and realistic. Using my variations off pinks, I'm going to create little dots around the branches and create little Bunches. Then I'm going to make them drop to the ground. This takes time. Just place somewhere. You think that they belong. Be sure toe alternate the size of the cherry blossoms. This creates a more dramatic effect when they look like they're dropping. So go from big to small. A clever trick to make them look like they have dropped and dissolved into the ground is paint them on the ground and then dab the mountain. Now, with my size to brush on the green pint that I makes previously, I'm going to create some be grass strike, sitting behind the trunk full of by some little Bunches of grass on the ground. - Once my cherry blossom floor owes a somewhat dry, I'm going to attach super super tiny leaves all around the place to bring the piece together. I'm using a combo leave technique for this part, some with the tip of my brush, and some would the flattened pot of my brush. - Remember to enjoy the process and have a feel for way. You wanna placings where you want to make the colors consistent where you want less of something way. Want more on something? It's completely up to you 6. Finishing Touches! : these finishing touches a completely optional The back drop off My wreath was looking a little bit bear. So I have created my brick technique just to fill some space. My brick technique can be found in my Christmas stole cloths. They're super quick, super easy on just a combination of dirty water and dabbing it out that creates those brick shapes. You can darken them up. You can soften them up. It's completely up to you. You can see how they're really making the tree pulp to finish. I am darkening up some parts of the ground. I just think that it needs a bit of a room. But I love this pace. I love creating cherry blossom rates and I hope you look back on your work and think, Wow, this is awesome. Thank you so much for taking my class. And I hope you're proud of what you have done. Oh, and don't forget hashtag winning doubt. Wreath it out 7. Thanks!: how cool was that way, did it? Cherry blossom rates. I love it. They look right there. So effective you can do them in less than 30 minutes. Done. Done. Done. Done. I'm very proud of your efforts so that you watch. The comet was very versus. Thank you.