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Easy Watercolor Landscape

teacher avatar Chiara Mazzetti, Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Exercise 1: gradient sky & clouds

    • 4. Exercise 2: trees

    • 5. Sketch

    • 6. Sky

    • 7. Lands

    • 8. Houses

    • 9. Trees

    • 10. Final details

    • 11. Thank you! (class project)

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About This Class

Are you wondering how to paint expressive skies full of colors and clouds? Did your pine trees turn out to be a bit different than you first imagined? I got you covered!

In this class i will show you how to paint skies and trees through exercises and in the end we will put all the techniques together to paint a beautiful landscape in watercolor.

This class is suited for everyone no matter what your starting skills are. I will guide you towards the completion of the painting, explaining my way step by step.

Let’s have some fun!

- Music: https://www.bensound.com/ -



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Chiara Mazzetti



  Here's the Artist behind the Art :)
  Hello! I'm Chiara Mazzetti and I live in Italy.

After completing classical studies, I graduated in 2016 at the University of Pisa in Digital Humanities and later I specialized in Graphic Design in an academy in Milan. After finishing the studies I worked as a Graphic Designer in a historic and famous art gallery and at the same time I designed websites together with my partner.

At the end of 2018 I became interested in calligraphy and lettering, whose arts taught me the patience and the importance of practicing every day. From this point on, the passion for watercolors began almost spontaneously, findin... See full profile

