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Easy Origami Dragon Tutorial - Step by Step

Origami Creation House, Origami made easy

Easy Origami Dragon Tutorial - Step by Step

Origami Creation House, Origami made easy

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9 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Stage 1

    • 3. Stage 2

    • 4. Stage 3

    • 5. Stage 4

    • 6. Stage 5

    • 7. Stage 6

    • 8. Stage 7

    • 9. Final

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About This Class

Hi, welcome to our second origami class. We'll be taking you through the steps you need to take in order to create your own origami Dragon.

Currently, we're stuck in quarantine so why don't we learn how to make an origami Dragon!

We're Origami Creation House, and in this quick class, I will show you how to turn a sheet of paper into a dragon in a few simple steps without using any other materials! This is a really simple, but versatile technique for making origami dragons!!

In this class you'll learn:

  • how to fold paper into an origami dragon


  • 90 gsm or origami paper
  • Paper size:15x15cm.

I cannot wait to see your origami dragon! Join in and let’s get folding! Share your models with us!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Origami Creation House

Origami made easy



Level up your origami skills & unleash your creativity by taming & mastering a range of origami techniques for creating precise, eye-catching & unique origami designs with our special tips & workflows that allow all of our videos to be easy to follow.

Whether you are into creating origami creation, or arts & crafts as a whole, or something in-between, this class will provide you with a framework that you can use to create great Origami creations.

Join us in this class to create your very first Origami and bring your origami skills to the next level and unlock your creative potential by exploring new creative techniques! 

If you enjoy origami and our classes drop a foll... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi. In this video, I will show you how to fold this origami dragon. 2. Stage 1: so to start off, we will begin to make a bird base. And to do this we will turn the paper over to the white side and fall in half horizontally and vertically now to in the paper, over and full diagonally in both ways like this. And now press the bid off the paper from underneath. 3. Stage 2: Now grab these two sides of the paper and bring them together to form a diamond base. Now fold this edge through the middle crease. I do the same thing here during the model over and repeat hair. And here now make fold right here and create sharply and unfold these flaps like this. 4. Stage 3: Now we will make a bird base. And to do this fall along this line we've just made. As you can see, the model will not lie flat in order to make it flat. Press here and used lines. We've just folded here and here. Repeat here and full this flap down now, repeat on this side like this. 5. Stage 4: now grab the model like this. I mean, we'll make a fold from this edge, aligning this line here and do the same thing on this side like this. Do the same thing here. - Now we will make a rabbit ear folds. And to do this, we want to make a fairly falls from here to here, here to here and here to hear simultaneously. So just folds here on the left and here on the rights. And as you can see, the fairly fold here on top is already forming. And just press here once you've done that just full to the right during the model over and do the same thing here and then folded to the left. 6. Stage 5: Now open up the model on the right and you want to fold this flap up along this line, Close the little bit and press here. Now open up this flap and align this line with the middle crease and fold. Do the same thing here like this. Now shift this flap that it lies like this, so I'll show it again. The model Waas like this and you want to change this mountain fold right here to a fairly fold and make sure that it goes from all the way in like this. 7. Stage 6: now fold these two flaps to the right and we're going to repeat the same steps here on the left side. So full this up. Open this flap up and fold this through the middle and shift this flap that it goes that way. - Now full these two flaps through the left again. And for the next step, I already pre fold with these lines here so you can see better. What? I mean, we want for this down. Open this up and full this down. And as you can see, the model won't lie flat and to make it life, flat press here. So these two edges align and press here as well. So these edges a line as well and just quashed down. So at the end, you will have these lines here and do the same thing here, here and here for this Up lying. These edges press here and press series of all like that. Now fold these through the left and do the same thing here and here. - Like this 8. Stage 7: now, in order to make the legs for these two flaps to the left and full this flip to the left as well that this point goes to the middle. And now make a rabbit ear fold on this flap Two downwards. So just press this fold until the crease. We've just made and folded downwards like this. Do the same thing here for these flaps through the left again and repeat on the lost two sides like this. 9. Final: now for this. Flap up like this and repeat on the other side. Now inside refers for this flap. Just push hair like this and in order to make the head inside refers full here and inside. Refers fold back again and now you're origami Dragon is finished.