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Easy Steps to Creating And Selling Ebooks Online

teacher avatar Gabriel Felix, Music Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

23 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 1 These are the 5 reasons why you should create an ebook

    • 3. Lesson 2 Your e book will be a success! Follow the step by step process on how to create your eboo

    • 4. Lesson 3 – How to come up with creative titles that will make your ebook sell big

    • 5. Lesson 4 – This is the easiest way to determine the theme of your ebook

    • 6. Lesson 5 – Create a good title and draw readers' attention to your ebook

    • 7. Lesson 6 – How defining the target audience for your ebook can make you sell more

    • 8. Lesson 7 – 5 steps for you to define the chapters of your ebook

    • 9. Lesson 8 – This is the proper way to create a quality ebook

    • 10. Lesson 9 – How to organize your time to easily create an ebook

    • 11. Lesson 10 How you should do research to create a profitable ebook

    • 12. Lesson 11 – This is the ultimate way to create a cover for your ebook and entice your customer

    • 13. Lesson 12 – Learn how to organize your ebook and get many sales

    • 14. Lesson 13 – Why should you set goals for your ebook Check it out

    • 15. Lesson 14 – The secret to how you can promote your ebook and attract customers

    • 16. Lesson 15 – Why should you promote your ebook on Facebook

    • 17. Lesson 16 – This is the real reason to promote your ebook on Youtube

    • 18. Lesson 17 – Ways to promote your ebook on affiliate platforms you wouldn't believe

    • 19. Lesson 18 – How to promote your ebook and gain lots of readers

    • 20. Lesson 19 – 5 steps for your ebook's success

    • 21. Lesson 20 Learn the secret of making loyal readers

    • 22. Final notes

    • 23. Final notes bye bye

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About This Class

In this course, I will teach the step-by-step and organization of an ebook, as well as understand the most effective forms of promotion and how to do them. We will see the ways to make the ebook profitable and with a good amount of readers.

Course: Creating and Selling Ebooks

  • These are the 5 reasons why you should create an ebook. Have a look!

  • Your e-book will be a success! Follow the step-by-step process on how to create your ebook.

  • How to come up with creative titles that will make your ebook sell big.

  • This is the easiest way to determine the theme of your ebook.

  • Create a good title and draw readers' attention to your ebook.

  • How defining the target audience for your ebook can make you sell more.

  • 5 steps for you to define the chapters of your ebook.

  • This is the proper way to create a quality ebook.

  • How to organize your time to easily create an ebook.

  • How you should do research to create a profitable ebook.

  • This is the ultimate way to create a cover for your ebook and entice your customer.

  • Learn how to organize your ebook and make many sales.

  • Why should you set goals for your ebook? Check it out!

  • The secret to how you can promote your ebook and attract customers.

  • Why should you promote your ebook on Facebook?

  • This is the real reason to promote your ebook on Youtube!

  • Ways to promote your ebook on affiliate platforms you wouldn't believe.

  • How to promote your ebook and gain lots of readers.

  • 5 steps for your ebook's success.

  • Learn the secret of making loyal readers.

Don't hesitate to ask some questions in the discussion section throughout this course. I will answer each one of your questions as fast as possible.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this course. I look forward to seeing you on the inside and teaching you the beginner steps on how to create and launch your own E-Book.

