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Easy Watercolor Milky way Galaxy | learn to paint 4 different milky way galaxy landscapes

teacher avatar Suhasini Badam, Watercolor Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 15m)


    • 3. COLOR STUDY


    • 5. EXERCISE

    • 6. CLASS PROJECT 1

    • 7. CLASS PROJECT 2

    • 8. CLASS PROJECT 3

    • 9. CLASS PROJECT 4


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About This Class

Hi guys .. I'm back with my second Skillshare class with more interesting content. 

This class is all about painting galaxy landscapes . In this class we will learn every small thing required to successfully paint a galaxy milky way.

we will first do a color study, learning about the colors for a galaxy sky and we will learn a simple technique of painting a milky way. and finally we will do 4 class projects  that i have designed in a simple way. 

we will learn a lot  in this class about watercolors like, tonal values , wet on wet technique complimentary colors and so many things.This class is a Beginner friendly class which is suited for all levels beginner,intermediate and expert.

Come,Lets join the class and learn to paint most magical landscapes ever.. " GALAXIES " .


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Suhasini Badam

Watercolor Artist


Hello, I'm Suhasini Badam, Watercolor Artist from India currently staying in California.

I did my bachelors in computer science but destiny has its own decision , Picked a brush inspired by some Instagram painting posts and from then it became my full time job .I started working with watercolors from 2018 and i paint  different subjects but Landscapes stole my soul .

Now I paint mostly landscapes as i am attracted towards Nature .Nature has my heart .

i do paint Florals and Acrylics sometimes . but majorly i concentrate on painting landscapes in watercolors. you can find all my works in my Instagram profile . 