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1. Welcome!: Ari, wandering out of pain expressed six skies full of colors and clouds The your point, Reese Turn out to be a big different than you first imagined. I got to cover it, Chow I'm gonna in this class I will show you how to paint skies and trees through exercise And India will put all the techniques together to paint a beautiful Netscape in water color . This cross is suited for everyone No matter what you're starting skills are I will guide you toward the complexion off the painting explaining my way Step by step. Let's have some fun. 2. Materials: the first material. You will need this watercolor paper 300 jetsam with a rough or cold breasted Daxter and professional watercolors. I will tell you later the exact colors for this landscape. Next brushes. The only shape I will use here is surrounded with three different sizes. Done A and four another club to dry and wipe the brushes. Joe cops off water one with clear water and want to clean the brushes from the pigment and then a mixing surface. Finally, a pencil and the robber to draw the sketch and the masking tape to put it on the fourth sides off the paper. 3. Exercise 1: gradient sky & clouds: In this video, you will learn to paint a gradin sky with clouds. Here I prepare the colors that I will need on a mixing ther face. The first Colorado think is in young gold on a roundish, yellowish color. Next, I'll take Queen acrid um, Violet Rose, a reddish pinkish color. Finally, I prepared the blue tone with out, sir. Now let's put the color palette on the side and take a piss off watercolor paper. First, you need to weather rectangle off the surface with clean water with a brush off your choice . I have the numbers. Make sure you cover the entire area very well and have a unit for bail water and not bottles. The first color to take its queen acted, um, violet roles and I apply it from the bottom to the top until I reach about 1/3 off the area . Then I take the Indian gold and starting from the point where I left with the previous color, I go up again. I want the true colors to mix where they meet. Finally, take that so but this time apply. Eat, starting from the top and very carefully go down Today in young gold. In this case, I don't let the two colors catch or mix that would create a weird shade. But with the claim brush, I stopped in the lines. Between that, I create variations with rocket brush movements in the lower part with orange and red in the upper part. I repeat the same action, but with a brush without any color. Just a little work. Time for the clouds may take the number eight brush with appointed deep, and they prepare the Paynes grey. This our face must still be worth toe. Have a good result. This way, the clouds will have blurred controls. I use both the tip on the side of the Bristol's. Alternatively, to get several strokes. I also add a touch of unico to the mix. The clouds must have different scientists and shapes. For a more natural look, I create a violet shade using the remaining quinacrine violet rose on the palate, and I had color variations. Toma clubs at this point, pickling the brush very well. There should be absolutely no call Ernie, and while the paper is still a bit worth, I'm going to live some color with secret movements to bring Ammon to my painting. This way it's contours will be blurred and will give the impression off a slight hates at the last clouds darkened some parts and finished the moon as seen before. - The first exercise is done, but 4. Exercise 2: trees: in this video, I will show you out of pain. Fine trees. First, take the small brush number four with a fine deep and prepare Payne's gray in the profit removed. The excess Spain passing the Bristol's in this way on that of the palette in order to have the right amount of color. If you notice you have too much water in the brush, you can use a paper towel to absorb it. Roll it around your index finger and then gently past the side of the bristles onto it. But remember, not dry the tea. Otherwise, you will also absorb all the color your name start drew a light line with the deep. These will be your guideline toe pain, the tree, then still just using the keep paint small lines, and that's starting from the top. I'm going down. If you go down, make your brush strokes bigger and stronger and start using the side of the rush for branches. The movements are kind of random to have a more natural look, turn out to think about it too much. Just remember to increase the size of the brushstrokes as you could down following the guideline. It's trying a smaller one. I draw the guide and then they continue with Rundle movements from the top going down from small to large. If you want, you can darken the guideline toe. Get that parents off the drunk. 5. Sketch: it depends you and start to draw the main lines off the painting start with the three heels in the background, leaving enough space for the sky, which will be a approximately two tours off the paper. After that, defined the foreground, droving a couple off houses on the right, starting from the roofs and then move on to the world's. Surrounding these out is place some trees without marking toe. Heart depends in lines. I just want to reserve like this pace they will take, but I will define them with the paint on brush is sketch a path which starts more from the bottom off their houses and then becomes a wider while it reached the foreground here in the left side, I want to balance the composition, adding some pine trees very close to the observer refined some details here and there, and we are done. Let's move to depart, in which I applied the masking tape. I could some stripes anus, stick them on all four sides off the paper in order to Lee 0.5 centimeters off white. In my case, I put it because I like the frame it creates for my painting but it wasn't necessary, since I used a block glued on the sides so the paper wouldn't buckle anyway. Otherwise, if you use a single sheep, I suggest you to fix it on a rigid surface that you can move freely using the tape. Finally, always make sure that the tape is family attached to the paper by pressing this way with a finger. Does the color does not infiltrate Bill of this trip we applied, forming a nice, sharp line. 6. Sky: Let's more to the scenery we sketched earlier. The first thing toe brain is the sky, so I prepared the tree colors. A saint in the video off exercise, one in the gold. We knock rhythm while it rose and butter. Let's begin what the paper with clean water, Hessman said. Before, make sure you take the right amount of water so you don't have battles on the paper by building the paper you can Justice are phrase. There must be a veil off water. Not too much, not too little. Start with the Queen of Freedom, Violet Rose and used the wrong brush number 10 Avoiding painting on the mountain in the distance that apply in tangled and blood. The two colors at their meeting point. Proceed a scene before clean the brush very well and take the Arthur, applying it from the top and going down with the grim rush. I blurred the line between blue and the run so that they do not touch each other. Then I got at toe darken the upper part of the sky. - Let's not want toe the crowds by preparing the Paynes grey and they Niko with the brush number eight the paper off. The being thing is still work and they proceed with the brush strokes made with a side on the tip of the brush. - Here I create purple and they added to the clouds with a very diluted prince gray. I paid them on time in the distance. Since the paper is still done but not so wet, it's counters with faith creating a sense of depth and AIDS. I had more Indian scholar in some parts off the clouds in order to have a sense of freedom in generality. At this point, all that remains is the more I clean the brush very well from the color residues and then dried on the club. I lived some color with circular movements. Then came the brush and I continue until I'm satisfied it didn't want Ciriaco. - If I know starch is given by the small clouds that they're crossing in front of the moon, the paper is starting to dry out. I proceed with the last beatings and then the sky is completed 7. Lands: before starting to paint the lands. I prepare tree color mixes in the palate. I blend amber and deterrent that I have Indian gold, and they will are more or less water to eat toe have different values. And finally a life green and most brown, plus a little puddle off north brown next to the mix with the wrong brush number town. I take the blend of life green and are strong, and I apply it in the foreground. I married the brush tropes, sometimes taking on the brown or green. - I mainly used wrong for the area off the path behind the houses. I put some drops off savior, or the darkest part is here . I refined the path with wrong. Take us more brush. That's lachter, some Clearwater on this layer to create an interesting texture for the ground. Now apply Dayna Gold on the land behind with the mix off number, and it's in red. I think the lost here, using this last mix dark and Onley the lower part off the middle. Hell, also, about being brushed drugs off hunger. - Finish off everything with in your gold to give the land more body at dark and before ground with savior and green extent with the path within young gold. And in Stop it, it's a rub. - I darken the edge off the painting and slaughtered clean water. Then I have to let it dry completely. I take brush number four on darkened the lower part off this year with in young gold and number and finally adding inst off pigs and red. - I also add lines to the land behind for more texture and definition. 8. Houses: start with the world's the houses take in young gold and apply a light layer on them. Then I think, say, Pia and they are did Onley on one side or beach off the houses with a more intense say, Pia. You can create the shadows under the roofs. I now adjust the color off the walls by lifting some pigment away. Now let's paint the roofs. Take the nets, Um, barbell, which is a very intense red with shades off round and start to paint. The two sides remember to leave some white spaces here under again with the nets in purple , but this time more separated. Step on the roofs, defining them even more. - Lift some color from the illuminated part off the house. Finally, they find the windows with safeya, just place the tip of the brush. 9. Trees: time to paint the trees with base gray and the technique. You're just so in The video, from exercise toe start to put Point Rees with different sizes and hates near the two houses. I want to paint her hand off a shadow under those trees, and I make it with a very diluted brushstroke off pains grain. Now, let's know. Want to trees in the foreground, always painting with technique. Explain it before just this time, we will paint them bigger, remember to change scientists and hates to give them a not roll look. 10. Final details: in this video, I finished some details on up textures here, under with a mix off life green on the amber. I paint stripes in the foreground that is now completely dry, and they darken some arrest on the hill behind. I add texture with stripes and dots because I don't want these are out Toby uniform. 11. Thank you! (class project): here we are up most satisfying part. Build the masking tape. Remember to be careful A remove it at an angle so that the paper does not here apart. Know that you have finished the painting. You just have to help load it on the project calorie below. If you share it on social media, remember to talk me on the photo up caramel citi dot hearth and to use their stock schedule with car so that they can see your work of art. Thank you so much for choosing to join this glass. And I hope you like it. See you in my next class which will focus on winter landscape by