Easy Peasy Christmas Calligraphy: Designs for Holiday Envelopes & Beyond | Beth Hunt | Skillshare

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Easy Peasy Christmas Calligraphy: Designs for Holiday Envelopes & Beyond

teacher avatar Beth Hunt, In love with calligraphy since I was 12

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Holiday intro

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Christmas Tree Design

    • 4. Wreath

    • 5. Holiday Lights

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About This Class

Make your holidays extra special with hand-drawn and hand-lettered designs! During this class you'll learn three quick and easy designs you can use on envelopes, gift tags, and beyond. Learn with professional calligrapher Beth Hunt, whose in-person workshops regularly sell out, from the comfort of your home with this short on-line class. Happy drawing, and happy holidays!

Meet Your Teacher

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Beth Hunt

In love with calligraphy since I was 12


I'm Beth and I have loved the art of calligraphy since I was about 12 years old, when Santa Claus gave me a calligraphy set for Christmas. Pens and pretty papers are a few of my favorite things, and I am blessed to do something I truly, deeply love. While addressing a friend's wedding envelopes in 2009, I was inspired to start my own calligraphy business, and Beth Hunt Calligraphy was born. I want to inspire anyone who wants to create pretty letters to try their hand at lettering and calligraphy...it's easier than you think! I love sharing my hobby turned profession with others and am passionate about keeping the art of calligraphy alive.

