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Easy Origami Dinosaur Tutorial - Step by Step

Origami Creation House, Origami made easy

Easy Origami Dinosaur Tutorial - Step by Step

Origami Creation House, Origami made easy

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8 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Stage 1

    • 3. Stage 2

    • 4. Stage 3

    • 5. Stage 4

    • 6. Stage 5

    • 7. Stage 6

    • 8. Final

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About This Class

In this project, you'll be making your very own origami dinosaur! With our easy to follow instructions, you'll become an origami dinosaur making professional in no time :) We hope you enjoy the project. Share you origami dinosaurs with us!

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Origami Creation House

Origami made easy



Level up your origami skills & unleash your creativity by taming & mastering a range of origami techniques for creating precise, eye-catching & unique origami designs with our special tips & workflows that allow all of our videos to be easy to follow.

Whether you are into creating origami creation, or arts & crafts as a whole, or something in-between, this class will provide you with a framework that you can use to create great Origami creations.

Join us in this class to create your very first Origami and bring your origami skills to the next level and unlock your creative potential by exploring new creative techniques! 

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1. Introduction: Hi. In this video I will show you how powerful this origami dinosaur. 2. Stage 1: So to start off, fold both diagonals. Now turn the paper over and fold horizontally and vertically. And to in their paper over again. 3. Stage 2: Now grab this mountain fold like this and push the paper together to fold a diamond base. Now fold this edge to this line. And it is same thing here. Or the model over and do the same thing here. And here. 4. Stage 3: Now fold along this line and also fold to the other side. And now unfold these flips. Now we will make a bird base, open up this flap and fold along this line we've just made like this. And now push these two sides to the middle and fold along the line we've just made. And repeat on this side. And fold this flap down. 5. Stage 4: Now turn the model over and align this edge with this line. And now only make a fold up to this point right here. Like this. And there would be done this side. It now valley fold along this line we've just made and along this line. And also make a valley fold right here. Pressing the paper down. And now make a mountain fold along this line right here. Like this. 6. Stage 5: Now turn the paper like this and manifold like this and make an outside refers fold. So press on this point right here. And fold like this. Now fold this point to this point. And this point inside along the lines we've just made. Now make an insight refers hold on this flap right here. So press here and make the insight refers fold. 7. Stage 6: Now fold these flips down, leaving a little space right here. Like this. It now fold this leg backwards. Like this, repeat on the other side. And now fold the foods like this and do the same thing here. 8. Final: Now fold these two flaps inside. Repeat on this side. And your origami dinosaur is finished.