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Easy To Do Card Trick To Impress Your Friends

teacher avatar Mr. Jack of Hearts, Card Magic since 2007

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Performance

    • 3. What You'll Need

    • 4. Preparing The Packets

    • 5. The Hearts Are Rising

    • 6. Additional Tips And Handlings

    • 7. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

In this class I'm teaching you another very powerful card trick that requires only one sleight-of-hand technique to perform.

Once you practised this easy to-do magic trick, you'll be able to astonish your friends and family with it.

This is my tutorial for the "Elmsley Count" (the one sleight-of-hand technique you need to know, to perform this card trick):

And as always: If you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask!

If you liked this class please consider leaving a positive review and don't forget to follow me (plenty of card tricks coming in the future).

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mr. Jack of Hearts

Card Magic since 2007


Hello, I'm Mr. Jack ;-)

I started doing card magic in 2007. Over the years I have learned many useful sleights and techniques, that I would love to share with you. Magic is all about lifting people from the sometimes mundane day to day and letting them experience a kind of child-like wonder again.

So grab a deck of cards and let's get started!

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1. Introduction: Welcome back. I'm Mr Duck. Hello again, Mr Jackpots. Andi, I have been doing card magic since 2007. Hand in that time, I learned lots of moves, lots of sleight of hand techniques and most of all, lots of card tricks on. I'm here today to teach yet and yet another very impressive card trick to you guys. So this country I'm going to teach you today is, first of all, pretty simple to do. So, um, you only need one sleight of hand technique to learn this trick to perform this trick. Andi, Um, it's called the Helmsley Count on. I have a separate tutorial on that. So if you don't know the elms, we can't yet. Don't worry. It's not very hard to do. You may be, if you have never done any count magic before, you maybe have to practice 12 maybe three days, and you get it done. So it's It's not too bad. Don't worry about that. Um, the trick is pretty nice. So you show the spectator the 2345 off hearts and four black different cards. Andi? Um, yeah. Then you It's like like elevator trick a little bit because you you're putting the heart cards somewhere in between the the black arts. But every time stamp of fingers, the the hearts will come back to the top of the pack again. Um, so it's a trick I really like. It's a trick the Spectators tend to really like. So, um, I'm going to teach it to, you know, first have a look, adds a performance off the tree to get a bit a bit of a better understanding. What's it all about, Andi? After that, I will go into what you'll need to do the trick. What techniques are required on Ben? I'm going to teach you every little bit every step. You have to do every little fitness you need to know to do this trick on. In no time, you'll be able to impress your friends and family with it. So, without further ado, let's have a look at the performance. Andi, Right afterwards, I'm going to start to teach this amazing effect. You 2. Performance: Okay, So for this trick, I only need 1234567 eight cuts the rest of the pack I don't need on these, Obviously unjust Any carts? They are, in fact, the 2 to 3 to four under five of hearts on day four, Black arts. Okay, I'll just place the blackouts here for a moment. That leaves me with the two. The three, the four and a five of hearts. Obviously, the 5 to 4 under three I put here and the two I'll put with the black arts. Okay, so now this really interesting thing I discovered about two carts. And that's if you put the two in the second position from top and actually instantly jumps back to the top again. And this also works with this with the three. If you put it in the third position and also jumps back to the top, there's one thing about this you really have to make sure to a match the value of the cart in this case, the four with the position you put it in. So you have to put the four in the fourth position and then and only doesn't it will jump back to the top. So as you can see, I only have 1234 Blackhearts, Show them to you once more for blood counts here. If I now place them on the five putting it in fact, in the fifth position from top it instantly, we'll jump back to the top. And this is kind of magical, in my opinion. 3. What You'll Need: All right. So the nice thing about this trick, it is that you really only need eight counts on the second thing. That's really great about this is that it's almost self working. So you don't really have to do lots of moves. The only real move you'll need STL Mosley count. And I have already London in depth tutorial on the l mostly count. I will link it in the description on somewhere. He in the video, maybe as well. So if you don't know how to do the Helmsley Count Dallas requirement, I will not cover this, um, this technique in in here to keep it nice and short. So check out the elms. We can't if you don't know it already. If you do. Congratulations. You have already learned one of the most important moves in all of card magic. So, um yeah, what else did you need? You need 2 to 34 and five off hearts, obviously. And you need four black carts. Ideally, you could use for four counts that I exactly the same, for example, four times the eight off Spain's or four black jokes or something like that. Uh, if you don't have for matching carts, and that's okay. Just choose four cards that, um, are kind of hard to remember. Like high value spotted carts are ideal. Okay, so that's about everything you need to do this effect. So, um, let's get right into it. 4. Preparing The Packets: Okay, So at the beginning of the tricky 12 counts in