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1. Holiday intro: Hey all, I'm Beth with Beth Hurt Calligraphy Welcome to this class. It's easy peasy. Christmas calligraphy. Christmas is my favorite come of year, and today we're going to go over three different ways that you can add a little something special to your Christmas card on relates. You can also use these designs on gift tags or pieces of paper and a frame. And put around your house during the holiday season will go through these three different easy designs, which are a Christmas tree using a flourish, a wreath and a string of lights. I hope you'll take my class and I can't wait to see your work in the project Gallery Happy Holidays. 2. Supplies: for your supplies today. I want to emphasize that you don't need to go out and purchase anything special. I'll show you what I like to use to create these designs, but really, what you need is holiday colored pens for markers. So we're thinking reds, greens, gold, silvers. And, of course, a black is always going to have in your arsenal, so I'll show you my favorite pins that I'm going to use today. But by all means, feel free to use whatever pens or markers you have on hand or prefer. So, as I mentioned before, any different pins will do. Even markers will do. But I'm going to show you all some of my favorites here today that will be using, but what you will need for sure is a pencil with an eraser. I prefer a white eraser to the pink racers that come on the end of some pencils on the tend to get the the lead up easier, and then gold and silver are very festive. Good holiday colors, and then you'll need some greens. Here I have a brush tip marker, a Tom Bo dual brush tip pen, which is my personal favorite But you can also do these designs with a regular marker or with any sort of green pen. So I have some green pens here. Black pins. This one is a dual toe brush pen that's also about Tomba, but as a firmer tip to it and red pen over here. Last but not least, for the pens, this is totally optional, but the's great jelly roll pens will give a little bit of glittery effect to your designs, which is, of course, super festive and fun again, all of these are completely optional, but you will want some writing utensils in good holiday colors, and then you'll need something to write on, of course. So today I'm gonna be writing on white envelopes. But for practice, I recommend using just plain white sheet of printer paper or some sketch paper. And for a wreath design, grab something round because we will be tracing a round object in order to get the good round shape for Aretha. Now we're ready to get started 3. Christmas Tree Design: our first design is a longtime favorite of mine. I used to sketch these even when I was a little girl. It's a flourished Christmas tree and I'm going to show you here. How will address an envelope with it? So we're gonna practice our flourished first with a pencil and a piece of just plain white paper. This is printer paper. You can use sketchbook, paper or whatever you have on hand just to get the hang of the flourish. When I'm flourishing, I find that I get the best results when I keep my hand in my wrist, more stationery and concentrate on moving my arm as a whole unit as I go across or down in this case, the page eso we're going to start up here at the top of archery, and then we're going Teoh right to the left, and we're gonna gradually get bigger with our swirls as we go down. And then for the stump of the tree, we're just gonna end in a big line. I'll take my envelope. This envelope that I'm using is about six by nine inches, and I'm going to use my combat jewel toothbrush pin for this flourish. Tree design, This is number 2 77 is the color green that I'm using. But use whichever one you like the best. You may want a different color tree, and what I'm going to do is put the tree to the left of my envelope, and then the person's name and address is going to get to the right. So I'll come start up here at the top with the brush pens. You'll want increasing pressure going down lighter pressure when you're doing an upstroke, and again you can do the same type of design with any worker. So I might go back in and picking it up a little bit, since it is a Christmas tree on it to be green and lush. All right, so now I have my tree and I'm going to come back in and I'm going to decorate it. So first I'm going to grab a red pen. I want some red ornaments, and we're simply going to make some little red balls their ornaments on the tree. I'll just kind of randomly placed them within the tree. We're going to come back in and balance this out also with another color I'm gonna use gold . Next silver would also be lovely there. I've got some red ornaments on my treat now, for my gold had like a star at the top of a tree So going to draw a gold star up here with my gel pen And then after I draw my star at the top add some gold ornaments in So wherever I do not have a red ornament I want to come kind of back in like its own in the branches of the tree and balance out the composition with a gold ornament. But again, this is playful and fun. It doesn't have to be perfect. So I went and stress too much about where you're going to put your ornaments. All right, so there we have our tree. Now it's time to address the envelope. So we want to remember that a stamp is going to go up here. I have made some envelope liners, so these really help me. I know exactly where to write names and how to keep them in a straight line. So I've just taken a piece of stiff paper and made some measurements on either side and drawn straight lines here. If you have a light pad that works great again, you can freehand it If you're good at writing in straight lines And once again, it doesn't have to be perfect because these air fun nice card. Convoluted. So what I'm gonna do is stick my liner into my paper so that I can see through you to my guidelines. So over here is where I'm going to write the address. So I would like to write the person's name in red and gold. So I think what I'll do is right. First name across the toe in last name, across the top in gold. So I'm going to write this one too. Victoria. No, I'm using Ah, really casual lower case script here. You can certainly use a calligraphy pen or a brush pin or even the, um, valley Graffiti style that we taught in my first skill share class easy peasy. So lay graffiti. And then Victoria lives at going to come back and write it and Reg to be kind of fun. And again, you can use any type of writing here. I'm using what I like to call a mix in that style, which is script combined with manuscript lettering. And there you have it. We have Victoria's envelope ready to go with her fund flourished Christmas tree. Be sure to upload your floors. Tree designs into the project gallery. I can't wait to see them. 4. Wreath: Our second design is an easy but elegant holiday wreath with the bow now to create a rounded wreath. The basis for this design is, of course, a circle. So we're going to use an easy way to make our circle. We're gonna cheat and find any round shaped object to trace as the basis of the wreath. So here I'm using a spool of ribbon. You can also use a small cup plate, a roll of tape, anything that's round and the right size will do. I've even used a biscuit cutter before, so you're gonna want to take a pencil to trace around your objects. Normally, you would want to do this pretty lightly, but I'm going to use darker pencil marks today just so you all can see it show up on camera . So there you go. I should have mentioned I would like to. I like to have my read kind of centered in the middle of my paper. Say you would like some space on either side and then, of course, at the top and the bottom. So now what we're going to do is we're going to sketch the boat for the middle of our Rees . It's going to go at the bottom here. So in order to draw obey, the easiest way I found to do this is to put a small rectangle in the middle's that's gonna sit right there. I'm going to have two triangles are almost triangles coming out of the side. There's we've got to triangle shapes and then, in order to give the best in dimension, I'm just going to trace little ways inside of that outer triangle of forms. Make a bow shape. Now I want nice long ribbons coming out the side. So what I'm going to do is make a wavy line here, a wave Ilan about the same size and link that comes out here. But they don't have to be exact mirrors of each other. I think it make. It makes it look more organic when