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Gabriel Felix

Music Teacher


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1. Introduction : Hello folks, My name's gibberish Felix. And today I'm here to talk about my new course, how to create and sell your own e-book online and have around eight years of experience in this area. In 2D, I will teach oldest step-by-step. You'll find lessons about how to create titles, how to engage your audience, how format your book, five steps to define the chapters of your book and how to market and sell your e-book online. So all the step-by-step to ride your e-book curates all the details or the formatting board or the layout in. Finally, sell your e-book online or adolescence with emoji tax in animation to make everything easier for you. Hurry, I learned with my courses. If you have any kind of doubts, just send me a message through the chat and I will answer as soon as possible. Okay, so I hope you enjoy my course and see you at first lesson. Bye bye. 2. Lesson 1 These are the 5 reasons why you should create an ebook: In this video, we will have a look at the five reasons why you should create an e-book. Check it out. There are main advantages in creating an e-book, and it is important to understand all off disadvantage before you start grading. Here are the five reasons to create an eBook. Reason why he's too easy of creating a book, since you don't need a publisher, the processes cheaper user to conclude. In this way, writing our e-book brings a facet profitability because to create it, you just need to have a computer had Hannah in. Simply use star and writing. In addition, there are many tips on how to organize your republican Internet in how to create it, making the process of marketing your book, even if there isn't you. Creating a book brings credibility to you since writing requires you to have knowledge of a certain server jackets and tells you you will best technology on fruit a day book you create recently. Another reason, also very relevant. Use this spread of your knowledge further e-book. We've your e-book. You can share what you know shoulders and help them. Making people respect and admire your work based on your knowledge, you transmit reason for writing our e-book will free you from have a look for publishing. As with physical books, this can speed up the publication of your e-book, decreasing the paperwork. Also with promotion, make your make her book well-known, mark quickly. So it's a great advantage. Reason five generation income for your book is also very important since with the easier of the promotion, it is easier to have the response of readers and the purchase of your e-book, which he can be sued in various ways for groups or affiliate sites. 3. Lesson 2 Your e book will be a success! Follow the step by step process on how to create your eboo: Goryeo book to be a success, you need to plan how it will be done. Organization can make it easier in help you achieve the goal you have with the creation of your e-book. First, we need to understand that creating a book can be driving by numerous numbers of factors, including generating costumers, disseminating knowledge, he giving instructions, and so on. You need to understand what your motivation. Yes. Once you have determined your motivation, it is time to define your target audience. That he is far right? You will write your e-book, okay? This you also determining your writing style, the size of your e-book and all your organisation. Or as you have done this, establishing the film of your book is very, very important. Remember that it needs to be and not so broad theme to facilitate the selection of dementia or to beacuse it. For example, the film travel can bring you many different materials in the upgrades functional we book, we feel are off unnecessary contacts. You can then narrow down a film to international travel to Europe. This, you make your book have a more delineated fam, make it easier to research and choose sub-themes. After defining our film, it is time to choose a title that will drop people attention because the dido kinda terminate whether people will download your e-book or not interact. So this is a very important part. Blending our content is the key because Jesus, so people may or may not download your e-book by the title. It is according to the quality of your content. They will choose to recommend your book or not. I'll be lying. Each sub-theme in the end, developing each shirt that you are eBook has good content and holds the reader's attention. And finally, it is important to invest time in the design of your a book by curating and cover that can be done in Photoshop or Canva as well. Beige layout of course, right? They both candidates in and back over that. They are very important as we are. Okay, don't forget about that. This way. Your e-book can be a success and catch the reader's attention. 4. Lesson 3 – How to come up with creative titles that will make your ebook sell big : When I think of titles in general, whether for movies, books, videos are serious, we think that these titles might be attractive and generate curiosity in people. Says the title is what makes the person choose whether or not to buy what is being offered. When thinking of a title for your e-book, it is important to understand that the title serves to tell what the book is bell, but also to draw attention and make the reading, watch it all low daddy book, read it, and then refer e to the others. Psi and your title. It is very important that you have already defined for our targeted audience. So you'll know who you be writing for. Four then on, do some research on what are target audience likes, what their needs are, and what makes them by certain products. With the information, it is time to create a title that can draw the orientation. A key to get revisitation is to use numbers in questions. But the most important thing here is to demonstrate that you are e-book is complete, interesting. Now we will help the reader somehow remembered that before the title, you should have already choose the film of your e-book, since it is from the film that you create a catchy title, if possible, ask around among some people, you know, given the choice of titles to see