Easy Peasy Envelopes- Design #1 Stripes | Debi Sementelli | Skillshare

Easy Peasy Envelopes- Design #1 Stripes

Debi Sementelli, Brush Lettering Artist and Font Designer

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6 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Easy Peasy Envelope Design 1 Intro

    • 2. Easy Peasy Envelopes Design 1 Supplies

    • 3. Easy Peasy Envelope Design Painting with Watercolor

    • 4. Easy Peasy Envelope Design 1 Pencil in the address

    • 5. Easy Peasy Envelope Inking In

    • 6. Easy Peasy Envelope Design Add fun extras!


About This Class

Put a little pretty in the mail and make someone's day!

In this beginner level class you'll learn how to create a fun envelope design with simple supplies.

It only takes 5 minutes start to finish ! It's easy for kids and adults! 

 Supplies include: White envelope, pencil, black mono-line marker, watercolors and brush.

Address a fun card for a friend! Spread some joy in only 5 minutes.



1. Easy Peasy Envelope Design 1 Intro: Hi. This is Debbie. Seven telly with Debbie. Seven telly dot com. And today I'm going to show you how to make this fun. Easy peasy envelope. Now, what I've done is I've used a fake stamp here, and whatever stamp you have, you can use the colors in the stamp to create your color palette. So I've done kind of a rainbow theme here, so that's what we're gonna be using today. 2. Easy Peasy Envelopes Design 1 Supplies: let me show you all the supplies that you're going to need. So first of all, you need some water colors and these air really an inexpensive brand that I got at the local craft store. And if you didn't know what kind of colors you wanted, you can always just go from light blue to dark blue or pink to purple. Any combination like that blue to green, and that's an easy way to handle that. You'll also need a pencil, any kind of brush to do the watercolor with and any one of these type of monoline pens. Now this is a micron, which is what I prefer to use. But if you have something else, this is a Sharpie Le pen. Anything that's monoline will work. And then, of course, it's good to have some kind of paper towel or napkin for when you're changing colors, wipe your brush and I'm going to give you this downloadable templates so you can print it and cut it out. And then you put it inside the envelope and it will show you where to paint and where to put the names and address etcetera. Now you don't want to write in this space down here because this is by order of the post office to be left without any writing. But you can paint in that space, but I would keep it light. So what, you would do it simply place this in the envelope, and then you can actually see through the envelope, and you can trace those lines. And if you have a problem seeing through the envelope, simply put it against your window during the daytime and the sunlight will shine through and make it like a light table so you'll easily be able to trace those lines. Then I'll also be giving you this downloadable basic monoline text so you can take this and try to practice some printing. But it's absolutely fine. If you just want to print using your regular printing, it's not a problem. So now that we have our supplies, let's get started 3. Easy Peasy Envelope Design Painting with Watercolor: So now we're going to start water coloring and I'm going to follow along with the sample that I showed you to do this rainbow effect. One thing to note is you want to be very careful and don't use too much water because your envelope is not like a watercolor paper. Where can absorb the water so it will tend toe buckle a lot more for use, too much water. So we're simply going to paint that yellow and then I just rants and clean my brush and I'm gonna go to the next color, which will be an orange. I'm gonna go with a light orange so you can see I'm just easily following along, leaving that white space in between. And it's not a problem if you go over a line. There is no way you can take a mistake no matter what you dio. And again, I'm just rinsing and going Teoh now a darker orange that looks a little bit too much like the other one. So I'm gonna go with this orange more like an orange red. And of course, the less water I use, the more color I see. And now we're going to use a pink color. And if you're painting on any surface that is not clean herbal, you'd want to put some kind of poster board or another piece of paper underneath so that you're not getting it all over your table. This table that I'm honest totally Lee Noble. And I'm actually going to add a light version of lavender to this. So you see how I can easily blend that Well, that paint is still wet, and I could go back in and take out some of the water and just lend that a little bit more . And now I'm going to go for a deeper purple right here and last. I'm going to do a blue again. I'm gonna keep it lighter down here because this is Theo area that the post Office is most concerned about when they want it through their machines. And I got a little bit of paint right in there, so I just went in with some water, and then you go with your paper Ecologist, absorb it. So there's our envelope. We're gonna let it dry, and then I'm gonna show you how to add the lettering 4. Easy Peasy Envelope Design 1 Pencil in the address: So now that we have our envelope painted, we know where we're going to place our stamp. We can start to look at putting in are name and address. So again, this is the finished envelope so you can see it's very simple straight lettering. This is the downloadable handout that you'll be able to work from, and so you can just practice making these letters or just use your regular printing style. Now, one thing to note is you can see that I've just left a little bit of white so that the lettering isn't coming all the way to the painted edges, and that just makes it more readable and just looks better. So just keep that in mind. So I'm just going to pencil out Anthony Booker, and a lot of times people find that they might start out larger and then go smaller and not be able to fit the name. And so that's why it's good just to get a sense of spacing. And now, for Mr and Mrs we know that kind of got between here and here. We don't want to go all the way to the edge, so we're just going to pencil that in, and you can also use an ampersand if you like, and that takes up less space. And again, I'm remembering where my stamp is, So I want to make sure that I am not going into that area. So that's why it's good to block your stamp out. So here's my envelope, already penciled out and ready to be inked in. And again, If I had apartment, I would put it in here. And if let's say the state was Idaho, I wouldn't necessarily have to start it over here. I probably started about here if the city was longer, that's something to also note before you pain in the lines, because you might want to extend that white space so you can kind of play around with it as needed. 5. Easy Peasy Envelope Inking In: So now we're just going to think I'm using a micron. 03 size pen. You can use a Sharpie. You can use any kind of monoline pen that you have or even a ballpoint pen. It doesn't matter. - And now I'm gonna add my fake stamp that I made, but you should really use a real stamp. 6. Easy Peasy Envelope Design Add fun extras!: now another thing that you can do. You can come in with this pen and add some decoration. Really, really simple, Bigger as the space gets bigger and you could do that same design someplace else, or you could do a different design. I mean, just simple straight line if you make the space bigger in between, so we could also just commit and do some dots again. It's nothing too complicated, these air really beginner level skills, and it's fun, and you can get as inventive as you want. And again, we're not gonna put anything in this space that would be black or lettering, because we want to have the post office be very happy when they run it through their machines. You can, of course, erase any lines pencil lines that were left before you put it in the mail. Make sure to put your return address. I like to include it on the flap, and I like to put a swash of color over that as well, to kind of go with the theme of the envelope. Just make sure that it's not gonna bleed. This is my chrono three and I've tested it, and it doesn't bleed when you either wash over it or letter on top of the color. If you'd like to learn about mawr, easy peasy envelope designs to come in the future, be sure to follow me so you'll get a notice saying, I've got a new class up. I hope you enjoy this one And thanks for hanging out with me now pop this beauty in the mail and make somebody's day.