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Easy Pot Decoration Ideas

teacher avatar Tanya Maheshwari, Artist and Crafter

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Material Required

    • 3. Sanding the Pot

    • 4. Base Coating

    • 5. Adding Colour

    • 6. Decoration with Dot Painting

    • 7. More Dot Painting

    • 8. Decorating the Red Pot

    • 9. Project Work

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About This Class

In this class you will learn: 

Decorating the clay pots using Dot Painting and Decorative Materials.

I will be using homemade dotting tools so anyone can try this easily.

Also, no prior art skills are required.

Material Required:

  • Two clay pots
  • Acrylic color
  • Paint Brushes
  • Sandpaper
  • Newspaper
  • Glue
  • Decorative materials such as Lace, White pearl stones, and so on.

By the end of this class, you will be able to decorate your clay pots on your own.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tanya Maheshwari

Artist and Crafter


Hello, I'm Tanya Maheshwari.

I am living in Delhi, India. I am an educator.

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1. Introduction: Hello everyone. Welcome to my class. I am dynamically SRI and artist and necroptosis. And this glass, I really could do clay pots, which can be used as degradative material, Penn sin, Rustin and so on. This class is for both our disk as it is known artist by Stefan. I will discuss material required and then move on to Caesar. And lastly, I'll share a fun class project for you. Thank you. 2. Material Required: First of all, I will tell you what my DDO we will need to decorate our parts. And then I'll discuss some alternate options of these materials if there is any. So let us discuss what media we will need to clay pots decorated with items such as lays, so below middle, bike milestones, golden stones and so on. Acrylic, paint brushes, glue or newspaper or any other rough glute and super refined same people. The alternate option of these materials are as follows. One can use any other decorative items like multi-colored stones. See silver colored overlays and so on. Glue gun in place of glue, posture, color and place of acrylic column. Find on very fine grit sandpaper and place also for fine grade same people. In the next video, we will prepare the base for our liquidation. 3. Sanding the Pot: First, avoid placing all newspaper articles to avoid stains on your walk table. Now Dave, do clipboards and thus mod p. So sign people. Sang these points when my one, as I am doing to make it services moon, as there is unlettered roughness on it. So here I am using super fine sandpaper of 518 grid as the surface of these clipboards is not much row. But if you feel that surface of your clay pot is very drove name you should first Groupon medium or fine grade same people that ranges between a D21 to integrate and a 150 to 180 grit respectively. And then you should go for so for fine grade paper will not forget to send that top end up B's portion of the clay bond as these are equally important as a side portion of it. So here signing off Firefox clay pot is done. Now we will move on to the second clipboard. I am using same sandpaper to send this clay pot. But if you warn, then you can change your sandpaper. It is totally up to you. Also and there is no set Foundation. They do have to chose five and then in 18 grid, super fine grit sandpaper, you can go for a new grid that ranges between 360 and herbal far super fine grids and people to avoid dust in the first video clip art and sandpaper and then start sending him. And if you are dust allergic, then this will be a very helpful for you. So the signing part is done. You can see the surface of our clay pot is smoother than. Now. Take water in the bowl and put these clay pots into it. Also fill them with water. So deg Diesel gate properly. This step is very important before applying coat of color, as you can see, how fastly these parts are soaking water. So every step then semen happened with our canal, which may be a waste of going out. So do not miss this a step after sending it. Now, take out your clipboard strong DI water, and leave them for around 10 to 15 minutes to get them dry. In the next video, we will apply piece code on it. 4. Base Coating: So our parts are semi dry. Now, we will paint these spots with the white acrylic Kono POV on applying white column because this will act as B scored for other colors as well, directly apply any other color there it is. Red, yellow, green. Any other? Again, not look dead shiny or attractive. So we are first applying vite Quranic and then many will get dry up completely. Maybe pain these spots with other colors like this, keep this part assign and now paint the another oneness similar way and we did this one. Also do not forget to paint the base of the pot. There is no need to worry if you're white color is not looking that shiny because in the end we will apply another color coat on it. Now, keep this part, assign n. Let us paint the inner side of our first part. Painting the inner part is as important as painting the autopilots, so do not miss this step. So painting of our first part is complete. Now let us move on to another part and painted inner portion as we did this one. Painting off our second part is also done. Now, give these spots assigned for about one to two hours to let them dry completely. And in the next video, we will apply main color on these parts. 