which ones people who choose to download, that would be a good, a great marketing research in or give you a sense of what people are considering when the download e-books. Avoid very long titles to make a greater impact on your potential readers. Complicated words in long titles can make a person comfortable and give up on our loading. The e-book is a very important shortcut for you guys. When you start creating our Dido, use key words about the e-book is will make it easier to create the title. Draw people's attention to your e-book as well. 5. Lesson 4 – This is the easiest way to determine the theme of your ebook : Before you decide on the FIM, you need to keep in mind watch or modification years for making the zyBook. Asking yourself, why are you reading a book and watch your goal if it also, this is done in with your target audience in mind, it's time to narrow dire, fair choosing, good theme can be the key of curating content that will people interested in, in our material, increasing dollars in creating a successful e-book. Therefore, it is important to think about how the film can be relevant to your targeted audience. Bringing new or unspoken him, refresh content can be our wage, boosts your e-book exposure and bring more realistic to it. They book needs to have an attractive in solution or regained and a film. Because the idea here is that your e-book should bring current contents and make people interested in spread awards for you. And also need fine for research which do which films in the niche you want to write about are on the rise at the moment. C0 is VM Barton shortcut guy. So write down these again. This is, we allow you to run about a current theme that has already catch people's attention, but with the originality and innovation, with your knowledge and research. One way to Lynn find themes that you are on the rise is to, is to do a research on the most search keywords. It's getting an idea of one is being searched for in what people are reading about is very important during this coup reading process. Okay? Doing research in Facebook groups that talk about the suburbs rackets were related to your possible film will also help you choose psi on a film that best suits the people you are trying to reach. It is important to remember that you are filmed is the major GAD for your entire eBook. So find the film is an essential part of her writing our e-book. 6. Lesson 5 – Create a good title and draw readers' attention to your ebook : If you want your book to be seeing, your title can be the Garrow age at death. The title to help you appear in searches related to the content of your e-book that twice Z2 import into spins and timing bullying. Choose this title because it's proved this title that you're being half dancing possible searches. But first, you need to keep in mind what kind of content you are going to create. What is the goal of this content and what is the target audience you want your ridge. Think about what those people's problems are, how you can serve the end with your e-book counted. The text, need to bringing some sentence what the bookings to present in. So you should look for a key word that constant contextualize your e-book that are attractive words in that active mental triggers, okay, for example, words like secret reveal, a new method. K1, activity triggers of curiosity, as well as words. Fast and easy, give the idea of quick solution, okay? Painting shop Baldi's type of shortcuts. Another important point is that titles, and it should be easy to search for. Meaning people needed to see to when they are searching for something or related to your content. One tip is to take a keyword from your content and put it into Google, noticing how Google completes the phrase. So you know which title are most circuit for your, for your keyword. It is also important to remember that the title should be written for people, not for you. Okay. Remember her dad. So it is important that you think about how people will receive your title, whether it is clearing nice journalists Dan, and if he eats, represents the contents of your e-book. By follow this step-by-step, you'll be able to create titles that bringing in many more downloads of your e-book, which can also increase, uh, refers for a content, increasing profitability of your products in your e-book, a big success. 7. Lesson 6 – How defining the target audience for your ebook can make you sell more : Establishing our target audience. Extremely important, as it is from this, that you, you know what content to create. Since you can bear defining who you make that content for, the target audience or the people you want your rate. So here, it is important to know is people will not understand who your potential readers are. To. Treated is you can join WhatsApp and Facebook groups that have as their subject something close to the VM you choose for your e-book. This will bring you closer to this people in a make it easier, join us, see and what they are looking for. In what kind of questions thing once you SUV in a most important thing, how an e-book go down. You can also ask questions in these groups to understand if you are on the right track. Also being close to your target audience, you make grading your book easier and faster in a much more personalized way. This will make your e-book be more except in the loadable by, by the people you want to read with it, thinking off your target audience as people who have Bing's in problems, in who eats the fight. A solution for those problems in your e-book will refer you and spread the word about your work makes you are understanding baldness of riding for a certain, certain nowadays in how getting closer to your target audience can make your e-book merge more profitable. 