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Easy Peasy Mirror Calligraphy: DIY Mirror Signs

teacher avatar Beth Hunt, In love with calligraphy since I was 12

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Intro to Mirror Calligraphy

    • 2. Supplies: What You'll Need

    • 3. Creating Your Design on Paper

    • 4. Preparing Your Mirror

    • 5. Writing on Your Mirror

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About This Class

Writing on mirrors is easy and fun with the right tools and techniques. Learn how to make your own calligraphy mirror signs using three simple steps with Beth of Beth Hunt Calligraphy. Using wipe away chalk markers, you're free to experiment with your designs and get comfortable with this new medium. This class is perfect for the DIY bride or anyone looking for elegant event and party signs!


Meet Your Teacher

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Beth Hunt

In love with calligraphy since I was 12


I'm Beth and I have loved the art of calligraphy since I was about 12 years old, when Santa Claus gave me a calligraphy set for Christmas. Pens and pretty papers are a few of my favorite things, and I am blessed to do something I truly, deeply love. While addressing a friend's wedding envelopes in 2009, I was inspired to start my own calligraphy business, and Beth Hunt Calligraphy was born. I want to inspire anyone who wants to create pretty letters to try their hand at lettering and calligraphy...it's easier than you think! I love sharing my hobby turned profession with others and am passionate about keeping the art of calligraphy alive.