5. Adding Colour: By now debase quote has dried. Now we will apply main color on these spots. The one part aside and let us paint the other one. I am painting this part with the low acrylic canal as it is very bright color. And it wouldn't make our part look very attractive. Hey, I'm using acrylic color and it is not specific debt you have to use acrylic colony. You can simply replace it with post-stroke Allah. But if you are using acrylic color and then I'll suggest you to use solution calling medium, which is easily available in the market and plays on Word doc colouring of outer part of this part is done. Now let us keep this bond aside and pain D, another way. I am painting this part with red acrylic color to make it look more attractive. As red, as very EKG, angry or green color. And you are totally free to change these colors with any other color like blue, green, pink, any other window. It is the output. And it depends only on you, which color pot you want. Don't want to apply any other color on your points, then it is totally okay. You just simply add one more CTO, white color on your ports to finalize the look. Also, if you want, then you can apply same color on both the ports. After painting the outer part of the pods do not forget to paint the inner part of it. So in the coloring part is done. In the next video, we're going to liquidate these spots. 6. Decoration with Dot Painting: Now we will decorate our thoughts. Let us take D and look bored. You can see how bright an attractive it is looking. We will decorate this part with dot painting for which I use acrylic color of differentiates. To start the painting. Here I'm using base off mechanical pencil from making bundle of red acrylic color. For the next dots, I will use blue acrylic color and shape of the handle off paintbrush. I'll make eight small dots with the help of. These eight dots will be around the same term, red dot and will be eight AQ distinct from each other. Now, we are done with the blue color. Now does now move on to the next corner. There it is green. For the next color, I'm using Roboto base of another paint brush so that we will get bigger size green door. I will make eight such dots with the help of these eight dots will be around d blue dots. And in such a way that each green dot will comes in middle of d blue dots and also a baby at a QT syndrome each other. Make these dots carefully and patiently as you kind undo these dots later. The green color part is done. So let us move on to the next color. Now, I'm using the tip of the mechanical pencil from making small pink colored dots around these bigger green dots. For us survive, make heavy Pindar just above the green dot at its center as I am doing. And then make small annuli dots along with these green dots to make it look like that, these green dots are being covered with pink color. And this way we will get on leave kind of structure. I don't eat green dot instead of proper circular structure. So this is the last pattern of this sign. But if you've warned, you can add more patterns to it. Or you can simply repeat this last pattern to give it up bigger leaf like structure. So friends here I does Done. Now we'll make the same painting on its backside. To start the painting, the base of the mechanical pencil and direct color and make a big red colored dot. After this there. Tip of the paint brush into the blue color and start making eight small blue colored dots. These eight dots will be around the red colored dot and will be eight the EQ distinct from each other. Now on the base of paint brush into the green color and start making eight green colored dots around these blue colored dots. Make these green dots in such a way that each green dot to welcome them Madonna of the blue dot. After this dip that tape off the mechanical pencil and do the pink color and start making dots around these green dots as we did earlier. And if you are new to this dot painting, then you might find it on little bit tricky as I have also find it. So when I was a beginner, but all you have to do is take a deep breath and start painting at a slow pace. Also, if you want to try any other pattern, then you are totally free to do this. It's up to you. So here it is done. In the next video, we will continue decorating this part. 7. More Dot Painting: Now we will fill the empty spaces between these two designs. First of all, and if w0, so the paint brush into the blue color and make a blue color dot on the both sides of the part. After this, take the another