8. Lesson 7 – 5 steps for you to define the chapters of your ebook : Jews, like the title of the book, the title, the subtitle of each chapter are very important to keep your readers engaged with the book. There are many ways to divide the contents of your e-book. You should choose the one that makes it as easy as possible to ride a content and that makes sense to you. The first step is in determining the chapters of your book is to keep in mind that each chapters, and you need to hold a really, you know, the words, the title of each chapter needs to be attractive in the contest, need to attract even more. Always make the reader want to continue read the book. The second step is to understand that you needed to make chapters with you. What really needs to be in your book. Don't stand your chapter just to make it longer as this can often make kids meaningless. So determine how many pages per chapter thinking sure counts the subjects who are going to cover. The third step is to evaluate the chapter division of e-books. You'll find owning their neck. That's right. Evaluating the chapter divisions of order eBooks can help you to get idea how divider yours. The first step is to check that the, the chapter fit in with the overall context of your e-book. To do this, you need to remember that the bookies a total package and each chapter is part of this package. They can not be separated. Fragments or chapter needs to be connected. Okay? So the fifth step is the definition of each chapter in the Division of what will be in each one. Each chapter should have its own sub-theme with the overall theme of the e-book. And should we connect to each other? Array is a very important short deck guys. Following these steps, you make it easier to find the chapters of your e-book so that it can hold the reader's attention. 9. Lesson 8 – This is the proper way to create a quality ebook : Creating a quality book may be easier than you think. First, to create a book humus have fought not so bad jackets you knew about themes, UMass, correct. You then need to define the target audience and the theme of your e-book, then start playing the title in contents. Disease, certainly a very important phase since the rich searching in blaming the content to offshore material is the most time-consuming part. And there are reserved of this is what can catch the reader and make them interested in the content, as well as make this reader refer your book to more people if you off course, they evaluate it, yeah, ET has quality. Here is important that at this point you're writing uses language appropriate to your audience. Avoid very long in target sentence or paragraph. Dividing the tags into subtitles should make the reading more enjoyable. Being objective, but not failing to address this subject as a whole and being careful with the language devices using imagery. This is also a great ADHD illustrates. One is being said and how the tax to have a balls and not beat dad use. Periphery reading. Your content is also extremely important, so you avoid publishing your material if possible. Arrows. Finally, it is important to organize day book in a way that is spread code for the reading, sharing all the necessary items such as school over, back over, Table of Contents and pagination. 10. Lesson 9 – How to organize your time to easily create an ebook : Grading a book takes time and dedication. Besides demonstrating your knowledge, you also need to research credible contents. Designed a book hint promoted. Of course, we need our organization so that we can use our time to grow it as e-book. So it is necessary that you initially determine how much time you intend to devote to make your e-book cards attaching on daily basis, you have other tests is to do. From there. It is important to start your e-book by defining your target audience and the FIM of the book. Next, you should take the time to research and creative title of your book. At this point, you may need to do research on sociable died Dose in your target. Yeah, audience acceptance of the title using Facebook or WhatsApp groups. In these may take more time. The next step is to divide up the chapters of your e-book and make them connected. As so we come to the port that demands the moves time in care, the elaboration of the contents should prepare the content that you have choosing as your film. To mers first, put your knowledge on paper, and then research more content that validates. Watch you have a written okay, this bar is very important. This research needs to be done very, very wealthy Jews, because the content needs to be credible. And for these, you need to read some facts to anesthesia if they are consistence and if they are Rayleigh true. Credible survey will give you the same credibility to your e-book. Make eating a truce wharf material into is inducing the referrers. And off your e-book, our IT people, your last step is to create your e-book design. This will also take some time. Sees he, you will make the cover and back cover of your e-book, as well as the pagination imaging sort, insertion in organization part and formatting. So do not skip those steps. It's very important as well. 11. Lesson 10 How you should do research to create a profitable ebook : In this video, we'll talk about how you choose to do research to create a profitable e-book. Grading and profit are we book the man's not only to the promotion of the e-book, but it's mainly the concept you put into it. This content can come from your knowledge. Of course, since the entire eBook when it is FEM, war fought out by new. However, it is very important that credible content is research to validate in compliment analogy you have present in your book. For our search to be reliable, it is important that you bent nation to the websites you are going to use because not after then present credible contents. Mainly websites such as week PJ has editable contents in can be modified by a new one. So we cannot claim the veracity of the contents. So pay attention to the websites you search is very, very important, or choosing these sites based on their credibility will make the contents of your e-book real in series. You can also research or e-books or fiasco books so that you have a lot of valid data, incredible contents which can make your reboot gain even more trust. Plenty our research can help you create more concise contents. Avoiding contact that is distracting in wasting time or what won't be relevant to your e-book. And the results of your research are the most important, barn off all your work. So it is important to organize our research and separate the subjects into folders so that we will later find it less difficult to use DNE for content developing an editing. 