Easy Watercolor Patterns Using Brush Pens + Illustrator | Shelley Seguinot | Skillshare

Easy Watercolor Patterns Using Brush Pens + Illustrator

Shelley Seguinot, Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer

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9 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Class Materials

    • 3. Sketch + Color

    • 4. Details

    • 5. Scanning

    • 6. Image Trace

    • 7. Pattern Tool

    • 8. Re-color

    • 9. Final


About This Class


About This Class

Have you ever been intimidated by watercolor? As a graphic artists, the digital world is my world and tolls such as watercolor are foreign. I've tried so many times to work in watercolor and just cannot achieve the look. Well, I have now discovered Watercolor Brush Pens and it is life changing! They go on like markers and spread like water color. You will have full control. 

After creating our watercolor icons, we will create a simple pattern using Adobe's Illustrator Pattern tool. You will have to have prior knowledge of Illustrator. This is a super easy follow along class. 

See you in class! 


Watercolor Brush Pens - set of 12, 48 or 96 (you can mix colors to create new ones)

Water Pens

Fineliner Pens

2 Water containers

Micron pens 


Canson Watercolor pad 

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