Here are some of my works 


See full profile

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1. INTRODUCTION: Hi, guys. Welcome to make glass. I'm super excited to meet you all with my seconds culture class. So watercolor is a tricky medium. But when handled right, it can reverse it'll and flexible. This meeting is set any worth crushing. My name is who passed me a Morata. Colorado is from India living in California. So into this class, we're going to learn to pay most magical landscapes. Ever off course, they relaxes and we'll see how to pain Milky Way along with fiscal axes pending the Lexus is not as tough as it appears. This class will, of course, make it more easier for you. Simple steps to follow first really illustrating and learns in protecting cough pending and give it and we'll finally jump into a class project. So the total four class projects in which will pay different galaxy night skies and pain different vibrant for grown elements to make the whole pending even more delightful. So if you're in lack off time, feel free to choose anyone from this four class products. We'll start the class with our limited instructor for the painting, So without wasting any further second, let's dive into the class. All right, 2. SUPPLIES REQUIRED: let us take a look off all the supplies that are required for the paper. I am going with Archie's 100% quarter in one and three. Energy is, um, I'm going to cut these sheets into the desirable size but our finance last products and I'm using a Princeton. Neptune brushes until the black will drown for the color palette. I am using art philosophy, blue shades and for the foreground. I'm using Campbell in black for the start. I'm going with Wash what wide wash from Marty's up one paper napkin. And I want to using a palette from Nebraska Pelletreau White Nights. I'm going to use only some shades, and I'm going to show with shares I used from this ballot to just plain water and when masking tape from asking that just I haven't been simple sketching. Don't worry. If you don't have the exact same materials, you can go with any other brand off paper like art philosophy, Fabbiano. Whatever available and same with the colors and the pressures, you can go with any professional quality brushes on pains, so these are all the medicals. Quite so let's get started 3. COLOR STUDY: color plays a huge role, even successful painting, which is why color city in watercolors is a valuable thing to grasp. So do they have a subject? Is a Galaxy Nights case. Let us take some inspiration by searching in Google, so I have such a relaxing given night skies. Andi Way can get so many color combinations and so many forgotten element ideas. You can follow any off these, or you can create your own color mixes. I'm using Nabisco Paletta write notes. That is, expands it and our philosophy tubes. So these are the shares that I'm going to use for Arlotto four class projects. So before knowing about four colors amusing, let us know about the collective restaurant watercolors. As you all know, Roma color contains more red and cooler tones. Contain more blue woman colors can be grouped into a low orange red, and a cooler tones are purple, blue green. Like that, different color combinations leads to different types of color harmony. You can plan ahead by choosing an appropriate color design, depending on your subject, as in this case, are subject is relaxing night skies, as we all know, due to the absence off light night skies look darker with more blue light reflecting out. So here I'm taking possible blue shares for the cooler. Don't, and to complement that, I'm losing someone. What tones had the horizon? As we all know, this guy always look woman at the horizon due to the presence of some light and always thing about a color scheme. Before starting your painting, your painting need north represented Lee real life colors. Use your own creativity and your own imagination. Take time an experiment on a rap sheet. Play with different color combinations and choose whatever looks good for you. So the blue shares that I'm using for our for class projects are ultramarine deep. The from our philosophy. Prue. She in blue. From what philosophy? Violet. This is from white knight palette and turquoise blue. This is my favorite shared, and this is from White knights indigo again use from white nights. The's are all the cool atoms that I'm going to use for today's class and coming to the warmer tones. I'm going mostly with the L O shares. This is a low talker from Beit Nights palette, and it is got him alot from white knights palette, and another color is cardamom and low medium. Provide Knicks palette. No need to use exact same colors. You can use different combinations from warmer and the Kula tones. You can New straits and oranges for the farm, for the Roma tones and purples and greens for the Kula tones Again. As I said, use your own imagination while choosing the colors and make sure those colors complement each other. If it was, the cholesterol don't complement each other. You're painting. We look muddy, so make sure you choose the right chairs. So this is all about the colored study. Let's see in the next class. 4. UNDERSTANDING THE STRUCTURE: so before starting to practise the milk, give it first letters, understand the structure off our Milky Way looks. So I hope search in Google about the milky vehicle axes and see you can see many difference he made us the milk of it usually consists of a bard shaped core Asian surrounded by gas dust stars, which we can see as the fight shares in this guy. So taking all these inspiration, let us see how we can pain different milky ways. If we see milky vaginally appears as a particle or its landline in the sky, the mission. While approaching the horizon here, I'm drawing some examples of the position of the Milky Way in spite from some part of your abs. The milky structure is not always parallel. It is narrow at one side and becoming violent in the other side. So keep that in mind. While painting off all these examples, we can choose any active in for a class project. In the next lesson, we'll see how to paint this Milky way so it will become easier by painting in the class. Project salutes more to the next class 5. EXERCISE: before starting to paint a class project. Let us learn how to pay the Milky Way. So if you see all these paintings, we can find the Milky Way's of us learned how to paint that first. For that, I have taken some practically sheet and I'm going to use civil. Blackwell overdrawn Bresch. First, I'm reading my paper with the flat, harsh brush from Princeton Champion. I'm a playing a nice