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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Material Required

    • 3. Palm Tree

    • 4. Umbrella and Towel

    • 5. Surfboards

    • 6. Sand Castle

    • 7. Icecreams

    • 8. Sailboat, Sun and Clouds

    • 9. Summer Fruits

    • 10. Complete Summer Doodle

    • 11. Project Work

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn to draw simple and easy summer doodles which you can use in your bullet journal or a beach scene.

This class is for all whether you are an artist or non - artist.

You will need:

  1. White Sheet
  2. Fineliner/ Black Gel Pen
  3. Colors - Brushpen/ Crayons/ Pencil colour

and that's it...

At the end of this class, you'll be able to draw different summer doodles on your own.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tanya Maheshwari

Artist and Crafter


Hello, I'm Tanya Maheshwari.

I am living in Delhi, India. I am an educator.

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1. Introduction: Hello everyone. Welcome to my class. I am dynamically SRI and artist and necroptosis. In this class we will make some are doodle and templates for a. I will also show different styles to draw sailboats, boundary, and so on. This class is for both artists and non-artists, as there is no prior knowledge is required to boil. I will discuss material required and then we will move on to its proceeds. And the last I will share up on class project video. So gave watching times Q. 2. Material Required: For drawing the summer, do, do we even need API size by cheap? Finally, now are non-pathogenic bin, dash ben, odd. You can also use Pensacola and beyond for coloring it. It's up to you. And if you're doing blonde to use bend directly, you can also use pensive. So next is start doodling. You. 3. Palm Tree: So stepwise, women make Doodles of foundries. I'm going to make two types of doodles for boundaries. And it's totally depend upon you whether you want to make small or big doodles so that it doesn't start making students. And that is Palm Island. I'm going to make this boundary facing towards left. So draw a circular out like this. Draw another circle glow plug in a way that the distance between these lines broaden up as we move downwards. Today's draw two circles at the top of these lines. And these two circles will represent coconut as we are making Foundry. So how can we forget about coconut? Now, for lease, I'm going to draw a circular arc strong top of these circles, draw another. So I'll blow up from the previous out. Draw three most unclear. As I'm drawing. Draw these onscreen handedly and there is no need of exact mechanism ends as the leaves are of different sizes. Okay, so now we are going to act on these circular arcs into the lives. And for this browse months or outs like me in upward direction. Here, I'm making it on three such acts, but you can modify it according to the size up yours or GLA out. And yes, leaves are ready. Now, it doesn't move on to the trunk to make scars in the trunk, I'm gonna draw a lines. So first of all, draw a slant line from the left circular out like this, and then leave a little white space I D right side out, draw slightly slanted line. Then again, need a little bit space and repeat the baton. And our tree is ready. Now notice draw I named and far this draw, blood from the left side of the trunk. Draw another sample from the right side of the drum. After this, join these two arcs with God 39 like me. And this got relying as a illustrating that the island is surrounded by the water. So I bomb island Uranus. Ready? Now, I will draw a second found Doodle. So let us start it. I'm going to make this boundary facing towards the right as our earlier tree is facing towards the left. So far this, I'm going to draw two. So our gloves as we made for previous one. But this time draw these circular arcs facing towards the right side. Okay, after this, draw fives or blow outs over the drunk. And you can notice that I have lived some space, I'm not joining the live with each other. And with Trungpa. We are going to draw here and this part later. But before this, let us draw all the arcs, but D leaves. Okay, So we have made 50 bucks now to time these arcs and two leaves, we will make margins to these arcs. And these margins may resemble the leaflets of palm leaves. And don't worry if these margins are not very equal in size as Ali leaves of the trees are not of equal size. And it's totally okay. After this, let us draw trees. Msl goes in the same dough which we have left are these three circles are the Kubernetes and leaves and Coconuts are now ready. So let us draw scars and neutron for this. First of all, join these two. And this drunk I'm gonna draw grows for these cars. Repeat across till the bottom of the trunk. And you can notice as we move downward, our pattern has become bigger. So another boundary is also ready. You can notice to make these duties we didn't require any ruler, all compass, architect don't need just made it 300 Li. Now, you can leave them as they are right now. Are you can color them SCR choice. I'm going to color them and we'll color only believes in coconut. But if you weren't, you again, Kyla, Ed Strunk as well. So let us start coloring it. Foci ring, I'm using brush pen. So let us build these nice with light green color. First main outline of the leaves with the kernel and then fill it. Also always fill color in one direction, either vertical or horizontal direction, depending upon the shape. You can also use dark green color if you want. Okay, So leaves are ready now and let us add color to the coconut. I'm using brown color for this. If you carefully notice, you will find that these Coconuts are tight enough looking as goggles off our palm tree. Anyway, jokes abide on leaves and coconuts I ready? You can add color to its chunk if you want, and also colored the another tree yours if. So, see you in the next video. 