this configuration, So 2345 and under four black arts. Andi. And remember, if you want to count them off the top of the pack in the at the beginning, you obviously need to reverse the other, right? That's makes sense. Because then if you deal them, you'll reverse the other and you'll end up in this configuration. Okay? Once you're on this configuration on, this is actually a second move you have to do apart from the elms began. But it doesn't really count as a move. In my opinion, it's really easy. Andi. I'll show it to you right now, okay? You show them the Carter going to use like this. I'll use two to the three, the four, the five off heart. And you don't show the blackheads just yet. And then you spread the rest, just showing the former blackouts real quickly. Don't call them out by name. You don't want toe Spectators to remember the cards, because later, when you do the elms, we count, you'll show some some cuts twice. So you don't really want too much attention on these black arts. So you just you just show them blackouts quickly. And then Wiley is squaring up. You catch a pinky break underneath the four red cards and the first black heart. Okay, Like that. And the way you do this is once you're spreading, tried to show that from you. You, um the pinky will push up under this first black heart so it will naturally form a break like this. Okay. And you can make the break a little bit smaller, so it's not that obvious. But the good thing is, you'll cover the front with your index finger on, decides with the other thing, and so nobody will be able to see the break from the front. So you're all good. Aan den on. Once you have the break, you'll say, I'll separate the black arts from the red cuts and what you'll do this you take everything that's beneath the break. Andi, you lift up this packet in this kind of deep biddle grip and you flip the bottom packet. Okay, Like this. So your index finger would curl underneath, and then it will just straighten again together with the other fingers. You will clip the cards between the index finger on and the middle finger on drinking and maybe a little bit pinky, and you'll just flip them. Okay, Like this. Practice this a little bit without the other pocket. Once you have this move down, you can do it together and you flip and then you immediately will grab the pack one small and place it somewhere over here. And you say, play. Place the Blackhearts here and then just so show Fathi red cards once more if you want to. Andi. I visited in this fashion holding it in the middle grip. Pull off one card, flip it with the packet, pull off the next, flip it with the packet. If the next just lipid and then those obviously to cuts. And you just flip this on top the way you do this is you hold this in the middle grip, then your ring finger comes to the side, and it kind of throws to cart over. Okay, once more, just align it with the rest of the cards and just flip it over. Don't worry. Um, the cops will stay together, flip it. Okay, Then we'll say our place. The five, the four in the three over here. Obviously, it's not the case. You're putting the blackout of 5 to 4. The three into to remain in your hand. Okay. And then you just show them that's one cart to stay. And I put our place, the two on top off the Black Cuts, like so. 5. The Hearts Are Rising: then you immediately lift up That counts. The black counts on you Say there's something peculiar I wanted to I have discovered that I wanted to show you on. That is, if you take this to and put it in a second position from top, but will immediately come to the top. And this is just self working now. And that's the beauty of the strict because almost already over. Okay, so it's only showmanship from here. Here are not you place the two to the side and you can say this also works for the three. You take the three, which is before and if a place to three in the third position, you say you just have to make sure that our value off the cart and position match I'm sure enough the three would come to the talk. Okay, before we can do therefore because right now, let's just let me show you. This is the position that Carter in. So therefore, it's not on top. Actually, it's second from top. Okay, so now you're in the perfect position. Todo Helmsley count once again. The tutorial. It's linked on description. Check that out. I'll just go to over it very briefly. The only count is basically hiding. This can't. So you can now count these counts. You return this car to the bottom while you take two concepts. One, 234 And your account. Um and you show that he's our only black heart. So you do the only count you flip the packet over. Now you take the four, so to speak, which is actually 25 and place it in the fourth position. Okay, square up. Snap to you. Whatever magic just so you like. And the four would have magically come to the top. And for the five, you have to do two things now because he indisposition now. So you have first, you reverse the other off the cards by just counting them. Can do this in the same position as the answer account, if you want to. For consistency. It's probably a good idea, actually. So just count the cards. I only have 1234 Blackhearts. As you can see, the just the four carts. But if I placed him on the five putting the five in the fifth position, so to speak, will automatically come to the top of the pack and that's about it. I think, um, it's a really nice effect, has a big impact on Spectators. There can really wrap their minds around this, but it's really easy to do. In fact, you only need to learn the the under the counter. Zehr said. Andi, you'll get to go. So I hope you like it on our in the next video. Give you some tips on some hand ings, but that's about it. That's about it for the for this contract. 