Easy Procreate® Watercolors - Create a Stylized Scientific Illustration | Sandra Bowers | Skillshare

Easy Procreate® Watercolors - Create a Stylized Scientific Illustration

Sandra Bowers, Illustrator + Surface + Creature Design

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12 Lessons (1h 10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project and Supplies

    • 3. Hello Procreate

    • 4. Color Picker

    • 5. Split Screen Mode

    • 6. Canvas Symmetry

    • 7. Sketching

    • 8. Color Blocking

    • 9. Masks

    • 10. Details

    • 11. Background Sketch

    • 12. Final Details and Conclusions

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About This Class


In this class we'll create an easy watercolor effect in Procreate with just 4 brushes. I’ll give you a quick introduction to Procreate's gallery features, how to use the color picker and create color palettes, how to use the split screen mode to use reference pictures (I’ll provide you with mine), how to use the symmetry tool, I'll show you my secret tool to improve sketches without having to redraw everything constantly, and we’ll create our watercolor butterfly and our background flowers using only brushes that are provided by Procreate. I’ll even show you how to add a watercolor paper texture with a brush that is included with the class, and I’ll show you how to make different variations of it. This class is packed full of little tips and tricks and an insight to how I work, so join me, and let’s begin painting (digitally).

Since I go through every step required to follow the class, this class is suitable for beginners. Remember that you can reduce the speed at which you watch the class (by pressing where it says 1x besides the play button).


If you want to download the candy brush, at the moment of recording this class, they’re still available to download from Procreate (HERE).

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