they're not that I'm going to trace a line pretty parallel below that again. If it's not a perfectly straight line, that's OK because we want the ribbon toe look like it's waving now at the ends here. I like to taper in the ends of my ribbon, so I'll come in and then back out again destroying in a nice little end to finish off that ribbon. And there you have your ribbon, which we will come back and make green a red. Excuse me. So now I'm going to start drawing the leaves of my reef. I'm just going to do these with a pen today. But if you want to practice your design and pencil, by all means, I want you to go ahead and do that. So we're just going to draw some leak leave shapes. So I'll draw Carnival, an oval that has pointed tips. And then I'm going to draw a line through the middle of them to give them a leaf shape. I'm gonna come over here, draw some on the other side, and then I'm going to continue that up the side of the wreath. Don't worry. If they're not all the same size or shape or exactly mirror images of each other on both sides of your circle, it gives it more of an organic look natural re flight. Look, if they're not all exactly the same, sometimes I'll make my leaves overlap one another, just like I did there. And I'll keep building until I reach the middle of the top, and then I'm gonna come over to this side and begin the same process. - You do want all your leaves to be pretty similar in size. You can do really pretty reads where relieves get larger towards the bottom, smaller towards the top. But for this design, I'm tryingto made them all approximately the same size. And then up here at the top, you could leave it open where you could bring the leaves to meet each other. And since this is more of a lush Christmas wreath, I am going to have them meet each other. So then you can come back and kind of look at your design and see what needs to be filled in. If there any gaps, I might want ad kind of the leaf in the background here to give it a little more dimension . But you could keep going with this process and fill out leaves in the background on the inside on the outside and next I'm going to do my ribbon at the bottom, and then I'm going to come back and still in the leaves at the bottom once have already done that ribbon, so I want my ribbon to be read, so you might want a larger pen. But this red I just kind of grabbed what was handy. I'm gonna color in the ribbon at the bottom here, and you don't have to do this in pencil first. Again, we're just sketching out of our design from start to finish year and learning the shape of it. So once you've done a ribbon or two and you're comfortable with it, I don't feel like you have to do the design and pencil for same for the rest of the wreaths . Okay? Just coloring it and right. I'm gonna fill in the rest of memories just behind ribbon. Kind of add in a few leaves here. All right, so there we have a res. Now what I'm going to do is we're going to address the envelope, so I'm going to come back in with my guidelines. Same card that we used for the tree. I have a line down the middle of my guidelines so that I can see the middle of the envelope and line it up with that so I can see that going right down here through the middle and now it's time to address my envelope. Ah would like to use red so that it will have a nice contrast to the green of the leaves but also complement the bow and bring out that read from the bottom. So I'm going to use block letters for this. You can use any style you like in there. We have it. Our rate is ready to go. Don't forget to upload your work to the project gallery, and I can't wait to see the pictures of your elegant and easy holiday reeks. 5. Holiday Lights: Our third and final design for the class is a festive string of holiday lights. So for my fun, festive string of lights, I have gathered several pens. I'm gonna use a black pen for the string for the lights and the outline of the light shape for the lights themselves. You can choose your colors today. I'm gonna use a green pen, red pen for the bulbs and then for the metal part that attach is the bulb to the string. I'm gonna use gold today. You could also use silver if you like. You could make your bulbs silver or gold if you like. And then completely optional. If you happen to have a glitter pin on hand, I have one of these awesome jelly roll glitter pins that I'm going to show you how to use to get a little sparkle to your lights. But to get started with the lights, I'm first gonna draw my string and then the outline of the lightbulb shape using a black pen. This is a micron pen. You can use any black pen or marker, so I'm just going to start on the left side of the envelope and make a lute shape going across very free flowing. One thing you do want to keep in mind, though, is that you're gonna need room up here for your stamp. So don't go up to how are your artwork? Might get lost. Find you are, Sam. So I'm gonna make some loops. You don't have to be perfect, but just slowly leaping across the page, you could also make a straight line. So now I'm going Teoh, outline the shape of my light bulbs, and then I'll come back and fill it in with the different colors and amendment. Um, some light bulbs aren't gonna be very big. I'm going to start by drawing a rectangle shape that's attached to the string right here. And then I'm going to draw an oval shape for the bulb. These were going to be kind of old Tommy bulbs, larger lightbulbs. What I'm thinking of here. So I'm going to repeat that mission with the rectangle and the oval, and I'm gonna have one more over here. Red tangle, oval. And then let's see that might do a couple more. Fill out the envelope a tingle over there and over and then gonna come back over here just to complete the envelope. You could certainly leave it with just three in the middle. But for the purposes of this class today, I'm gonna dio five lightbulbs free. All So now I've got my outline. I am going to come in then. And for these light bulbs I'm going to fill in the oval shape with red and green. Doesn't have to be perfect your coloring here. But that one's going to be red. I think I'll alternate. Do read, then, grain. So I'm skipping over to the middle one and then going to the end, so those light bulbs were filled in with red. Now I'm picking up my green and these guys are gonna be green light bulbs. Okay? Now, for the metal part, that attach is the light bulb to the string. I'm gonna use a gold pen today. This is a gold gel pin. You could leave them open like this. You could fill them in with silver gray. Um, but I want a little bit of gold in my envelope here, so I'm gonna fill them in roughly with this gold gel pin. This pin is my personal favorite gold gel pen. It is by Univ all and it's called the signal gel pin. They also make great white and silver gel pens to this one is a silver here. Okay, so now my light bulbs are ready and what I'm gonna do is this is completely optional. But I'm gonna add a little bling to my light bulbs with this super fun jelly rolls glitter pen. All of the supplies that I'm using today are listed in a slide at the end of the sections. So here we're just going over the red and green parts with the clear litter pan. I don't know if you'll can kind of see how it shimmers that it's just a little something extra. So now how String of light bulbs is completed and what I need to do is address my omelet. I think I'm gonna address this envelope in green since I've got three red light bulbs. I'm gonna bounce it out with some green in the middle here, and I've gotten on the lip liner in so I can see my guidelines, and we're gonna use just a simple script here, and we're going to send this to the Jones family. Now, one thing to remember. We talked about stamp placement and you want to leave room for the address to when you're making your light bulbs so you can see minor a little bit higher than the middle of the envelope here. So I have plenty of room down here to address my humble it. You can use just regular handwriting. You can use a final script. You can use whatever you like down here to address your envelope. This is a fake address. So just now, we're kind of making this upper class today. And here you have it. Our final products with are showing of light bulbs on the envelope, ready to go. And don't forget to upload your work to the Project gallery so I can see all of your beautiful omelette designs and give you feedback and thank you all so much for joining class today. And I hope you have fun design. Thanks. This holiday season