4. Umbrella and Towel: So now we're going make umbrella and Darwin plastic one. Let us draw umbrella and FADH this draw up like I am drawing. You'll notice that, hey, I'm not using any campus, our protector. But if you want to use one of them, feel free to use them. After this draws Marcos facing downward. Here, I'm drawing for such goes. Then the, another end of the bigger, you can draw more or less search goes depending upon the length of the coast. And okay, so now mock up wind at the center of the arc and there is no need to measure it. Just mock deeper wells and two-point. We're really join these go and points with the center point. And for joining them, grow a slightly curved line between the center point and the endpoint. After this drove us model semicircle over this center point. Okay, Now let us make stake off our umbrella. And fathers had the same tariff. The umbrella, draw a straight line and turn it a little bit. So now I stick a sky now looking up J-shaped, make one more state line by line to this one. And garbage from the ng, like the previous one, joined both the lines with the each other at the end. And also there is no foundation that you have to make. These lines are some specific length. Just make it according to the size of your data. So now what we will do, we will add small circles. I did gov and points like this. And I'm going AS modeling here. Okay, So I didn't realize ready nonlinear does make another doodle that is Darwin. For this, I'm drawing less land line like this. Draw vine most line, line parallel to the farmer one. And I do bi-layer lines are ready. Nonlinear does join these lines like this. And if you find that one off your line as longer than the another one, then don't worry. You just simply extend the other one as we can't erase it. Medea's. If you are using pencil, then you have both the options. You can either extend the other line. Red is the next step I adopt D line. But since I'm directly using pen delayed option, that is, it is in the extra part is not open for me. Again. So the basic shape of our tall well as 3D now and let us draw traits of our tower anchored this, draw short straight lines at the smaller side of this shape. Repeat the same at the, another smaller side. Also. After this, I add some designed to our towers. And for this, I'm simply making slightly curved lines like this. Leave some space and repeat the pattern. And feel free if you want to add some other design like you can draw, fly our boundary on it. It's up to you. So doorbell is also ready. You can leave these doodles as they are right now, or you can add colors to them. Hey, I'm going to add color to these doodles and fathers. I'm going to use brush pens, but if you want, you can simply use pencil color or prions and set of brush pens. I'm going to use different colors like pink, orange, yellow, red, and yes, of course, brown for the stick off the agenda. So let us first colored the umbrella. And for this, think Benkler to the first part of the umbrella. No, Then the second part with the orange color as I'm gonna make it, colorful umbrella. But if you want, you can simply make it OK, single column. It's totally up to you. I'm filling the next part with the green column. After this, I add blue-colored to default and the last part of the umbrella. Also, feel free to change this color combination. And if you want, you can also make Eisen's Maya instead of these lines to make it more acute and attractive. Okay, now add red color to the semisolid good, IND, small circles are the curvy IN find. Also failed red color and the handle of the umbrella. After this, I'm gonna fail brown color and this tick off the umbrella. So I'm regular doodle is ready. Now let us add color to the tower. And for this, I'm going to failure look Allah as the base color of the toggle. So first of all, add yellow color and the broader portion. I leave these 10 lines for now. They look align all the broader parts. Now I'm going up in red color. And these 10 lines which we have left earlier, as men brush pens have two types of nims, so I'm using thin one. You can change the color combination according to yourself. Like you can take pink and blue, orange and green and so many color combination for your town. And our towel gluten is also ready. In the next video we will make SF board doodles. So keep watching. 