12. Lesson 11 – This is the ultimate way to create a cover for your ebook and entice your customer : In this video, we will learn in the glutamate wage, you create a cover for your e-book in, in TCE, your costumer press, you must understand that the cover of an eBook is not the same as the cover of a fiscal book. Often the physical book has a lot of information on a Cuvier in back over, almost the reader enters the bookstore, DID can look at the book, look at a cover getting rusty in the reading formation or with time and caution. But the the the e-book, if it does not go through the same process, no line or research. The reader view only have the option of many different colors to choose from. So it is important that you are able to cover is objective. It is then necessary to create a cover that attracts the reading too, once you click on your e-book, even in the face of your other or with similar films. So get the point and put the necessary information a cover of your material. Thinking about how does information cats your target, your audience attention. You can have a thin plate from the cover of other ebooks with a similar fan. So you can have a base and get ideas from that cover. But always keeping your originality in my okay, don't forget about that. Also, you can search blogs or Facebook page 4, covers that are not attract. It will give you an idea of what not to do. It's a great shortcut for you guys. So follow the step-by-step of choosing well, the image that will put on your coffee is very important. It needs to be connected to the contents of Sharia boots and a y you want to communicate with fit. The propulsion of your cover are also very important. Be careful when seating in arranging the content because a covert disproportionately images and learning, we will not catch any one at the right. Also remember that choosing a good type fonts for the letters cover can help drop people's attention and make your book be the chosen one. 13. Lesson 12 – Learn how to organize your ebook and get many sales : Your organization of your e-book is very important because it is with this that you be able to keep the reader interested. An e-book that is difficult to read and we've poor organization will only drive the reader away. So the question remains on how you organize your material in such a way that the reader feels comfortable while reading in has easy access to the information they need after reading the book. Your first step is to choose the right type font because this will make it easier for the reader to read in the band on a font choosing it can make reading enjoyable or tiring. So be careful with that array. An order important part of ebook organization is the amount of tax per-page. Putting too much text on a page, data imagery in small font size can cause the reader to perceive the text as tightly and stop reading. So it is important to choose a font that is appropriate for attacks but does not make it tiring churn rates, the use of imagery is also very important As the help contextualize the subject matter in and gave you a break from reading, the images must have good quality. So do some research and observe the quality of the image. Choosing carefully pagination in the organize the table of contents of your e-book. Help the reading quickly find a sub rejects the yellow looking for so organized the table of contents in a functional way with the titles and subtitles of each chapter and the beige they are on. This can be a great help for your readers. 14. Lesson 13 – Why should you set goals for your ebook Check it out : Goals are important parts of any job, but not only work, because everything we do requires that we already have a defined end goal. Therefore, even the simplest act needed go, goes are what give things meaning. And even o planet go exists in our daily lives. So why not clearly outline the goals of your e-book defining water results you want to achieve. To begin, let's think about the target audience of our film. What are their pains? What should be their doubts in watts? Would it be the contests that draw their attention at this moment? From, from these questions, we can create ghosts that peak to what the audience needs are at that moment. And not important question is, what's the reason for creating the zyBook? Answering this question can help you set your ago based on their relevance of the subject matter. Because if the subject matters is relevant, it can be profitable. But if you realize that the subjects not irrelevant, it may be a wasted effort. Cct probably want generates the downloads in either the sales you plan. This is why it's so important, you know, you're targeting audience. And to conduct research. We've dissolved once. Knew what will serve them. In a way, you can have more clarity when setting our goals. So bad things about these shortcuts, okay, it's important to do your research at home and follow these shortcuts. Precision is also very important because the more specific you are when you outline your goals and objectives, the grid, the chance of achieving success, since you have outline and this goes for any reality. Don't forget that your goals must be released and match your current moment. I me and make the goals and purpose achievable with your boss beats in limitations. So before you start creating our e-book, outliner goes. 15. Lesson 14 – The secret to how you can promote your ebook and attract customers : After creating the book, it is timed, you're promoted. But how to do this? There are many ways to promote your e-book and you conquer raters. One of them is to create a blog that talks about the same film. You can use your blog to promote your a book by creating articles with Seba jackets that can increase people to want to know more about it, e-book content and other rachis spread the word with your blog is choose a CTA, that is a call to action. Each Xi are textual or visual calls that lead the reader to do something. For example, a textual CTA would be wanting to learn more about dogs clicking this link, and then you provide a link to download your e-book using a burner on your blog advertising our e-book canals would be a way to be seen. Facebook can also help you spread the word proposes on your profile page. And in groups that are related to the film. In these groups, you can spin a lot more time and interact with people offering our e-book and show you the quality of the content presented. Making YouTube channel can also be good, which promote your e-book, CSU tube, the second largest search changing the world and has draft cough, millions of people every day. Even WhatsApp can be a promotion to prove stats or group that have your e-book niche as a film. So promoting our e-book can be done in many different ways within social networks, on your blogs, or even fruit partnerships with places that are targeted areas may attend. The important thing is to be creative and bring your work to potential readers. 