Easy Pencil Portrait | Sharon Mapuvire | Skillshare
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6 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Eyebrows

    • 3. Nose

    • 4. Lips

    • 5. Face

    • 6. Hair


About This Class


Join me as I teach quick and easy techniques for drawing a pencil portrait. Portraits can be daunting so I have broken it down into a simpler process for beginners. Learn new tricks and styles for drawing, getting your proportions right, and shading in those facial features.

This start to finish class teaches you how to draw a face from mind or from a reference image, you will learn how to alter certain features to your liking and preference. 

Key Lessons include: 

*How to get your proportions right

*How to draw hair, eyebrows and eyelashes

*Tricks to drawing and shading lips

This class is perfect for beginners who want to learn easier ways to achieve a portrait. If you want learn new ways of drawing then this lesson is a definite good fit.






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Sharon Mapuvire

Anything Is Possible

Hello everyone, my name is Sharon Mapuvire and I'm a freelance fashion designer based in Harare, Zimbabwe. The Skillshare team invited me to be a part of the teaching community and I felt it would be a great platform to share my skills and talent because I have developed ways of creating designs through computer programs in easy ways applicable to anyone. Making it possible for anyone to design whatever they have in mind without ever knowing how to draw.

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