5. Surfboards: Since I've somehow, we all love to go to the beach and enjoy idea. And it wouldn't write it even not talk about this outward. So yes, in this video we are going to draw a saf would do this. I'm going to draw three sub would do this. So let us started. But the PFAS due to draw a straight line like this. Mock r dot, I did screw webinar middle point. From this point draw a vertical line and it's not properly straight line. It's a kind of slight curved line. Draw online freely and enjoy the process instead of thinking, Oh, it's not a proper state line and so on. C. And so doodle, I'm not in proper image, so just enjoy drawing. You know, where do you going to do is join these two points. So far this draw us light surplus from the top end of the vertical line and join it at the left-hand node D horizontal. You can repeat the same on the other side, joining these two endpoints in the CERCLA. Okay, now let us draw at Spanish and fog this drawn out kind of triangle at the left bottom side. But carefully notice that I'm not making it takes point to draw it slightly curvy. So basic shape is ready non-native site design to it. And 4 Design draw horizontals are vlogs like this, and that's it. Our first sub would do data is ready. And this horizontal line represents same. So you can notice that it is looking like a desk standing over the same and it stayed part is under the same. Okay. Let us move on to the next word, doodle. Draw us at UCLA. And then Mach dots below the line. This line and dots will represent these same. After this, draw our triangle over the CERCLA up leaving equally space I devote sides. Don't make state sites of the dragon and saying make slightly curved lines. Now draw a vertical line from top Carnap, wind up the triangle like this, and join top end point of the line and left corner. Now, the triangle by the sampler. Repeat this on the other side as when draw us our gla, joining the top end point of the line and the right corner of the triangle. Now draw offend at the left bottom side of triangular shape as we did in the first one. So basic shape is ready. Now let us add design toys. And for this, I'm gonna draw horizontal lines in the left portion. And if you weren't, you can also draw a same design on the other part as well. But here I will draw only in the left portion. So another Southward due date is also ready. Now let us draw our thoughts, our board doodling. And fathers. The V line like this. And draw a straight vertical line. After this draw us are from the top end of the line like this till the wavy line ID left side. Repeat the same at the right side of the line and draw us at this time. I have drawn the backside of this afterward. So I'll draw it span on the right part and our triangular shaped like this. Now let's add design to it. And fathers draw VAB lines all over it like this. Also been free to draw some other designs like you can draw shied odd volume at it. So our surfboard doodles are ready non-industrial color. And these doodles, first, I'm going to color this one. So let us, I dread color and the right part, like this. Now when red color in the left side districts, but this time the one stroke leaving the, another one, like I have left this one. Now, I'm going to leave the another this one I'm felt this. Okay. Now, yeah, look along in these strips which we have left earlier. Also add yellow-colored to expand ideas are this surf go do delis, JD, non-metals scholar D, Another one. And for this, I'm going to use orange and green color. So faster foil fill the top part with the orange color. And then move on to the bottom part and fill this part also with the orange curve. Now fill this middle part with the green color and explain also. Okay, So let us move on to the next one. And I'm going to use pain and yellow color for this one. Let us was when the tick bites get the local learn like this. Now I'd pink color to these wavy lines and it's been. So all these three surfboard doodles are ready. In the next video, we will make sand castle students. So keep watching. 6. Sand Castle: Now we will draw sand, castle doodle and I draw two types of sand gets bigger one and as my login. So let us foster boil drop big O1. For this, I'm going to draw a slightly curved line like this. Then make our shot straight line over this curvy run and draw one more such line at the right side of deformer when in such a way that these two lines are parallel to each other. After this, join these two lines from the top by drying pattern like me. So first building is ready. Now draw an inverted U and forbid here. And this will act as doer of our guests. Now, draw another building at the right side of this way. Repeat the same on the left side of the main building like this. So now what I'm gonna do is draw another link that is food Berlin from the second queue of the left side building and the middle building. For this draw us light tilted line like this and another one facing left from the second queue Blake structure of the middle building. You can notice that I have drawn them in such a way that these two lines are parallel to each other. And if I will extend these lines, then at some point they would intersect. Now draws likes are to join these two lines like this. Okay, so let's draw one more that inspect. And this time I will draw a line from Hale. And again, these lines will not be parallel to each other. So let's draw us land line from here. And then draw another line from here facing towards the right side like this broad, this type of Biden haha, I did talk to join these naught so by landmines. So building is done. Let us out leg over the top of these two buildings. And for this draw straight line here. And our triangle on the right side of this line. Now draw another straight line over this building. Also, I meet Amana at the right of this line, like this. And since it's