16. Lesson 15 – Why should you promote your ebook on Facebook : Facebook has Min futures. Besides being used for making friends, posting pictures and phone pager with themes you like. Facebook is also used for advertising. This being the case. You can promote your e-book here a variety of ways through Facebook. One is through your own profile by tagging people in a pose where you can talk about your e-book. You can also create a page where you post articles, facts, or trivia about a theme of your e-book. Invite people to follow the Spanish and in-between pose and advertise your e-book by post. Some exerts to tease the reader. I'm not arranged to spread the word is through groups we've tops close. Should those of your e-book send interesting excerpts about your material in imagery, in pose that are related to the film. Always putting the link where it should all job, okay. Cranial own Facebook groups can also work in. You can still make sales floor. We're going to get traffic. On Facebook. There is the marketplace, which is a place where you can advertise various products. Advertising are a book. Can, there can be a good option as well in the sales group. Making videos and good detuning your stars can now So make sure you reach potential readers and make sales for then. In addition to this free features, Facebook has also Facebook ads. She is NADH feature, a media manager for the platform itself. It helps who, those who want to advertise on a social network make that appear both in the user's new feed and in a ADD library developed by Facebook. With this, you can make your ad appear exactly to your target audience. For example, human aging, June 30 to 45 who have bad at home and leaving New York sit for those who have money to invest. This too, is great. You can really target your audience. Farewell. 17. Lesson 16 – This is the real reason to promote your ebook on Youtube : You can promote your product fruit you to bike riding and change. That talks about the same thing as your book. Press. You need to keep in mind that create a channel. Youtube requires dedication, and the results are not instance. You don't need to spin hours in front of a computer, make it 1000 pulses are even added an amazing videos, but you will need to research, note accountants, tuples such as your target audience, okay? So this research board is very important. This way, you can sell your e-books from your channel, mix various type of features. Always we have some jackets are related to the feel of your e-book. Digitals with tips in teaching the step-by-step of something are very popular. Especially thinking about topics that help people in our relevant to Dan somehow videos talking about the articles in our e-book canal. So generate all are off clicks to the link of the material. Recording videos, wifi and emissions, or a collection of images with algae or something written can also be a good option too, since vetoes of this can drop people's attention in the cones can be diverse. Features. We've testimonials from readers of your ebook are a great idea. Besides giving you credibility, it can also give good testimonials of your own work. Many times, people quit by some product just because they don't have someone's recommendation. So with this as manuals, you can make it easier for a potential reader to choose. You make video stocking properly about a book in watch are the topics covered in it can also work very well, as long as they are sharp in VR informative videos. There, there are many types of videos. You can make, juice one, or even mix all types, bringing your potential really into contact with you or a book. 18. Lesson 17 – Ways to promote your ebook on affiliate platforms you wouldn't believe : In this video, we will look at ways to promote your e-book on a fleet bladder forms. Affiliate websites are places where people promote products such as Corps Life Course in e-books. Differently aids, sell the products didn't Keating dense cells to promote and receive your commission for each sale. This convenient, good way to make sales of your e-books, because affiliates are professionals who study digital marketing in vaster time promoting their products to make main CO2 is getting their permission. There are several platforms. The most famous Warner currently hot mark Hindus in law Monday. To sell your products, you must make it attract to affiliate. So they want you to search you making your product profitable, but how to make your e-book and attractive product? You are a book needs to be relevant to the audience. The subjects marrow needs to be something people watch, buy something you are targeting margins, desires. Another important point is to work on a cutover are of your products. Please, in the image of your e-book in a way that is attractive to your target, your audience, use a contrasting color errors and place relevant information about your content. Creating content to let the family know about your book can be a very good strategy of sale and make it easier for the energy sell. The more they knew about the content, the easier it is to explain and make the sale. Apart from this aspect, another relevant point is the commission. You need to offer attractive commission to get affiliate is interested in selling your e-book. So you need to think about how much you charge for the book in and the commission amount to finally know, you are selling price. This way, you'll be able to glues main sales for your affiliates. 