court off water. We're going to use wet on wet technique for the background. First, we should play the bag door And then after applying the Baghran, we should pain make of it over the Bagnall here. Amusing ultraviolet deep for my philosophy. All right, um, from the horizon, I'm using a locker from white nights. We have learned in our earlier class how to use it on my technique. So now I'm taking a smaller round brush from similar black William it As you can see, I'm mixing white color from white nights. You can use any white share, so I'm loading my brush with the white color way should do this when the bag only still wet . If the bag alone is tried, you cannot make this possible. So when the background is still wet, larger brush with vice chair and this draw some vertical lines parallel to each other. Don't drag your brush this dap some white paint onto the paper For this meal given shape, you can always look over for the reference pictures. In order to eliminate the fight, more will feel inside region with more brighter color. I'm taking the darker version of this ultra marine deep and feeling the inside area off the white chair fight lines. And after that, if you feel any corrections in the white area you can do, you should do all this process. Vendor background. Eastleigh. Once it is dried, you'll find Dirty Pakis batters in your bag. Drone. So that's it. You can blend the edges by taking in plain British into the bag. No, and that's it. You're done with the Milky Way. See, this is so simple. You can paint a perfect military in this way 6. CLASS PROJECT 1: So let's start with the first class project for this project. I am pending an arching Milky Way galaxy. I'm starting off with drawing a basic sketch just to differentiate between where my sky should be and laid the ground should be. The Cholestin I'm going to use in this project are Ella Walker and Turquoise Blue and Prue . She and Blue Alok ordered the horizon. And in the middle, I'm going to use turquoise. And at the top part, I'm gonna be expression blue First, I'm reading the whole service here. We're going to use wet on wet technique to create a nice greedy in Bagram Wash. So we're starting from the lighter shade. I'm taking a locker and spreading from the horizon towards the top. As in watercolors, we know we always pain from lighter to darker, as watercolors is a transparent medium. We cannot go back once we get a darker shade to the lighter tone. So we always start from the lighter tone and we go to the darkest own. It's so delightful to see the pain floor on the paper. We're getting a nice blend off these shares. If you see I'm bending in some secular motion. I've owned the top corner to be more brighter and darker. So I mixing some black with the Prussian blue to get the doctor stone possible on the topside. It and no, we had done without a background, So it's timeto pain. The Milky Way. We always should pain the Milky Way when the background is still wet. As we have learned in the practice session. Load your brush. I have taken a smaller brush here. I'm loading my brush with divide pain as I decided to paint an arching with Cuba. Here I'm bending two parallel lines in an AJ home across the sky. Don't drag the vice chair, just dap small droplets. Make sure the trees the gap between those two lines two white lines that you create. - Now I'm taking a darker value off Prussian blue and turquoise blue mix and are playing in the middle of those two white lines to make divide more brighter and stand by. - Now we let the background to dry so that we can continue with adding stars and adding foreground elements. Now a pending is completely dry. I'm taking wide gosh for Monti's um, and I'm mixing using a round brush from a Princeton Neptune. Load your brush with the white wash paint and tap that dress using in other British. In this low manner, you will get Scott. You'll get scattering stars completed several times to get more stars. - Now we're completely done without sky pod. Now we'll add for grown element. I'm going toe pain, some grass part, as is his night, we'll just see some sellouts afforded the object. So painting with black helps using I'm drawing went over using my pencil in the middle of the painting, and then I'm painting this fund using the black color again. - And now we have finished painting this fun, and I want to add some distant mountains. So I'm taking some blue share and adding some mone Danes. A plate, a line off Fontaine and I wash my brush and blended that into the background using water, and we finished our first project. Let's see other class projects in the next listens 7. CLASS PROJECT 2: So let's has predictable to for this way of ending a month. Galaxy making a month. So I have heard my heart is cold pressed paper in the size of a bookmark and glue down all . There just isn't tape, so I'm bending this guy. Using wet on wet technique, I applied a nice claim court off water, and I'm using a variegated wash here. Here we are using three colors and different tones, so we're doing a variegated wash quickly explained how to do a variegated wash so we're using wet on wet technique means where paint on red paper begin painting from top of bottom with whatever shared you choose and paid. Alternatively, horizontal breast strokes with color number one. When you reach the moment that you want to make the color transition, rinse your brush and loaded with color number two and start our continuing toe pain. From there, you stopped the to collect will blend together where the second color was continued, producing a variegated bush. You should probably until brush before next stroke because you breast is contaminated with the first color. So wash your bridge and continue with the second color and do this with the same. And do this with the third color. Ah, play second color still whatever area you want and more Shoebridge and Lord, your brush with the third color and began to paint and blank all the color spell until you get a nice variegated effect. So this is a technique we use in variegated wash. So after finishing are playing the clean, variegated wash background. No, well, pain the Milky Way. So I have taken a smaller number. Bresch, Princeton, a pure number four, and I loaded my brush with white color and doing the same way as we did in the class. Project one pending do parallel lines nor dragging the brush but just dabbing the fish with white pain and keeping in mind that they should re distance between those two white lines. And also, don't forget this. You should do all this when the paper is still wet. Then I washed my brush and lorded it with the doctor shared