Easy & Produtive Monthly Layouts 2020 Journal | PART II | Daisy I Productivity Coach | Skillshare

Easy & Produtive Monthly Layouts 2020 Journal | PART II

Daisy I Productivity Coach, Productive Planning Co.

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3 Lessons (16m) View My Notes
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Overview and January Set up

    • 3. February Set Up and Final Review


About This Class

Hello and welcome to this week's class. The second and last part of our “Crafting a Travelers Journal” series of October.

In this class, I will share my process for drafting and designing my custom monthly planner layouts, using the inserts we created in this months' series, "Creating Custom Planner Inserts"

The intention of today's class is to have fun but also create personalized monthly layouts that allow us to plan a productive life while staying creative and having fun. 


Remember that planning is essential for productivity, but it is also important to love your planner and page layouts in order to create a habit of using it daily. 

So, today our focus will be to design pretty and functional monthly layouts to begin our year with clarity and productive pages to help us along the way. 

As always, I made sure to keep this class easy to follow. So it has been divided into two portions Part I, "Designing Fun & Productive Layouts for our New 2020 Journal" and today, is the second portion of this fun class.

Below are the materials I will be using. Feel free to alternate them with your favorites.


  • Mechanic pencils for drafting.
  • Black fine tip .5 Sharpie Pen.
  • Black .8 tip Sharpie Pen
  • Mildliner Zebra highlighters in pastel tones.
  • A 12” ruler and a smaller version (optional)

I hope you enjoy this project and come back next week as we begin a new productive business series.


I will love to meet you and share our projects and planning tips over at our social media channels. PLUS, you can see how I have been using a similar journal to stay productive and have fun while at it. 

Follow at @productiveplanning and find out more about at http://www.productiveplanningco.com