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1. Intro to Mirror Calligraphy: Hail. I'm Beth with Beth Hunt. Calligraphy Welcome back to my channel. Easy peasy. Modern calligraphy. Today we're going to be talking about how to create your own signs for your wedding or event using mirrors. Mirror calligraphy has become very popular in the past year or two as a fresh alternative to chalkboards or would sign Egx. And we're gonna talk today about how you can make your own mirror signs in a calligraphy style, using some of the techniques from my first class on skill share here about calligraphy. So we're gonna talk about mere calligraphy and show you how to do it. It's easy, and I hope you'll enjoy it. 2. Supplies: What You'll Need: so, first and foremost, of course, you'll need a mirror. Any mirror will do. This is a 14 inch round mirror. You can get your mirrors from hobby Lobby, Michael's any craft store and take mirrors. Also were beautifully for making signs. And don't wor worry about messing up your mirrors because we're going toe work with markers that you can wipe away. So today we're gonna work with a wipe away chalk marker, thes air about chalk ink, and they're not permanent. So you will want to take care with your mirror afterwards if you want to preserve the writing. Because if you touch the artwork, which is the writing, of course, then it will wipe away with these markers. But these air great I'm used these often. If I'm going. Teoh work on a mirror that's installed out of venue, and they want to wipe away the artwork afterwards. Thes wipe Way Great with just some Windex and paper, Towel said. They're also great for lining up measurements on a mirror. If you want to have permanent marker, in which case I would use acrylic marker said these acrylic paint pens. It's a white pen on the white ink shows at best on mirrors. You can also write in gold or black, which are also pretty. But white TV shows at best against the mirror and gives the most dramatic and beautiful effect. The's paint pins here. Acrylic markers by Elmer's like the glue company, and these air called Elmer's painters their white with the medium tip on. The chalking also has a medium toe, the one I'm using today. But these air great. If you're transporting your mirrors because it will not wipe away, you can remove them from mirrors. Afterwards, you just have toe put a little muscle into it. Ah, plasm. Rubbing alcohol and usually like a straight razor will work well. Teoh scrape that paint market us so to sketch out our design. First, you'll need a piece of writing paper any plane, printer paper will do or sketchbook. This is my favorite sketch, but by idea these air just blank online pages. And I have a pencil, of course, and then ruler measuring tape to measure out our design in our mirror and Windex with newspaper and paper towel to clean your mirror and get it right 3. Creating Your Design on Paper: Now we're ready for the fun part, putting together your design on paper. So what you'll need is to get out your dad and your pencil and we'll get started writing. So what I've done here is come up with my design for what we're writing on the mirror today , which is sip, sip array. It's going to be a cute son to go on the bar at a wedding, and what I've done is come up with a design in my photolithography or fake calligraphy style. So if you haven't watched my first skill share class, easy peasy, modern calligraphy, the photography style I would encourage you to G. O and learn how to write in this style because when we use markers were definitely gonna want to write NFL a graffiti style and go back and picking up some of those down strokes. But for the sake of time today, I'm just going to show you how to thicken up the last of these strokes. So I have just written my saying here in a size that's comfortable for me on the piece of paper, and then what we're gonna do is just come in and thinking up some of these down strokes so I can get a sense of what the final design will look like. So again, you'll learn more about this in my first class. But you can just come back in and anywhere that you would naturally go down with your pen down up down here so we'll thicken it up there. I'm gonna come in and kind of think in these up Exclamation point is a down straight, so thick and not a little bit. So here we can see more what my design is gonna look like once I get it on the mirror, then have taken my ruler. And I have measured my design and seen that it is approximately 3.5 inches in diameter. So I can guess that each of these three lines is about an interest so in diameter, my mirror is 14 inches in diameter, so I can do some math there and figure out about how big each of my wines needs to be again . It's just gonna be approximate. I like toe abbell it a little bit when I'm doing a mirror sign. But if you were one of those people who really likes to line it up. It's really helpful toe. Have the measurements in place. I can't wait to see your designs to go into the project gallery. And be sure to upload a picture of your work in progress so I can take a look at your pencil designs. Can't wait to see what you come up with. 4. Preparing Your Mirror: the next step is preparing your mirror to write on it. So we're going to clean our mirror and then we're going toe line up our design, say that it's proportional and centered. So first, let's prep our work surface. You're probably wondering what you were doing with some newspaper, but I'm also going to give you a bonus lesson here in cleaning a mirror so that you don't have a streaks on it. He didn't know you're getting that lesson today, So I'm going to spray my mirror with some Windex and a little bit of newspaper. It will actually give you a nice streak free clean surface without any of the residue. Um are the fibers I should say that are left behind when you clean with the paper towel? So I actually like newspaper to clean my mirrors. I don't know where I learned that little trick, but no, you know what to So you're my mirror is nice and clean. I'm going to keep my newspaper and my Windex and paper towels just in case he Andy as well so that I can clean if I don't like my design as I go along. Eso I have my design measured out. And what I'm gonna do is just mark some focal points on my mirror said that I know where the center is and where to start writing. So I'm using. There we go, my chalking marker, and I'm gonna start my marker up just by pumping it on a piece of paper. And I'm just gonna kind of Babel and see where the middle of my mirror is. So as I mentioned before, it's about 14 inches wide, So looks like that's about halfway down and then halfway in the middle. And as I mentioned, my design was 3.5 inches in diameter there, three lines. So there that were each about an inch tall. So I can guess that each of these lines is going to be about four inches tall. So what I'm gonna do is just come in here and makes him tick marks four and eight again, This doesn't have to be perfect. We can wipe away as we go. We don't like, even if we're using a permanent marker one of those acrylic markers you can come back in and erase with Windex right after you, right? If you don't like your design. So here we have the basis for our design, and the next step is to come in and start writing. 5. Writing on Your Mirror: So now we're actually going to write your design onto your clean prepared mirror. So grab one of the markers and we'll get started. Okay, so now it's time to write on our mirror. I have it all marked up with my guidelines, and I actually had to change markers on you all because my other top marker ran out and I'm out of that brand. So I'm writing with one by super talks. It is good for non porous chalk boards and materials such as mirrors, so I am just going to roughly copy of my design onto the mirror. I'm just going to write the basic design out first and then come back and flourish it and make it into what I call party lettering, which you're familiar with by now. If you took my first class on the calligraphy, remember, there is no pressure with the's nice wipe away markers because if you mess up, you can come back and wipe it right off. I chose a more modern, playful style for this design. Since it's going at the reception on a bar, it's time to celebrate, and so we want something that's a little more playful less traditional. So I have a little bit of an uneven baseline or bounce lettering as it's cold going on here . Whenever I moved my marker off the page throughout the mirror, I should say it's just too Pump it and get a little more ink flowing out if you've ever used a paint pen. Chop markers are very similar to that. So now I have a design when I come back and make my down strokes thicker, I would just want to be careful because this does wipe away so easily. I want to be careful not to touch what I've already done so that I don't mess it up. So again, just like in faux liger fee or fake calligraphy, I'm thickening up those down strokes. I just kind of worked my way around the design, thickening them up wherever I see that they need it. And also, if you've got any places that you need to go back over with your pen, you can do that. Sometimes I find that it's easier to wait until the markers dried a little bit to go back over it, depending on what kind of marker I'm using. So one technique that you might notice. I'm thinking up these down strokes is that I try not to go back over any places where I've already made a pen mark. That's crossing, such as picking it up right here with the cross of that H. I just don't want to smear it in case it's already dried. I don't want to interfere with that lettering, but you'll see here. I can kind of thought back over it and smooth it out. We're almost done with all of our down strokes and perfecting lettering a little bit. Go. Come back over here. Fill it in where I see that there are some gaps. And now I want to come back for some of my party lettering. So speaks. I'm gonna bring using that same technique where I come meet the line before pull out little tail for it's a on party lettering. There. Now I have my design like I want it, and all I have to do is clean up some of these marks. So now I'm gonna come in and just clean up some of my tick marks that have made I just have my finger inside of a drive paper towel. And that's how I'm gonna clean up the's tick marks. You can spray a little Windex if you want to, but I recommend just kind of going in and scraping it away if you have a Q tip on hand. Q. Tips work great here for getting really clean edges. Sometimes, if I'm working on a really large mirror design, say it's installed it a venue, and it's very large, even if it's not installed. I'll come back in with the Q tip and kind of clean up some of the edges on my letters. I might have to use a little Windex on this one here at the bottom cause it's being kind of stubborn. Let's see, arrogant, just put a little muscle into it. And then I'm gonna have to get this one office Will. I can't even come in with your finger, scrape it off and then I've got a little edge here that I'm gonna scrape off. Here we go. Now I'm gonna again take my finger inside this paper towel. You could also use your newspaper here, but or Q tip. But I found forgetting thes smudge marks off where my finger or hand has rested on the mirror. That paper towel works fine. And then you can just kind of blow off any of the fibres that air left on your mirror again . If you mess up is you're going, you can just come back in. If you mess up your lettering, I should say you can just come back in and fix it with your marker. So here we haven't sit. Sip array are calligraphy. Mirror sign is all ready to go Now that you've got your design on the mirror. I can't wait to see a picture of your masterpiece in the project gallery, So please go in a Villager work. Remember, it's kind of hard to photograph mirrors because you get a reflection when you're taking the picture of it. But that's OK. Just do your best. You can always photograph it and angle if you want to showcase your work without actually getting yourself taking the picture in the picture. But you can always just upload your best photo into the project gallery. I can't wait to take a look at it. Thank you all so much for coming to my class today, and I can't wait to see your hard work by