off turquoise blue and fill it in area between those two white lines in order to highlight that white milky way. This fight to present the gases in the dust present in the sky as we can see in the Milky Way I'm a playing more darker tone here. If you're not satisfied with the light that you applied first you can take your brush and use white again So we're done with the sky part We should wait for me to try to add the starts Till then I am painting the below horizon. But so I am assuming it to be a leg the reflection of the sky in the leg So this part will have the same shades as that of the sky in the same way as we did for the sky I radically investigated wash And once this guy used right I'm taking my wide wash and lording the brush with that wide quash I'm using. Art is a gosh. You can use white pain data, right for two color pain data. I don't have anybody colored troops. I'm using white Wash here you can mix white color watercolor whitewater color too. I'm just tapping my brush loaded with the pain within the bridge. The start to be beautifully scattered across the sky. Repeat this several times and aloof you find until you feel the sky is filled of it. starts. I'm just making some star like shapes and some falling stars. So once this soul finished, we'll paint our foreground elements. So I want to pain fine trees here. And as we know during night, we'll find on leaders he loads afford over the object ease So everything will be in black ship. I'm starting to paint pine trees on one side. I I'm using a smaller number brush here. - Feel free to use our own imagination to add this foreground elements. There are a lot of inspiration we can get using Internet. You can paint like some animal standing in the middle, or you can paint a house or you can paint a lighthouse, whatever. So below I wanted it to be a lake flowing, so I I'm drawing like the river is flowing and I'm covering the remaining part using black it. I'm destroying the outline off the river on lake flowing. So next I'm going to feel that and I pod with black color. You can draw this with pencil, and you can directly paint it as I was not prepared before. I'm just drawing outline with my brush and then I'll continue to paint unless we had finished with leg pop. I just want to add some highlights. So I have taken why jellyroll bent and rowing across the borders in order to create a three D effect. Three dimensional effect I'm destroying on the ages using my by jelly roll pin If you don't have a bite, a little pain or fight when you can skip this part. And yes, we have finished with this glass project. Hair is a beautiful galaxy will commit bookmark. I love to paint more bookmarks with Alexis guys. They looked very sopa cute and beautiful. I paid mostly bookmarks. Who's in Big Alexey nights, guys? So let's go to the next class project, So you there. 8. CLASS PROJECT 3: Welcome to a class Project number three. So here I'm pending a galaxy Milky Way, with the reflection on the Milky Way in the lake. Here, I'm using it on red technique again while choosing the colors I thought off using in some complementary colors from the color wheel. So I have choosen, cadmium, yellow and violet. Compliment colors are the colors that are located across one another on the color wheel. I have started bending the light. This shared first going to the doctor tone. I'm uplink, cadmium yellow, medium first, and I'm using same mediator board appellate wash here. Whatever the watercolor wash is whether it is flat or radiant or irrigated, you need to be brush quickly and evenly across the paper surface to achieve a smooth uniform result. And you should do all when the paper is still wet, so you should back very quickly. And the trying time off watercolor paper depends on the climate and the humidity around you . Around the place you live if you live in a hard place than the paper drives very fast, so you should work very, very quickly. If you live in a human place, then it dries able slowly, I hear used cadmium, yellow, medium and while it from my notes ballot and ultramarine D from artful loss vehicle and same as in our fast and same as in our first class project. I want the top part Toby brighter and darker, so I make some black with ultramarine and painting it on the top spot. Blend the whole pending until you feel the wash is correct. Uniform and nice, creating beautiful wash in water. Kalis is always it up subject and the basic subject to With practice, you will definitely know how to control water and how to control pigment water issue. If you add more water to the pigment, the color will become more transparent, and if you add less water, the color will be more open. So try adding water depending on the situation you're printing and depending on your needs , Soviet done with coupling a variegated wash. Now we have to paint the Milky Way. So I loaded my brush with white paint and doing the same as we did in the previous two class projects. The stabbing, my brush with white paint and when you up dabbing this fight, paint your white paint Will you get mixed with the underlying pain and great somebody Mardi color Second, wash fresh and lord it again with the white color show white will remain pure and for the shape of the Milky Way You can always relate on Internet on nature to find some shape inspirations and I have done with the Milky Way by and in the middle I'm spending using some dark atone So I'm taking. But that changed to the lawyers Stone value possible. And I'm just ah, playing here in there district create some abstract of gas effect I'm not satisfied with the white part So I am again we doing it If you see a mixing violet with ultramarine blue to get the dark atone And yes, we are done with this guy Kill this guy dries Well, pain the water reflection I want to paint the reflection with the same colors as we did this guy But here I am doing well irrigated wash Using were downright sickening means wet paint on dry paper. I did not read my paper before I loaded my brush with cadmium l a medium and started to paint and next I loaded my brush with violet from white nights and containing the pain, same as in the radiator wash. In wet on wet technique. I'm Dane. Same here. He must work very fast. Since this is wet on dry technique, the paint will be dry compact toe that in wet on wet technique, so we must change the shades before the color dries audience. It will give some patchy effect. I'm mixing black with ultramarine blue for the airport. Most part as we did in the sky, the top most part of the sky. In order to paint the reflection again, I'm taking right, waned and bending another milky they