assigned gasoline, so this time, instead of adding color, I'm gonna mock small dots at some regions like this. And these small dots will represent same particles. But if you want, you can add color to it as when nCr choice, add some dots, hate and hate, and so on. That is no such big expedition part these dots, It's totally up to you where you want to add these dots here. I'm adding dots mostly in the corners of the buildings. Okay, So non, Let's add some dots here below this line as well. And this kind of illustrate that this sign guzzlers made over the same I naught on some concrete. So bigger saying guests or doodle is ready now and it does move on to the next. That is a smaller one. And for this draw on not so straight line, you can see it's not dropped by lease straight. It's a little bit good. We then draw this type of Berlin hill, but draw a smaller one. Now join not so pylon lines like this. Yes. Leave some space, draw a vertical line like this, and draw a small horizontal line below this. Draw another vertical line from the top of the bus, Berlin and dropped baton like this to join these two vertical lines. Now draw a straight line at the top of device Berlin and uptime, well, I derived side of this line. Draw one more shot straight line over the, another veiling and draw triangle. I touch right side. Okay, I'd dots and this castle on. So unlike the farmer one, add some dots, haha and hail. And below the mean, how does on Done line like this. So are saying cases are ready. Since we have made st guesses, how can we forget about the bucket and a shovel? So now let us draw bucket and share with fabricate, draw two lines like this and such a way that the space between them is more at the top then the bottom. Now and join these not so parallel lines from the bottom like this. After this make an upward. So up at the top of the line make another so GLA out facing downward above the farmer, one like this. And draw an inverted exclamatory mark here. Now and draw our Serbia up from the left line top and repeat the same on the right side as well, leaving some space between them, draw us my rectangle. And this is a space like this. So the bucket is ready. Now let us draw shoving far this, draw a straight vertical line. Draw one more line by lead to this one. And a rectangle I did above these lines. Draw one more rectangle in a, but a is smaller than the earlier one. So handlers ready now and draw the bottom part of the shadow like this. So these doodles are not ready. In the next video we will make another sum I do, does keep watching. 7. Icecreams: So now we will draw ice cream students. And I will show different styles to draw ice cream. So let us started and for the first one, draw two straight lines like this. And you can notice that these lines are very parallel to each other. After this, join these two lines, but not via straight line jointed by us or GLA out like this. Okay, So this is kind of resembling inverted U alphabet. Now, draw a straight line to join these by loved ones from the bottom. After this, draw two straight lines from this horizontal one and join them like this. And this is a stick of butter ice cream. To give it up cute look. You can make eyes and smile like this. And if you don't want to draw Eisen's mine, you can simply make a white lines in it and any other design. Okay, So I've been asked ice-cream doodle is ready. Now let us draw the second doodle. And fathers, I'm gonna draw it like someone has already taken a bite of it. For this, draw two parallel lines. But to draw the, another one is shorter than the first one, like this. Now, draw a slight curved line from the first straight line and draw wavy line from here till the second straight line like this. Now, make our curvy line like this and joined the parallel lines from the bottom. This curvy line is representing data or ice cream as a kind of melting. Now draw two small lines from the bottom line to make us take off our ice cream and then draw a 3D dropped like design here. So another doodle is also ready. Okay, So let us move on to the third doodle that is going to be, and I hope you all have ever tried arsine CoMP. This, what I'm gonna do is draw our triangular shape. But notice that it's white texture then be pointed and those should be our kind of kirby. Now for exit state, draw two lines from the bottom line like this. And do join then draw a kind of circular arc like this. After this, draw a curvy line near the top like this. So we are going to be is also ready. Now let us move on to the next that is called ice cream. And this time I'm going to draw a softy. So let us start drawing. Draw AS ME side good and join both ends of the semicircle weight baby line. Then draw a V-shaped from this wavy line. And this has gone up our ice cream. Now, let us decorated at the top of a draw us model semicircle, and this will represent a cherry or worried. Now make two small circles here like this. These will be isobar ice cream, and then below the circles draw upward, small circular. This is my love ice cream. Now, mock dots like this at debits side. Drawing these eyes and smile is totally optional. If you want, you can simply draw small dots or lower here to show that our ice cream is garnished with Jedi. I have been these eyes leaving Small's Our glass space to make it look more cute. Now draw a slant lines in this direction, in the Kuhn. And draw