paint brush and dip the base of that paint brush and do the pink color and start making four dots around this blue colored dot. Add to a queue distinct from each other. Now take the mechanical pencil and depict step and do the blue color. And start making small four dots suggestive of the pink dots. And then makes my blue colored dots around the pink dots in such RV that it doesn't look like the pink color is covered with blue color. Also make these blue colored dots in such a way that will get, I'll leave kind of shape around each bing dot and setup proper circular shape. So this same design is done. Now let us move on to another side. And the base of the paint brush into the paint and make default dogs as we did earlier. You can observe that I have made these pink dots are in excess shaped tip of deep mechanical pencil and do the blue color and start making dots as we did earlier. And if you want to change this back done our design, like go, you want to add some other pattern you have seen, unless you are totally free to do this as a doozy apart. And it totally depends upon you what design, what baton you want on your point. Also feel free to change the color of these buttons. And if you are feeling that you are not able to make such bad turns men these dots and then you just simply make dots of different colors in GI number done. So our design is complete and you can see how pretty and attractive it is looking. Now, we're going to decorate the dark side of depart. The debates of the paint brush into the blue color and start making the dots over the top of the pot. As I am doing. These blue color dots will be at a cutie stemmed from each other and will appear as semi don't. By making these blue colored dots handle default carefully as I being used design has not completely dried up. Here. I have made blue colored dots, but if you want, you can chain this blue colorway, do re-do pain or green. You can add different colored dots in place of just single color dot. So on degradation of top part is done. Now let us move on to the next reason. Who decorate this neck reason I have selected pink color to make dots. But if you want, you can simply make blue colored dots as we did in the top of the pot. Also, I'm making same colored dots all over this next season. But if you want you can earn a Dhaka close to. So here we are done with the neck reason on Zoom and r dot painting is complete. So this is how read equity did this bot. In the next video, we will decorate our red color port. 8. Decorating the Red Pot: We will decorate this red color pod with defend decorative items such as stones, laser, and so on. For osteophyte, rebuild paste this golden leaves around Danica of deep odd apply fabric. The reason of the pod. And you can use brush to a straight this fabric or are you just simply illustrated with the help of a recall to you? Now start pasting this golden laze around the neck reason and keep pressing via UPS state. Apply more fabric oil at the edge of the list and pasted. Now apply for darts are favicon, I had a good is sent from each other as I am doing phase, these are below mirror on these dots as I am pasting. So don't be seeing ohmmeter part is done now apply six dots up fabric coil around each meter. Hale we will pace golden colors. Stones on these dots are having cars. And for basing those stones here, I'm using my artistic so that became please those students are at their proper validation. You can use to make and place of matchstick to piece these histones or even you can simply pays them with the help of your fingers. Hey, all VRP seeing these histones around the mirror in such a way that we are getting a fly like pattern. By integrity didn't handle the pod very carefully. So basing these students around the mirror is done. Now we'll move on to the next step. Applied to DOD soft fabric oil in a straight line between two flowers. As I am doing. We will paste these white bars on these dots are fair because paste these white bars as I am pasting, bk are fluid by pasting as our previous design has not dried up completely. Now apply by vehicle at the bottom of the pod as I am applying. Start basting these white papers on this fabric coil. Apply more fabric coil and keep pasting these white bars along this line of Africa. So here the degradation part is done. Now I bought side ready to use. You can add artificial trees just like me, or you can use it as fans sang. In the next video, I'll share a project work for you. 9. Project Work: So everyone here is Johann class project tried to decorate at least one clipboard on your own. Take pictures of your clipboard and upload those pictures in your project section. I'm super excited to see what color you painted on your clipboard and how you decorated it. And if you upload those pictures on Instagram, then do not forget to tag me at the Art History dot 27 oil. So if you don't want to miss any notification regarding my new classes, then do not forget to press the follower it thank you. Buh-bye.