as it is a reflection off the top one, mixing ultramarine blue and violet to get the taka tone to paint in between those white lines or shall publish and blended into the background and the just and again I'm taking some right shape and dropping here and there to create some gas with stretch shirts. You can use whatever color you want that makes them contrasting effects. We'll wait for the paper to dry in order to add the stars. So now are paper is completely dry, and I'm adding the stars in the same way as we did in the 1st 2 class projects. I'm loading my brush with white wash and tapping my brush, using in other British and making the white droplets scatter all across the sky to beat this process until you get as many starts as you want, as the bottom is a reflection off the top iPod, we can add starts to the bottom part two and we're starting some falling stars in the sky. I'm the striding starts he didn't do and we're done with this guy. We're done with total Baghran part. Now we like the foreground elements. I want to add some trees allowed here, not a pine tree. But it really. I have taken Campbell in black in a pallet and have taken Princeton in Pune size for British. You can even use a smaller number British, in painting some parties online, different yet between the reflection part and the sky box at the same element as we heard in the top part, as they seem the reflection well, im just hiding. In truth, you can see my brush moments unless nabbing some black dogs in order to make a balance in the painting, Um, adding one more tree on the other side, which is off smaller size than the freshman. And yes, wear done with the final painting. This be love. All the edges on your final painting is ready. Meet you in the next class project. You're there. 9. CLASS PROJECT 4: Let's start our final gas project. That is the 4th 1 So before starting this class project, I'm going to say the composition about this. I'm no painting light in the pines. So for the background I'm using went on protecting. So I applied a nice clean court off water all across the surface. And as the name suggests, I'm going to paint light in the pines. I have taken the lighter shade that is Carmela medium, and I'm are playing at the center. First, Don't forget to leave space that is the lightest sport. That is where the source off light is trump. It will be more brighter. So I have left a space between the two alot that I applied and saying, We're doing light from Doc here and now for the sky. I'm taking Prussian blue mixed with some indigo. As you can see, I'm a playing paint in a crisscross manner. Make sure you spread the pain well, and when you reach the second color, I'm washing my brush and this and blending the board shirts to get a clean transition between the two shades. See how we got a beautiful light effect. We can easily say seeing this that the light source is from the center as that is the latest shared available in the background. If you feel that entire area, don't worry. Wash your brush and lift off some pray pain from the middle part and you'll get the right. This is the lifting technique and water colors, and yes, we're done with the background. Wash now will pay in the Milky Way. I have lorded my brush with white paint, inventing the galaxy Milky Way in the same way as Billy for the last three class projects. The easiest way to paint a Milky Way This Lord your fresh with white paint and dab the parallel lines as we see in the Milky Way. Now I'm taking a doctor blue, share a doctor, mix off Prussian blue and indigo, and are playing in between those two bite gas lines off the Milky Way. You can vary the Milky Way shape you can paint. What of a ship? No need to paint the exact same shape. You can get many inspiration in nature, - and here also I'm taking some red shirt and I don't need to the background just to to present some gases with shape. This I did this inspired from the nature photography where I found some gases with different colors. Serve applying their shared here. No. Once the bag only strike, I'm adding starts using white wash The white stars make the Milky Way's even more magical and I'm adding some bigger stress and some falling stars. And remember one thing. Why pending the Milky Way, don't water toe white paint ratio that you're going to pay should be more pain and less water. If you take more water, then the white will spread across the background. And you, Lord, get that fine line. It's so always keep that in mind and now I'm going to add my four run ailment that are delighted pine trees in orderto prison. There is light on the pine trees. I'm taking cadmium alone. Makes it a bit some burn number and I have taken the lighter stone by mixing more water and applauded that descend there first in order to the prison in order to to present it is the place from where the light is coming, so the pine tree should be more lighter. So I have taken the lightest stone possible and I'm increasing the tone by adding more pain and less water as we go across that light. And finally I have taken black color and started adding trees. Um, adding make soft pine trees and normal trees. I'm using my seller Blackwell, weight size for British. As we go farther from the light source, the trees will become more darker. This make a transition from a lo to black darker trees to the far dished in the light of trees. At the center, as at the center, there is more light. The trees will look more brighter, making them let's start and there is no light source for the farthest rent. So they look darker. And this we're almost done with the final class. - I'm adding to mont aims at the bottom part. And yes, with this, we're done with the final class. I'm using invisible tape here from office report And yes, we're done with pending this bookmark 10. FINAL THOUGHTS: Hey guys. Now we have finished learning all these class products. Thank you for watching my class. Hope you'll enjoy this class and using this process it try to experiment with different color combinations and different foreground elements. And remember one thing. Don't get discouraged If you don't get this strike, practice and practice and you get it. And I will look at some off my galaxy works here. You can use them as a reference or you can go with the nature and get let off. Inspiration for the colors is a tough medium, but when practiced right, you can master it. And if you paint any off this, please post all your class projects. I would love to see them. And if you post on Instagram, don't forget to tag me. My corn name is art by choice. See you all in the next class. Have a great day. Keep painting by