lines again, but now in this direction. So forth, ice cream doodle is also reading. Now notice draw 50 screen for this, draw our V shape for the cone of ice cream like this. Now join these two lines. We then upward circular out after this model will not do is draw a bigger circle at the left side of this arc like this. Now, draw another circle, but this time draw it in such a way that it appears like some part on staking circle as behind the first drawing. And then draw another that is tired but semicircle or where these two circles I'd January, then draw a wavy line in each circuit like this to represent that our ice cream is little bit melting. Also, these three circles are representing three scoops of ice cream. After this, draw a circular arcs in the coin facing towards the right. Again, draw these are glands in it, but this time facing downward. Okay, So this ice cream, do it, I list done. Now, let us move on to the next and the last type of duty. Today we'll represent that icecream is indeed bone. So far this draw a small upward circular up and then a straight line like this. Repeat the same on the right side of it, but it should be the same left side like this. Now joined the top part of both the lines with slides or join the bottom lines in kind of oval shaped like this. So bowel is ready. Now let us draw ice cream over it. And for this, draw a semicircle over it like this. I'd have a wavy line here to show that some flavored cDub, as I did over it, and then draw a small circle over it to represent cherry. So ice-cream doodles are ready. Now we haven't felt color and these students. So first of all, let us build color and default. Noodle. I'm filling pink color. And the top part, as I'm making it does strawberry ice cream. And for coloring, always first outline the shape and then start coloring only in one direction and do not go in all directions. Okay, so top part is ready. Now, I add color to the charity of the ice cream after this building cone with the orange color. So now I will color the tide today and I'm gonna make it on Mango can see so far this idea leukopenia and leave this part as it is, as this will show that our fees made up of middle confirm inside. Now they drink a lot and all of these ice cream sticks. And if you have light brown color, then you can fill it also adds up to you. Then orange color and the first student to make it as an orange flavored ice cream. Now, I'd orange color in this coin. And if you want, you can also fill light pink or light yellow color. It's up to you. After this pale blue color in the topmost circle of this ice cream Doodle, then pink color. And the second one, and you look under in detail as hey, I'm making it up three differently when I screen. But if you want, then you can also make it bind flavored ice cream at CR choice. Okay, so non-industrial color. And the second doodle, and I'm going to make it to flavored ice cream for this, the blue color and the blue apart and yellow color and the upper part. Now let us fill color and the last doodle. And for this green color and the bone, I had orange color in the first layer, yellow color, and the second layer and pink are now in the third layer. As I'm again making it a three flavored ice cream. After this, I drink Connor and the charity. So different styles of ice cream doodles are ready. In the next video, we will draw sailboat doodle. 8. Sailboat, Sun and Clouds: Now we will draw sailboat Cloud and son today. I will draw two daughters of sale board. So let us begin with the first saber doodle for this, draw, our VV line. And this will represent CTO now makes line curved line hill. And when more on the right side of the wavy line, join these two lines with us, straight horizontal line. And this is the height off saleable. Now let's draw the upper part of disabled. For this, draw our vertical straight line over this horizontal one and drove and more balance to this line. Join these lines from the top like this. And this is the mass of the saleable. After this draw us land line from the top of the mast and the leftOp it joined this slant line with the mass from the bottom by a small circular. So had cell is ready. Now we will draw mean sail from here. For this, draw, our verticals are blurred out at the right of D must and then draw another circle out from the top of the mask like this. And joined both these are strong the bottom, again by discipline that is facing downward. After this, at the top of the mast, draw a sharp straight vertical line and add banner to a. This is flag of our salable. So sailboat is ready. Now, if you want, you can add design heal. But example, I'm drawing a horizontal line from one end to the other, end, island to the above one. And add small, slight curvy lines in it like this. And here you can either leave it plain or add and exclamatory mark like me at the right side and draw small lines like this. You can add some design and the height say, and it means as when drawing lines like this in the hedged sale. And the means is you can either copy the design of the hedged sale or you can draw some other design like I am drawing some hashtag type patterns in all the three corners. So far, sailboat doodling is complete. Let's make another, but symbols in Bodh do the part this simply draw our VV line like we do anneal. Then draw two straight lines and join them with a straight horizontal line. Now, draw