6. Additional Tips And Handlings: Okay, so no for some additional tips or alternative hand things for this effect. So first of all, if you're not really comfortable with this flipping motion, you obviously also can do after you have. You have your break. You can also just turn your hand over like this andan place two cards on the table, like so, Or you can even turned them so they they will be facing the right way if you want to. But really don't stress too much about this. Just the only thing that's important here is that you, um in just in case, some Spectators have none raised the first black card, um, which they really shouldn't have because you don't really draw attention to limit your dates. Just, say, introduced him by 234 and five of hearts with you. All the emphasis is here after to the three, the four and five of Hearts ender and four and four black arts. Okay, so they are not really The star starts off to show, and people will not really pay attention to them. But just in case somebody does, just be sure not to square up the pack and to like that because they were notice that this car has magically changed. And I will probably figure out that you just stole it to this packet. Okay, so that's why you do the flipping immediately so they won't see this card. That's one point. Another point is, after you did that, are you can count accounts like this like a bit in the tutorial, Or maybe even better, just spreading to three. So the four black arts off the world off 2 to 4 black are red cards. I will place the 5 to 4 and a three year. Okay, that's maybe even a bit more natural. So the way you do that, it's just you fan off the cards and the last to you retain, you don't spread them in the way you do. This is from the back. You're spreading like so. So this index finger is actually holding back the carts. Okay, So and smoke to the three four on the index fingers, always holding these counts together. So you're You find them off one by one. And this actually to 23 four, under five, and then you just take it. The five with his fingers here and then you just flip the whole pack square area, squaring it up in the act. OK, that's another. Another good way to do this. And then you'll be in position to put 25 to 4 and three year after you you put the black counts here and you showed, um, the red cons. It is really important to call out with cards as you count them down as the 5 to 4 under three of hearts. Okay, because you really want the spectator to remember that this sister three disaster foreign visits to five. OK, that's also actually the reason why you have to show the red counts once again to really, um, make the Spectators believe that that you put them here, the 5 to 4 under three. So the the time between the showing off the carts and the counting them down should also be minimal. You don't want to do something like after 2 to 3 to 4 to 5. And now these red cards are really important. Blah, blah, blah. I'll now countem here. You have lots of time in between and people I tend to forget what happened. Subconsciously, At least you want to. And you really want this image in the head at the 5 to 4 and three went here. Okay, Because later on, you're not able to show them before you put them in the black pyre. Okay, So you really the strict only works. Um, if the Spectators believed that this sister three D sister for distance to five, if they don't remember that, I don't believe that the trick will not work. So that's really important to make sure to make sure they never heis actually to make sure they 234 and five to make sure they see this. You flip this and you take the five to take before you take the three. That this is the and the thoughts they haven't had. Okay, So really, make sure to to, um, call attention to this to really say five of hearts 453 or thoughts. It sounds it seems a little silly, but it's really important part of this trick. So I just wanted to make sure to mention that once more, just to show you once more, maybe the how to catch the pinky break. Okay, So you're here, and you really just push up with the pinky under the car. When you square up, it's don't over think it. It's not too complicated. You can always practice with drift. Really Need you to this. Just the first cart. Just push it off. Push up with the pinkie while screwing up. Okay, push off. Suck. Push off like that. Okay. And then you can try to. That's also a good idea to practice this a little bit, because you you need to send many effects, actually, to do the double if, for example. Okay, so that's that's about it. I think the only count I won't go into right now because I have this very in depth tutorial on a link etudes about 10 minutes until you learn it in great detail. Um, lots of examples there, So no need to do this over here. 7. Final Thoughts: All right. So I hope you enjoy it. The card trick on and the tutorial of it. Andi, if you did, please make sure to follow me here because I'll do many more contracts in the future. And that way you won't miss out. Also, I would love for you to leave me a positive review because I really want people to know that my my work is worth watching. Andi, It is really a lot of work to make these videos, so I really appreciate it. If you could leave a positive review apart from that, if you have any questions left if there was anything unclear about this whole trick, if I just if the tutorial just sacked, please don't know down below in the discussions panel. What? You didn't understand? What? I didn't explain well enough, Andi, I'll do my very best to respond in writing. Andi, if need be, I'll also make another video explaining specifically what you didn't understand. So make sure to use that opportunity to really ask me questions on That's great about this platform. I think that you can really ask the teacher stuff on Bond. I'll try to respond. Okay, so In the meantime, um, practice two card trick. Andi, also love to see your performance is if you want to just leave from here on, I'll critiqued him for you if you want. All right. So, uh, thanks again for watching on. And I hope to see you in my other classes and in the future, in future classes as well. So take care, Andi. Goodbye.