19. Lesson 18 – How to promote your ebook and gain lots of readers : In this video, we will learn how to promote your e-book and get lots of readers. We note that promoting is the main part, often Garrett sales and bring your e-book to potential readers. But Dn, how to make this publicity. Promoting our e-book through you too, can be a great choice. Besides promoting each on your channel, you also partner with other channels in half. You in the order change your exchange subscribers, increasing the number of both and also indivisibility of your e-book. If you know people who have blogs or websites, can be a passive way to promote your e-book. You can propose to Dan that they earn a commission on each sale made for the blog or website. This way, both parties, when creating and sending me your marketing can also be an effective to creating e-mail lists can bring you potential readers sees only people who are interested in receiving email marketing sign up for this list. Searching Facebook and WhatsApp and YouTube groups about the scenery of your e-book can also generate sales if the content is interesting to those people. Contents Mainly then to download your e-book. Partnering with influencers who have already shown good results cannot be another way to promote your e-book. But it is also necessary to analyze these results and understand if their niche is in line with the theme of your book. Okay, don't forget about that and promotion. It is important to keep people informed about the theme of your ebooks in how your content can be helpful. Making more and more people careers to download it. This generating sales of the e-book. 20. Lesson 19 – 5 steps for your ebook's success : In this video, we will learn the five steps to a successful we book. What do you do? Steps be blending ARE book is the first step to make it successful e-book. Because by planing suddenly goes, you will craft your e-book for a specific audience and then make the book meet their needs. The second step is to make it interesting and attractive. Cover and Zayn, organizing our e-book and make a good covert can track potential readers. The third step is to create content that has credibility and it's really relevant to the target, the audience. This is why research is so relevant and necessary. Of course. The content will not only help you to make more sales, it will also help to BYU the reader doesn't loyalty. Okay, So this is one of the most important. The four, the fourth step is to know your target, your audience, because only the end king can you create something that's really relevant to them? There's generating many downloads, creating a book he and make it as successful, a fixed time in knowledge abolished onwards. So the 50 step is to research the digital marketing in how to apply it. Spreading the word about your e-book is what you make it non, bring your target audience closer to you, can turn them into readers of your e-book. Being a pioneer of a certain solar jackets can also make you turn your e-book. It's the most downloaded one. By following these steps, you can make your e-book profitable in with men downloads. And of course, getting people to become readers of your Naxi book. 21. Lesson 20 Learn the secret of making loyal readers : In this video, we will learn the secrets of make loyal readers, make your real lawyer is a mission that the men's knowledge of your target audience and your ring then the contents, the yellow looking for. Furthermore, it is important to have content with a lot of credibility because then people come to tourists, the content that is in our e-book, making IT handbook for consulting and refer the very design of your e-book. If done well. K-mean kids more professional and make radius guaranteed Learnability. It can also make the end become constant readers of your publications. Doing surveys to find out what they like and why they didn't like about your book can help make improvements. In the next one, bringing readers a sense of having been heard and being a bar of it. After all, you are a book is made for DeAndre. So why not listened to there? But during the creation of the first Seabrook. Now so make the, make booze to define some Bart's, such as Dido subtitle, covert back Hoover among others. Doing work focus on your target. Yeah. Yes. Okay. So asking whatsoever jackets then you read can also help you choose a film. Another array to be unreadable IoT is at each release to sand a preview for your new eBook to those who have already bought a previous one. It can be a sharpener version of Journey book with Kurtz, only one chapter, but something that ties the read to want to know more about this new work. Being close to people who make up for the target your audience can give you ideas of what should create for the next e-books and what it gave you the most return, as well as understanding how you could accomplish each step of your lab book. It is important that you understand each step of your e-book making process in how dizzy MOOC will be received by our target audience. By understand this, you get a good response for your target audience and your e-book will be able to be a loyal readers. 22. Final notes: This is the last lesson of our course. I hope you enjoy my lessons. And of course, if you have any doubts, please send a message through the point of Photoshop. And if you want to suggest me a new film to this class, okay, a new course that I gave you. I feel you shouldn't require a course about desktop to your designer topic. Please send a message array. I want to improve this course even more. Okay. Thank you so much. See you. Bye-bye. 23. Final notes bye bye: The last lesson of our course, and I have three things to talk. The first one is, please evaluate my course. This is very important to my work. This type of feedback is going to help me to improve my lessons. And of course, the visibility here in this platform. So this reveal pour this feedback part is very important guys. Second thing, you can watch the course over again, kings, Not a problem at all. We have any kind of doubt. Just come back and see the lesson over again. This is important, very important. Because with this you are going to absorb a 100% of the knowledge Hanover tree is visit my profile have several types of courses in this Florida form froms going to help in the future, right? So think is so much and see you later. Bye-bye.