one vertical straight line overlay. I'm from top of this line, draw a circular arc like this and join it with the vertical line. Then over the top of a draw us NOI flag like this. So I know this ain't good doodling is ready. And if you want, you can also add design an egg like we did in the first two and Okay, Now next Johnson for this draw a circle and then draw long and short straight lines around the circle. These lines are sundries and it's done. I will make ITS I'm due dates as very first, let us draw some clouds. So for clouds, draw a straight line here and another straight line here. Now, draw a small circular arcs like this over the left side line. Item small baby lines in a like this. So first cloud do then is ready. Now let's make another cloud doodle. And for this here, again, draw small circular arcs, but this time draw them in such a way that cloud is thin out on the boat, anchors and pick up from the middle and then add small dots and egg like this. Okay, so do cloud doodles. I already know nidus draw another sign doodle and draw our circle and make it circumference taken by repeating over it again and again to make it a heavy circle. Now, draw dotted lines around the circle. And after this dropped by turnover rate, like I am drawing, these buttons are sundries and it's totally okay. These are of different size as it really doesn't matter, just enjoy the process. So seconds on doodle is also ready. Now let us move on to the, another one. And for this, DO US virus are going like this. And there is nothing thinks that homeless spider line you have to draw. Just draw them according to you. And then draw straight lines around it for representing sundries. So tides and doodle is ready. Now I will draw when non-cloud do this, draw out glues figure using small circular arcs like this. So after this, what we can do is drop back down like this near d main shape length. So all the doodles are ready. Now we will fill color and these doodles. So let's color our first sailboat and fell red color and the halo effect. Now if we look in this line and blue color in the alternate pattern of heads. And I'm going to leave these two strips as it is. After this, we'll gray color here and this road add red color and diviner of the flag. Now, I will light pink color and the main sale. And if you want to change the color combination, feel free to change this. Now to represent water and just go in and outline this wavy line. So first, sailboat doodle is ready. Now funny and look and listen. For yellow color and this son as rare and for the patterns pale red color in them. Now first we link color and the spiral one and just outline the spiral lines with the local node. And then outline X-rays also. So Arles and doodles are ready. Now let's color the Cloud. For coloring the clouds. I'm not going to color them completely. I will just outline them with the blue-collar. So now fill color and the other duties on your own. Now, I will meet you in the next video and we will draw some fruits student. So keep watching. 9. Summer Fruits: Now we will draw some summer fruits, do that. But I'm gonna draw my favorite summer fruit that is watermelon. I will draw two doodles or Waterman. And so let's just start with the first Waterman, including draw a circle, odd. You can also draw it in slightly oval shape. Just draw it 300 Lee as it really doesn't matter whether it's a proper circle or not. Now we will color it first and then we'll move for them. For coloring, I'm taking light and dark green color as the Waterman and scan has. So first when light green color in this circuit like this. And then draws strips of dark green color. And for this, I'm using pointed that side of my brush pen. After this, draw a spiral line on top of it. And this is the part of this term of water melon. Okay, so now outlined these. Doug brings ships with defined 90. So our first quarter million doodle Israeli non, Let's draw another type. And if I draw a semicircle, draw a circular arc and air like this. Now, let's color it. Fill light green color here in this portion. This is the skin of the watermelon. And then fill rate column here. This is the flesh of the watermelon. I will add seats in Italy as it's wet and I will draw right now, it might get messy. So till then, let's draw another fruit and gets its name. It is known as the King of group. Yes, it's mangle. Draw a slightly curved line like this. And below it draw my vertical line. Then draw S-shaped from heel and circular like this. Again, now what else we can do is draw a leaf of mango tree like this. So mango is ready. Now let's draw another group that is by nipple. And I will draw to do this while finite. So let's start with the first one. Draw our kind of our egg shape, and then draw a zigzag pattern here like this. This is the crown of the pineapple. For the pineapple skin, draw my deepened slant lines in this direction, and then draw such lines in the opposite direction. In this way, we will get crisscrossed by them. Now mock small dots in the center of these quadrilateral sheets like this. So let's move on to the next and fought this draw on kind of a shape as we did. But blankly pointed from the top. And then draw leaves from here, like this. Draw around five to six leaves. And in some of these least draw lines like this and this motion. But I'm going to do is draw a vector in like this from the bottom