1. Introduction: welcome in this class. We're going to be focusing on designing the layout that we are going to be using in the new inserts we created last week. And this is part of the series of creating our Travelers Journal. And today we are focused again is just to create a delay out several you're going to be using so we can start planning on our new journal. So just go ahead and find out the materials that you're gonna be meeting did include a list of my favorite materials to use when I'm designing my layout, just in case you need some ideas. But this class is fairly simple, is relaxed. There's no creation right now other than designing the layout. So make sure that you enjoy the card. We get started. I do want to invite you, as always, to follows in social media at predicted signing. And they're more about us, a predictive planning coach that let's get cited 2. Class Overview and January Set up : All right. So welcome back to the second part of the class in this session, I am going to be arranging the actual months for the purpose of the class and to keep it short and simple to follow along. I just created a draft Ford February, and for January and February, I did created my draft ahead of up ahead of time to speed up the process. But I will take you along the feeling up drafts and got a going over with my dark marker again, as I mentioned before, It's a good idea to have an idea off or a plan of What is it that you want to include in this case? I know that I need it to that I wanted to have an overview for the month, and then I every have a prefer set up for my weeks. So I went with that and I did win along. I did win ahead and check on the 2020 calendar to kind of know the weeks that I'm gonna need in all that stuff so that it's a prep that you I do encourage you to take before you start designing your layouts. So right here I am. In my January recover I created I went with the moon, just as I you've been doing previously. If you haven't taken if you haven't seen the first part of this series had to encourage you to go over there and take a look. We created some fun. Lay out to get you started for 2020. So right here I included a moon for the cover of January. And then I went ahead and started my monthly layout for the entire month. Overview. So I've added something core an area for my goals, that to do area the area for adding what it's happening on the month and the entire area for the calendar. And this is an area that I stopped using for a while. But then I felt the need of going back to it so that it's a good thing that I think I had to go through to know that I actually do like to use this type of layout. So now that we have our draft ready, we can go ahead and start going over the draft designs with the dark markers. And I didn't mention this before, but obviously you can go to the description of each of the sessions in each class. And I add, I always try to add a list of the materials that I'm using within the, uh for the glasses. That weight you can if you if there's something that you like and you want to give it a try yourself, there is an direct link or a the There is the details regarding those materials within the description. So right now I am going to go with the dark marker and start darkening my drafts. All right. And before I move on, I'd like to, uh, erase all the pencil marks. Because if I don't do it at this point, then I might forget. All right, so now that allow the pencil marks are gone, I can move on to the actual monthly overview. All right, so now I am ready with the layout on my January page, and I am going to go ahead and start erasing the pencil marks right now. I can see once you raise your pencil marks, you can also leave. You can actually, you can also see areas that you've missed coloring such as right here and this is totally preference and maybe other areas that you might like to add more color. Right now, I am ready to move on. I'm happy with the layout for the month of January overview, and I am ready to move on to the week to the weekly layout. I do want to mention here that you can add definitely the days of the week. If you feel like that, it's something that you I prefer to have. In my case. I am fine and not having the days of the week because I like the look off the calendar just starting on the actual date where it starts the month where the months starts and ending, when it whatever it ends. So if he ends on a Wednesday, then the calendar would start here and then in here, for example. So now I'm ready to move on to my weekly layout. Let's go ahead and start with that right? So as I mentioned previously, I have a prefer layout for my weekly planning, and this is something that I've been using for so long now that it's like my to go spread it. It's easy for me to follow It's easy to me. It's easy and fast to make, and it actually allows me to stay focused. Created my goals on a daily basis. My journaling, if I have to at any notes about regarding today, whatever. And it also adds a area for no and most likely and not using the areas. I just use them for the review of the actual week. Um, so we just go with it spread or layout that works for you. This bread works for me because it saves me time and he saves me space. So as I mentioned before, I have already to draft with pencil. So I'm gonna go ahead and start feeling it up with my marker Now for my weekly spreads. I like to start with the Sunday So I will start here Sunday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and this is the area for the notes or the reflection off this week. And then I'll start over a hit again here for the next week, on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, just like that. All right. And then right here, I will leave it blank in case I want to either write notes if I'm actually using it for notes. Or, I might add a quote for maybe a word for the week were quote or something else if I'm using it for something else, All right. Now I am happy with the layout for the weeks, and I can go ahead and in erased de pencil, right? So now we are done with our January for it. We have the cover, we have the weeks and we have the reflection paid. Now we're ready to move on to decide the final, which will be the favorite airy spirits. 3. February Set Up and Final Review : All right, so we are ready to get started with February. In my case again, I have already my drafts in place, All the dress in pencil so I can just go over it with my dark markers. I will just use black markers today because I want to speed of the class and just kind of make it easy to follow. So now again, I have my my cover ready, and I am ready to go over it with the marker. - If you want to see how I'm going to color in my designs, make sure that you go to the projects area where I'm going to be uploading my pages once they are colored in. Now I am ready with the February cover and I can move on to the monthly overview. And like I mentioned, I have the of the draft already made with pencil. I went with the full month overview. The title of the the The Mountain top kind of carried over the flowers alone along with the east bread, to go along with theme. And I have the month overview. The in this case I did made the month a bit bigger and then I just included the whatever is happening this month in this area, the goals and to do area here in left, an area of the bottom, in case I need to add more details. - Great . So now I am done with the monthly layout and I can go ahead and in the race to the pencil marks. All right, so now I am done rate erasing the pencil marks, and I can move on to going over the weekly layouts. In this case, I will speak through the going over the weekly layout. Since it is the same layout as we did previously on the January. However, I do want to mention that in this case, I went ahead and started a week on a Saturday instead of Sunday. That way, I only needed four areas for four weeks in that case instead off adding an entire page just for a few days. All right, so I have already went over the draft for the weeks and let's just go over them really quick. I have the monthly overview for the month of February that I have my first week, which I started this time only on a Saturday to make sure that I didn't really waste from space in this case. 2020 free favorite Airy starts on Saturday in ends on a Saturday. So it works perfectly because I started on Saturday here. This week starts on Saturday in since Saturday. Then I continued to my regular layout starting on Sunday in ending on Saturday. Not Sunday. Saturday. And then, um then I have the first week, second week, third week, fourth week. Any starts. Ponce ends on Saturday, and it's perfect for the month off the entire month of February. Now that I have that, don't I am ready to finished with my reflection for the month of February, right? That it's simple and now it can be raised pencil. All right, so we are done with the spread. Let's just double check and kind of review. The moments that we've created, we re created. Going back to the front, we've created a reflection for Sabry. We have 12 um 1234 weeks of February, and that includes the entire month. Then we have an overview for the months and the areas for the the what is happening on the month, the goals and it two DUIs. Then we have the cover as well. For February. An empty page, just in case that we want to add other stuff, maybe pictures and things like that. We going back into January. We have the reflection area for January. One week, two weeks, three, four and five weeks now. And this on January, January 2020 starts on Wednesday. So the 1st 3 days there are gonna be blank. So what I do in my case, I used the area to add pictures and things more specifically in January about the New Year's and pictures of the family events and things like that. Then we have the overview for the month and the cover. All right said that it's done. Now. We have the 1st 2 months ready to get started on 2020 planning. So thank you so much for joining and I'll see you next week.