to the top. And then knock dots in each of these rounded shape. Okay, now let's draw another fruit, but before it draws seed, so what remaining? And for this draw, I'm dropped like shape like this. And yes, it's done. Okay, now we will draw a strawberry and I will go to doodles, but it also. So let's begin with the first one. For this draw up kind of curvy v are heart-shaped but do not close it from the top. Now draw leaves here. I like this. Draw around six to seven leaves and modify it according to you. After this non dots are lower here. So first we start with the doodle is ready. Now let's draw second type. And for this again, draw up kind of V-shape like we drew earlier. But this time make it up close figure. Then draws such curvy line facing upwards near the top. Draw us talk like this. Marx, my lord's here. Now, let us draw a second last group that is jedi. For this, draw an inverted V, and then draw a circle in such a way that small part of this line comes in the circle. Draw another circle on this line. Now and draw a leaf at the right side. And for detailing drum midrib and it's beans. And so they just move on to the last rule. Draw a semicircle, and then draw small slant lines like this. I D both ends of the semisolid going to join these two lines by a horizontal line. Then join these two points with a curvy line like this. Now and draw a small four dash here. And then draw a straw over d horizontal line like this. Yes, exactly, winner. Now we will fill color and these fruits in the mango and light green color and its leaf. Now when light green color in the coconut and pink color and the stroke. So now let us very red color in each eddies. Do not forget to outline the shape first. And then I'd column add light green color and its lease also add green color and the lease of strawberry. Now, I'm failing light pink color and the flesh part. After this, I'd like green color and this ground and dark green color in the ground of another pineapple, add dark green color here also. And after this red color here, and this is strawberry. Now, let us add orange color, and this part of pineapple, orange color here also. So some fruits doodle is ready. Now I will meet you in the next video. So keep watching. 10. Complete Summer Doodle: Okay, so now we are going to draw a complete once I'm I, using previous templates, bots deployed, I will draw upon Tree Hill, draw its trunk, and then it leaves. I'm drawing this one, I delivered side. But if you want, you can draw it at the right side as good. Also, you can draw the, another boundary Doodle which we have made in our first video. Now for these cars in the trunk, you can draw crisscross pattern like this. After this draw us and guests and do handwriting this modular version. But if you want, you can draw the bigger one as when noun draw us up, vote here. If you want, you can draw any other design. And this is monospace. Draw any fruit like I'm drying coconut. Do not forget to add dots and the sand castle and fly over it. Now and draw the bucket near the sand castle and Shewell below the Bacchae. After this draw, our Tau inhale. And you can notice that here I'm making this summer in a circular shape. But if you want, you can draw it in any other shapes like triangles, square, rectangle, and so on. It's totally up to you guys. What shape you want to give you some I doodle. Again now I'm drawing an ice cream. He'll basically a softy. But if you want, you can also make a coffee or a popsicle. It's up to you. Now, here, I did talk. I'm drawing us a root and I'm drawing these second type of sale road. But if you want, you can also draw the first one. Draw a flag over the mass. And our design in the head. Noun draw Cloud at its left side like this, and at the right side as well. Then draw sign in the center of this circular doodle, as it's the most important part when we are talking about summer. And here you can notice that I'm making second type of sun doodle. Draw our goggle here like this. This space. I'm drawing us lice or watermelon. But if you want, you can simply draw a complete watermelon as well. And here I'm drawing on glass of juice with a slice of lemon. Now to fill the empty space near the sun, I did cite sign. I will simply write sign like this. And if you don't want to write, you can also draw some small flower on hot it cr choice. After this, I d left side of disabled, draw a circle and then small circular out in it to turn it into a boy. And here near the lease of the palm tree, draw a small camera. Now, according to your space, fill the small empty space with the drawings of strawberry, heard mangle, plus birds and so on. You can also write summer, I did stop are at the bottom of it. It's totally optional. And then when it's complete, either the alkaline it or leave it as it is right now. So it's done. In the next video, I will share a fun class project with you. 11. Project Work: So everyone here is you often just reject, tried to draw some doodle using these templates on your own, like pictures of your doodle and upload those pictures and your project section. I'm really excited to see how you draw your summer due date. And if you upload those pictures on Instagram, then do not forget to tag me at the Art History dot 27 also, if you don't want to miss any notification regarding my new classes, then do not forget to press the follower then. Thank you. Buh-bye.